No hay amor entre nosotros I Animación Sonamy

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Sonic, the baby chao is ill! We have no choice but to be responsible parents and help him heal… together You mean, us? Eggman: Ugh! I can´t believe it! I will stop this right now! Finally! Our love will heal this baby.

Theres no love between us! Don´t say that! in front of the baby… the baby has no ears! Hurry up, future husband theres no time to lose! and how long will it take to heal? I hope it´ll take many weeks many weeks?!.

Bye Doc! Guess I´ll see you in a few weeks… Don´t worr, I´ll be waiting here where there are no women Amy: Oh Sonic, you look handsome as a child-father! Have a good day in job, father #1! Geez, this girl is crazy for sure… Knuckles: So…the story of the baby chao was real?? All this time I thought you were lying to me! The chaos was ill, it was kinda seriously…

I can´t believe it… Oh! B-but it´s nothing ridiculous, Amy… I think it was soemthing…adorable Tails, please! You don´t mind us about talking about the ´´baby chao´´ right, Amy? Sure! ❤ I-I think it's time to go… That´s r-right! Time to leave What do you mean?.

Won´t you stay for dinner, boys? No, no, no, no! Surely my daughter has already woken up and I don't want Rouge to put her to watch the master emerald Y-yes! Last time she was close to losing it, byyye!! was what happened really that ridiculous? what a shame… Don't listen to them, you know how they get with… our relationship. don't worry, we were just kids.

Besides, you were right Yeah? About what? Number one: Our ¨love¨ managed to heal the baby chao Number two Now I´m your ´´husband´´… And three… Now there's love between us Love, that I can give you as many times as you want…

S-sonic…xd I forgot to tell you that Rouge is having a party and she wanted Amy to make some… snacks?.. You were about to..? Don't you know how to knock on the door?!

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