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Yo what's up guys today we are reacting toNila nilafi I don't know if I'm saying that right Nila nilav and this is from the movieRDX guys I have just noticed that I did not react to the trailer so if you want me toreact to the RDX trailer let me know in the comments and we'll do this after this videookay let's go from the producers of Minal murli and Bangalore days I haven't watchedBangalore days yet but you know many of you are loving this movie I have putup a poll on my community tab this is nice this is nice I like the clothes thecolors.

Throw it like a man the boys [__] me oh this is nice where are they what location is this beautiful backdrop thank you everyone is flipping him over.

I love that Spanish guitar why are they jealous of him only oneleft uh he's the he is the lonely one anything yo I can see why you guys are loving thismovie come on RDX guys I can see why you're enjoying this movieI remember seeing the teaser I haven't seen.

The trailer yet but the teaser it looked crazyit looked nice it looked nice so I'm gonna go watch the trailer now so come with me andsee my reaction to the trailer guys this is a very nice um style of of music and alsoI like the the whole idea of you know having the um the the clothings or the colors andthe the old style costumes you know this looks like you know those old movies so I reallylike that whole aspect of it but guys with that said I'm gonna go watch this trailerbecause I'm very interested now I'm sorry I'm late for it but I'll see you in the nextvideo take care now you can get full access to exclusive content special reactions toshows series anime full movies and even request a video of your choice just become a YouTubemember or join buy me a coffee today find.

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