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Let's go back to the tragic past that was a few years ago after being in a car accident, he started locking himself up and refused to interact with anyone until he met the cat Thuy La at first. cowardly Even trembled in front of a cat tea tree, although normally Thuy La is very similar to an arrogant princess, but also gradually became closer to each other with authority over a period of time Thuy La became the only one to listen silently If Thuy la still remembers what the judge said, she must be the one who understands him best in this world this time I won't lose her anymore It's just body control But this is you it's the best, the system kicks in the push up form is very good get control of the body and then judge the battleship You're fine but I'm fine I know what he used to control then that's what you said That guy.

Doesn't really have any spirit possession abilities. It's just a trifle. He manipulates people the same way he does. People control puppets, Ms. Thuy If you can't bear to think about how to cut around Tieu An and Ung Vu, don't worry about me, you go first, I'll take my time for you to unexpectedly escape the control of the puppets. but that's okay, this cat friend seems like she has no strength to fight me anymore Thuy is taking good care of herself Do stupid don't go this idiot he just called me Thuy la ma'am Ham ran up solo with two people being controlled, a certain manipulator was nearby, he had to find and solve it, he realized that there was a distraction from the judge, and the controller Wang Vu immediately punched the judge. I can't find him I 'm going to die here today, is there any place where I can see all the situation here, the judge.

Was kicked, don't be so absent-minded, but if you're not a Dragonblood, then really the best normal person i've ever met But you better die with your cat die the knife in the hand of Xiaoan stabbing down silently without pain, opening her eyes, an arm was picked up and it was Thuy la she was crazy. Hurry up and run away, Thuyla was punched and sprayed blood a few meters away but still tried to get up and not touch it. magistrate Why can't I protect her system Could you be of some use not responding to Shen Shen's call around him a strange blue aura appeared on Shen Xiang's body causing The three people were surprised that the body was pretending to be a ghost, but the controller used a knife to stab it but was prevented from stabbing the judge, waving his hand and throwing the quail knife away to play The knife fell to the ground and suddenly floated behind.

Then rushed to the place where the two people were being controlled to cut off the secret control ropes. Support Tieu An against the wall Thanh Dau was because the control system helped me, why did I never have this kind of ability before? You're okay, it's just a coma. Since when did you have this ability, I just discovered it during a time of trouble. Now, the person behind the control of Xiao An must pay the price, Prince Jing, seeing that it was not successful, immediately ran away, he must have a new Dragon vein to intervene, he must stop, a master runs away. I sincerely advise you. There are times when you can't escape from playing the manipulator with shoulder straps. The most evil male lead is determined that you are destined to be on the side of the villain Before you are taught life, stand up. Stand firm now . That's right, but cutting you still has more than enough power to control.

Two knives to stab Prince Kinh, but his strings cut two knives that the controller remembers before the Dragon race died. Consciousness Forever should not relax a line of vigilance, this sentence should be for you Is it possible that you have forgotten someone That is not true Thuyla appeared behind the prince, a loving shot of Thuy la behind Make him swallow it, then threaten me, I'll do it but he's already passed out I'm fine I'll go back to betel nut a little later, you just called me Thuy la right You know when it's so painful I'm about to die, the side effects of fighting are so scary that I can't stand it anymore and I can't let the judge Thuy la's nose company let him fall to the ground, friction, calm down, what's wrong, we slowly say yes, now we've just been through a fierce battle that thought Thuy la would be angry but she hid. inside.

Of deep groin Sorry at that time I only had to choose to leave I miss you so much my owner Oi Whisper a pat on the head to comfort Thuy la okay welcome back home why do I have to clean up the mess for you forever So here's the specific medicine, you treated your two cats, went to drink Vu Dong, how are you now, just woke up for a while, no big deal, what's wrong with your hand two days ago due to a fight with a lion The other one who was not careful was hit by it, has now recovered a lot, but where is Prince Kinh, he is in the locker over there, he must be still breathing, Li Bo looked at the cabinet and pulled out the glass prince, then cut a blow. on the nape of the neck to ensure a good night's sleep for him to have one hand to play evil, wait a while, let's drink Vu Tea together for a bit, I'll say it's him and I deal with him Your cat doesn't Why should you show up, But actually, the biggest enemy of the special ancestor Not only is it.

Wild, but there are other forces, your cat is a Dragon vein, it's better not to reveal it It sounds like a lot of trouble, don't think outside on the calm sea, it's stormy, Rain Sa, when I'm free, I'll tell you that I went to find a father's house before Wait a minute his girlfriend is there What, that dog also has a girlfriend, the next day the judge sat in the living room the system automatically replaced using the dragon circuit ability, the system used the dragon circuit ability can immediately control Objects, it seems that I can only control hand-held weapons, I have to try to develop this ability to protect Thuy La and Xiao An in Chinese, the door resounds and the door is opened. Uong Vu is standing there Silently I understand and understand that we are going to go and then we invite you to the wedding, you must definitely attend OK OK definitely.

Go to the others and go upstairs Do you want to meet No need to change I thank them. That's right. This time I came here mainly to give this to everyone. We will register our marriage on Valentine's Day until then. you must go there bro, don't arbitrarily plan anything in advance, you forgot last time you said it, then a whole bunch of things came up Oh well, wait for you to officially join our special ancestor, let's continue You guys have gray heads and long teeth. Then we 'll go first. Thank you for your good wishes, come and play, uong Vu, bring some food here in the box, which are delicious pastries, beans, cane beans, author gu What fashion is so salty, is Tieu An still practicing, or is it okay to call him out to eat, please don't disturb him, it's not good to just be engrossed in practice, I asked Uncle Nhien and animals don't just rely on practice. awakening.

Is more important than relying on enlightenment, so you don't need to practice anymore, right, if you go out and play everywhere, you can wake up and then Xiaoan ran to talk and was knocked on the head by Thuy La and I thought you were practicing It's a good practice. That's right. When I go to work, you and Tieu An together. Sign up for online classes and go to school a lot. Really, I still have to If you have a fish shop with a monthly income that can probably meet your spending needs if you still play games Then I can't support you I really want to feed you Hey, this is your compensation. I don't know why, good or bad, you also raised rice for a few years in terms of love and meaning, I think it's not impossible for me to repay a little bit, Ms. Dai, this is what you call me. Is it worth doing math or English class, you can choose one today after returning to the capital, you have to go to the hospital for a while, why don't you.

Remember the homeroom teacher who gave you medicine last time, he was also a long-blooded man. I wanted to drag him into the special team of Luu sunflower's office. What are you looking for me? The situation is like this. Actually, our country has a professional team named the special team recruits people like you to deal with some trouble so that means I can join in too, right Yeah let me tell you my friend yes What news will tell you right away, of course, when I get to know you I already know you are my Phuc Tinh, but it's a small matter. In short, that's how you really are not the boss behind some secret organization. You are not worth it at all, why do I want to pull your cat, the result is that you dragged out one person after another. it's just a coincidence that's okay, I'll tell the public when I.

Get back opela still need some time without me you have to be careful especially when you encounter a lion The king of the jaguar and the owner of the black panther you have to run away right away . What 's wrong with looking for me ? okay next time I'll bring you what you need but what we want Vuong Thu Tam used the tail to open the suitcase Take out two bottles of soy sauce, tilt your head back, and take it all in one breath after Vuong Thu Tam finished drinking Looks a bit tired Pumpkin threw her a cylinder, don't forget this, Vuong Thu Tam took the needle directly and inserted it into his arm, then pulled out some blood and threw it to someone else.

. mysterious I'm really curious you can drink a few tubes of normal animals that are self-explosive you drink like company water Tomorrow I have to see what I want money and small things I will ask for an unlimited card after the mystic leaves Wang Shuxin coughs up blood even though it only takes a little each time, but the side effects are still great, the scene is changed to the late class judge where are you going When I go out, I have to stay at home to look after Tieu An, that's not to say Limit don't go out, why do you need to go with a friend to the black market once, he's a breed that's not good at fighting if he doesn't have anyone with him? it's easy to happen that the black market has an opportunity to also take you with him, also wants to open up his eyes. The black market is a very mysterious place. Every time it will change to another location, only the beast race can rely on the smell to judge. Better yet, the organizers of the Black Market.

Are not members of the special organization, there are beasts, and many of you can be sure to organize the event. Black burp isn't a member of the special ancestor. This is probably their trick to stabilize the restless beast race molecules, just the rat that I told you before, he got one lots of interesting toys say you want to go to the black market to sell for a little money, don't follow me, remember to hide your identity, prepare it early and respect it, it's like you tell people you're a cat and you've changed your face come on, this is not pretty, people won't use it two hours later, Tieu An will eat rice Come here, Mr. Shen, Tieu An looks at the rice bowl and drools. It's really a gluttony kid, yes, Mr. Shen bought it. what's wrong Cai Duong is very heavy Can you help me put it in the closet, it's already arrived, then rest assured it's all your killer knife, big sister said it was.

Because of shaving but it was a blade later Let's find a place where no one can test your ability and then we'll invite you to eat barbecue, bro, the abandoned construction site near my house that we used to fight in the past. With the golden dog, there's probably no one here, it's easy to come in front and then you'll have to climb the wall over there . what to do, let 's go in there and pick something up just leave it in front of the convenience store If you can give her a card, can you scan the code, bank card, scan the code and recognize that the big cat is the big cat, and quietly pull Tieu An to leave, but still being discovered by Vuong Thu Tam, the other person seems to be still alive? Do you still remember me worm you want to.

Talk to me Tieu An calm down man I have something to bother you a little bit about this brother This is your friend I won't tell my sister I think I understand what's wrong, what's wrong with calling me, why do you pay here for me and then take this card to withdraw money Just that, scared to death, successful payment cat, this candy is for you, she wants to bribe you, although I don't know what animal she is, she doesn't seem to be very close to you. Why should I bribe you? Ask in a whisper, I've paid for your stuff, take it. We can go. Wait. Is there anything else I haven't taken out the money to withdraw from the card? go I like cash Shen Hang just left Wang Shuxin asked Tieu An before, are you really a cat, is that person your owner, why is it that you are the one who is not the owner.

? bullying so I don't dare to say no I don't care what relationship you have with Mr. Judge but if you say bad things about Mr. Judge I will be very angry That cash machine every day has a quota, we can only withdraw so much I can go but wait human Do you know who I am I know how So you go back and help me with the work Vuong Thu Tam made a heavy invitation but silently refused No hesitation I did not want to make friends with her, didn't you say that withdrawal has a limit , then every day you will help me withdraw money, you can withdraw by yourself, but I don't like to show my face Tomorrow on time I hope I can meet you here I may not come, but if the person that appears at that time is not me but someone else, just watch out Vuong Thu Tam is a bit shy Ha Ki Ba Vuong made two people stand too weak like this and fell into the Fire Ant's Nest and.

That person is the lion king I thought it was your ex-girlfriend You should watch less of these stupid romantic movies Is it okay if we move house and can't get in without wireless, maybe we can't hide from Mr. Thuy and Ms. Thuy must have had a fight with her already, Besides, there's no special ancestor. Let me call. Talk to them on the phone and you'll be fine. Hello, my old friend, I'm telling you about this, you're really my good brother, wait for me. Now I'll get on the plane right away. You stay at home. I'm coming home. look for you, don't sleep, this guy seems interesting. An hour later , outside the window, a light bulb landed, it turned out that Uncle Nhien was too lazy to come back and come over here, so I went skydiving for your convenience. This is a sister named Tieu An, right? I only saw it on video, this is the first time I've met you, I'm Ly Uncle Nhien can you.

Rub my head no, i'm a boy, i'm so happy burp, ha ha I'm surprised old man this feeling of you I understand your doll is not at home she went to the black market and won't be back for a while Or will you go back to your room learn to pee An ah can't come to my computer room to play, come here and sleep It looks like there's something on you, that's the phejamon animal, especially the kind of smell that you like when you see you What's wrong with that, Dad Back to the main story of the lion king I hope you can help me with birth and death issues I don't do I'm so cowardly I want you to be an insider in society I refuse you to hear me say this before, me and the lion king once fought with each other inconclusively, so many fake dragon veins rushed together, not to mention that the wild lion king couldn't stop it. But the subordinates of the lion king are all.

People who have the ability to hide this source of power, if you can control the power of the special ancestor, it can increase a lot you want. n teasing that lady lion king doesn't care about human life at all, criminals who have committed crimes will either get beaten up or be sent to jail and go out and talk to someone who can approach the lion king soon one step ahead of us saying that the special ancestor is using the beast race as a test subject, and the beast race goes to the dungeon without knowing who day and night, but those people are deady from the sea opportunity Kim opportunity not at that time you were all curious Why why did I pass the university entrance exam but didn't go to school and went to Dao Mieu at my uncle's house, why is my brother also a member of a special ancestor Stronger than me, but he died because of Kim's chance to do it? I suspect the special team also has members of them I understand you and they also have animosity do you remember that car accident of yours I have investigated.

A series of findings that the driver was controlled by someone said So the car accident at that time was not an accident why that day was a farewell party for friends of high school who were returning home with their girlfriend, when the car that was traveling normally on the road suddenly accelerated. c because he saved his silent girlfriend who was hit by a car and was taken to the hospital, do you know why To To told me to care about you yet Her situation is very special, the subject of high-level protection waits after this is over She will come and apologize to you, Xu Hai, Kim, I remember. So helping me is also helping you with this, I didn't help you, but you just pretended to agree with me. Why do you keep turning your face around My father is not an idiot no matter what you say I don't agree no matter what happens when we become friends I give you a high end computer Oh my god my whisper is this is your game card recharge I think the way to pay for it is just Play the game with the lion.

King only the taxpayers' money you take away Recharge me the game card This is really interesting is n't it something for you this is my family heirloom Dragon Qi Gui Huyen when you use the power of dragon veins to catalyze this ring you will be teleported from our street you have never seen cartoons hey usually you give these protections to me the next person to die must be you with the game card and the computer then what step or step do I take or that step is dangerous I will judge for myself whether to withdraw or not Ok Men in the evening at the convenience store came to see Vuong Thu Tam Find something Thank you, that's it, There's only one person who doesn't realize anything to n I'll check it out tomorrow, it's pretty pretty, but she's really pretty, her five senses are sharp, but she has a wild beauty, no wonder why you took on this task, now I.

Understand everything and raise cats is gone I can't satisfy you anymore, now I'm starting to want to raise a lion, but just now it's an objective assessment Completing the mission of Ly Uncle Nhien, we don't need to manage anymore, then I will come every day after this. I can't maintain my ability now, let's go home. I haven't eaten yet, so I order more barbecue for Tieu An to go home to eat, I'm still not satisfied with this lion king mission. he told Li Bo Nhien to give it to someone else , approached her already, now E is hard to change that woman if she dares to play with you, I will kill her immediately. Hurry back, grilled fish Today, there's onion flavor, the two of you didn't expect that Vuong Thu Tam was watching them, it was interesting, a few days later, G was still on time to withdraw money for Vuong Thu Tam, finally finished withdrawing the money and.

This is over, tell her to leave I don't understand what you mean, but she knows, but the system activates automatically defensive line tension just want to talk to her a little night cat Thuy la I know you're here me and your social organization There's nothing to say at all, Thuy La stands behind her and threatens Vuong with her claws I'm sorry but the shock from Vuong Thu Tam's people pushed Thuy La away, this is her ability, why Thuy la I'm okay, it's okay, I've done everything you told me to do, now what do you want? Also, I want you to work for me, but I have been in contact with her people, they are all criminals working for the special unit, they will not forgive me. My people die in the hands of that cat if you refuse If so, I have to pursue this matter until the end. If you want to fight, don't use me to threaten Shen proficient in Uyi Luo, even though Thuy.

Is her forte with such a speed. Vuong Thu Tam easily dodged her attacks and then went around her back to control Thuy La's hand and licked the cat's hand, it was a cute cat who saw the situation turned hot. I agree with you I only work for you 3 months after 3 months I will take Thuy La out of this city to achieve the goal Vuong Thu Tam throws Thuy La on the ground hhm I thought she was going to hit me, but Vuong Thu Tam threw an eye mask at him with this, what is this, isn't this a bra, it's still hot, I didn't expect that Vuong Thu Tam took it off Don't talk too much, hurry up Shen Hao also said that there was a smell of milk too, this is really annoying. It's really annoying that the judge buzzed his shirt and put his shirt on his head and saw that he was slow. I'm fine, let's.

Go, are you sure you can carry me like this? Vuong Thu Tam carries the judge and jumps onto the roof and disappears into the night, leaving her alone. Bewilderedly sitting there in some abandoned underground parking lot, just arrived where Vuong Thu Tam threw the court to the ground and then she was about to say something when she felt someone behind her here. Why are you ambush now Vuong Thu Tam Go Turn on the electricity to the judge Squinting his eyes What is it when the light is completely lit up in front of the judge? child Bach Linh Nguyen is a bird, a member of the community, Tieu Muoi Nguyen is a pig, a wild member a Tung Nguyen is a squirrel, a member of the lake girl, original is a tiger, Nam Hoa Nam, a wild member The same name as the Tiger family of Vuong Thu Tam but no blood relation Ho Ly Phi Formal form is a fox Despite being a wild member but very close to.

Humans, they are all children, this is a teacher please come to me he will teach you literacy teach you the knowledge of the human world you have to study hard you know king we have to learn human knowledge why not learn to hunt want to learn to fight Only by learning human knowledge can you live in peace in this world Anyway I can't protect you for the rest of your life joining her weakness are these kids If I caught this whole nest, wouldn't she raise her hand to tie it up? Wang Shuxin pulled out a table somewhere in front of the children and started it. I didn't know you asked me to teach your kids God hates trouble. Use the old ways to deal with them. So I found you guys an online lesson and you guys watched it for yourself, it turned out to be a family cartoon. but I just watched it again. It's delicious,.

I asked you to come and teach the kids. I told you to come and show them cartoons. You don't understand this. Watching cartoons for children is the fastest way to learn. see the world more and more What Cartoons convey that person's first dream okay this episode is over if you want to raise these children without harming the world, you don't have to kill the seeds violence from now on why is the last cartoon so good the cakes in it look really delicious I haven't seen it yet but what you just watched is a cartoon do you want to try drawing it yourself but we You can draw anything you want to draw. You can draw your dreams. You can draw someone you respect. You can also start from a scene. g life in the past promote your imagination line up here to pick up a pen and paper if you have a pen and paper you can start drawing That's right, this phone gave you this I.

Don't accept don't get me wrong for your convenience in the future, just turning on the animation for the children is convenient for me to locate you, thank you, there is a loud noise outside the wall is punctured a hole and a silhouette The huge figure appearing outside the black Huong Nguyen is a chimpanzee, the main spiritual power, the organization is intelligent, cunning, and hates human beings . This aura may have awakened the power of the dragon vein and the black lord said nothing more and jumped in front of Shen Tham with a fist as big as a pot, but was left by Vuong Thu Tam . what do you do, my guest, do you want to kill your own kind because of a human, you brought humans here After all You don't need to explain what I do to you so the kids can learn to.

Draw pictures of people, they haven't learned to hunt yet, they're not good at protecting themselves, they don't even know how to survive, and I don't know you let them Learn to draw When the children got their lemons torn off, they became angry, Ha Huong questioned King Thu Tam. You are betraying our trust in you, we are advanced creatures that are becoming more and more perfect. How can you? Can you mix with humans, Uncle Hac Cuong, if you only know how to beat and kill you, then go out and beat bad people to bully our teachers, what's so terrible about even the king's orders? that careful person will sooner or later be sold out by humans, let's see what happened today you don't mind black diamond he has been abused by humans without a painful past I don't want to hear these things I just want to know if you have enough to manage our subordinates, we are very complicated and there.

Are internal conflicts already, but for me who may have lost the chance to live peacefully. Today I let the kids draw pictures. All of them can do it, so you can do it. Yes, it's a bit emotional to be encouraged. another place your king was mesmerized by humans and I'm sure you've discovered that person is using the concept of peace and happiness fictitious concept created by humans is slowly eating away at your king b189 experimental type B member of Tu Hai chance Kim Hoi has the ability to teleport keep going like this your royal guild will gradually collapsing, bringing you to the end of the road with no way out I don't believe you human no We are the same people with dragon vein strength we are all high beings don't be bad at trifles there in front of me what is your purpose I hope you.

Can help riot in a place that is locking our friend and also holding your fellow man, are you telling the truth? no nest Killing your fellows is just locking up a bunch of people so they can feel the endless torture where the sun can't be seen don't fool me black Huong Punch the wall next to it, grab a steel bar and break it unless you find your neck is stronger than steel. Marado University Professor plans to launch attack on me three days later already convinced most of the people then don't put your hopes too much on those beasts don't get too involved i know what i should do i would like to get another batch of the third potion to be diluted and used But you know what to bring back, Professor Phung, a member of the Tu Hai Co Kim opportunity, I will prepare a report on the day I need it and send it to you, and.

I will also bring the body of the lion king back to the office. Kim Hoi That's right, professor, can you lend me the Black Leopard for a bit, if it remembers your breath, it will definitely help you, but you have to remember that you're just a B-level researcher, it's a sub-Dragon species that Kim said. If you are going to be an A, even if you are eaten by him , I will only consider it as his meal. British coroner comes home and is so sleepy, I have to go to bed quickly to see it on the couch and sleep 50 pounds of meat The judge cat sat down and asked why are you still sleeping, it's still the general who fell asleep and his legs were so bare, suddenly Thuy la stretched out her arms and hugged Shen Ha After a while When I opened it, I woke up and suddenly I saw a secret right next to his face, so I immediately slapped his beak, what the hell are you doing, I suddenly grabbed your face and bit and licked it, sorry I thought it was Tieu An. Did that lion give you a hard time or no, she.

's not really a bad person, right Tieu An Isn't it because you were dragged away by that lion, Xiao An went to the mouse to hear about the situation? back to Thuy la what are you doing Cleaning Your body normally cleans your body like that, no wonder you always have the smell of saliva on your body, you've turned into a human, but I don't want to take a good bath for you It's useless for a sister to take a bath even if she hates it, she must take a bath and then die, she can open the shower and spray pee on Thuy La's body even though it was me who bathed Thuy La before But now it doesn't seem reasonable By the way, I'm old enough to take a bath by myself, you go out and wait for me to finish taking a shower. Let's take a bath together. VC like this, who can stand it ? When I asked the judge, my phone rang. Wait a minute, I answered the phone what I intended. If I can't dodge, I'm lucky to have a phone. Why is it that.

She can't help but turn on the speakerphone for Mrs. Alo. tell me about the money, baby, I have something to ask you, please tell me this time, only to know that there are so many beautiful things in this world, so beautiful things I think children should come to this world too discover once a child you can take the children to the human world can't be played Thuy lazip Shen's name please say goodbye I don't think I misunderstood that the little beast races in the organization planned to drag me here to teach those kids human knowledge. Tell the truth. It's true. I don't believe you will take me away tomorrow . Right then, the next night, they were there to ask why that little cat came, I can't come, Nam. These are small animals. I told you hello Mr. Good. You.

All hid the characteristics of the beast race very well. This is the first step for you to integrate into human society. I salute you, Master Ho, I understand Phi, it's not what I said. If you go out with me, you have to hide your characteristics, didn't you tell me that there are people who cosplay animals? Why do you only do it based on that? Well, the effect is the same, but when the three of the judges heard that, they were speechless. The crowd caught our attention. Let's hurry and rest assured. I've done all the calculations and then come over here, judge Hang, make a phone call. The car was driven past I shouldn't have trusted you as expected you called a human to what you want to do Don't be so impatient Let me introduce this is Ung Vu And this is Vuong Thu Tam, you two are the same type, hello. But why can't I feel I'm calling him to prove that beasts can completely hide without being detected in the human world let's go the.

Human world is so beautiful Evening is as bright as day and the human world is also very fragrant, I'm hungry Duong, but you stop the car in front of me and get out of the car to buy some fried dumplings for the kids Grandma, give me nine fried dumplings, so fragrant, I understand why Also get off the bus. People want to go with you, but your child is so cute, you're not my son, I want to have a baby. tell me, she's too young to understand, Grandma, don't get it wrong. Don't make jokes like this, you know, man, don't do stupid things, I understand Phi, I silently got out of the car. Stop talking like that. I don't talk nonsense, I watched cartoons and saw that the fox can transform into a human form because he found the person in his heart to get married and have children with that person, what cartoon do you watch? It's a myth. It's not true I'm a fox that evolved from.

A beast, not a big fox, but I like you for real, Thuy Lan sitting in the car got angry and crushed the drink, it's really a fox. Be good. Little sister, why don't you eat it, I don't know why I smell a familiar taste that makes me feel a bit strange I forgot the filling is pork, it's not difficult to see the group of animals integrate into the human world The difficulty is not to accept the good points of the human world but to forget the cruelty of people to us. you've hit someone, haven't you run away, but you're bound to get hurt and come down to see if the tiger cools down, the king finally found you and what happened, he gave up his calculation Proceed to attack people they pulled the harp away for a while and said they wanted to make a big fight to make people realize who is the master of this world this idiot.

Now go stop them now wait they're gone it's been a while now you've come to the rest of the people who have been catching me for a long time before letting me go, turns out that's what they are if you're halfway there, then you can do this. Both can make the king unable to stop them in time and can drag the king into the vortex of Vuong Thu Tam, you can't go if you go, the one who started this will be black diamond Or you, no one can say clearly What you mean is Trapping me, how many people they have in general, the bosses that the social organization can contact n the operating system, the bear was beaten up by them and was seriously injured because he did not agree with the way of the master, maybe if you don't need me to go back to you, I will tell you if you go now what's going on with these kids how is it possible that.

A large scale attack like this puts the nest in place until then they're bound to fail miserably If I'm not mistaken they have a drug that can helping the beast race to forcibly awaken the dragon vein's ability could be the same kind of violent medicine that Da Huang and Da Miao used before if it was 200 beasts, they would be like fighting with Eggs But if It's 200 beast races with dragon vein ability, it's different from Vuong Thu Tam, you just wait here I'll find someone to go there Sorry, secretly Hao, I'm the king who's the head of the scheming organization no matter what they've done to you. The only person responsible could be me so I had to go right based on our surveillance cameras their main target. That prison didn't know the exact address of that place before so Why couldn't you stop the lion king old friend You did a good job.

Without any news from you we couldn't prepare so fast Being able to lure the goods in peace is the best ending but we also have to prepare for the Worst Case Master It'll be fine, it's okay, we go back to the base and sleep for a while and the king will come back. The human transport is really small, the mirror is so cool, how is it that there are only 100 people in the car so far? Is it true that there will be 200 people in the beginning, what a bunch of rabbits. Well said, in the end, I still don't dare to go to the master, can you start yet, wait for it, he is smoking a lot up and down before not evolving has been trained by humans to get used to the smoke and become addicted, no wonder he hates humans so this is the only point i don't hate them smoking high and high Hey man,.

Where are you all being locked up, it's clear that there's nothing here. If it's a secret prison, why is it obvious in a conspicuous place, but our goal is at the foot. Are you kidding me at your feet ? Prince This is the drug promised to drink too much if you die, don't blame me the king's brothers will come soon Now let's stir the heavens and the earth on fire and save me with a monster today's drama will definitely very special the villains always like to stand at a high place and quietly observe because this comprehensive view can make them feel in control. Overall I still think people are just joking, so I waited here try their luck and see why they won't expect to win a big prize for a B-level member of the Kim Hoi engine Fire a bullet towards Ly Bat Trang but the bullet.

Only goes through the afterimage of the teleporter and the special ancestor's man Hac Huong has arrived Well, at the right time in the sky, there was a helicopter to attack the people who were surrounded. The group of people who grinned and provocatively laughed, the special ancestor didn't expect it to be so fast, so scared, so scared that he didn't know how to repent and prepare to release tranquilizers . The needles containing the tranquilizer were shot down, but they were all neutralized by all kinds of defenses, so we are far from afraid that some people will have problems. There are people who hide in the turtle shell next to the nest and find it ineffective, so switch to Option 2 to prepare to release the tear gas canister . On the ground jumped up and grabbed the airframe then threw the helicopter to the ground causing it to explode. Li Bo Nhien ordered the soldiers to shoot bullets and shoot continuously at Hac Cuong, but they all bounced off like bullets. What's the point of eating him? It.

's not certain that a bullet went straight to the patchouli's eye but it was immediately split in two Don't look down on bunches of beasts like us, is this guy also the main dragon vein, brothers take off the cap a person's face that can be used to quickly withdraw and withdraw quickly on black diamond doesn't need a strange face because his internal organs and yurts can all be Strengthened, but a net appears in the sky straight down to patchouli's head this is what Who wants to use this paving grid to prevent me from watching I tear it up right away, I just picked it up when I got used up in the face Even the heart can't tear the net for this type of Enhancement ability, using nets is the best way. Special combat team begins to round up Li Uncle Nhien, suddenly realizing something is wrong, and orders the soldiers to retreat but still a beat slow. A loud bang appeared in the center of the explosion, and she was carrying a big hammer and landed on the ground.

Causing the ground to crack like a level 8 earthquake. This ability is quite similar to the bearded godfather. But the people in the special ancestor couldn't run in time, all of them broke their legs, broke their arms, and were happy that the king was coming. The brothers killed them and killed them all the people were going to rush up, but Vuong Thu Tam caught Tat. both shut up okay but can you get up I'm fine I'm still alive Broken leg but with her king's strength Seems to be holding hands with those special ancestors today is not the day to fight with your messengers If you withdraw as a response, I won't go out with you guys, am I wrong, auntie, do you have any qualifications to set the conditions? With us, a series of fighter planes appeared above Li Bo Nhien with his ability, the things in the sky can also be taken down. I saw him and it was the sick name that always sparked the relationship between You.

And the government are right Yeah, why do you need to start this battle of yours Are you trying to drive us to death, please don't slander us. I just work according to the rule that whoever causes serious damage should pay the corresponding price . in prison without violating anything, we have established a vocational school in Nam Do that will help people integrate into the great beast society that will be admitted by the special group I don't believe people who know how many people have what the fuck is she bluffing or not dammit Why doesn't she even say what the fuck I've assured the professor it will work She is our king, but it's all because of that evil chimpanzee. Hope that the king has peace and returns to the black panther, Professor Phung's pet.

Is extremely rare and can revive people instantly. Are you a member of society, why don't you go with the singer to do bad things, Ho understands Phi's nose is so good that he can smell the unusual taste not a member of Tinh Tieu Ho commune, the black panther carefully jumped up and tried to attack the children but couldn't see it in the blink of an eye. What's the matter with that child disappeared, So La Thuy shouted to save the little tiger in time. If you dare to sneak, don't expect this ability, she's a dragon vein of a small tiger, but she's so good when she's held so soft, just save me, then don't blame me for being indifferent to those kids with the ability to have dragon veins and moons The rest of the children also disappeared in front of the black panther, what is this woman's ability, why not simply hide the sound, the smell of the breath, all of them disappear and then the black panther inhales a long breath then emits sound waves like.

Blades, causing the concrete wall to crack. A wide-area damage move that makes people unable to hide anymore, the black panther also opened its mouth and shouted, and was covered by a pair of hands. okay then don't demolish the house you're a huskya I know right away that you not only know how to fake a deer, but also know how to hook an arrow You hit two targets right, Tu Hai Co, people don't have time to listen to you read idioms, I know right away that you guys will take advantage of the time when Vuong Thu Tam and Hac Cuong aren't here to sneak attacks on the base because of the purpose. Yours is not at all to help the wild character, but to destroy the wild intention, to provoke the nest, but to borrow a knife to kill the black panther, the plan is secretly guessed, and then begins to change the body to appear many scales. Dragon Water Park now has the power of the dragon vein at wholesale. If that is the case, it can only be fought with a system that uses the.

Dragon vein spiritual energy The blade pieces are assembled into a pair of wings that float behind the back. with the war at the place of the Vuong Thu Tam What's the matter with the King and the Kid What are you talking about, Tieu Thanh, a wild member, Truc Diep, Thanh Xa, is very fond of Xiaobai, Tieu Bach, a wild member, Original form Taurus, Bach Ma Only Tieu Thanh is Tieu Thanh's younger sister who was suddenly beaten and fell to the ground. Tieu Bach was still surprised when a black shadow appeared came in front and then put a pipe in her mouth to force Tieu Bach to drink everything in the house outside the gate, all flowers bloomed and she still refused to take action, why should the newspaper side have already started to act, Vuong Thu Tam is talking I talked to the special ancestor, suddenly a light appeared in the sky, attracting all eyes, what is this. This is the power of the star dragon vein, it's so beautiful Haha killing all humans pee Thanh and Tieu Bach after.

When forced to take medicine, more scales appeared on his head, his strength also increased, he also liked killing, he had a new Dragon vein, and Tieu Thanh only lightly whipped his tail and created a long-range attack. knocking off the special ancestor's people is trash That's right, we still have medicine, we can also get the same power as the king, they all start to open the lid, gasp, gurgle, Dragon veins start to activate because the aura of the lion king kills all humans and then they drink that red potion, I really look down on the fisherman Oh, just now it turned out that you were buying time to let your comrades run away, but Hac Huong growled, maybe you forgot what humans have done to us, why don't you want to avenge your dead compatriots? Let's go and talk to this country, it's useless to talk too much, it's useless to be wild. Vuong Thu Tam, please teach me, I'm honored to be Phong ma li.

Of course, Uncle Nhien shot a bullet into the sky like a kind of signal behind him, he also flew up a series of lights in response to a lightning bolt that hit the place of reason. Of course, everyone squinted and saw him flying. It's true that it opened my eyes, it turns out that the special ancestor also has a method to arouse the power of the dragon vein like this, I don't fight him, I need more strength than Vuong Thu Tam also uses energy her dragon vein power her tail turned into a dragon's tail on her body also sprouted many scales Wang Shuxin turned on all his firepower and entered the state of dragon chemistry, but when he saw it, he hit this one palm, one palm, Thunder knitted together and flew in front of the king's heart, the prince just raised his hand slightly and said two words without shaking a curtain used in front of her, but even lightning can block it. Just synchronize the frequency Since when is the number of.

Concussions with lightning that can be done based on the concussion ability to teleport behind me? a palm of Vuong Thu Tam went through Li Bo Nhien's body but no blood came out there was no real sense of courage, but wanting to fight me in close combat is not a wise choice damn this state of mind he's not the most amazing entity this time, the distance is too close, Wang Shuxin couldn't defend, got hit Mom, I want to go back to the zoo, this is the power of the special ancestor, why not? Nhien has become so much stronger before, he was just a human-shaped pot, accusing old classmates of Li Bo Nhien and Shen Yue who now hold an important position in the military that has affected the situation. If I was there at that time, Stop it and try to make.

Your life worse, I know I want to live back to the synchronicity now wild wild and unruly It's just that by relying on my own strength, violence will only produce violence in the end, I've brought people At the crossroads of worshiping violence, it is clear that there is still another way, but I always refuse to admit it, so I use my death to atone for my sins to make society see reality clearly, so the Vuong Thu heart Clutching the Fist makes a deal. Uncle Nhien solo Rock-paper-scissors, Uncle, seeing that, also used his fists to meet her two-three who managed to find out what this was back to the battle of pathetic countless blades flying towards the black panther but it just sat there defending, Shen Ham's blades pierced the defense, then shattered this monster's bullets and bullets didn't hurt it many times and it didn't hurt it and its claws were sharper than knives. If it weren't for.

The automatic system that operated the defensive spells, I would have been killed by it soon, and your blades were all crushed by me, you still have any other tricks. The blue energy vortex that swept towards the black panther was indeed trapped and I only used the blade to attack you to show you my weapon was complete. It's all trash for Shen Shui's attack, he listens to his teeth and laughs, the blades that hit him immediately bounce off and don't hurt him at all, he only cares about the front and doesn't care about the back. The more weak behind the back , who would play to dominate so the black panther was attacked from behind, he went to get the boxed lunch It was true that the idiot didn't know how the king's side was and then the judge was about to leave . black get up again you filthy human being I have to dig out your guts What's so funny that you.

Can revive quickly So the black panther swings his hand to attack silently but the attack penetrates like a hit the air fuck the breath is gone and it's the cat again why did you go back to the first kids and the kids are safe and we'll go Wait I don't know what's going on on the Vuong Thu's side let's go over there try it

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