No. 1 Gamer Ascends To One more World As A Genius Cripple And Obtains A Likelihood To Dominate The World

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Chap 1 In the middle of the night, a roomin a tall building remained lighted. Inside, a man seated in a chair exclaimed infront of his computer while playing a game. Excited, he clicked his mouse rapidly as he could not believe he could findhis opponents late at night. Inside the game, he was battling against an enemy. The man, Ye Xuan, persisted in defeating hisopponent to become the first player to reach max level until his eyes turned red, and theprize of one million dollars would be his. Soon, he eventually defeated his enemy.

Ye Xuan laughed in contentment. On the screen, the word devour came out. Ye Xuan excitedly clicked hismouse, devouring his items. A brilliant light illuminated. It was so bright Ye Xuan’scomputer released a blinding light. Ye Xuan’s eyes widened as if he was blinded. Ye Xuan cursed as he covered himself as thelight illuminated and materialized in his room. Outside, a pillar of light shone from the sky. After which, Ye Xuan’s roomturned silent once more.

In another place, the full moonshone through a rainy night. In the family mansion of the YeFamily, the downpour of rain continued. At this time, an apparitionappeared out of thin air. Ye Xuan now turned into a phantom, floatedin mid-air as he studied his surroundings. He could not help but let out a curse,wondering if he was dead or alive. Suddenly, Ye Xuan was pulled down. From mid-air, he fell into the forest nearby. Ye Xuan was not hurt and noticeda foot sticking out of his chest. He was stunned as he saw the foot move.

Ye Xuan was shocked as it pass through his body. He looked up and saw the other party’sappearance which looked like assassins. This time, a man’s displeasedvoice of complaint was heard. The assassins snorted in reply while Ye Xuan, who stood behind them, wonderedif the man was talking about him. Soon, however, Ye Xuan was petrified. The man was a splitting image of himself. While the assassins continued posturing becausetheir plan succeeded in luring out the man, Ye Xuan was happy because he sawhow handsome he and the man was.

As the confrontation continued, Ye Xuanrealized both sides could not see him. The assassins unmasked themselvesand expressed how the man, who shared the same name asYe Xuan, took the bait easily. Ye Xuan recognized the assassin,he revealed Chen Song as someone who he had defeated and ask if heyearned for more penetrating fists. Chen Song could not acceptYe Xuan’s words and reasoned he lost for being careless so now hebrought his Elder Brother, Chen Feng. Without delay, Chen Feng’s aura erupted, declaring he would give Ye Xuana lesson he would not forget.

Chen Feng showed his might, the ground rumbled anddust exploded everywhere as he charged at Ye Xuan. In the blink of an eye, Chen Fengarrived on top of Ye Xuan’s head. However, Ye Xuan was prepared. He received Chen Feng’s attack with the YeFamily’s 4th-grade martial art, penetrating fists. On the side, Gamer Ye Xuan was amazed and claimedhe would cultivate if he had a physical body. On the other hand, after Chen Songsaw Ye Xuan remain unharmed despite receiving Elder Brother Chen Feng’sblow, his hatred rose once again. Chen Song could not accept Ye Xuancould fight evenly with his Elder Brother despite being an entire stage lower.

As the fight continued, Ye Xuaneventually got the upper hand. Chen Song smiled sinisterly, he could notallow Ye Xuan to realize his potential, robbing the Chen Family’s place in Lian Yun City. Chen Song draw a knife behind his hand, he consoled himself and blamed YeXuan for having immense talent. Gamer Ye Xuan was alarmed uponwitnessing Chen Song’s actions. While his Elder Brother and Ye Xuanwere engaged in a heated fight, Chen Song silently sneakedbehind with the intent to kill. Gamer Ye Xuan warned at the top of his lungs.

However, it was for naught. Ye Xuan was pierced by Chen Song’s knife. The knife struck his backand exited through his chest. Chen Feng’s eyes widened atChen Song’s sneak attack. However, the cruel smile on ChenSong’s widened after he succeeded and proclaimed Ye Xuan’s death on his hands. Despicable! Ye Xuan grunted asblood seeped out of his mouth. While Chen Song continued to mock the mosttalented in Lian Yun City for dying in his hands, Gamer Ye Xuan was disappointed upon seeingsomeone get defeated by a low-rank common dagger.

Ye Xuan’s heart stopped beating and ChenFeng eventually accepted the outcome. With a thud, Ye Xuan fell to the ground. After confirming Ye Xuan was dead as adoornail, the Chen Brothers retreated. After the two Chen Brothersleft, Gamer Ye Xuan approached. Silently, he took his steps. Near the dead body, Gamer Ye Xuan thought Ye Xuan would be like him but inthe end, he was disappointed. He wondered why everything had happened and if itwas for the sake of appearing in front of Ye Xuan. Seeing Ye Xuan drown in his blood, GamerYe Xuan could not help but lecture,.

Why to fight someone head-on againstsomeone who wanted to take one’s life, if it were his game avatar, he wouldmake them run around in circles. A hint of pity appeared on Gamer Ye Xuan’sface noticing Ye Xuan’s eyes wide open even after his death. He brought his handout, he would help Ye Xuan close his eyes. As he closed his eyes, he lecturedYe Xuan to be smart in his next life. It was then that Gamer YeXuan experienced some change. His appearance turned golden and distorted. Soon, Gamer Ye Xuan’s soul broke down completely. Later, the rain stopped.

Clear skies finally appearedin the Ye Family mansion. Nearby, a call for a Young Master was heard. Soon, a blurry image of a girl appeared. The girl, Liu Er had tears in her eyes as hesaw her Young Master woke up, clearly worried. The Young Master sat up and comfortedthe girl, claiming he was fine. Gamer Ye Xuan wondered why heknew the name of Ye Xuan’s maid. Keeping his calm, Gamer YeXuan asked Liu Er for a mirror. Soon, Gamer Ye Xuan saw himself. He realized he had reincarnated into YeXuan who had pitifully died.

It was then he remembered howChen Song referred to his body’s owner as the number one genius of Lian Yun City. The title made him smile. Gamer Ye Xuan would live abetter life, exact revenge, and become the strongest inthe world in Ye Xuan’s stead. Cultivation is great, Gamer YeXuan, now turn the Genius Ye Xuan, proclaimed as he tried to dowhat he had seen in TV shows. However, Ye Xuan vomited bloodand felt unbearable pain. He cough hard and collapsed on theground as he asked what was wrong.

Liu Er gave him a cup of water and conveyed thenews, Ye Xuan’s dantian had been shattered and his cultivation had been wiped out.Chap 2 Silence descended in the room. Ye Xuan was dispirited after hisdream of becoming the World’s strongest was shattered before it had even begun. Liu Er consoled Ye Xuan to calm him down and revealed there was a way torecover his broken dantian. A hundred-year-old ginseng in the familytreasury could recover Ye Xuan’s strength. Hearing this, life returned to Ye Xuan’s face.

He grabbed Liu Er and asked her tobring him to the treasury right away. Later that day, the climate turned for the better. Ye Xuan walked out of his room which madethe people around him gather in whispers. They were shocked to see their YoungMaster’s pale face and frail appearance. They were aware of the sudden attackand knew Ye Xuan had became a cripple. As they continued their whispers, YeXuan proceeded to walk with Liu Er. He felt burdened which each step he took. Soon, Liu Er pointed at the treasury ahead. The building also caught Ye Xuan's eyes.

A person seated in front of a table with twoguards on each side appeared before Ye Xuan. The man continued to fan himself elegantlyas he stared at Ye Xuan in silence. As Ye Xuan approached, theguards stop him in his tracks. Liu Er called the seated man, the third housesteward, and erupted in anger after seeing them, proclaiming they were stopping the wrong person. The third house steward acknowledged calmly. He stared at Ye Xuan and lazilyquestioned why he had come after asking for forgiveness for not recognizing him. Behind the crossed spears, Ye Xuan answeredhe came for the hundred-year-old ginseng.

The third house steward noddedand requested for Ye Xuan to show the permission slip from the patriarch. On the side, Liu Er wondered why theywere asking for the permission slip when the Young Master could retrieve anyitem he need from the treasury before. The third house steward slammed the table andretorted that Liu Er should know the answer. The third house steward then pointedhis fan and declared that Ye Xuan had no right to retrieve resources fromthe treasury since he became a cripple. Hearing his words, Liu Er protested why theywould hit the young master when he was down. The third house steward remainedunmoved and claimed he was polite.

And if it was anyone else, he hadmade the guards chase him away. The third house steward’swords made Ye Xuan speechless. However, the elder was not finishedyet and revealed that Ye Xuan would be sent away to manage the family’s business. Eventually, Ye Xuan was helpless. The prestigious Young Master hadturned into a beggar in a single night. Ye Xuan snorted in the end. He turned around, calling for Liu Er. While they walked away, LiuEr suggested that Ye Xuan to.

Asked the Patriarch directly since the thirdhouse steward’s words could not be trusted. Upon hearing the little girl,the third house steward scoffed, thinking Ye Xuan still fanciedhimself as the number one genius. Soon, a servant appeared in front of Ye Xuan. With a worried face, she informed Ye Xuanthat the patriarch was looking for him. On the side, Liu Er declaredit was good timing and she would get to the bottom of Ye Xuan’s situation. After a moment of silence, Ye Xuan asked theservant, Cui Er, why the patriarch had called him. Cui Er lowered her head and pondered for a while.

After arranging her words, she answered thatthe Lin Family had annulled the engagement. Liu Er was stunned upon hearing the news. However, Ye Xuan was calm and thoughtit was his chance to turn the tide. As they walked, Liu Er grumbled about howdespicable for the Lin Family to take the initiative to suggest marriage and how theyannul it after hearing Ye Xuan’s predicament. Later in the Ye Family front hall. A group of people was gathered inside. Soon, someone arrived. Ye Xuan appeared before everyoneand call for his first uncle.

One of the men acknowledged Ye Xuan’s arrival. He informed Ye Xuan of the engagementbetween the Lin and Ye family and their wish. However, before his first uncle could finish, heanswered he knew they would annul the engagement. After all, he was a cripple with a broken dantian. A couple of men who had their backs on YeXuan remained silent after hearing his words. A moment later, one of the men broughtthe cup of tea down to the table. The man claimed Ye Xuan was mistakenand it would not be reasonable for him to annul the engagement ashe was the one who arranged it. The man on the side also added thatMiss Lin was taken as a disciple of.

The Tian Yuan Sect Elders and they had cometo annul the engagement for Ye Xuan’s good. Ye Xuan smiled and ridiculed how the Lin Familyresorted to making excuses to bully a cripple. On the side, the man sighed and expressedhow the youngsters are ignorant these days. He further explained that Lin Xue Er had becomethe sect elder’s disciple and the Ye Family might be wiped out after the geniuses who wantedto pursue her learned about the engagement. Unconvinced, Ye Xuan questioned how arrogant for them to not consider thelaws of the Xuan Yang Empire. The man laughed heartilyafter hearing Ye Xuan’s words. After a while, he proclaimed Ye Xuan was cluelessas not just the geniuses of the Tian Yuan Sect.

But even he, as a mere protector, wasnot afraid of the Xuan Yuan Empire. Unimaginable power appeared in theman’s hand and declared his sect could destroy the empire Ye Xuanconsidered powerful beyond belief. The man’s power destroyed the long tableand his aura erupted all over the room. The oppressive atmosphere came suddenly. Even Ye Xuan was caught unprepared. The man showed his might, he only needed to wavehis finger and the empire would be destroyed. Ye Xuan narrowed his eyes and was deep in thought. The people around turned silentand could only close their eyes.

Ye Xuan did not expect the man’s words. His first uncle also remained silent this time. Ye Xuan could not believeeveryone had broken out in cold sweats only after hearing the man’s bragging. Soon, the man asked Ye Xuan for his decision. On the side, the man from the LinFamily assured him they would return the dowry as long as Ye Xuan annul the engagement. Hearing this, a brilliant thoughtsuddenly surfaced in Ye Xuan’s mind. He was glad, there was still the dowry.

Ye Xuan’s father had lefthim a dowry worth millions. If he manage to get thrice of the dowry’s value,he could purchase medicine to repair his dantian. Thinking of this, Ye Xuan expressed hedid not mind annulling the engagement. Nevertheless, he hoped thrice of the dowry’svalue would be returned as an apology. His first uncle stood from his seatand prevented Ye Xuan's request. Ye Xuan smiled and assured him not to worry. In the end, his first uncle turned speechless. Soon, Ye Xuan reasoned he would be a laughingstockif he easily agreed to annul the engagement. Furthermore, Ye Xuan claimed theLin Family and the Tian Yuan Sect.

As righteous and strong factions andit would not be good if words spread that they were breaking promisesand striking those who were down. Uncle Lin’s face darkened. Unconcerned, Ye Xuan once againexpressed how the Lin Family’s name would be tarnished once word wentout that they were bullying the weak. After saying all this, Ye Xuan lookedat Uncle Lin with cunning eyes. He proposed that he would announcethat he annulled the engagement of his own accord in exchange for thrice thedowry's value that would be returned. Uncle Lin was speechless andhis face darkened even more.

The Tian Yuan Sect’s protector roared inlaughter after hearing Ye Xuan’s condition. He knew they were blackmailedbut agreed in the end. Uncle Lin fell into a panic after hearing ElderYu’s words as three hundred million were so much. Elder Yu ensured it was fine assomething materialized in his palm. Soon, a small bottle appeared. It contained two spirit-gatheringpills worth 150 million each. Elder Yu tossed the bottle toward Ye Xuan. However, Ye Xuan was frustrated, ifhe knew the man would agree readily, he would have asked fivetimes for the dowry’s value.

After suffering a loss, Ye Xuan askedLiu Er for the engagement contract. After agreeing to his Young Master’s request,Liu Er brought out the contract with a sad face. In a flash, the contract was burned away. While she was still in shock, Elder Yu and UncleLin passed by Liu Er as they turned to leave. Ye Xuan looked at their backswhen he thought of something. He hurriedly stopped Elder Yu. Ye Xuan asked for the elder's name. Elder Yu paused in his tracks andasked if Ye Xuan wanted revenge. However, Ye Xuan had different thoughts,.

In the future, he only wanted to profit fromthe foolish elder who wasted money so readily. Ye Xuan calmly denied the elder’sclaim and explained he only wanted to seek pointers if they were to meet again. Elder Yu laughed softly afterhearing Ye Xuan’s words. He demanded Ye Xuan to remember hisname carefully as he declared his name, Yu Jin, the protector of the Tian Yuan Sect. Walking away, he revealed his interest in Ye Xuan and lamented how he could not take him as adisciple because of his shattered dantian. As his eyes looked on Elder Yu’sback, Ye Xuan muttered his name.

Suddenly, the bottle in YeXuan’s hands glowed in gold. Ye Xuan was surprised uponseeing the unexpected change. While he was in a daze, a screen appearedbefore his eyes, the Ultimate Devouring System. The display changed and a notification appeared:a spirit-gathering pill was detected, do you wish to devour it?Chap 3 Ye Xuan was in disbelief as hecontinued to stare at the display. It was then that a smile appeared on his face as he thought of the cheathad finally been activated. Ye Xuan was satisfied, claiming theheavens did leave a way out for him.

The voice of his first unclecalling Ye Xuan was heard. His first uncle’s voice broughtYe Xuan back to reality. While his first uncle wonderedwhy he was spacing out, Ye Xuan did not answer and insteadasked if there were orders for him. His first uncle thought for a momentand explained that they had used various treasures worth millionsto save Ye Xuan but to no avail. In the end, his first uncle asked himto hand over the Spirit Gathering Pills since Ye Xuan was not destined for martial arts. Ye Xuan lowered his head and declined as hereasoned that he had a purpose for the pills.

On the side, another elder asked YeXuan if he was planning to return to martial arts with the pill anddeclared it would not be feasible. The other elders claimed his naivety anddiscouraged Ye Xuan as the medicine for the broken dantian far exceeded their capability andhe would get attacked if he held into the pills. Ye Xuan mockingly laughed at howeveryone was so kind when nobody spoke out after Yu Jin showed his mightbut now they were coveting the pills. Frustration appeared on theelders’ faces for being insulted. Such impudence! The elder denied YeXuan’s words and reasoned that the pills could only bring disaster and itwas better to offer them to the family.

The remaining elders voiced their stance,looking for the patriarch’s response. Ye Xuan remained silent. Eventually, his first uncleexpressed a tired sigh. He supported the elders and convincedYe Xuan to give up the pills. Ye Xuan turned silent for a moment. He said he believe in his uncle’spromise of carefree life and he was aware of their plans of sending him far away. Everyone listened to Ye Xuan withvarious expressions on their faces. Ye Xuan then refused the arrangement.

He could not resign himself to a normal life. He would leave the family andbuild his clan the very next day. While the elders were shocked, they heard YeXuan renouncing his ties with the Ye Family. The elders could not hold themselves anylonger and hurled curses toward Ye Xuan’s face. They demanded a punishmentagainst the preposterous ingrate. The patriarch fell silent. After a while, he asked YeXuan if he was determined, making the faces of the elders dumbfounded. Ye Xuan confirmed his resolve andwould go through his decision.

Surprisingly, his first uncle supportedhis choice and asked him to take care. While the elders protested, YeXuan was left without words. As the room descended in disorder,the patriarch demanded silence. He warned everyone not to harass YeXuan otherwise he would not merciful. Then, the patriarch told Ye Xuan to bringhis servant, Liu Er, as she was loyal to him. While Liu Er was happy foraccompanying her Young Master, Yu Xuan was thankful for howreasonable his uncle was. As they walked away, the elders could not helpbut helplessly clenched their teeth in anger. Later, in a corner of the Ye Family mansion.

Ye Xuan and Liu Er were prepared to go. Liu Er asked Ye Xuan where they would go. Ye Xuan looked toward the distance and answered they would rent a room atthe drunken immortal inn. As they walked on the street towards theinn, Liu Er suggested going for a cheaper inn as their money was only enough forhalf a month in the drunken immortal inn, however, Ye Xuan denied her suggestionand assured them that less than a month was enough to restore his cultivationand by then, money is not a problem. Liu Er was shocked after hearing hiswords, and after Ye Xuan confirmed it.

Was not difficult as long as he hadthe pills, she was finally relieved. Later, in the Drunken Immortal Inn. Liu Er told Ye Xuan shewould leave to get some food. Ye Xuan turned to look andconfirmed the door was closed. His eyes shifted and his gaze fellon the small bottle in his hands. Soon, a mysterious energy appearedand gathered around Ye Xuan. He pleaded for the cheat to not lethim down as he brought a pill closer. Without hesitation, Ye Xuan put thepill in his mouth and devoured it. The energy was activated in Ye Xuan'sbody as a vortex appeared in his chest.

Soon, subtle currents of spiritualenergy were sucked into his body. On the display, Ye Xuan saw theprogress and assumed it was the representation of his dantian being repaired. A moment later, the displaywas 95 percent complete. Ye Xuan brought out another pill and devoured it. As the spirit energy gathered toward Ye Xuan, a notification sounded: The requiredenergy to activate the system is full. The progress bar was full andthe system had been activated. Ye Xuan’s dantian was shattered and instead ofrepairing it, the system started to devour it.

Ye Xuan was alarmed. However, he could not stop the systemas it continued to devour his dantian. Soon, Ye Xuan felt an unbearable pain as ifall his internal organs were being rearranged. Ye Xuan fell from his chair and collapsed onthe floor as he held his stomach in misery. He continued to scream as the pain continued. The door opened and Liu Er appearedseeing her Young Master suffering. She was helpless and couldonly watch Ye Xuan in distress. Soon, his dantian was completely devoured andthe devouring system has been fully activated. Ye Xuan uprighted himself as he heldhis stomach with a wretched face.

Then, he noticed something. Ye Xuan realized his dantian had changed. The Ultimate Devouring System. Itcould devour everything and turn it into spiritual energy for the user to absorb. Chap 4 Later that day. Liu Er was beaming with joy as sheconfirmed her Young Master’s recovery. Ye Xuan was now filled to the brim with energy. To celebrate the blessing, Liu Er decided forthe waiter to serve food and drinks to celebrate.

Liu Er hurriedly left the room. Left alone, Ye Xuan was smiling. He glanced at his hands as hethought of his devouring system. Soon, a magical aura surged in his body. He was in a magical place where the UltimateDevouring System appeared before him. To have a system devoured everything andtransform it into spiritual energy for him to absorb, Ye Xuan realizedit was easier than cultivating. The display changed and showed martialarts, bloodlines, and divine weapons. Ye Xuan decided to check martial arts first.

Then the display introduced martial arts. The five schools were the Gale SwordTechnique, the Tiger’s Roaring Fists, the Descent of the Wild-Goose, the IndestructibleFinger, and the Palm of Black Sand. Ye Xuan was amazed. He immediately chose the Tiger’sRoaring Fists to try out. However, an error occurred,he could not learn martial arts because of insufficient devouring points. With a hint of disappointment,Ye Xuan asked how to get points. The system answered he could get thepoints by devouring precious items.

Ye Xuan hurriedly looked around. In the corner, he saw an exquisite vase. He believed the vase was precious enough. Ye Xuan started to devour the item. However, an error occurred, Ye Xuan’s stancewas inaccurate and he could not devour the vase. Sweat trickled Ye Xuan's face as hethought about swallowing the vase. He could not help but hesitate. Eventually, Ye Xuan broughtthe vase to his mouth since he was alone and could make a fool of himself.

Soon, a change occurred. The vase floated in the air and started to shrink. Then, the small vase was reduced tothe point that it could fit his mouth. After the vase was swallowed,the system notified him, the item was a piece of junkand no points were obtained. Angered, Ye Xuan scolded the system as a scam. However, the system only reminded Ye Xuan todevour precious items to obtain points once again. This time, Ye Xuan assumed theprecious items must be natural materials or cultivation resources of high value.

He thought of the Lian Yun Mountainsand decided to venture it in the future. As he thought about how stupid swallowinglooked like, the system proposed he could by the devouring hand, and the items he touchedwith both hands could be devoured instantly. While he was in a daze, Ye Xuan heard a commotion. He approached the window and took a peek outside. Down below, Liu Er was getting harassedby another Young Master’s servant. Ye Xuan was angered upon seeing this. The servant continued to insult Liu Er. She wanted to tear Liu Er’s face topieces for seducing men left and right.

However, a kick landed on her face. Ye Xuan appeared and sent the servant flying. Liu Er was glad to see her Young Master. Ye Xuan comforted Liu Er, declaring hewould settle everything on her behalf. With tears in her eyes, Liu Eragreed with her Young Master. This time, the man who was silent allthis time let out a disdainful sound. He did not expect Ye Xuan, the greatestgenius of Lian Yun City, to be alive. Ye Xuan immediately recognized the man, it wasthe man who assassinated the Genius Ye Xuan. Chen Song said it was a pity for the Ye Family tosacrifice a fortune of resources for a cripple.

Ye Xuan calmly replied Chen Songdeserved to die ten thousand deaths for plotting to killhim and bullying Liu Er. Chen Song roared in laughter asthough he heard the greatest joke. He questioned Ye Xuan about how could he be killedby a cripple when he had beaten him in the duel. Ye Xuan asked how could it becalled a duel when they lured him into the middle of the nightand launched a sneak attack on him. Anger arose on Ye Xuan’s face as he declaredChen Song would pay for what he did. Chen Song happily accepted, believing YeXuan had finally gotten sick of living. His aura erupted and chargedtoward Ye Xuan without hesitation.

Thundering Fists! Chen Song soared in thesky, he would grant Ye Xuan’s death wish. On the other hand, Ye Xuan remained unmoved. He blocked Chen Song’s fisteffortlessly with one hand. Chen Song was shocked, hisfist could not move further. Ye Xuan commented the ThunderingFists was nothing impressive. He tightened his grip on Chen Song’s fist. With a crack, Chen Song’s arm was easily twisted. Chen Song’s eyes turned red, hecould not believe Ye Xuan could use Penetrating Fist after hiscultivation had been crippled.

As Chen Song’s scream reverberated inthe room, his arm was twisted again. Ye Xuan let go of Chen Song’s handwhich was crooked beyond recognizable. Looking down on Chen Song, Ye Xuan was full of gratitude for the brothers ashe was reborn because of them. As he crawled on the ground, Chen Song cursed the Ye Family for spreading falsenews about Ye Xuan’s situation. Seeing Chen Song’s wretched face,Ye Xuan was prepared to make a move. Chen Song broke into a sweat and laugheddrily, daring Ye Xuan to kill him. His death would spark a warbetween the two families and.

The weakest Ye Family of the four greatfamilies would be buried with Chen Song. Hearing his words, Ye Xuanwas met with hesitation. Seeing him silent, Chen Song furtherstated that the Wu Family who reigned the city would not sit by in casea war between families broke out. Ye Xuan fell into deep thought ashe realized a war would not do him or the Ye Family any favors and heneeded to let Chen Song be alive a little longer while he get strongerwith the help of the devouring system. On the ground, Chen Songeventually saw his chance. Without delay, he chargedtoward Ye Xuan with his dagger.

Ye Xuan made a move as soonas the dagger was near. With a kick, Ye Xuan sent the daggerflying from Chen Song’s hands. His servant squeaked as she sawthe dagger fall on her side, she could not believe herYoung Master was defeated. Chen Song was filled with fear when helooked at the broken fingers in his hand. Cruelness appeared on Ye Xuan's face, he couldnot kill Chen Song but he could cripple him. Without hesitation, Ye Xuan raised his foot. His kick landed on Chen Song’s face,sending him flying a few meters away. With a plop, Chen Song fell to the ground.

Ye Xuan did not delay and charged forward. Sensing Ye Xuan’s arrival,Chen Song screamed in despair. Ye Xuan kicked again andsent him flying into the air. Ye Xuan smile in containmentbut it was not enough. He moved to Chen Song’s side and struck again. Chen Song slid onto the groundand remained motionless. This time, Ye Xuan’s anger subsided a little anda smile of satisfaction appeared on his face. He approached Chen Song andgave him another harmless kick. As He walked away, Ye Xuan reminded ChenSong not to use the same sneak attack twice.

On the side where the onlookers gathered, Ye Xuanapproached Liu Er to ask about her situation. Unknown to them, a servant of the Ye Familysaw the fight and decided to report it to the patriarch as soon as possible: YoungMaster Ye Xuan had recovered his cultivation.

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