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Exciting news my hero Academia premieringon Cartoon Network India get ready to power up your weekends because we'vegot some incredible news for you my hero Academia is finally coming to CartoonNetwork India and it's going to be a blast that's right folks the much-loved anime series my heroAcademia is making its debut on Indian television and guess what it's not just in one languagebut in Hindi Tamil Telugu Kanata and Malayalam now I know you're all itching to know when thissuperhero Extravaganza will kick off mark your calendars because my hero Academia is swoopingin on September 10th Sunday at 1pm and the excitement doesn't stop there every weekend you'llbe treated to thrilling new episodes so get ready for a heroic binge watch session oh in speakingof Heroes let's talk about the amazing voice cast.

We've got izuku midoriya voiced by vidit Kumarkatsuki bakugo voiced by sahil vanad Kulkarni and the iconic all might voiced by mohawk ninid forthose of you who are new to the world of my hero Academia let me give you a quick rundown the storyfollows izuku midoriya a determined young boy with big dreams of becoming a hero even though hedoesn't have any superpowers but when he crosses paths with the legendary hero all might hisDestiny takes an incredible turn UA High School is where all the action happens it's the prestigiousAcademy for aspiring Heroes and believe me the adventures friendships and epic battles thatunfold there will keep you on the edge of your seat now let's hear from uttam pal Singh thehead of kids cluster South Asia Warner Brothers Discovery who shared his thoughts on this excitingdevelopment Cartoon Network has consistently LED.

In presenting unique and popular narratives toits audiences as part of our fan Centric strategy our anime lineup has garnered tremendous responseand we are elated to offer Indian fans yet another Sensational storytelling experience that hastaken the global stage how awesome is that Cartoon Network India's commitment to bringing his amazingStories knows no bounds this move to dub my hero Academia in multiple Regional languages is trulya game changer for the Indian anime community so whether you're a die-hard anime Aficionado or justdipping your toes into this captivating World get ready to be swept away by the heroics the emotionsand the electrifying energy of my hero Academia remember September 10th 1pm only on CartoonNetwork India don't miss out on this epic journey of Courage friendship and becoming the hero you'remeant to be stay tuned and let's embrace the hero.

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