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Chapter 1073 Miss Buckingham Stussy. On the cover, Vegapunk is making peaceful inventions, while Caesar, Judge, and Queen look at him with disgust. Lucius attacks Stussy but he misses because it's an illusion. Stussy uses a lipstick with Hai Lou Stone to weaken Lucius then bites Lucius and he falls asleep like Kaku. The mysterious person Vegapunk talked to was Stussy. Lilith and Edison are attacked by the Seraphim and saved by zoro and sanji. Luffy and Chopper are running around Labo trying to find Vegapunk and Bonney. The Sphinx Island where Marco was was attacked. But Weevill came and defended the village. However, Weevill was captured by Admiral Green Bull. Now Marco is with Miss Bakkin. She asks Marco to bring her son back and give her Whitebeard's property. Marco I appreciate you saving the village but. Miss Bakkin Mi has doubts about.

My son's origins? Then go and ask Vegapunk. Transition to the sea, to Kizaru's ship. He's traveling with one of the Five Elders. His name is also revealed as the Supreme Head of the World of the Five Elders, Jegarcia Saturn.

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