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Welcome to Dart Toones, I am Polaris and today I bring you the most outstanding news from the world of animation. We will find premieres, new series, trailers, movies and much more. In our first news, we have the season finale of my adventures with Superman. But Don't worry, a second season is already more than confirmed.

The last episode of this anime-style series premiered this Friday, September 1st, so you can now enjoy this first season in its entirety on HBO Max, continuing with the news of the famous indie pilot. Laca Daisy recently far surpassed its crowdfunding campaign with more than 2 million.

Dollars and this shows the great support that is being given to the pending animations. Remember that there is currently a great shortage in terms of the production of new projects and series about all with the current strike of actors and scriptwriters but nowadays thanks to social networks, independent artists have many more.

Possibilities of exposure and profitability. Think about it first, the only possibility of making your own series known was to get into a big production house like Cartoon Network Disney or Nickelodeon but now Big Ideas are possible and executable under your own terms, without censorship or third-party interventions, that is why it is.

So important to continue supporting all these independent projects that are currently the ones that have managed to keep the world of animation alive among other news we are getting closer to the end of the animated series Craig's world with the last episodes of its fifth season the adventures in the stream will conclude in the month of.

September with the final 12 episodes this special will be called Heart of the forest the The fifth season will air every Tuesday until it ends on September 12 on Cartoon Network. Among other news, on August 31, we finally saw the long-awaited premiere of Fiona and Cake in this new series. We return to the Adventure Time Universe.

Where we found it. with our favorite characters and follow a new story through Fiona and her faithful companion cake here we will explore their origins and travel through the on a journey of self-discovery with the previews that have been seen The return of Finn and Jake is confirmed in a more adult version as well as the return.

Of Princess Bubblegum Marceline Simon and even Betty, however I must also clarify that Cartoon Network Latin America canceled the broadcast of this new series on the channel despite having previously promised it without a doubt. This is because this project is It is aimed at a more adult audience, in fact the series.

Is classified for people over 14 years old, but don't worry, you can also enjoy new episodes every Thursday through the Max platform. Continuing with the news, we have it on August 17. a new episode of the legendary web series of chemical waste.

Causing a mutation so in this new episode she will have to cope with her new appearance until she returns to normal. If you want to see the full episode you can find the link in the video description continuing with the news I bring you some news about Jazmín hotel and.

The official list of the names of the episodes of the first season of the series was recently released. It is made up of 8 episodes and some of the most interesting titles are Radio Killer, Video Stars, an episode that could show us a epic confrontation between Alastor and Box, two of the most powerful overlords in hell, another of the.

Titles that caught my attention was scramble title that stands out the most for me is that of David where I feel that we will finally be able to meet Charlie's father, Lucifer himself morningstar, I remind you that this first season is already completely produced and we are only waiting for an official date for its.

Release as I will always be informing you of any news, among other news. The long-awaited sixth episode of the first season of murder drums has already been released, which is called Dead End. It has an official dubbing into Latin Spanish, as well as the rest of the episodes of this first season.

Continuing with the news, we have that the legendary series Un Show Más could return with a ninth season. Recently, the portal outlette cartoon veis conducted an interview with the graphic writer of Un Show Más, who stated in very clear terms that he would love to return. for a ninth season of this series, in.

His own words, he stated that he loved working on the program and that if he had the opportunity to work on it again, whether in a new season or even a new Spin off series, he would gladly do it, the truth is. It is great news for all of us who are fans of one of what I consider to be the Pillars of Cartoon Network series.

For now, he has not given any confirmation but we must admit that it would be incredible if this legendary series returned to Cartoon Network screens. with new episodes among other news we officially have the announcement and release date for the second season of arcane And this news was.

Announced by riot games during its video vision conference the publication on Twitter reveals that the program will return at some point in the fourth quarter of 2024 is between the months of October and December and just in time to celebrate the 15th anniversary event of League of Legends. At the moment we do not have an official trailer but it.

Is only a matter of time before Netflix releases it on its social networks and speaking of returns Netflix confirmed that We will soon see the premiere of the third season of Gilda, remember that we did not have new episodes since 2020, which is when its second season premiered in addition to a movie called Hilda and the King of the Mountain.

Released in 2021 As for the cast, it is expected that most of the protagonists of the first two seasons will reprise their roles. Additionally, on Twitter, Pearson, creator of the graphic novels, will see that in this new season we will see a slightly older Hilda with notable character growth at its.

Premiere. It is expected in the fall of this year 2023 on the Netflix platform to finalize I bring you good news about the production progress of Mystery schools And in recent months mystery bent creator of these animations has been made known through the updates of patreon some details of the production of the.

New episode there He tells us that the production continues with its usual pace and that much of the focus this month was on the animation of the epilogue among the small previews that we can see of the next episode we have some images and gif Both of Biff who is fleeing Arthur who is trying to hide.

Are probably being attacked by the possessed form of Mystery seen in the Future episode. The truth is that after two years the fans of this animation will continue to anxiously await the conclusion of this story that very It will probably be at the end of the month of October, if you have not seen these incredible animations, I invite you to watch.

My video, the complete history of Mystery schools, where I tell you everything in detail. You can find the video on the information cards and well, this has been all for the today Leave me in the comments What is the premiere you are most looking forward to I remind you that you can follow me on my social networks like Polaris m76 both on Instagram where.

We are more in contact and on my Twitter where I share previews and more news I will leave you the links at the description without more than Adding I am Polaris and This was Dark Toons

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