My Toxic Stepmom Jealous Of Me Because I Grew to change into A Millionaire

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Welcome to the Here’s My Story channel. I’m Leah. I found a perfect plot for a short story. Ilike writing my stories in a journal rather than typing them on a computer. Iwas intensely focused on writing something when I heard the doorbell and my stepmom Helena’s angry voice.

“Where have you been? I called nine-one-one at least fifteen minutes ago. Youtook so long that I could’ve died!” When I went to see what was happening, a paramedicwas checking my stepmom’s blood pressure. Annoyed with her,.

The guy said, “You don’tlook like you’re about to die. We know you too well by now. If we weren’t contractuallyobligated to come, we wouldn’t be here now.” Embarrased, my dad said, “I apologize, folks. Helena called nine-one-one again and told them she was having a heartattack.

Before I could stop her.” Helena got angry. “Yes, I had a heart attack, and I called nine-one-one as anyone in thesame situation would do. That’s my right!” Unfortunately, my stepmom is a hypochondriac.

That means she thinks she is sick despite having no health issues. One day, she’ll say, “I have these spots on myarm; I must have skin cancer,” some other day, she’ll go, “I have such a bad headache, I mighthave a stroke any minute,”.

Or just like you witnessed just now, she claims that she is havinga heart attack even though she has zero symptoms. My dad married Helena five years ago. Initially, I was worried about her because I thought she was genuinely sick. I used to rush to the hospitalwith her. But every time we were there,.

The doctors would keep saying, “You areperfectly healthy. Please don’t waste our time. There are people who reallyneed our help,” and shoo us away. When I told my friends about what was happeningwith my stepmom, they would laugh. Whenever they saw me,.

They would ask me, “Is your stepmomup to any new tricks at the hospital?” For example, one night, my stepmom cried tomy dad, “Both of my legs have turned blue. I googled it, and it’s a symptom of heartfailure.

Please take me to the hospital.” I went along with them. The ER doctor had a laughingfit after examining Helena. It turns out that she was wearing anew pair of blue jeans earlier that day. The dye on the jeans hadstained her legs.

So the blue color on her legs was caused by herblue jeans, not from heart failure! My mom died when I was ten years old. Like me, she was an amateur writer whoused to write in her notebook. One night,.

I was reading the thingsshe wrote. I got emotional and cried, “Mom, you were such a talented writer.” At that moment, Helena walkedinto my room, panicking. She said, “Leah, my arms are numb. I googled it,.

And it can be a symptom of a stroke. Get ready; we’re going to the hospital. You’ll helpme if I lose consciousness in the cab.” I wiped the tears from my face andreplied, “I’m not in the mood right now. My dad will be here soon.

He’ll take you.” I was shocked by what my stepmom said then. “Didn’t your dad call you? He leftfor Mexico an hour ago. His business partner turned out to be a crook. He took700.000 dollars from the company and disappeared. Your dad had toflee.

Even though he had no fault because he couldn’t pay that kind of money to hisclients. Whatever. I’m sure he’ll call, and let you know. Help me get to the hospitalnow. I could have a stroke at any moment.” For the next couple of days, I waitedanxiously.

For my dad to call me. One morning, he called from a new number. He couldn’t usehis old number because the FBI was tracking it. He said, “Don’t worry. I’m goingto come back once I fix this.”.

But seven hundred thousand dollars was a considerable amount for him to pay back. He would probably haveto spend all his life as a fugitive. After my dad was gone, my life became unbearable because of Helena. She was actingas if he actually wanted to leave.

She kept saying, “I’m sick. Your father’snot here, so you must take care of me.” One evening, I was in the middle ofwriting a fun vampire story. Just as I was getting to the climax, there was a knock on my door.

My stepmom barged in, screaming, “Leah! Help me! I’m blind. Oh my god, I’m blind!” I looked up from my notebook. Then I started laughing.

Because Helena hada sleep mask over her eyes! She took sleeping pills before bed even thoughshe didn’t need them. She probably woke up because she had to go to the bathroom. But sheforgot she was wearing a sleep mask because the pill made her a bit dazed. She thought she’dgone blind.

When she couldn’t see anything. “Get ready for a miracle,” I said, and Iremoved the sleep mask that covered her face. And I went on laughing. Helena was not amused. She said, “I know you’re constantly making funof me.

But I’ll make you regret it this time.” I didn’t care much about whatshe said then, but the next day, when I got back home from school, I figured out what she meant. I smelled smoke when I entered thehouse. I walked through every room,.

But there see med to be no fire, nothing burning. I followed the smell and realized it was coming from the bathroom. When I walked into the bathroom, I was crushed! Helena had burned all my journals.

And,worse, all my mom’s journals in the tub! I watched all those journals go up in flames. There was no way I could save them now. I ran up to her in tears and yelled, “How could you do this? Don’t you know.

How important these journals are to me?” Helena hissed back, “You hadthis coming. I’ll kick you out of this house if you ever make fun of me again.” The next day, I told my friendsat school about what happened. Her sleep mask story was hilarious.

Andmade everyone laugh. But they were angry with Helena because she burnedthose journals full of our stories. A friend said, “If I were you, I’d compile allyour stepmom’s hypochondriac stories into a book and make the whole world laugh at her.

You couldget revenge on her by using your writing skills.” This was the best idea ever. I wentand bought myself a new journal. I locked my door. I started writingabout everything that happened to my stepmom because she was a hypochondriac. I was going into laughing fits.

AsI was writing. The fact that these stories weren’t fictional made them even funnier. I finished the book in a month. I gave itthe title, “The Queen of Hypochondria.” My stepmom didn’t know about the book,of course. If I could find a publisher, I would give her.

The biggest shock of her life. I made a book package and begansending it to publishing houses that I found online. But I hadyet to hear back from anyone. One evening, I finally got a reply. It was short, but that was enough for me: “So funny!.

Call me tomorrow!” The woman who sent me the message was thechief editor at a big publishing house. I went to visit her at her office. She sat me down across from her. She said, “I read your book in one go. I have to admit that I laughed a lot, but living in the same house withthat person.

Must not be enjoyable. But it will be worth it because thefilm rights will sell fast. We’ll start working towards that immediately. You’ll be rich thanks to your stepmom.” It was just like she said. Evenbefore the book hit the shelves, they sold the film and the TVrights to a production company.

I got two million out of that deal. I was officially a millionaire now. It took more than a month for thebook to be printed. The next day, it was going to be sent out tobookstores. I packed my suitcase, left home, and got myself a hotel room.

Without saying anything to my stepmom. I signed a copy of my book for her the following day: “Dear Helena, thank you for everything. Itall happened, thanks to you.” I gift-wrapped it and sent it to her by mail.

I was sure she was going to read it in one go. I just wished I could be there when she did! A few days later, I heard a knock on my door. When I opened it, I was surprisedto see two police officers. One of them said,.

“Your stepmom reported youmissing. All hotel stays are reported to law enforcement. That’s how we found you. Your stepmom is waiting for you at the reception desk. We have to deliver you to her because you’re a minor and must go back home.” I had to go downstairs with them.

Helena was mad when she said, “I learnedeverything from the news. You became a millionaire thanks to me. But I have a right tothat money as your guardian. Now we’re going to go to the bank. We’ll withdraw all themoney there and put it in my account.”.

She got even angrier when she saw me smiling. “If I were you, I would be crying instead ofsmiling! You humiliated me with your book, but you’ll regret it. Because everypenny you ever made will be mine!” At that moment,.

My stepmom heard afamiliar voice say, “Hi, Helena!” She was shocked to see mydad when she turned around. I had paid off all my dad’s debt a weekbefore. That’s how he was able to come back into the country. We decided to stay in thishotel.

Until we got a new house. Of course, my stepmom didn’t know about any of this. My dad was staying in the room next door. As the police took me down to the lobby, Itexted him and asked him to come downstairs. With fake excitement, Helena said,.

“Honey, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you. Why didn’t you tell me you were here? I missed you so much.” He yelled, “You missed me? Then why didn’t youanswer any of my calls.

While I was in Mexico? You are a bad person; unfortunately, I’mjust realizing this now. I’m divorcing you.” In response, Helena put her hands to her head and screamed,.

“Ah! I’m having a brain bleed. Please take me tothe hospital. Please take me to the ER!” When she realized my dad would notbudge, she turned to me and said, “I’m begging you, please help me. I’m havinga heart attack.

Call nine-one-one now.” My dad smiled at me, “Your book hasthe best title I’ve ever heard. She is definitely ‘the Queen of Hypochondria.” We haven’t seen Helena since. Mydad and I live in our new house now. I made another one point five milliondollars from book sales. Thanks to my book,.

I could get rid of Helena and get my dad back. But do you know what’s really importantto me? I did all this thanks to my writing abilities that were passed on to me by mymom, and I am so thankful to her for that.

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