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Hello, everyone, and welcometo another episode of No Frontiers – Japan. My name is Luca, and todaywe have a special episode. Today we're going to be reactingto episode 1 of One Piece’s Live Action on Netflixthat just came out. And that episode 1 is called Romance Dawn. If you're a diehard anime fanand you're looking for hidden Easter eggs and a detailed analysis of One Piece and the connection between the live action,this might not be the video for you because right now all I'm doingis for the general One Piece fan.

I'm providing my immediate raw reactionto the live action that we just saw. Now, I haven't done researchinto everyone's names like you. I'm going to get to know the actorsa lot more over time. This recap will be relativelychronological, but it's just going to bemy unfiltered thoughts. So I'm just going to bounce aroundand I'm just going to say, as I think if you're like me and you saw Attack onTitan or Shingeki no Kyojin in that live action two part moviethat they made several years back, if you're still scarred from that,.

Then you can probably understandwhy I and I'm sure many other people are quite nervous about one piece,but it's One Piece! In terms of the opening scene, honestly, Loguetown looked amazing! It was so good. I couldn't believe it. The visuals were absolutely stunningand spectacular. I really, really didn't expect thatwhen we came to Gol D. Rodger's execution. Well, okay, I thought, I mean,for the small amount, he had to do.

Gol D. Rodger I thought the acting,his attitude was perfect. However, I think this is going to becomean issue with the live action… Gold D. Roger or some of the main characters,especially the bad guys, the stature of those bad guys, and especiallysome of the main characters, I think it's going to be very,very difficult for them to kind of recapturethat aura and their presence I really felt like the presence of Gol D. Roger was a little bit lacking. He just seemed like a regular guy.

But once again, I thoughtthe acting was spot on, so that was great. Yeah. Gol D. Roger'slaugh was awesome. Captivating. Then we come to Luffy's introduction. Honestly, he probably has one of the most difficult acting jobsyou could possibly imagine. The weight of expectations that must be onhis shoulders is totally incredible, and I think he's probably going to beone of the characters that's probablygoing to take the most getting used to.

I think a lot of things that he didright off the bat are great, but it's a I mean, doing Monkey D. Luffyis just an incredible tough task when it comes to Luffy. If you've only seen the anime or you've actually read all the manga,it doesn't matter. 10, 100 episodes, 1000… With Luffy, there's a few keycharacteristics that really stand out. Number one, smiling all the time. Just kind of this carefree attitudeand just always grinning about anything.

Does it matter how negativethe situation is? He's like almost always grinning on pointwith that the carefree attitude and just being I don't knowif it's bravery, it's definitely bravery, but it's maybe a lack of recognitionof a dangerous situation. That's also something that's very,very present in Luffy And I think I feel thatI feel that with his body type, I'm sure there's a million actorsthat would be great for the role. But just because they don't have the bodytype, that kind of slender, lanky build perfect for him,.

If you remove the face to put an animeface on him, it really looks like Luffy. The one thing I would say,just the one complaint I have right now as amazing of a jobas he's done in the first episode. So I mean, we're early days,but the one thing that just when I think about Luffyjust in my mind it's this cluelessness it's going to take a while for meto kind of get used to the differences. Almost like borderline dumb. You'll just go, Huh?.

Uh huh uh hmm. Luffy when he makes his pirate crew,he realizes all the things that he doesn't have. He needs people to do thoseto fill those roles. He need like a navigatorthat we were introduced to. Nami, he wants her to be on his crew. He needs that skill. He needs a good fighter. Of course, with himhe identified Zoro in this episode.

There's other charactersthat we’ll be meeting in the future, but I feel like hehe also knows what he's not good at, so he needs peopleto help him do those things because he doesn'teven want to think about it. Strategy, none of that. That's not Luffy. So he's very clueless and he really,really needs the help of people. He's very different from kind of anyleader that you could possibly imagine, you know, especially someone who literally just saidhe wants to be the Pirate King.

So yeah, I think I need to see him be a little bit morejust totally clueless. But of course, when it comes to Luffy,I recognize this is a live action. My expectations were so low and alreadya lot of those expectations have been greatly surpassed. I'm just going to keep a very open mind. Oh, I almost forgot. New Coo the bird that delivers the newspaper. Incredibly cute.

The News Coo is a big reasonof how people get information. They don't have the internetin this world. So these birds that fly aroundand actually deliver newspapers, I was kind of curioushow it's going to be. It's a little bit differentfrom the anime, but yeah, the News Coos are incredibly cute,so I'm really happy with that. So next up, we're introduced toAlvida and her pirate crew. I have a little bit to say about that,.

But just one really, really nicedetail is Alvida is this feminine pirate captain, But sheshe sees herself as quite feminine, even though she doesn't really havethe personality or the body to match that, at least at this point in time.You'll see what we're talking about later. But one one really, really nice detailas I like when they're attacking that smaller vessel. The the cannonballs have theselike pink sparks. I thought that was a really,really nice detail, really thought out. So for Alvida herself. Wow.

Okay. I'm going to be honest. Alvida the actress is great, but Alvida needs to be like three times, four times as ugly and three or four times as big. She's supposed to bejust this terrifying blob of a scary person who is the only personwho doesn't see herself as that. I had a little bit of a hard timebuying into Alvida, but what I did like is just how absolutely savage she is.In One Piece,.

Okay, there's this thing. If you followed most of One Piece,you get very frustrated sometimes because you feel like no one ever dies,especially the bad guys, Sometimes good guys die,but they don't really show it. The bad guys, they're like invincible. Finally, after a long fight,they've defeated them. You know, they're probably goingto come back in the future, which gets very, very annoying. But right now, the live action, maybe.

Because they have a short amount of time,and they can’t just keep bringing people back, but they really set the toneAlvida crushing people. You see the blood that's very differentfrom regular One Piece that we know. They don't show that stuff,especially early One piece. It's almost like a kind of a kid'sanime that they portray. So yeah, seeing brutal Alvida… yeah,that was pretty cool. I'm okay with that. Then we're introduced toShanks for the first time. Well, not the first time.

The first time we actually saw youngerShanks was during Gol D. Roger's execution. If you if you caught that they showeda lot of actually main characters at that point. But we see olderShanks with his pirate crew. It looked pretty good. I actually thought Shankslook pretty good. His hat, the straw hat. You see at that point,it seems a little bit small. The casting looked pretty good.

And I really like that they show Luffy. He's really already idolizing Shanksand he wants to be like him. He wants to be a pirate,that little child Luffy. And he actually cuts himselfto give himself a scar. So he wants to be like him. And that's a nice touchbecause in the manga that's something that Luffy does early on,but they never show it in the anime actually,they don't really explain that part. So Luffy cutting himself,.

It really shows that they'redrawing material both from the animeand scenes from the anime, but also of course from the manga,which is the source material. Okay, one other thingI really need to talk about very quickly is in One Piece,if you're not used to watching a lot of anime, you noticethat people are crying all the time. Like a lot of characters. I'm pretty sure out of the firstmaybe 300-400 episodes of the anime, probably 90% of the episodes,95% of the episodes, somebody is crying.

And so I wonderedwhen it comes to the live action, are they going to show characterscrying as often as they do in the anime? Like having big mouthsand crying a lot? Characters. Everything is exaggerated. Everything is so exaggerated in an anime. And so all the crying,I really wonder if it would translate it and it hasn't because Koby cries a lotwhen Luffy first meets him. But in this point, even when they'retrying to escape, not once did Koby cry. He's looking scared.And I really like the actor.

I do like, though I dolike how Luffy throws Koby under the bus when it comes to the escape planand he tells Alvida what Kobe actually said about her,which is actually very funny because that'sactually in the anime as well. So then we have Zoro's introduction scenethat's quite different from the anime. You actually see him firstwhen he's in captivity in Morgan's base. So seeing him with Baroque Worksat the same time, which we don't learn about ‘till lateron, is quite different. I guess they just need to expediteor speed up the story so introducing.

Later elements early on is quite important because right noweverything is just happening. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Now, as for Zoro's character,Mackenyu Arata, he honestly does a very good job. I mean, it's so hard to live upto the character of Zoro, but, just one thing I want.I want someone who's Japanese. He's, I think, half Japanese. So check. Badass sword skills.

Check. No smiling. No, smiling is a big thing. Zoro is very, very serious. And number four,I'm going to jump ahead for this point. But number four, super strong! Lowkeybig strength. And you see thatwhen he actually picks up the safe Zoro, just picks up the safe,like it's nothing With Zoro, you see him, especially in the animemany times training all the time and liftingincredibly unrealistically heavy things.

So I like that they actually added thatright in the very first episode. Next up,we have the very famous scene at the bar where Shanks is drinking with his crewand then the Mountain Bandit comes. Now, before that, it was actually very,very nice because we hear Bink’s Sake, which is a very famous pirate song. That One Piece has. It's super catchy. And so this song, you can actually hear it in the background, which is justI was just like, Ah! AH! Bink’s Sake!! I'm so excited to hear that becauseyou're going to hear it a lot later on.

So that was really nice. And then, of course, The Mountain Bandit, if I remember, he'slike pouring alcohol on Shanks. He has no idea who Shanks is. If if you're not familiar with the story,you don't know who Shanks is yet. And so just the insulting that'sbeing done to him was really underplayed in this scene.I wish they did that a little bit more. Then we meet Nami Okay, so with Nami, it'salways going to be difficult.

I think maybe Emily Rudd'sa good choice for actress. She does feel a little bit old, but I'msure I'll forget about that as we go on. What I really likeis just right off the bat, even though the introduction of Namiis different from the original story, there's a lot of stuffthey have to cut out. She comes earlier in the story too,than we typically would see her. But one thing I really like is they really establishwhat her character is all about. She hates pirates,.

She loves to steal from them, andwhile she likes to steal from everybody, she's manipulating people. She's kind of a lone wolfwhen it comes to this. Or we could say a lone catthat's Nami’s character. And theyI think they hit the nail on the head when it came to her personalityright off the bat. I found it interesting how those pirateswere able to kick open those padlocks with their feet,you know, steel padlocks. Interesting. So now we've got the bar scene and, well,I must say, so far,.

My favorite character has been Helmeppo!Acting, perfect! Casting, perfect! The design of that character is so good. I thought, Helmeppo, of everyone we've seenso far was bang on! Now, of course, he's got a lower barto meet, but still so, so good. I'm glad we got to see a lot of HelmeppoThat was fantastic. The bar scene where we meet Helmeppo, you've got Nami,you've got Zoro, you've got Luffy. That scene I can understandwhy they've created that scene. I kind of don't like how that'swhen Luffy finds out.

About Zoro because it's actually Kobywho tells Luffy about Zoro and then Luffy decides I need this guybecause he sounds so badass. I need this guy,this pirate hunter on my crew. So Luffy doesn't actually decidebecause he's seen him fight. He just hears a story about himand because Luffy is naturally so trusting, he's just like,That sounds like a great guy. I'm going to recruit him. Okay,so we're introduced to Axe Hand Morgan. Now this guy is a real, real bad guyand I do have a little bit of a problem.

With the casting. I don't have a problemwith the actor himself, but the big issue is just physically, he just doesn't fitthat presence that Axe Hand Morgan has and needs to have. I feel you can literally get anybodythe acting is not important. You could get anybodyget like a huge giant body builder, put a scary mask on himand that would be a great Morgan. I feel like he's just too smalland he just doesn't scare me in the real story.

Morgan killslike he actually kills his own guys. He is hated and fearedwhen Luffy actually leaves. They actually come to the dockand they salute Luffy. Even though he's a pirate. The Marines,they actually come and salute him. Yeah Morgan wasn't scary enough.Also another thing with Morgan and I feel they missed out on…the axe looked really really cool but in the anime, Morgan he has this huge protrusionsticking out of his elbow right here.

And it's almost like an axwas physically driven through his forearm and it's sticking through the skinand stretching the skin out. That's how he actually looks in the anime. So I definitely feel there was some kind of missed opportunityto create this really, really scary guy. I feel like it was just some dude. And then, yes,we get another Helmeppo scene. He's in front of the mirrorpretending to be cool with Zoro's sword. He's swinging it around and then it pans out and it turns out he's naked.

That was really,really funny. It's a little bit weird. That Helmeppo was so jacked.He shouldn't be. He should be, like,the scrawny, just kind of daddy's boy. Even though his father is abusive to him,he just kind of uses the authority of his father'sposition to bully other people. But anyways, I still like that the actor is so good! Ah! Next up quick point, I don't want to forget Morgan's office. Amazing.

Those hugeportraits of Morgan on the wall. Those are really, really good.That was a really nice scene. the Den Den Mushi just very briefly, seeing that onthe desk was actually really exciting. I'm sure if you're an anime fanor a One Piece fan in particular, you've been wondering when are they goingto introduce the Den Den Mushi? And what is it actually going to look like? Okay, so we've come to my first real big problem with this first episode. Okay, I'm very happy.I'm going to be very clear.

I'm very happy with what they released. But for me, when I'm watching thislive action, I'm expecting not perfection. I'm not expecting a perfect recreation. I'm expecting a reimagination of One Piecethat's true to its roots. And One Piece is such a long story spanning over 1000 episodes,both anime and manga. For me, always. There's these iconic moments, these iconicmoments in One Piece that stand out. You probably know what they areif you're familiar with one piece,.

Because obviously no spoilers. So the scene that I really feelthat was missed out on was when Luffy frees Zoro from Morgan's compoundwhen Zoro was tied up, Zoro agrees to join Luffy's Crew because he has no choicebecause he's going to be executed. And so when the Marinessee that Luffy's freeing Zoro, what they do is they shoot at Luffyand Luffy actually stands in front of Zoro to save his life and absorbsall the bullets and fires them back. And then the Marines chargewith their swords.

And Zoro behind his back blocks them all. And so this is a really cool moment. You see Luffy using his rubber powerand you see Zoro using swords and you see, Wow,that's a really cool combination. We didn't get that moment. We just got kind of a chaotic fight scene. Okay. My first impression of Garp is a little bit… Garp is a very impulsive person,and he laughs a lot. There's a reason for that,for his personality.

So we'll see if that's adjusted. But I don't wantto give away any spoilers. But we saw the Den Den Mushi and you could see it'sactually clearly his like custom. It's like his own cell phone kind of. And the reason is it has that mustachewhich shows that it's his. I really like that. The Den Den Mushi The snail telephonelooks really, really cool.

And then our final scene,we get introduced to Buggy I'm not going to say anything about it,but he looks fantastic! So if you enjoyed this raw reaction,I'll do one for the next episode. I'm not sure latertoday, tomorrow or something. As soon as I get to it. Yeah. No editing, no nothing. Just these are my thoughts,so I hope you can relate to them if you're kind of in the same boatthat I am, where you're a fan of One Piece and you'rejust watching it for the first time.

No rewatch, nothing like that. Just watch. Boom! Hear are my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed! I'll see you soon.Right here, on No Frontiers!

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