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Welcome to another movie plot Spoilers ahead A genocidal race called The Necromongersis crusading across the galaxy, searching for a constellation ofdark new worlds called Underverse. If the inhabitants of a world they encounter on the pilgrimage will not convertto their fanatical way of life, their entire planet is destroyed. The Lord Marshal is a man that visited thesedarkworlds and returned a different being, using their advanced technology he activates their.

World-ending statues to destroyanother rebelling civilisation. In another part of the galaxy a long-haired man is running across the frozen surfaceof Planet 6 in the U.V. System, being chased by a mercenaryship flown by Captain Toombs. The eager hunter and his crew pursue a fugitivewith a large bounty on his head by the name of Richard B. Riddick, Using a net launcher they come close tosnagging him but only manage to clip him. Riddick lures Toombs into a cave where heis able to get high ground on his attackers, then proceeds to kill the 3 man crew one byone without any of them even seeing him coming,.

Saving the captain for last. Riddick climbs aboard the ship andinterrogates Toombs about the contract, to which the cowardly Merc spills all the beans. He tells his captor that thebounty on his head is 1.5 million, and was offered by a man onthe planet of Helion Prime. Riddick thanks tombs and throws himout to freeze to death on Planet 6, while he flies away in his new wings. He proceeds to put himself into a cryo-sleepto wait out his journey to Helion Prime, but is suddenly woken up at his destinationto turbulence and a blinding sun.

The locals try to escort him down to theground but Riddick isn’t having any of it, shoulder checking the securityshuttle and making his own way. On the surface of Helion Prime wefollow the holy man named Imam, who arrives at home to Riddick already waiting,shaving his head, and pissed off about the bounty. Riddick saved Imam and a girl named Jackfrom an alien planet 5 years earlier, but the survivor has sincegone on to have a family. A group of soldiers arrive atthe house to speak with Riddick, being led by an ethereal named Aerionwho put the bounty on his head. She explains to Riddick what the Necromongerscan do and that they need his help,.

Saying that the Grand-Marshal is afraid of Furians and that Riddick is possibly thelast one of his race left alive. Just then Helion Prime guards break downImam's door looking for the criminal, they drag the people from the house and findhim standing alone in a candle-lit room. Riddick snuffs the candles out and proceeds tokill all of the guards thanks to his night-vision, as they erratically fire around the placeprobably shooting each other in the process. Imam explains that Jack ran away in search of her saviour and eventually wound up on theprison planet of Crematoria for murder. As Riddick leaves Imam's house,.

We are shown that the shooting stars above the planet are a Necromonger armada headingstraight towards the planet surface. With Riddick not being ableto get back to his ship, he watches on as the Necromongerfleet descends on Helion Prime, crashing into the ground and killing all power. The Necromongers deploy fighters, while the planet's defence forcetries to combat the threat. Any success the Helion fightershave is overshadowed by the vast number of Necros emerging from their ships,.

They flood the planet's surfacekilling everything in sight. Melee Necro units ignoretheir counterpart's blasters, charging straight in for close-quarter combat. Whenever the Necromonger captains fail in battle they abuse their ability to activatea smaller version of the world-enders. The victorious Helion guard watches on mesmerisedas thousands more Necro’s surround them, before the mini orb descends into theground killing everything in its radius. The invaders use decaying humanblood-hounds called Lensors, to pick up any enemy heat signatures.

Riddick finds Imam and his familyand tries to get them to safety, but comes across a Lensor squad beingled by the backstabbed general Irgun. Imam leads them away from his wife anddaughter but another Lensor spots them, requiring Riddick to break its neck. With nowhere else to go and withIrgun having caught up to him, the holy man Imam confronts his enemy. Riddick arrives late to find the squad leaving, and his old friend lying deadhaving been thrown from the balcony. When the battle is over andthe planet is conquered,.

Lord Marshal gathers all of theremaining people in a town hall. We meet more of the main Necromonger leaders, The Purifier, who explains to all the people thathe was once like them but converted, and that they will all be slain If they don’t. And one of the Necro's bestwarriors Commander Vaako, as well as his wife Dame Vaako. Lord Marshal tells the hostagesto bow down before him, when one townsman speaks out indefiance The Marshal rips out his soul.

So everyone else drops to theirknees in fear of the same fate. Except for Riddick who stays standingand points out Imam's killer Irgun, saying that he wants a piece of him. The Lord Marshal's best warrior obliges andapproaches Riddick swinging his axes wildly. Riddick slips the attacks and stabsIrgun's back knife deeper into him, killing the over-hyped general with ease. With the Lord Marshal impressedby Riddick's performance, he has Dame Vaako take himback to the command ship. Walking through it he sees all ofthe townspeople being converted,.

Being told that one pain can lessen another. Dame Vaako leads him into aroom where the Lord Marshal runs a test on Riddick to see what race he's from. A machine pins Riddick to the floorand deploys a bunch of oracles, they all begin screaming that heis a Furion and must kill him since Furions are super effective against Lord Marshals. But before they can kill him Riddick is releasedfrom the machine's magnet by The Purifier, who watches on as Riddick shoots his wayout through one of the oracle dispensers. A sarcophagus-class ship chasesRiddick through the streets of Helion,.

When it is suddenly hit by rocketsand sent crashing to the ground. The shooters of the rockets are a new 5man crew of mercenaries led by Toomb's, having escaped the frozen planet andtracked his ship to Helion Prime. Riddick surrenders to the new mercenaryEve and they take him back to Toomb's ship, where they deploy a decoy forthe Necromongers to follow. With the prisoner chained up they decide onwho would pay the most for Riddick’s head, so Riddick mind tricks Toomb’sinto thinking it’s his own idea to take him to the prison planetCrematoria where Jack is being held. Vaako uses a Lensor to track their shipstrajectory and alerts The Lord Marshal,.

Who orders Vaako to personallytrack down Riddick and kill him. Dame Vaako whispers in her husbands ear, telling him that if he succeeds in killingthe Marshal he would become the new king, repeating their slogan, you keep what you kill. After his departure, Dame Vaako questionsAereon as to the prophecy surrounding Riddick, being told that a Furion maleis said to kill the Marshal, she relays this throughoracle vision to her husband, while being overheard by Purifierhaving accompanied Vaako on his trip.

Before arriving at the prison planet, Mercenary Eve gives the sleeping Riddicka big sniff from the crotch to carotid, he wakes up and catches her but just lets her go. Crematoria is a planet witha hostile desert surface, where stepping outside for onlya few seconds burns you to ash. Toomb’s and the crew arrivein a hurry and race down to the surface to try and beat the rising sun. They manage to make itinside a hangar just in time, and strap Riddick onto a skiff to take himto the underground prison of Crematoria.

One of Toomb’s new men sit’s on Riddicks chestfor the ride and threatens to take his goggles, so as they speed through a tunnel Riddickraises the merc into a passing light, killing him. The Slamm Boss meets the mercs at the bottom andinvites Toombs to stay overnight, so they can discuss the amount ofmoney he'll be paying for Riddick, while suspending the new transfer in the centreof the prison for all the inmates to gawk at. As they discuss their terms Riddick usesgravity to break free from the chains, a prisoner tries to attackRiddick but he is killed by Jack, who tells him that she now goes by the name Kyra,.

And takes off. On Crematoria it’s feeding time. wherethe guards release wild animals to feed on the prisoners unlucky enoughto be stuck outside of the cells. As the prisoners spend their timeavoiding the chameleon cats the furion notices that they have the same eyes, and behave friendly towards him. Kyra is attacked by a group ofprisoners and is knocked to the ground, but suddenly Riddick shows up andkills one of them with a teacup, scaring the others away with threats.

Kyra tells him that she befriended someMercs to find him when she was young, but they enslaved her so she killed them, getting her sent to Crematoria as a murderer. While Riddick plans a way of escape, Toombs and his crew are told by the Slam-Bossthat they have been tracked from Helios Prime. Realizing a betrayal is incoming, afight breaks out between the two crews, but is ended when Anatoli fires off a rocket killing Toombs remaining crew anddisabling the sled to the hanger. Toombs only survives by using a ropeto dangle below the room for safety,.

But Riddick sees him hanging and uses it to enter, locking Toombs with thedogs and leaving him to die, again. The surviving prison guardstake the safe route through tunnels beneath the surface to the hangers, while Riddick takes a group of prisonersacross the surface hoping to beat them. The guards shoot through peepholesto try slow the prisoners down, but Riddick surprises Anatoli and kills him, causing a brief shootout to take place.

While scaling a cliff to the hangerwe see the result of the rising sun, it burns the surface requiringthe team to hide in the shade, with Riddick and half the team safe on top, Kyra and some others fell behind,trapping them on the side of the cliff. Before the following heatwave makes impact, Riddick drenches himself in water anduses a rope to swing Kyra to safety, barely managing to rescue her whilethe other lingerers burn to ash. The survivors on the surface reach the hangar but see a small army of Necromongerforces arrive being led by Vaako.

The search party detects Riddicks group, but before they can retrieve them the hangar doors suddenly open and the Slam Bossand crew are caught by surprise. They engage the Necromongers in a firefight, inadvertently giving the surfacerunners the ability to flank them. With only 3 minutes until thesun makes it over the cliff, they run down the mountain and join the battle, but one by one the Slam boss and all ofthe prisoners and guards are picked off. Riddick is shot by Vaako andstunned, but before he can kill him,.

Unknown Furion power bursts fromRiddick knocking the Necromongers away. Riddick lies out in the open as the sun'srays begin to roll in and burn everyone, so Vaako and the Necromongers leave himto die while Kyra having no other option, joins them to survive. But the unconscious Riddick is dragged tothe safety of the hangar by The Purifier, who explains to Riddick that the Necromongerin him warns him against killing the Marshal, but the Furion in him hopes he ignores him. He leaves Riddick all of his armourand walks into the sun's rays, disintegrating to ashes before him.

So Riddick takes Toomb's ship andflies it back to Helion Prime. On the Necromonger capital ship, Vaako is promoted to commanderby Lord Marshal for his success, before the angry leader demandsthe fleet leave immediately, leaving many of his own peopleto die in the coming reckoning. Dame Vaako notices that Riddick has snuck on board wearing Necromonger armourdue to his glowing eyes. When she informs Vaako they come up with theidea to let the furion try to wound the Marshal, so that Vaako can finish him off andbecome the new lord of the Necromongers.

Riddick sneaks into Lord Marshalsthrone-room through the oracle dispensers, stabbing the only guards in his way, Riddick triesto catch the leader from behind but is foiled. Marshal tries-to convince him to jointhem and even brings out a remade Kyra, having had the hole in her neck treatmentand being converted to Necromonger. An angry Riddick manages to drawblood from the Marshal with his knife, which causes the Marshal to get eager for a fight. The army forms a circle around Riddickand Marshal as they begin to fight, but every time Riddick swings atMarshal he teleports somewhere else. Riddick begins to predictsome of the Marshals moves,.

Before getting knocked to the groundand almost having his soul removed, but the furion soul fightsback and resists the suction. So the Marshal cheats, using a weapon he knocks Riddick to theground and begins to choke him to death, but is stabbed in the back by Kyra with a spear. Marshal hits her, sending her flying backwardsinto some spiky décor that impales her. “Kill the beast while it's wounded” Seeing this as an opportunityto keep what he kills, Vaako takes an axe and jumpsdown with ill intentions.

He takes a swing at the Marshalbut his ghost form runs away, bringing him to the feet of Riddick, he has no other choice but to bring his bodyinto the line of Riddicks descending knife. Riddick snaps it off as theroom watches on in amazement, with many of the converted havingbelieved the Marshal immortal. Riddick goes to see Kyra but sheends up bleeding out in his arms. He collapses back into Lord Marshal's throne asVaako and the rest of the Necromongers approach. They follow Vaako’s lead and all bowbefore the new leader of the Necromongers. And the movie ends.

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