My Energy Couple┃My Joyful Marriage Ep 6 REACTION!! “DETERMINATION AND THUNDER”

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Hello everyone. welcome back to my YouTube channel I'm Hany thanks so much for coming or maybe you just passing by and clicking this video thank you so much I would really appreciatethat so yeah guys today we are watching episode 6.

Of my happy marriage oh my God I'm so excited because I'm really enjoying this show so much in the previous episode we knew that miyo has been kidnapped by koji's father that old man and Kaya.

Oh my God after kidnapped Miyo what they are gonna do and what I'm really curious is what about Kaya's father I mean Kaya and Miyo's father did he knew about this planned? I don't know I think this is just plan between two.

That old man and Kaya I think that just two of them After a happy atmosphere with Kudou and others Suddenly they planned something likethat just for what? just for the status he just said that I just do my duty you know I'm just doing.

My duty, oh my God and Kaya too that's girl oh my God oh my God I'm afraid what they are gonna do to miyo after their kidnapped her.

I don't know what they are gonna do oh my God but I don't think they're gonna hurt her I don't think that because Since Miyo is the precious one, there is no way they will hurt Miyo I don't think that they are gonna do that I'm really curious about how Kudou find Miyo.

And how he gonna save her I'm so excited to see Kudou gonna slap and destroy all of them oh my God I hope they are gonna get what they deserve please and Koji feel bad for him because want to help Miyo but he felt that he was.

Was unable to do it himself and he informed Kudou to help him to save Miyo so yeah I'm really curious and excited to see what's gonna happen in this episodewith you guys but yeah if you like this video please support me guys by click Thumbs Up Button.

Subscribe and click notification button so you can know when I'm update another videoreaction in my YouTube channel without any further Ado let's get into the video episode 6 of my happy marriage let's get it oke three.

Two one go oh my god oh yeah where is this who is this who are you is that her mother that's mirror.

Okay it's opening stop okay guys what determination and thunder oh my god is that Kudou whoa this is really I'm not expected this.

But oh he's really calm in this situation umyeah oh is that in her own house yeah why oh my God her mother too so who know about this plan is.

Kaya koji's father and Kaya's mother how about Miyo's father if he knew about this plan and just not doing anything God that's father I don't know about this family.

foreign They threaten Miyo to do that oh my God what are you doing what do you want to cut oh my God this girl no.

Please don't you dare about that what is that Oh my God you're so her mother miyo you are the useless one I'am so sorry guys I'm really hate this girl.

Oh she's speak oh my God oh my God you mother oh my God what oh my God are you gonna cut her hair no she has a power.

You're the embracement one they're already in front of her house foreign stop stop don't do that you're the one who know you're place Oh my God come on Miyo.

Oh the Thunder oh my God I know he's a commander he's really powerful oh my God Kudou he look calm but.

You father you know what they are do to miyo oh my God you don't know of course his fiancée you better oh my God yeah just.

You father go oh my God oh my God yes yeah before you kidnap miyo you know that he's a commander are you underestimate him you know he's powerful oh my God.

What he's gonna do this old man kudo of course, that's just so easy yeah pointless oh you deserve that you're the monster one move yes um I mean.

Come on save your fiancée oh my God he just hurt koji's father of course, no match for him wow he's really angry. stop stop don't touch her.

Don't touch oh my God don't you dare to your know of your place oh my God oh my God Miyo is really brave right now the character development oh be careful.

That's old man just give up already oh my god um I'm so sorry this old man in there standing there that your son Koji.

Are you gonna hurt him are you gonna burn Miyo's house oh my God just give up already I don't think oh okay I don't think he's gonna kill him.

And these people oh my God don't you know the outside stop don't make me cry again there place you belong you belong somewhere.

Stop you oh my God Kudou you better hurry oh my God Kudou is that you please save her I can't take this yeah oh my God.

Of course he's gonna save you oh my God oh my God where's the tissue I didn't bring that yeah you don't know it's over yeah.

It's over the house and everything this girl yeah reject her go and where's the mother because of you oh my God.

What is this this episode koji's father who is this your majesty oh my God what this again what again the accumulation of power.

Stop please don't hurt her oh miyo you safe now as always Kudos is really beautiful they're really perfect together yeah yurie no I'm crying right now.

Yeah this is where you belongs yeah oh my God the smile okay stop um wait a minute I don't expect this episode.

Really make me really cry um I expect this episode make me okay go go okay uh slap all of them please they just deserve everything I don't oh my God.

So yeah the opening in this episode we can see that Although in such conditions But this kudou still remains he's still calm Maybe outside he is calm He's calm but maybe in it.

He already wants to be ready to fight and we can see Miyo is locked up in the warehouse or wharever it's called I think that those who know this plan are kaya and koji's father but her mother knew and support her daughter oh my God.

I think it seems like Kaya's mother is just hoping for status and wealth They tortured Miyo like that and cut out her kimono They forced Miyo to.

To break off her engagement they are just envious she's really jealous also, koji's father you are no match for Kudou he's a commander of course he's powerful you are no match for him and koji's father.

He took out his fire power and then there was his son koji are you gonna kill your son oh my God but I know that Kudou didn't kill them I knew it and he doesn't do anything to Kaya.

I mean I know like slap or something just reject her and just move go like that and also I'm really happy because They lost.

Their house I don't know what they are going to do afterthis I don't know Kaya's mother Kaya and Miyo's father that's what they are gonna do after this after their house and everything burn.

Oh my God I really love about character developmentof Miyo she's really standing up and she's really Brave Seeing her courage made me cry oh my God in the end we can see that your majesty.

It seems that many people want the power of the Usuba family It seems that they don't want Kudou to have or marry Miyo Kudou is really powerful and Mio has mind control oh my God but they are planning not again please.

After that old man and this time your majesty right now I hope Miyo's character will grow more her power oh my God I hope Kudou gonna protect miyo.

And Miyo please excited to see her power please protect each other. because that your Majesty are planning something so be careful so yeah that's the reaction episode 6 of.

My happy marriage if you like this video, please support me by clicking Thumbs Up Button subscribe and click notification button so you know when I'm update another videoreaction in my YouTube channel thank you for coming thank you for watching guys.

Stay healthy be happy bye bye

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