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Anime has definitely come a long way in the West over the past quarter Century many anime including but not limited to Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon dragon ball Naruto Sailor Moon wage and YuYu Hakusho have achieved great success in the US just as they did in Japan thanks to having fun engaging and resonating characters and stories.

However even with this big influx there are many anime that never made the Leap Forward due to either a lack of Interest or not doing well enough to keep going and leave a significant impact this is especially the case where the series we'll be talking about today I'm the media not so and it's time we take a dive into the history of the.

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Upload and now on with the show now before we dive into the proper let's first have a look at where the series all began it all started with the original ojoma Joe Doremi created by Izumi Toto the very first series created and produced under that pet name and animated by toei animation the series is about Dory.

Michon along with her friends hatsukichon and ayakochon then later joined by Dori michon's sister Papa John and their rival turned friend o Buchan training to become witches through passing a series of exams so that do re michon can change the witch Mojo Rika back to original form after the former revealed her identity.

As a witch and cursed her to be a witch frog because of course that would happen it first premiered on TV Asahi on February 7th 1999 and it went on to be a big hit running for 51 episodes with the finale airing on January 30th 2000. but that was only the beginning because a week later on February 6th the sequel ojomajo Doremi sharp hit the airwaves.

This time around the girls have witnessed the birth of a mysterious baby in the Witch World hanachan and by which law they are tasked with taking care of Honor charm for one year while also being granted their magic powers back it ran for another 49 episodes with the final one airing on January 28 2001. afterwards came motto ojama Joe Doremi.

On February 4th 2001. in here the girls are given the opportunity to earn their winter apprenticeships back but in order to do so they have to make special pastries for the witch Senate but it won't be too difficult as they get help from a new witch Apprentice momokochon who had moved to Japan from.

New York and the others in return help her get adjusted to her new environment running for another 50 episodes it would conclude on January 27 2002. then came the final series on Jama Joe dorimi dokkan on February 3rd 2002. here the group has to deal with the sudden growth of honaton who has voluntarily Inked herself up and is.

Granted permission to become a witch Apprentice at the same time though the former witch Queen's curse has fully bloomed and Dory michon and friends can only stop it by reminding the queen of her father's memories but that would prove to be easier said than done.

Running for another 51 episodes it would officially conclude the series run on January 26 2003. however that wasn't the end just yet the following year on June 26 2004 a 13 episode OVA series ochamajo Dory me not ISO which takes place during the events of motto with air and finish its run on December 11th of that year.

It also spawned three feature films the third of which was made to celebrate the series 20th anniversary and a web anime throughout its entire run in Japan the franchise was as I said earlier a huge success in fact it went on to become the third longest running magical girl anime of all time just behind Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure.

This isn't even taking into account the large amount of merchandise sold over the years it even won a couple of awards including a win for best screenplay for Takashi Yamada and a notable entry in the television category at the Tokyo anime Awards man now that's what you call weeping in the fruits of the labor.

okay now that we've got all of that laid out let's finally get into how the series crossed over to America foreign with how big a hit it was in Japan and given their previous success with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball toei was looking to.

Bring the series over to the states so in August of 2000 toei commissioned a double of the first episode to the Canadian Studio ocean Productions specifically their subsidiary Blue Waters from there they proceeded to shop it around to potential licensors and unfortunately no one was interested in.

It but even with that setback the series would eventually make its way to the United States one way or another enter for kids entertainment now what can be said about this company that hasn't already been said by others whether you loved or hated them there was no question that they played a key.

Role in helping anime gain a bigger foothold in the US so how did they come into play with our drama Joe Doremi well around 2003 on top of their continued success with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh they were also having great success with their own Saturday morning block the fox fox and at that time they were looking to expand on their female.

Audience it was through this initiative that they acquired several female-centric shows including but not limited to Winx Club Tokyo Mew Mew which was renamed Mew Mew Power and of course ojama Joe doreeni which was renamed to Magical Doremi thus in October of 2003 four kids began negotiations with toei to license the.

Show and would finalize their contract in the following year now I can't talk about their deal without addressing the big elephant in the room when it comes to it for those not in the know in order to secure the rights four kids had to agree to dub another anime that toei really wanted to bring over to the states.

That anime was one piece and it goes without saying that their dub of it went on to be regarded as one of the worst English dubs of all time all right getting back on track while the title change is localization of work it should be noted that this wasn't just done for the US see in several countries like in France.

Italy and Mexico the series was also renamed to Magical Doremi this was due to the original title ogama Joe being an untranslatable Japanese portmito said poor Patrol being of the Japanese words ojama which can mean bothersome or nuisance and majo which means which thus the title translates to bothersome witch Dory me.

Yeah I'd imagine it would have been a mouthful had they properly translated the full title anyways with the licensing deal all set four kids was ready to bring the show to a young female audience and also have it teach them too no I wasn't kidding about that last bit in a press release four kids had pinched.

And sold the show as being educational and informational now to be fair the original Japanese version was a little bit educational I mean one of the main settings is out of school but it mainly did so through conveying subtle moral lessons and messages however that wasn't going to be good.

Enough for the US especially for the fcc's EI guidelines for the English studs production it went through a heavy amount of editing and localization in addition to the new title all of the characters names were changed like doremi-chan became Dory module Rika became patina hatsukichon was renamed Ryan and ikotron.

Became Mirabelle the fictional Japanese Tom basura became a fictional American Harbor Town Port Mystic the Maho shop was changed to at first the rusty broom then later the Doremi magic shop the original Japanese score was removed in favor of composing an entirely new one by Luis coralezi Bob McGuire Ralph shucket and John Siegler any sort of.

Cultural references were taken out heck they even threw in a couple of American references which don't make any sense the terminology was changed which friends became witchling which Farm became named greenling Apprentice tasks became dream Spinners magic Spears became spell drives and you get the idea nearly all of the attacks was erased or.

Swapped out any instances of blood or violence was edited out and in one case they heavily edited an entire episode in order to change the original plot and just to take it one step further anytime someone is seen driving they horizontally flip the shots to make it look like they're driving on the right side of the road.

Now some of these changes were somewhat understandable as they needed to have the show compliant with both Network standards and practices and the EI guidelines but other changes yeah on a side note the American English dub title would end up being a unique case in the countries that received the title.

Change the one constant from the original was that the title referred to the main character as in some her name was retained as Dory meme but the U.S dub would be the first and only instant this would not be the case so how did poor kids work around it but still retain the title well they decided to make it a pun and.

Have it named not just after Dory but also the other two main leads by simply taking the first two letters of their first names and it's no coincidence that they're also the first three notes of the musical scale anyways for the casting they brought in their large stable of voice actors.

Including Casey Rogers Amy palette Rebecca solar Peter Donahue Sean Shamo Carrie Williams and Lisa ordax the Drama of interest for the show four kids utilized the tactic they had previously used with Pokemon and Mew Mew Power give a special sneak preview prior to the official premiere in the case of Magical Doremi they.

Selected the fourth episode which aired on August 13 2005. this selection actually made sense as it is where the main three officially came together as a group when it came to the merchandise four kids teamed up with Bandai to produce a toy line that included toy wandlers Jean Spinners and dolls of the main three.

Witchlings by the way some of the Dolls came with a DVD that had the fourth episode on it as a bonus this is particularly notable as it's the only episode out of the whole dub to get any sort of official home video release it's rather sad in hindsight the show was originally set to Premiere in November of 2005.

But for one reason or another it was decided to bump it up by two months to September 10th when the series finally casted its magic spell on 4kidstv that spell was unfortunately not strong enough to allow viewers as it would Garner low ratings throughout its entire run on the Block.

There were many factors that contributed to its failure moving up the premiere date gave them less time to promote the show it was given some lackluster time slots airing around 7 or 8 in the morning when the target audience is either asleep or just starting to get up and was further exacerbated by the time slots getting shuffled around.

The competition from the other kids walks and cable networks and the simplest answer of them all there just wasn't a strong demand for more magical girl anime I mean it really says a lot when the only other magical girl series besides Sailor Moon to get any kind of traction in the West Was carcaptor Sakura.

It didn't help either that it's merchandise didn't sell very well as for what viewers thought of it it was a very mixed bag fans of the original Japanese version weren't too happy with all the editing and localization done to it while others thought it was just okay saying that the dub wasn't that bad with some even saying it was one of four kids.

Better dubs and they did enjoy some of the songs they made after the 26th episode aired the show would continue to play in reruns on the Block until it was taken off on August 19 2006. so with it proving to be both the ratings and Merchandising failure did magical doremi's journey in the.

United States and there believe it or not no it didn't most likely due to contractual obligations four kids had to dug the remainder of the first series the only problem it had just been canceled From the Block so what did they do to rectify it well they decided to take it online a year after its Network.

Cancellation four kids premiered the second half of the series on their official website build it as season 2 on November 13 2007. they would go on to Premiere one new episode per week until the final episode aired on May 2nd 2008. there was even a point where they uploaded the entire dub onto their.

Official YouTube channel the only episode that never got dubbed was episode 30. for what reason you may be wondering well the episode involved the kids wandering around a temple and a cemetery at night with very little adult supervision and it dealt with a religion that's not very common in the U.S.

While it would have been a fitting spooky episode to air around Halloween there was no way they could have edited around this one like they did with episode 19. so with the move to the internet did the show perform better or worse honestly I have no idea I wasn't able to find the statistics for the traffic the.

Site received so it can't really be said for certain well now that poor kids has officially finished dubbing the whole series is it now at the end of its Journey not quite yet in fact it would actually get one last win on television on April 24th 2010 four kids brought the show back to TV as a part of the CW for kids.

Airing for almost three months on the Block and it would air for the very last time on July 17th after that four kids license with the show expired and it would never return to the US and with that now it's journey in America has officially come to a close foreign.

So at this point you may well ask why hasn't another dubbing company license the show in the years since after all if one piece Sailor Moon and car character Sakura could all get a second dub surely this series can get one too sadly it's not exactly that easy like I said earlier apart from the latter two.

Shows I mentioned there's really not a huge demand to bring more magical girl anime over to the US plus even if there was interest aside from a few mile bits of language and blood it's mainly a kids anime so it probably wouldn't fit the respective repertoires oh sure there are some out there that.

Would love to have a more faithful dub and who knows maybe sooner or later one company might acquire the license and make it happen but until that time for the moment it won't be happening anytime soon in conclusion the English dub of magical Dore meme may not be the best dub out there but it's certainly far from one of.

The worst yes the amount of editing and localization done is crazy and ridiculous but the cast worked well with the material they had and it does kind of have a charm to it plus to Fork its credit unlike what they tried to do with one piece apart from.

The educational aspects and a couple of episodes they did attempt to keep it true to the spirit of the original if you want to track down the dub just for a laugh like I mentioned earlier apart from the fourth episode it never got an official full home media release that and the DVD is rather hard to find these days the only way you can see it.

Is by going to though it's not exactly in the best quality but hey something is better than nothing I hope you all had fun watching the video and that it helped shed some light on this particular anime's dub history thank you

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