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It's finally out hello hi hi I know what do you think I'm watching right now um wait don't tell me cookies no I'm on a diet remember.

What are you eating then um sliced veggies yeah okay bye didn't I just have it really has been a long day foreign hmm seriously.

Why won't everyone just leave me alone hello Erica mom you don't have to say it's you every time your number saved in my phone we've been over this what I'm so sorry right now.

Your brother's already on his way I can't right now your grandpa's dead mom I know but I barely knew him and it's late Erica now Mom I'm really sick and I've been coughing and I have the chills let me get some rest and if I'm feeling.

Better I'll head over first thing in the morning okay Mom good night I love you good night hello are you happy with your current Internet service sorry I I actually can't talk right now I have a really bad headache.

Foreign leave me alone you're giving me a brain aneurysm okay

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