Naruto Saves Sakura From Sasuke Fat Battle English Dub

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Foreign what's in it for you to join me ever sinceyou left the hidden Leaf Village finding myself regretting not going with you look I'll doanything that you want me to I'm tired of regrets do you know what I really want destroythe leaf that is what I want you think you could really do that betray the hidden LeafVillage for me yes then why don't you prove it to me I want you to kill her right nowshe a member of taka the group that I put together Sakura you're a medical ninja rightperfect you can replace her this will work out just fine though at this point as yousee she's useless cold true he's definitely not the old Sasuke.

It's the matter Sakura do it you stop Sasukeright now then it will all be over how you've Fallen Sasuke Sakura you intended to kill Sasukeby yourself didn't you one after another it was my cowardice that drove you all apartwhen I was the leader of Team seven there's no need for you to Bear such a heavy burdenSakura I once tried to put you at ease by telling you something irresponsible perhapsI was trying to convince myself too I'm sorry I'm such a careless Sensei but you're notbecause she's insane it'll be all right don't you worry we'll soon have him back to theirold selves again Sasuke I've told you this before and I don't like to repeat myself.

Say this once more believe me I've met a lotof guys who feel the way you do but for those who follow the Path of Revenge it never endswell let it go you've got to forget about revenge Itachi my father my mother my entire Clanbring them all here to me stop acting like you're still my Sensei go ahead and try somethingif you'd like I'm just itching to kill you Kakashi I don't want to kill you do you reallythink you can kill me at any moment you wish Sakura heal that girl so she can speak againwhat about you I will shoulder your burden from here on well it is my role after allhurry up and go Sakura as the leader of Team seven I will settlethis once and for all.

Stop acting like my Sensei got it now I finally understand what the third Hokagemust have gone through you'll be able to tell him that yourself once I'm done with you Kakashipossessing the shutting gun proof you're a new Chia an inferior Shinobi who isn't anUchiha Earth style mud wall for a borrowed Sharingan you really are quiteskilled in its use however watch thank you I haven't wandered away with the mangek youmight be dead is that the susano impressive I can't believe one who's not in Uchiha couldawaken the mangekyo Sasuke listen to me more.

Than just your clan is in you more than justhatred look deep inside your heart one more time I think deep down you know the truthall the laughter it touches sacrificed his life but you're still laughing cackling togetherlike fools you're just ignorant of everything I want to change those laughs to screams andwhales of misery how about it Kakashi Jr borrowed shuttingdown extinguished power like this damn it Sakura why are you here don't I can made up my mind Sasuke don't.

Thank you you've got even better timing than I do NarutoI never imagined you'd come here but it's a good thing you did you're a lifesaver thankyou Naruto okay come on sucker is a comrade from Team seven remember you mean former comradeI'm off your team I was really trying to kill me just then Naruto hadn't come I'd be deadnow Sasuke's hand now do you understand Naruto Sakura intent to kill is undeniable Sasukeis no longer the person we once knew listen Sasuke what do you want I know the truth aboutHitachi that guy Toby told me everything I guess I can't really know for sure but itdoesn't matter what you've been doing get it Sasuke not at all you never had a familyor siblings in the first place you couldn't.

Possibly get it you know what Naruto has gonethrough for you everyone wanted to turn on you stood up for you and wanted torescue you rescue me from what from Revenge Sasuke I swear I'll save you from Revengeand from all of the chaos that it causes the stage has already been set for my vengeancenot long ago I finally got my revenge on the one behind Itachi's betray I took down a high-rankinghidden leaffelger right here the one called danzo what skate killed donzo all by himselfI've never felt like this before severing all bonds with the hidden Leaf will be theultimate purification and that shall lead to the uchihas true restoration my responsibility Naruto Sakura go on getout of here because she's Sensei no stay you.

Hadn't you also know how you feel she's dancing there's something you don'twant us to see are you going to kill Sasuke go now's my chance and I'm not going to holdback wait Naruto you know Sasuke there's chance ourroles could have been reversed it's all clear to me now foreign.

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