My Esteem Narrative with Yamada-kun at Lv999 Can also Acquire You Place Your Minecraft Mattress Next To Somebody

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Jose Colbert the otaku of Kotaku and welcome to the toxic anime Corner brought to you by Acura the spring anime season is filled with too many series to haphazardly put on without a proper screening from a trusted Source I'll answer the critical question of whether or not an anime is safe to watch with normies around or if you're better off.

Watching it alone so let's not scare the homies with any out of context weirdness this week we're looking at my love story with Yamada Kun at level 999. what's worse than being a gamer being a gamer that got hooked on a video game to hang out with your significant other just for them to break up with you because they met someone else in sad.

Game all this comes after they made you spoon real world money just for a decent hair preset welcome to akan and kinoshida's no Good Very rotten feels bad day akani's Misfortune takes an even sharper turn for the worse when she runs into her ex and his new girlfriend at an IRL gaming event this is when you think things can go any further south for her.

She falls head over heels for a Pro Gamer that her ex is infatuated with Yamada the problem is that Yamada is kuduray AF it doesn't have any time for anything that doesn't involve leveling up in a video game or joining discount Discord calls with his FPS Squad mates fear not though things do turn around for akane and yamada's blossoming.

Relationship unfortunately it only comes after she gets white girl wasted and throws up all over herself Christ girl get it together while akane's Shojo party fouls make for good laughs what makes this show so infectiously captivating is how painfully relatable akane's romantic Misadventures are similar to Nana.

Komatsu and another madhouse joint NADA akane desperately wishes to move on from her ex and makes a ton of selfish decisions along the way thankfully at times economy manages to stop herself from completely self-sabotaging plus having a Kanye yamada's romance contextualized through video game conventions makes for an entertaining.

Watch fear not loving about a might scratch Sonata itch for some but it's free of the uncomfortably mature themes that Nana Creator ayazawa likes to explore in her works for normies to watch foreign

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  1. I'm genuinely not liking this Anime at all, I've exact seen better Comedy/Drama/Romance and right here is easily a forgettable one… I additionally judge Yamada to this level has been a sizable dead man.

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