My Mother Loves My Cousin Extra Than Me Nonetheless She Lives To Remorse It

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Welcome to Here's My Story. I'm Evie. My mom walked into my room withmy cousin Jenna, and said, “Evie, will you please clean up your room?” “What's going on, Mom?” I asked. “Jenna needs a room, and as you know,.

This is the only room in the house she can stay in,” Mom replied. I was taken aback. “But what about me?” I asked. “You will move into the livingroom,” she responded casually. “Mom, there is plenty of room for us here.

Jennaand I can share. Why am I moving out?” I objected. “Cuz, I'd love to do that, but I'm a very lightsleeper. If we share a room, I'll never be able to get a good night's sleep. That's why I need aroom of my own,” Jenna said in a fake sad voice.

I knew this wasn't true, but my momdidn't let me say anything else. Jenna is my mom's older sister's daughter. Her parents moved abroad for work. My cousin would soon attend college, so they wantedto avoid taking her along. My mom offered to host Jenna until she graduateshigh school. My aunt happily agreed.

My mom gave my room to my cousin, which meant I would stay in theliving room for the next two years. Even though I was upset, there was nothingI could do about it because I knew my mom loved Jenna more than she loved me. She wouldn'tchange her mind no matter how hard I protested.

After my cousin moved into our home, herfavoritism intensified. She would spend so much time with Jenna. My mom would pick her up fromschool and take her shopping. In the evenings, they would watch shows together. They wouldcook dinner. They would talk for hours,.

Laughing out loud all the time. My mom wasthrilled to have found her dream daughter. She only thought of me when a choreneeded to be done around the house. “Evie, do the laundry. Evie, iron the clothes. Evie, take the trash out.” I'd literally turned into Cinderella of the house.

One day, Mom told me, “I'm pickingup Jenna after school. We're going to go see a movie. Please clean up yourcousin's room while we're out,” I lost it. “Mom, why am I always cleaning up afterJenna? That's not fair,”.

I screamed. “She's a guest at our house. Ofcourse, you're supposed to clean her room as her host. I don't want to hearany objections,” she replied to me, frowning. My dad was quite busy with work at that time. He would leave early in the morning andreturn home after we all went to bed.

I waited up for him one night. I told him what was going on. “It seems like your mom hasgotten carried away playing the host. I'll talk to her,” he said, soothing me. My mom came to talk to me the followingday as I was getting ready for school. “Shame on you.

For complaining to your dad aboutme! We fought over your lies,” she yelled. “Mom, I didn't lie. I just toldhim what's been happening,” I said. It made her even angrier. “I know you're jealous of Jenna. You're not going to tell your dad.

One more word aboutthis, do you understand?” she snapped. Jenna walked in. “Aunt Hannah, you're going to drop meoff at school, aren't you?” she asked. “Yes, honey.

If you're ready, we can leave. And Evie should startcleaning your room,” she said sweetly. “That would be awesome! Thanks, cuz,” Jenna said with a crooked smile. After they left, I did what my mom told me to do. As I was vacuuming Jenna's room,.

My phone rang. It was my cousin. She sounded panicky. She said, “Evie, your mom, Aunt Hannah… We stopped to get coffee. She collapsed abruptly. They called 911. The ambulancecame.

They're taking her to the hospital.” When I got to the hospital, I saw my dad was already there. Jennawas with him. They looked devastated. I hugged my dad in tears. “Your mom is in intensive care. The doctors are running some tests, trying to figure out why she passed out,”.

He said. A few hours later, a doctorinformed us about my mom's status. He looked at my dad sternly. “Unfortunately, I'm not going to beable to give you any good news. Your wife has been diagnosed with leukemia. And it's quite advanced. We will begin chemotherapy right away.

But that'snot enough by itself. We also need to do a bone marrow transplant if we wanther to recover completely,” he said. Then the doctor turned to me. “You're the patient's daughter, right? Wewill get a blood sample from you immediately and test to see if you're a match. You canbe a bone marrow donor.

If your tissue is compatible with your mother's. That means we'lltransplant your marrow to your mom,” he said. They drew blood from me at thelab. According to the doctor, our tissues had a thirty percentchance of being compatible. We were so sad when we came home. We would get the results the next day.

Jenna and I prayed all night. Early the following day, we went to the hospital. The doctor looked sad. The result was negative. I couldn't donate my bone marrow to my mom. I started crying. “Don't lose heart. In this case, we will lookat samples.

From other close relatives of your mother. The chances are still low, but we could find a match,” he said. When I heard this, I jumped in. “Jenna is mymom's niece. You can get a sample from her.” “Please test my blood.

I'll do anything for AuntHannah. She means so much to me,” Jenna said. They drew Jenna's blood for testing. We waited for the results impatiently. When we arrived at the hospital inthe morning, the doctor was smiling. “I have great news for you. Jenna's tissues are perfectly compatible.

With your mom's. We can do thetransplant,” he said, turning to Jenna. “Jenna, you're going to save your aunt'slife. Don't worry. It's a straightforward procedure. Not that much different thangiving blood. Today we will prepare her for transplantation. Please be hereearly tomorrow morning,”.

He explained. We were all so happy. Jenna and I did alittle dance while hugging each other. I couldn't sleep for a long time becauseof the excitement. I regretted what I felt for Jenna earlier. Thanks to her, my mother's life would be saved.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning. The doctor was waiting for us in his office. “They're preparing the operating room as wespeak. We can start in an hour or so. You can find yourselves something to eat in themeantime. The procedure will take some time, so you may not get anotherchance later,” he advised us.

We were very excited. Jenna and I were eatingand chatting in the cafeteria. I was feeling such a surge of gratitude toward Jenna. I thanked her over and over again. My dad's phone rang. It was my mom's doctor. He let us know that the operating room was ready. They brought my mom in for theprocedure. He said Jenna could come in.

Jenna suddenly stood up. “I can't do it! I just can't!” she said and burst into tears. ” Jenna, there's nothing to bescared of. The doctor said it was a really simple procedure,” I said, trying to calm her down. But Jenna wasn't listening. “I can't do it.

I'm sorry, cuz. I can'tdo it,” she said and started running. My dad and I were both in shock. At first,we froze. Then we began going after her. She was running towards the exit. She abruptlyleft the hospital as we stood staring after her.

My dad and I looked at eachother. This was so unexpected. I hugged my dad and then begancrying out of desperation. They took my mom back to her room because therewas nothing to do. She, too, was very sad. “How can Jenna do this?” she was saying.

Her disappointment was much deeper than ours. When we got home that night, we were in for asurprise. Jenna had left a letter on her bed. I opened it,and started reading. “Hi, cuz. I'm sorry for disappointingyou. This procedure could be dangerous, and I'm too young.

Aunt Hannah is agood person. But I still can't risk my life for her. I hope you can understandme. Actually, I don't care if you don't. I don't have to give my bone marrow to yourmom just because she was good to me. Bye!” Jenna had written this the previous night. She'dleft it on her bed.

As we left home together that morning. This meant that she had no intention ofbecoming a donor from the start. She was trying to find a way to escape from the hospital. She fooled us. We were wrong to believe her. The next few days were a nightmare.

Mymom's conditionworsened day by day. All of my mom's relatives were tested to see if there were any other matches. But all of the tests came back negative. Wehad almost no chance of saving Mom. All day and night, my dad and I sat desperatelyoutside my mom's room as if waiting for a miracle. Sitting in the waiting area one night,.

We heard yelling in the hallway. The emergency personnel screamed, “Make way,make way!” as they pushed a gurney through. I couldn't believe my eyes when Isaw who was lying on the gurney. It was Jenna! Shortly after, my mom's doctorcame running to find us.

It was late at night, so he was the one whohad to tend to her in the emergency room. “Evie, your cousin was in a car accident. Yourblood types match. We need to give her a blood transfusion right now. Or she might go intoshock; she's lost too much blood,” he said.

Without thinking, I got up,and followed the doctor. Jenna had indeed lost a lot of blood. Thankfully, the immediate blood transfusion saved her life. In the morning, they tookher out of intensive care and brought her into the room next to my mom's. She was crying.

When I walked into her room. “Cousin, the doctors told me what happenedlast night. I don't deserve your kindness. Please forgive me. I talked to the doctor, andsigned the paperwork. As soon as I feel better, I will become a donor for Aunt Hannah. Ishould've done it sooner.

But I was scared, so I ran away. I am full ofregret right now,” she said. I didn't expect her to donate her bone marrow when I gave my blood to her. On the other hand, I couldn't pass up that offer. Thiswas the miracle we'd been waiting for.

This time, Jenna kept herpromise. When she recovered, she became a donor for my mom. She saved her life. After the transplant, my mom recoveredmuch faster than the doctors expected. My mom left the hospital three monthsago. We're so happy to have her back.

Like Jenna, she feels guilty. “I wish I could turn back time. I feelso bad about how I treated you. I was so unfair. You're my daughter, and I love you,” she always says. By the way,.

Jenna moved in with us again. However, she now sleeps in the living room and does all the housework herself. She refusesmy help when I offer it. I guess that's her way of making amends. To be honest, I'mnot complaining about it at all. 🙂

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