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The new Pokemon anime is coming sooner than you think and we found some early plot points courtesy of hidden details in the artwork it's time for the latest news out of Japan the new Pokemon protagonist Duo Lico and Roy are getting into the spotlight sooner than we thought these two are starting their Pokemon Journey on April 14th that was.

Their debut at less than a month after Ash's finale the last episode of his Farewell series Pokemon aimed to be a Pokemon Master is scheduled to air March 24th three weeks later a new generation of Adventures are going to begin and even though that's still some time out we're getting more info already the studios behind the series TV Tokyo and.

Shogakugan shueisha Productions better known as showpro have released a set of three new key visuals for this new Pokemon show there's a group shot of legal and Roy looking similar to the very first images we saw of them during that initial announcement but then we get into some character design Pages both are focused on the character of.

Liko and we get some wonderful me worthy faces out of her as well as her checking her Rotom phone an experience familiar to anyone who's been playing scarlet and violet and wanted to find the nearest Pokemon Center we go staying in the same outfit is interesting lots of details of this anime are trying to tie into the Gen 9 games we have the rodem phones.

Paul day has a starting location and the pair being accompanied by that region so since the trio of sprigatido fuego and quaxley however we're continuing to show our protagonists not supporting the school clothes that the scarlet and violet game protagonists are forced to wear we have seen liko in some kind of uniform briefly in the trailer while.

Being introduced to spigotito but that doesn't match niranha or Uber's colors perhaps this confirms that the story of this anime will go far beyond paldea and our two new protagonists will get to Adventure all over the Pokemon world what could lead them to wander so widely will one or both of this pair share Ash's aspiration to become a Pokemon.

Master returning to liko there are some additional details in her design to make note of firstly there's her bag it's a pretty hefty one worn over the front but it's been missing in all the promo shots will she lose it at some point in the anime that could go from frustrating to tragic if it happens in the wilderness imagine the pair trapped in some.

Isolated location like the top of a mountain and all those picnic supplies just get pulled out into the air leaving liko Roy in their Pokemon cold and hungry they'd be following in the proud Ash Ketchum tradition of almost dying at frostbite and secondly there's something we don't see some kind of necklace or Charm Lico holds it close as if she's.

Drawing comfort from it but most of the time she wears it beneath her shirt rather than having It On full display whatever this mysterious trinket is it's clearly important to her it's something that Lika wants to keep safe rather than wear for style could it hold some combat focused use it certainly looks close to a terror gem which would fit for our.

Presumably pal Dan lead but perhaps it's more personal than that a reminder of some traumatic event in liko's backstory could we be seeing some kind of tragic Arc for her like a lost family member who left her this charm as a Keepsake well if that is the case things could be worse her Creator could be responding to being canceled over drawing her like.

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