Ở rể bị coi thường em vợ về nước chapter forty five-Seventy nine Lengthy Vương Điện – Venus Overview

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Continue chapter 45 to chapter 79 continue the previous part Tuyet Vu thinks about sleeping with Luc Phong, how can I be so nervous that I ca n't take a bath. Anyway, I have to give him a dark shop door without a lock. Phong will take a towel for me when he reached Luc Phong took a towel from the closet if he would come in and then become rough Oh my god what am I thinking Tuyet Vu Anh.

Left the towel in the basket in front of the door Tuyet Vu thought Luc Phong was an idiot I finished my bath Why do I have a feeling that Tuyet Vu doesn't seem happy, Tuyet Vu, I told you not to lie on the ground anymore, I told you to sleep in the reading room next to me, why are you afraid of my mother again to find Tuyet Vu covered with a blanket and Luc Phong Yes What an idiot, why did I put my phone on the.

Bedside table and call it up? It's time for someone to call that. Luc Phong picked up Tuyet Vu Mai's phone and went to the corporation to decide that he would discipline him to change the scene until morning. The next day in Ky Thi's company, Tuyet Vu's grandmother smashed a beam on Tuyet Vu's table. Although the day before, Grandpa married Grandson. I don't deserve such a person. But I can't.

Damage my reputation because of my religion, so what can I do to be selfish ? I wonder why Tuyet Vu is such a person Tuyet Vu remembers last night Luc Phong said that tomorrow I need to meet someone who can't go with me okay Why don't you worry I have to believe in myself no problem I.

Can't solve it, I'm still here, I trust you. Why of course it is? When you go, bring this with you, it's more than enough, Huu shakes and cries while talking about Tuyet Vu's sister. seducing men to destroy the happiness that belongs to me But you can't harm the interests of their family, Hong Vu Bao, here is news about the.

Couple's technical problems, Vu has a real aunt, Huu Dung I still have you, I still know those things. I will take care of you. Tuyet Vu will stop all activities at your company immediately. I mean, she just said a few words and a few tears from one side of Huu Dung that she accused me of. It's too funny. Ji Huu's tears vibrated from big to small. Just.

Want to be able to flow really not at all. The only value that exists in front of you is to draw a little pity. Grandma looks at her attitude towards me and doesn't say it, but how can you treat her like that, Xueyu, I have an attitude with you. Seniors like this, why are you Ji Tuyet Vu married and your husband only has one person, Luc Phong You said I stole your.

Man, don't say Shanghai Lu Shao That's right, if it weren't for Charming Sister Luc Thieu Why can't he look at me Tuyet Vu laughs and doesn't like what about her, but does she like her because she has big breasts and small brains or likes her when she is experienced with men, what nonsense are you talking about We were We talked for a long time, then Luc Phong pushed the.

Door open and knocked. Sorry I'm late, Luc Phong isn't it, why is there nothing more important than you? No one here has ever met Luc Thieu in my work, but I have this person who is the housekeeper of the Luc Nghiem family, butler Luc Phong just called to say that you are careful, Huu Dung Luc Thieu said if you still dare to use it. his girlfriend's name is going to deceive.

Others, he will sue her for defamation at that time on top so that the newspapers will be her pictures. Grandma, just think if the young master doesn't like you, the other Tuyet Vu era is also attractive. he also deserves to be punished Luc Phong he was cuckolded but also said to help people laugh to death she is strange Huu Dung if she humiliates, Tuyet Vu and Luc Phong will also meet a lawyer for.

That defamation and also Sue the whole record, Hong Vu remembers the role of Huu Vib, it's not like we have a nice talk, Huu Dung Mau, sorry, don't offend Luc Luc, how can you be friends with a trash guy like Luc? Phong, maybe he gave Tuyet Vu to Luc Thieu's bed and exchanged it for money, and Danh Loi the.

Housekeeper immediately took a break from Huu Dung. Your face is red, what are you, you dare to hit me, you not only humiliated the self but also humiliated me I'm just telling the truth she's just an annoying housekeeper and slaps me again. Ky Huu Dung hugs her face and cries. He dares her to still have some moderation in her mouth, which is harmful to her body, grandma, do you stand and watch.

Outsiders bully me ? It's too much, she can't wake up her grandson, I'll wake up instead, but it's not the turn of outsiders to interfere with her. It's true that she still has the same spirit that year, this single room notices this lawsuit, you should keep it. get it first Tomorrow we.

Will file a lawsuit against Huu in court and we will also receive a summons from the court soon, grandma Tuyet Vu can't breathe now, but I can still find the summons from the court. In the event that our stock price will surely drop, our honor will also be greatly affected. Tuyet Vu pulls the hand of Luc Phong, who is also the leader. I'm a member of the family of the century, is this too.

Much, Luc Phong patted Tuyet Vu's head with his hand. You are so kind, this time you have to give their family a bitter fruit, but seriously, just leave me and snow. Vu is also a member of the family, so it will certainly cause controversy, Huu Dung glanced at Luc Phong thinking that he still meant for me, I'm sure he was jealous of me, so I just gave up with.

Compensation. Just by being alone, Ji Huu shook, and Ji Hu fell down. How can I make so much money, hugging Luc's legs? Crying before it was my fault, please forgive me, I'm just a trash How can the things in her mouth help her shake the counter in the morning Tuyet Vu pulls sister's hand Tuyet Vu we are sisters to.

Help her go Tuyet Vu look at Luc Phong about this matter Tuyet Vu pulls her hand away I have never met Luc Missing How can you help her be sobbing and sobbing ? The Mercy Dance should let everyone know how to feel it, I've hit my own ears 100 times I'm a dead thing I shouldn't say.

Nonsense, please forgive me, I'm really a sin worthy of death, bother Nghiem manager Gia counted the rest of the time when Huu shook me and Snow Vu went first Yes. You two walked slowly. She really didn't stop that Luc Phong and Tuyet Vu both considered her not good enough, children. Anyone who can be like Tuyet Vu and Luc Thieu Thuong Hai.

Can also consider me like that, but you guys only know how to fight each other about what to do, they can't do it, they only know how to cause trouble for this old woman to self-criticize let me go to the scene a few days later in Tuyet Vu's office. Today's work is finally done. Tuyet Vu got off work at noon and was about to answer when the phone rang.

Then quickly call Luc Phong to the store to help me leave the sofa, can I ask the delivery staff to do the job If you still love this guy, why not make him do more work. Guys, don't scratch my eyes on my crocodile leather sofa now sorry, please sign here. Please don't mess.

Around. Hurry up and tell her to come over. Mom's going to die soon then Luc Phong can you go to the store to help her deliver the winning sofa No they'll give you a good deal Then I'll go now So I'll go home by myself I don't need Where's the qualifying round to pick me up Da Luc Phong thinks this chance to win is a bit too coincidental, is it the scene when Tuyet Vu gets off work and walks out of the.

Company Ky Thi Tuyet Vu sighs how can mom treat Luc Phong? Better yet, there's a car that stops in front of Tuyet Vu my sister-in-law is Tieu Thien Anh Phong told me to come pick her up Tuyet thinks Luc Phong he's so careful Xiaotian Thank you, Mr. Phong is normal too. He treated his sister-in-law very well, then Vuong Dang saw Tuyet Vu's car.

On the way home and told his juniors to take action. The black car hit the side of the white car carrying the old Snow, Tuyet Vu, who was full of wounds, left Tieu Thien, are you okay, I'm stuck, Tieu Thien, I pull you out right now, Tieu Thien ca n't be hurt, I will Call an ambulance to your sister-in-law, quickly find somewhere to hide, someone wants to harm you. I.

Called an ambulance for him first, he slowly tried to get up because of the collision. Just now the phone was broken, there were a bunch of people talking Tieu Thien damn brother Teng can't see the era Tuyet Vu Vuong Teng looks angry and trash continues to find me brother Teng, the driver of the Tuyet Vu era was stuck under the car so a girl like her wouldn't be able to run. Go away and see if he.

Says where the girl in this car is, which girl bothers you to call the ambulance for me, Vuong Teng used his foot to kick Tieu Thien's head hard, don't pretend to be stupid with me, you're my man. That Luc Phong guy, don't act like I don't know that the juniors smell of medicine, say Tuyet Vu, where is Tieu Thien spitting in his face thinking that he is safe ? h Phong is someone you guys.

Can poke fun at Why do I see you guys live It's been a while, Vuong Teng wipes the face of a son-in-law, why am I afraid of a little brother like you who also has a big mouth? Stinging a cigarette in Tieu Thien's face, I'd have to be tough even if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't betray you Phong brother, you look so pitiful,.

It's better to let me help you out It's just a leg Did you give birth in the wrong place or I cut it off So I can save you and no anesthetic you can hold it, Tuyet Vu hid nearby what should I do if you're good then kill me kill me pee Thien, you have to have a face to save him, he 's really a man so let me.

Help you a junior, taking a saw, coming up Tuyet Vu threw a stone in the face of the guy with the saw Vuong Dang forest her hand finally appeared sister-in-law Why haven't you run yet Vuong Dang hold Tuyet Vu's hands together today I won't give up It won't be easy for you what are you going to do Vuong Teng tore his snow jacket Dancer even cried out his throat but no one saved her Vuong Dang.

Tao killed you Luc Phong used a flying skateboard to hit Vuong Teng's head Tuyet Vu was fine. Don't cry Tuyet Vu Dinh with Luc Phong's hand says Tieu Thien Mau Save Tieu Thien You can rest assured that you can go to Luc Phong, this is you who suddenly came to the door Today I will fix you all in time, just in time for you to go with Vuong Teng You're such a badass brother Phong 2.

People hurry and run away. You should choose juniors. Your wife just let me play and then I'll pay Tuyet Vu, I'm afraid right now I'm standing close to Phong Vuong Teng laughing. Phong I see what else you do to get in my way and hurt.

Me like that, Vuong. Teng I count to 3 you have to take the initiative to release Tieu Thien Vuong Teng laughed loudly You told me to surrender, why do you think I I'll listen to you I see your problem here and then Luc Phong raised three fingers 3 Vuong had to step on Tieu Thien's head 2 you did enough to do it for me, there was a convoy of black cars.

Pulling from many directions come and stop the king Teng and his people Oh my god, there are so many people, what's going on, Phong Thieu Lao-slave Coming late, Luc Phong, who are you helping to beat up these people who have been arrested and treated like this? let them fly they fly let me know who I am not Luc Phong said let him go I know who.

You are of course unfortunately you don't know who I am Luc Phong I don't care who you are if you want to die then die together Phong kicked once in the shoulder of Vuong Dang Vuong Teng hugged my hand in pain, my hand was just this cowardly. Now take Tieu Thien to the hospital for an emergency, rest assured, an ambulance will also come to take Tieu Thien. Go Luc Phong come back and see Quoc Vu.

Tuyet Vu are you injured Luc Phong Why did this terrible thing happen don't be afraid I'm already here next to you no one can hurt you but it seems that you harmed Tieu Thien it's okay Xiaotian will definitely be okay Luc Phong hugs Tuyet Vu May but you don't get hurt Otherwise I will make their family Vuong wobbled Lao Hu mild cough bothered the two of you.

A bit there was an urgent matter Wang Teng that we caught was just a substitute for Luc Phong asked to judge based on where his neck has a plastic surgery scar. Who pretends to be Wang Teng who I am Is it important When I have an accident, my face is destroyed as long as you fix my face for me to work for you 30 billion this will.

Be Luc Phong's deposit but has a relationship with Feng Yu and Lu family real estate in Shanghai so is this sale not worth it I will make you feel bad Feng grabbed Wang Teng by the collar After all What are you going to do His purpose Now that you have achieved it, what is your Italian, you don't have to wait a moment, you will know right away I have installed it in the.

Tuyet Vu era. a mini bomb If you want her to survive, let me go, Vuong Teng pretends to take a syringe and inject it into Luc's neck. Phong sees that Tuyet Vu and the old man panicked. Of course, Tuyet Vu is your weakness. what's in my body Rest assured it's just an anesthetic Newly invented to put you to sleep only the owner requested that it.

Can't kill you now I will perform all a broken magic show then it's the colored smoke cannons Catch him back Phong brother you should go to the hospital don't care about me protecting Tuyet Vu deserves to die with no strength at all. The name just ran and Wang Teng faked running to a dozen drugs Tuyet Vu Luc Phong I brought the theory of Vu here, it's.

not my grandfather's fault that I will definitely be able to save Tuyet Vu's life because of the old servant's negligence. Vuong Dang has to pay the price of a phone call to Luc Phong, the force behind Vuong Teng It's easy, your father, don't rush to save Tuyet Vu. It's too dangerous. I will go and.

Check all the residences of Vuong Dang Tu Ham, I would like to get a release from the SS ban, wake up, where is the back of my head? I'm so sorry, you're awake. Why do you want to release me, you're breaking the law? Rest assured, it's okay. No matter what I say, I'm also Vuong Teng who broke the law, so he's the one who's right. An Tan Elevator.

87 Tuyet Vu asked him if he thought Vuong Teng was looking for a replacement to take the blame, but now I'm just like Vuong Teng, but Vuong Teng took advantage of him When he felt he was in danger, he wouldn't let it go. Where are you? Oh, what should I do now, only I can help you, I'm in your hands, Vuong Dang won't dare to do anything to.

You, the elevator to the 87th floor Vuong Dang fake pushes Vu apologizing Maybe she overestimated her self-worth compared to the fact that she could only talk and still be more attractive with real money in front of her eyes. Et Vu thinks this crazy man only knows how to have money, Vuong Dang laughs and does a good job with the rest of the money, he's behind him to take it away, indeed keep the credibility next time there.

Is a big case, remember to take care of this younger brother please don't touch me [ __ ] Vuong Teng kissed snow on the face Vu called what are you calling now you're just my toy Now if you listen to me a little it will be less painful than I am happy and it will make you more comfortable Yes, Tuyet Vu used his heel to stomp on Vuong Teng, get out, Vuong Teng slaps him in the face with his hand. Want to die,.

Tuyet Vu Van, go to bed Watch station. take a clip of you and me and send it to him, see how happy his wife is under my lower body She moaned a few times for you to.

Hear This is a trap for Luc Phong, don't come to Luc Phong you can't get in here This is a safe place So let me see if Tao has that bravery, just finished saying that a private plane crashed into the window Breaking the window, whoever has no eyes to fly in here is Hello again. and then Vuong Dang where the.

Most advanced security in Long Thanh can enter, why can't the high-class security take a hit? The Luc family's S-level support was denied, and then Lu Feng hit the front of the car with his hand, those old people were just waiting for this time to block the old man's way to gather the old slaves who would go to work.

Here and return to the present Wang Teng. You'd better guess how many people I brought here You think I'm afraid that even if you get in here, your little beauty will still be in my hands. Phong They have sniper rifles to shoot. No. 1 in position shoots to death immediately reports target is intercepted by aircraft Loss of sight vision is.

Limited cannot fire up to Whoever catches Luc Phong Tao will give 2 billion 2 people to rush up, he will be punched in the face by Luc Phong, kicked in the leg and shot for me is this time Luc Phong pushes Vuong Dang's junior, I am bulletproof then Luc Phong brushed off my man's hand was in position and who still dares to go up Vuong Teng saw that there were snipers on Luc Phong side, he.

Hid to one side and told me to withdraw Vuong Teng, you still have a gunman but if you have the guts, shoot straight to the big head here Luc Phong you don't do anything stupid Vuong Teng laughs Luc Phong is indeed a stupid gunman aiming right here after nothing happened so a few seconds ago he said to Luc from his jaw The anesthetic Phong was injected into the.

Sniper who was in a deep coma and then Vuong Teng pulled Tuyet Vu's head, I did n't have the Tuyet Vu era, then other people couldn't have Lu Phong Tao, I will let you see it with your own eyes. She's dead, what do you want me to do, then I can just forgive Tuyet Vu, I want you now to Kneel down with your head. The devil makes me happy, maybe I will spare the.

Tuyet Vu era a bunch of old Liu's people kicking the door to the young master who can't kneel, old Liu Wang Teng said he was still naive, what would he do to stop Liu Wan's people? shop for me the old man said that the young master was the representative of the Luc family, he absolutely couldn't Kneel out, absolutely couldn't bear the humiliation Phong he couldn't kneel, he couldn't give up all his dignity because of you.

Once swore, Phong Tao only knelt to heaven and earth and his parents had torn divorce papers. If I want to keep Snow Vu from being offended, I have to live stronger than Tuyet Vu, of course, I hope you will survive and forgive me. You betrayed the Oath this time No Luc Phong knelt down and begged him to release the Tuyet Vu era. Wang Teng laughed loudly,.

Look at me, there's a dog in front of me with Truong Dang Quy, I just changed my mind and then Luc Phong you You won't be able to save her by kneeling down You will have to suffer for the rest of your life Just after saying that, Vuong Teng pushed Tuyet Vu away On the 87th floor, Luc Phong said goodbye to the forces of Phong and immediately jumped after the young master Tuyet Vu Phong because the old slave couldn't protect the two strange Why was it so warm.

So Luc Phong star Luc Phong why did he jump down Why did he I want to die with you I'm an idiot Tuyet Vu is okay We were flying at just the right time If it weren't for me driving the oranges in time, I would have lost my life and later I would definitely have to ask him to take me out to eat delicious food just to compensate for himself, Vuong Dang looked out the window. Maybe he.

Knelt down as well as a diversionary plan to wait for the like cam to come and rescue Vuong Dang, you lost and then saved thousands of shops telling people to tie up Vuong Dang Luc Phong, you were against me then someone will make you die and have no land to bury you. It's best to let go of me or else the whole family will be in trouble If you give me the Xueyu era I can still consider advising the people above to forgive.

You Sacrifice One era of Tuyet Vu in exchange for the whole Luc family to survive and develop is fine, but Luc Phong used his feet to kick in the face of Vuong Dang spread out Loc Luc Luc Phong You are a scumbag like you Luc Phong I will absolutely not hand over Tuyet Vu to Luc Phong with seven hands to let the people behind feel comfortable. Here, I.

Will come and laugh with Vuong Teng so you wait for the Luc family to die. Luc Phong told someone to bring Vuong Teng back. Luc locked up Phong Young Master, the old slave investigated Vuong Teng, but the person behind him hid very carefully. The force behind Wang Teng is most likely the Jiangnan Chamber of Commerce, this story also has no solid evidence, can't be sure that the old slave will.

Try to investigate further in the hope of catching the loophole of the old Lu merchant association. Mr. Luc Phong are you really a young master snow Vu I see who you are Tuyet Vu thinks that normally Luc Phong stays at home to do housework, but his mother scolds him for a long time if he is really a Young Master of the House. How could they agree with Nhi Nhu so that Lu Feng hugged Tuyet Vu and asked if.

He had come up with an answer yet? in my heart you are me I hope you can be yourself I forgot an important part of your identity Tuyet Vu Ask what identity you are my man Tuyet Vu wears red as if eating chili talk about this I know this, but this place is crowded, but I only say it now. Now I want you to say it, but the people of Luu Van Quan pretend that they.

Don't listen to people doing their jobs, but after that, they won't hear anything. Tuyet Vu hugged Lu Lu's neck Phong he was the one who was about to say someone pushed the door loudly and said in a panic that Vuong Teng ran away Just now We were escorting Vuong Dang when a person entered my small brothers Come here to pick up my boss. You take the initiative to.

Release people, you won't get hurt too much. Don't think that you can save people a few minutes later, the whole bunch of people lying on the floor standing in place of Wang Teng said it hasn't even started yet. I didn't give you money so you could save me the money to save you from the merchant guild gave it to Wang Teng to laugh, as expected of the merchant guild you won't leave me Luc Phong wait for death.

When I wake up, Vuong Teng has lost his shadow for a long time and then he's saved thousands of stalls wave his hand Quickly to catch Vuong Dang immediately Luc Phong pulls Luu Van Quan's shoulder and says no need. but just let him run, he 'll take himself to the door. Transition to the hospital Vuong Teng is lying down Dad today you've already dealt a blow to Luc Phong, we don't have to be afraid to find.

Him anymore. I have to kneel down to apologize to my son, who regained his voice for our Vuong Thi corporation and still have a face for Cong You know what you did, the trade association uses you, so it's your father who is thick-skinned. with the miserable business association, I beg them to send someone to save you, if you can't touch Luc, I don't believe.

This time it's clear that Thang Luc Phong slapped Vuong Dang and said that you still dare to provoke him later. If I want to go to Luc Phong like that, I'll be cowardly I don't want to be your son for the rest of my life, what's wrong with the doctor, come here soon, my father fainted, and the preliminary conclusion about the patient is that the patient.

Has a heart attack and is in need of emergency care, please wait beside me. Besides Wang Teng punching the wall, this is all Luc Phong's fault, all because Luc Phong harmed his father, dangerous for his life, changed the scene a few days later, the delivery man came to Tuyet Vu and said I have nothing special Luc Phong went to buy things After eating, is it what he bought I don't know.

What delicious food he made today This is my mother who was kidnapped and the phone rang and called out who he is. What do you want to do if you want her mother to get well? If you dare to report to Luc Phong, you will receive a severed finger from your mother, Tuyet Vu holds a picture of her mother in her trembling hands, her mother is dead by Vuong Teng. I have to go save my.

Mother or else I can't lose it in time, should I call Luc Phong ? Could Phuong Dang send someone to monitor him, Mr. Dang Ky Tuyet Vu is pressing the phone, it is likely that she is calling the police Mr. Dang, she put down the phone and told the police to notify Luc Phong. She doesn't dare, she I.

Can only come here to find me to save my mother I can only go and see Vuong Teng Tuyet Vu Open the jewelry box I can't just sit there and wait for death to get a Vuong Teng brooch this bastard Wait there I will definitely Save my mother Tuyet Vu pulls her hair up Luc Phong I'm sorry and then slowly walk out of the gate and move to the market right now Luc Phong is going to choose what fish he wants to.

Buy, but he forgot to ask Tuyet Vu what he wants today. If you don't buy or do n't buy it, go away. I still have to do some strange business, why did the phone turn off Tuyet Vu Should have been at home, so give me a carp breeder. return Tuyet Vu stop Tuyet Vu why did she get into Vuong Teng's car Tuyet Vu to rest It seems that.

Luc Phong must have seen himself This guy is crazy, how can he give money without taking the green fish. Phong can run away with the car carrying the deadly Tuyet Vu Vuong Teng, I have to chop him into hundreds of pieces, the scene of coming to an abandoned warehouse, Vuong Teng touching Snow Vu's face with his hand So taciturn like this, let's have a laugh, let's see Tuyet Vu grabs Vuong's hand, my mother's okay, I'll.

Keep her life, it's just that her mother is already old, if not, hurry and take her to the hospital , she'll die. What can I do to forgive my mother Vuong Dang laughing at her sister It's true that Vuong Teng slowly took off his snowcoat. Vu didn't have much time, Miss Ky Cooper, rest assured that Luc Phong could find it here, it would take 3 language Tuyet Vu pulls my shirt so I stay.

Can you take my mother to the hospital? If Tuyet Vu took the role of Vuong Dang, I was already in your hands and could n't run, right? I could n't stand it either. That incompetent and wasteful name Luc Phong has been around for a long time, only Vuong.

Teng is a brave person worthy of me to rely on Vuong Teng to touch the snow with his hand, Vu, you think it's okay, why do you think I'm better than Luc Phong than you? he is a wanderlust, has no job, has no qualifications. Tuyet Vu's mother is in pain, help me, who can help me, this old woman is about to die and needs to be taken to the hospital, Mr. Dang, Mr.

Can you generously take my mother to the hospital? I think it's disgusting that I have to endure this delinquent again, Vuong Teng told the person who took Tuyet Vu's mother to the hospital to die here,.

Tuyet Vu thought that as long as his mother was taken to the hospital, I would not let Vuong Dang. Satisfied, Vuong Teng pushed Tuyet Vu onto the bed. Tuyet Vu held a candle and hid it behind Tuyet Vu's back. Don't give up If you don't, don't blame your mother for being taken to the hospital, you don't have to rely on my mood anymore, Tuyet Vu Bao Anh Teng You'll be.

Good if you come this soon, but Vuong Teng used his mouth to kiss Tuyet Vu's chest with his teeth. Take off your shirt, just wait, Tuyet Vu Takes a brooch and stabs Vuong Teng in the shoulder, this bastard didn't expect you to stab me Vuong Teng translates Vaio painfully Vuong Dang today I fish with you to death, your tongue is torn, please don't drink but want to drink fine. The brothers played it to me, my junior Vuong Dang heard that and immediately.

Gathered to take off his snowcoat Vu Luc Phong I'm sorry in the next life we ​​will be husband and wife Suddenly there is a bomb explosion, this warehouse is so far away Why does he have Can come here so quickly More than 500 people and Luc Phong entered Vuong Teng to recharge, you 10 get A-level reinforcements of the Luc family, how can you see that it is impossible for Vuong Teng to shoot a pistol and shoot Phong Tuyet Vu.

Immediately? Blocking bullets Tuyet Vu why did you do that I'm fine, Vuong this scum, Luc Phong Just now on your woman saved your life now no one can save you anymore Ho ge put down Vuong Dang's gun so I can come for you Now I don't need you to take action anymore so I can deal with them. The other group went to the A-class army of the.

Luc family, just like this, just waiting for you to solve the people from all sides, I promised you 2 billion Don't delay, you have to quickly take Tuyet Vu to Tuyet Vu Co hospital More than 500 people with Luc Phong go up to the airwaves with Vuong Teng I have to make you pay the price Luc Phong you and your crazy dogs revolt Why can't the people of Luc Phong cheer the Luc.

Family to humiliate the young master? humiliation, so the brothers fought after an hour of the tiger being beaten and lying down disgustingly A-rank army of the Luc family, what kind of person are they after all, Vuong Teng hid in a damned place Vuong Teng I can't lose to Luc Phong Point the gun next year, Wang Teng's head said but you've lost you can't kill me you.

Kill me and you'll be back becoming a thug like me is the kind of person that Tuyet Vu hates the most, but Luc Phong I played with your woman and you will have to live in regret for the rest of your life when Luc Phong's people say that Vuong's name is over there. Please don't let him die too comfortably, Phong, hurry up and go to the hospital, Mr. Vuong Teng, I will definitely make him.

Live worse than death, change the scene to the hospital Luc Phong and stand outside the room to monitor the critical situation, the doctor said to Luc. Phong The patient's condition is not very good, can it be cured or not, it is necessary to transport an additional nurse, panicking, saying that Doctor Ly died and the patient on bed 22 woke up, and after withdrawing the transfer, it was all because of his brother and daughter. My Tuyet Vu was just.

Hit by a bullet because he couldn't protect her. Luc Phong remembers when Tuyet Vu was hit by the bullet, he said you have to live well, Tuyet Vu's mother grabbed Luc Phong's collar and said this trash if a girl If there is anything wrong with me, you have to pay for the life of the nurse who said she still has a person who hasn't recovered yet, go back to bed and rest Please give me back my daughter, give my daughter back to me, the nurse told the.

Doctor that the patient was overstimulated, so he fainted and took the patient to the forest right away. She needs to be calmed down now Tuyet Vu is lying on the bed. sick trying to fight Luc Phong received a call from Luc Phong of the Vuong family we accept it everywhere Why don't you let go of my son because he did it on his own, Vuong Dang's father got angry and.

Smashed the phone the next is because Luc Phong forced me Luc Phong you and I walk together, I'm so happy about that little thing, but it's just that I'm with you It's really too much of a disadvantage for me Tuyet Vu is poor Ma Luc Phong That's right, it's a disadvantage so from now on I have to compensate you Luc Phong don't care what others say marrying you, I have never regretted it,.

But maybe you have to leave me, Tuyet Vu, you can't go to these scenes just now it was because Luc Phong was dreaming about snow Vu Can you leave me like this, do we still have a lot of things to do Luc hasn't been honest with me yet. Tuyet Vu's heart rate has dropped abnormally. Luc Phong has a panicked look. Tuyet Vu's doctor says the.

Patient's wound is more infected. The second time he went to Luc Phong, he stood outside the obnoxious operating room. Is it possible that the bullets carry disease-causing bacteria? After Tuyet Vu's hospital room, Tuyet Vu slowly opened her eyes,.

Saw the snow Vu Tinh, and immediately rushed over to hug Tuyet Vu Lu Phong, I'm fine, I pressed on you a bit sorry Sorry I saw you awake so I was so emotional Luc Phong holds Tuyet Vu's hand I'm afraid I won't see you again. Saying something stupid, won't we meet each other every day, you won't leave me, the nurse said patient number 5, Tuyet Vu Mau,.

Take off your clothes Tuyet Vu asked if she needed to take off her clothes right now, how could she change her medicine if she didn't take off her clothes or did she want her husband to change? let's say this is a hospital for a young couple, don't do anything too much, Luc Phong blushed and ran away Tuyet Vu Anh went to buy some porridge for her brother Luc Phong I waited, Tuyet Vu thought Luc Phong was a fool to change medicine. I should be the one who is.

More embarrassed, but the nurse changed the bandages for Tuyet Vu, but strangely, the hospital received a specific medicine. This drug is expensive, which is also a reason why it is difficult to wholesale this drug because someone gave it to me personally. Thank you for my rank, how can I ask clearly,.

Only knowing that person's last name Luc Tuyet Vu is really thinking Is it because Luc Thieu of Shanghai saved me why Luc Phong this time was because of the specific medicine that Shanghai Luc brought me, but I was saved without any specific medicine It was because Luc Thieu moved to Tu Ham Mau to transfer the latest medicine but Check it out, it's under development, Mr. Luc Phong, after taking that drug,.

It can cause very low resistance I went to Tuyet Vu's body But you have to save her now that's the only way to save her I understand now I will open the Luc family's own medicine to deliver specific drugs to Tuyet Vu and tell Luc Phong Although you and Luc Thieu are friends, this love is as precious as a specific drug, we.

Must pay, can you meet him for this matter, thank you in person, but let me contact you to see why Luc Phong is fake. and called Luc Thieu, he didn't answer the phone. Maybe he was busy. Tuyet Vu sighed so why should he wait for the next time he's free, so Luc Phong thinks he should still not let Tuyet Vu know his true identity, he'll be safer. Tuyet Vu I'm.

Tired Why should I rest first Tuyet Vu hugs the green wind Phong thinks it must be the effect of the medicine so he falls asleep so quickly Tuyet Vu kisses the green cheek Phong Tuyet Vu pretends to sleep Green Phong is happy to wear a hood blanket for Tuyet Vu Luc Phong to run out, she's a patient, I went to visit her mother-in-law's situation walked into the hospital room Luc Phong's mother-in-law.

Scolded this time my daughter who is still alive is Luc Thieu Cuu That's what you said you did, Luc Phong bowed his head to apologize this time Tuyet Vu was injured because of her son's death. I won't let this kind of thing happen, my mother-in-law threw a pillow at Luc Phong. Sorry, what 's the use of a bad guy like now thinking about cutting Tuyet Vu and moving it to a.

High-class ward, don't move too much. she is still injured, but even the high-class ward is expensive, my daughter can't get into the high-class hospital Why she almost lost her life because of Luc Phong An as bad as Luc Phong, who doesn't have money to go to the high-class room, you should still stay away from.

My family's Tuyet Vu and go to the high-class room, let me think about how the housekeeper's housekeeper steps in. At the end, he said he had replaced her. Vu arranged a high-class hospital room, but now she is still resting, she needs to wait for her to wake up before she can change her room. should marry the great young master with the last name Luc, but not someone who can only have the last name Luc, like Luc Phong Ba, talk less. Luc Young.

Master Sorry, I arbitrarily arranged the room Premium version Why did you do nothing wrong The housekeeper asked Luc Phong what to do next to defeat the King Family in front of the hospital gate, Ji Hong Vu told Luc Phong that you still have the face to go to the hospital, why Vu was almost killed by you? What are you going to do when Tuyet Vu And Her Mother are injured,.

We also have to visit, but Luc Phong put out his hand to stop apologizing Tuyet Vu is now in need of rehab who is not supposed to come in and disturb her. You're not a person who does n't have a job, how do you think Son Vo plays his son? Come on Come on, there's no need to waste time on unrelated people like.

This Today you can't walk Go to this hospital again, step carefully, Hong Vu pointed at Luc Phong and said you can't go in. That means you can't enter a hospital. It's so stupid like you, I told you, You can't go in to disturb Tuyet Vu just hire a few security guards, but your small silver coins will also take care of how the housekeeper.

Approaches Hong Vu in his shirt respectfully talks to you do you know who he is? Hong Vu Pushes the housekeeper's hand It 's just a guy in law who doesn't eat or drink without family but climbs up to be friends with Luc Young Master then why is the management of our company so big and urgent what is it that the young people do not work well at all, the stock of.

Discrimination plummets without stopping If it continues to go down like this, our company Bankruptcy lost the musician Son looked panicked, why did this happen recently, the projects were all very smooth, why did Hong Vu hold his head and say because Luc Phong poked Vuong Dang of Vuong Thi Ba Gai Vuong Group? Due to this, we are taking revenge on the corporation. We heard Ky Hong Vu say that the century of.

Music Son can't stand this bad son-in-law. If you get something useful, why bother poking fun at Vuong Teng and then killing him thoroughly and then Luc Phong thinks it's Vuong Teng doing a trick you say Did Phuong Teng touch the Tuyet Vu era? Hong Vu grabbed Luc Phong's collar right away Ky Tuyet Vu's whole life can't even protect a [ __ ] like you today, I.

'm going to teach you instead of Tuyet Vu, Ji Hong Vu raised his hand to Luc Phong, but Luc Phong kept him Luc Phong squeezed Ky Hong Vu's hand. depending on you, you have no right to teach me my hands, dad, you quickly let go of Hong Vu, it's Tuyet Vu's cousin, if you're good, solve the bankruptcy of the market now you trash comet disaster even if you buy you back, you.

Will also damage their family record Phong took the phone to call Liu Wan shop Luc Phong young master of Vuong Thi group was completely bought by Phong Vu real estate and then Luc Phong hung up the phone Luc Phong pushed the Hong Vu era from now on. From now on, Jiang Nam no longer has the Vuong Thi group, and then the musician Son asks you who you are in the end. In the blink of an eye, the Vuong family can be.

Shattered no matter who I am I will forever not fight against Ki Tuyet Vu in the high-class ward, Tuyet Vu, the doctor said that I have recovered very well lately, I am much better. Luc Phong rubs Tuyet Vu's head but your food still needs to be frugal Yes, this is porridge I cooked for you, hurry up and eat it Tuyet Vu thinks why is it that.

I'm so nervous just looking at Lu Phong? It's really strange. Do you want me to feed you? It's not me. After all, open your mouth and let me feed Tuyet Vu to listen Luc Phong Tuyet Vu thinks I'm so shy Luc Phong asks if it's delicious Tuyet Vu did not dare to look directly at Luc Phong with his hand, he said it was delicious mainly.

Because you fed it No No I mean I always like the food you make Luc Phong put the bowl of porridge down this idiot what's delicious but white porridge has a real taste, but if you feed it to me, it will be delicious I 'll be fine for the rest of my life If I can't recover from my illness I'll be able to eat on my own If I keep feeding you, you'll look.

Like a baby in my eyes, how can I do Lu Phong I stayed in the hospital to take care of you for a month? then this is also counted as the moon and moon month, Luc Phong said it can't be calculated Why can't it be calculated Luc Phong flicked Tuyet Vu's forehead said there's no way anyone would go on a honeymoon in the hospital but wait for you to be completely healed I will take you away Honeymoon Right Nghia Luc Phong Gia Nghiep.

Vuong Thi went bankrupt then how did you do the financial situation of Vuong Thi corporation not being able to repay the bankruptcy debt is just a matter of sooner or later they all can only blame themselves and my husband, how can I afford to make such a big fortune disappear, but Tuyet Vu sighs that's fine, otherwise I'm afraid they'll take revenge on you, then.

Luc Phong in the afternoon you go to the airport to help me Pick up my sister in the Snow Age. Yes, it's been a long time since I've seen that kid about the scene at Long Thanh airport Salty Snow just got off the plane and went home very well, remembering the theory of going abroad, we just got married Luc Phong said Tuyet Man was very provocative at that time. Maybe she didn't like her brother-in-law who was a.

continental brother. Phong remembers why grandpa just named an incompetent guy like him to marry Hai, good boy, it hurts. If you dare to treat Ms. Tuyet Vu badly, I'll give you a beautiful face, it's still childish. But the heart is not bad, I'll take it home, Luc Phong Xa, Tuyet Vu's head,.

Is the flight at 4 pm, yes, I will pick her up safely. Vu is gone, although he is always so greedy to talk, but still really wants to meet the real person, I don't know if his sister's mistake has changed, Luc Phong came from behind to make Snowman laugh, what are you thinking? I asked.

Why did you come to Ms. Tuyet Vu, Ms. Tuyet Vu was still resting, I came to pick you up Snow salty with a wise face g bear Luc Phong raised his hand and threw it out Snow on the plane he said his sister would come to pick him up, but why is there a man in front of him, he 's a male star, unsightly face, don't lie Oh I know this Is that your boyfriend in your country?.

Hello, I'm Tuyet Man's overseas classmate. My name is Lam Dung Lam Dung, I have an act of kissing in the wind. Tuyet Man is so handsome no wonder how much he pursues in foreign countries Tuyet Man doesn't like anyone he's the boyfriend of a dry monkey Lam used his hand to touch Lu.

Phong Oh Don't look at him dressed in shabby clothes I think he's so handsome you don't need to let me Soai Ge Are you interested in having sex with me Lam Dung you can't have a relationship with him Strong snow you don't need it and don't even let me take the initiative attack later Sorry I'm married Just now I didn't have a chance to say married don't say I.

'm an incompetent son-in-law Tuyet I'll tell you about it, Luc Phong Xoa laughs, Oh, I'm really her brother-in-law who came to pick her up Tuyet Man pulls her suitcase I don't need you to pick me up now I'll call a car to go home by myself Luc Phong pulls Tuyet over agreed with Tuyet Vu and then had to pick you up and go home alone, you're not safe Tuyet Man stepped back and said to look at Tuyet Vu's face, it's.

Best not to interfere with me. I told you there were three of us, how did you bring us home? Would you let the two of us ride on your electric scooter ? It's been a while, Snowman, imagining that scene, I'll be looked at like a monkey. I'm so embarrassed Luc Phong turns away So I don't pick you up anymore You.

Take the car back by yourself, what's wrong with this Luc Phong, Why are you being so rude to me, I shouldn't have to see what Luc Phong is doing What a poor guy like He's sure he hasn't changed in the past few years. Tuyet Man pulled Lam Dung's hand and told him to stop laughing and said he started his brother-in-law group. y Why can't all the men in this world die, I don't even.

Pay attention to him when he arrives at the Long Thanh airport parking lot Luc Phong is leaving the motorbike I know but he can only ride the tram but I saw this handsome man opening the door of the BMW next to him and Luc Phong was opening the door. Luc Phong you can't steal the car If you don't hide anymore, then just get in the car and go back to the poor brother.

I don't want to sit in a stolen car to make people disgusted, but Luc Phong asked the thief why this key belongs to him in the car and still has the car sales contract if he wants to see if he is handsome, please come and sit in the car sitting right is a mistake, how can I have money to buy a car anyway, you just need to know this car is legal then Luc Phong opens the trunk and.

Says Tuyet man, I put my luggage in Tuyet Man smiled slyly. tease this cuc of mine, Luc Phong definitely wo n't be able to escape Thinking of the scene where Luc Phong hugs his ass in pain while trying to chop Luc Phong, Luc Phong took me this evil thing and grew up and still played this game I really think you will get this trick why did you win then you help me.

With my luggage I can't lift my arms and legs to remind me Go to Salty Snow I'm so angry I have to tell Tuyet Vu about Mr. Luc Phong the taste of the medicine said he must be afraid Why do you have money to buy double braids Sister Hai gives you money why Luc Phong replied yes to it even if he told you she does n't trust my sister, why does n't she come, Tuyet Vu is in the.

Hospital, why is my sister in the hospital, you hurt my sister I can't protect you, why do you think that person is a man, let's say that Vu Anh destroys his whole family is that enough Are you talking about it? That guy's whole family is.

So stubborn, he has a manly taste. Snow's life isn't what you said before. Hope your future lover has can destroy the whole world because of you Why are you talking nonsense Oh it's embarrassing who's embarrassed me no brother what are you doing Don't move it's just Luc Phong wearing a seat belt for Tuyet Man not wearing a belt What's.

Wrong with this, you talk too loudly with Tuyet Vu, my face is so red, I can't tie it myself, can you help me handsome, please help me fasten my seat belt Excuse me, can you sit in the back seat? It's very convenient Lam used to lean on the chair Tuyet man, your brother-in-law treats you really well, you see, he didn't bother to help me fasten my seat belt, I didn't hear anything when I moved to the.

Front of the hospital, Lam Dung took Tuyet's hand. I'm still going with my friend Snow, I'll go first, please pay attention and be safe Now I'm going to visit Ms. Tuyet Vu Anh can't go with me Luc Phong thinks this girl is still so far away What happened to the young master of the land in Jiangbei,.

Someone hit him and injured his phone in his jeans pocket? Our construction workers are still surrounding the trucks for transporting materials. If this continues, the project completion time will be delayed, sending the beaten to the hospital, medicine, and hospital. Fees are due to immobility Phong Vu property pays off the young master, we don't counterattack why it is easy to handle people who cause riots,.

But we can't just point out people and destroy indiscriminately before this, we need to clarify the requirements of that party then Report back to me in Tuyet Vu's hospital room, Tuyet Vu's sister was all due to Luc Phong, even she didn't protect him well. Then whatever he did, it's really all those guys with ulterior motives. It's just.

Been a few years, why is Hai protecting Luc Phong so unreasonable Tuyet Vu laughs In short, in the years I've been gone, many things have happened that I don't care about Hai getting hurt anymore. Vu hugs Tuyet, it's okay, because he's okay, Ms. Tuyet Vu is the best, right, Ms. Tuyet Vu is Luc Phong's car. If we take their money, why don't we buy it a bit.

Thick, Tuyet Vu thinks it's impossible to say that the general manager Luu Van shop of Phong Vu real estate gave him that BMW anyway? Is it legal that he bought nearly 2 billion on his own, where did he get that much money? Phong stepped in, you were lucky to buy them, Snow put his hands on his hips, looked at Luc Phong and shouted at.

Them to win the lottery. Use that money to buy a car Why don't you buy jewelry for Ms. Tuyet Vu Anh is so selfish Tuyet Vu pulls Tuyet's hand. She has a lot of jewelry and can't even wear it. He will also give jewelry to Tuyet Vu but don't use it. The money they give you to buy you is using this as an excuse, but all of you men are like that. Tuyet Vu's body has.

Not recovered yet. Let's go to the hospital. I want to eat a lot of delicious food with you, there are many places to have fun Luc Phong tranzo said that if you were to be discharged from the hospital, you should ask the doctor first, I talked to my second sister, Luc Phong, he interjected. What to do, poor mother Tuyet Vu really has to listen to the doctor's opinion, but if I can leave the hospital, I will go with you, can't come out and listen to the.

Two doctors say that she has recovered well and can be discharged first The food limit needs to be frugal a little, the wound still needs to heal more within 12 days without bathing. Tuyet Man happily replied, thank you, the doctor moved the scene to the house of the technician Vu, Ms. Tuyet Vu, please enter the house carefully. Don't hurt yourself Tuyet Man you can't save thousands of shops Call.

Luc Phong and say the injured worker has been taken to the hospital Good job delaying construction in Jiangbei area, wait for me to go there by myself and then continue Yes Young Master Phong should leave Tuyet Vu for a trip to Giang catch that Whew, where did he go Tuyet Vu I heard the sound of water in the bathroom died and the doctor told him not to take a bath but Luc Phong Knocked on the.

Door Tuyet Vu I can't take a bath because I'm worried about Tuyet Vu Luc Phong opens the door and sees snowy man, why is it me Snow man la l You're not what you think, your back is so similar to my sister's, Salty snow takes a bowl and throws Luc Phong you haven't gone yet I beat you to death Luc Phong said all misunderstandings are misunderstandings go away Snow you take The faucet sprayed Luc Phong.

Luc Phong ran out and closed the door with a bang, it was really awkward, what should I explain? Now Luc Phong didn't expect you to sneak a peek at me taking a shower, you'll die, your clothes are all wet, you should take off Go out and change it and then calculate Luc Phong to take off his shirt, the more he can't hold it, the more angry he becomes Now I have to tell Tuyet Vu Luc Phong Giam waits for me to take a shower.

Tuyet Man just came out and saw Luc Phong at Tran Luc Phong, big brother. so suddenly undressing in front of the bathroom door I didn't expect to see a ruffian undressing my eyes are so spicy Is this fair, is it fair, Tuyet Vu was arranging the Moon when she heard a cry Snow Mai hugged What happened when taking Tuyet Vu to cry, Luc Phong walked over.

To Tuyet Vu and thought that his figure was Why are you so beautiful I didn't notice before Uh-huh, why did you take off your clothes Snow Vu was all a misunderstanding Just now, you were accidentally splashed with water by Tuyet Man, so you took it off and you came in At that time, I thought the person in the bathroom was Tuyet Vu, the doctor told.

Her to leave the hospital. Still abstaining from water and not bathing, I stood at the door trying to remind you not to get sticky. the door didn't close the snow hid why snow Vu said hateful Luc Phong Anh is a good guy Lang do n't make excuses for yourself snow man You calm down first this might just be a misunderstanding Anyway, today Ms. Tuyet Vu has to sleep with me.

Luc Phong can't go into the snow Man closes the door to the room with a bang Tuyet Vu Tuyet man you two rest soon you go out for some work, it's cold outside You should hurry Luc Phong come back I don't care Luc Phong again he's running away to hide from the crime just now he peeked at you in the shower, I think Luc Phong Not that kind of person, the older sister is still too.

Kind and protects him, this guy Luc Phong has too little dignity, it's just that Luc Phong must have seen me and the two sisters told me how to deal with it Tuyet Man I guess you misunderstood Luc Phong but I was taking a shower when he walked in. It's not a peek. What if he thinks it's me? The doctor also told me not to get in the water.

I'm going to take a shower. I can't even come in and see you like that, but you and him are husband and wife. It's probably not a problem, but I can't stand what I hear. Snow man I need to rest first, Luc Phong, why are you? squatting in front of the door isn't it because waiting in the room will make it difficult for you, why snow Vu pulls green Phong Anh's hand quickly to go change his.

Clothes into the street so that because of the cold, green Phong hugs Tuyet Vu from behind You are really good to me if I have a cold, you should take care of me. I don't want you to get sick, it seems that I have to get sick all at once. I want to be pushed by you to take care of Tuyet Vu. Phong out stupid Thank you for complimenting Tuyet Vu for taking a shirt for Luc Phong brother Mao to change clothes Tuyet Vu thinks it's strange why I can't take my eyes off.

Normally It seems that it's really rare to see Luc Phong undressing the name This wooden head is normally wrapped up when I sleep, I can't be what I'm thinking, Tuyet Vu, today I sleep on the sofa, you sleep with Tuyet Man so I'm at a disadvantage. Nothing but a disadvantage I also sleep soon went to a scene change at midnight in the room,.

Telling Vu that he was going to die, and Tuyet Mang took the phone and texted Lam Dung to talk about Luc Phong being a delinquent Lam Dung invited Tuyet Man to go out and play, forgetting the name save. Man Luc Phong Tuyet Man Sneaking out is also because of the gentle sister Tuyet Vu, so that I can sleep on the sofa. Useless people like me should lie on the salty snow and open the door making noises Luc Phong is standing.

Behind Tuyet. My life is asking this late. What do I do when I go out to do nothing to do with my brothers, it's not because of Lam Dun that it's not safe to go out in the middle of the night? If you call me to the bar I just went to, there's nothing more unsafe than having friends there. Why is it that old brother Huu The daughter why can't she go out late at night Luc Phong grabs Tuyet Man's hand and takes care of you? It's best.

Not to go out, don't touch me, live with a thief. Peeping at people bathing like you is really unsafe. Tuyet Vu hasn't woken up yet, full door of the room came out and asked what happened, Ms. Tuyet. My friend Lam Dung called me to go to a bar when I was studying abroad and often joined pati, but Luc Phong didn't let me.

Go. Why is that, but Luc Phong is just worried about my safety. He's not against me My sister and I really don't want to disappoint my friends. Snow man coaxes me to go to the bar to play, but only Tuyet Vu is the best. I'm traveling alone, it's not safe, my phone is in my pocket, Zen,.

When will you come, I'm waiting for you, don't let me climb the tree é Okay, I'll be right here, Ms. Tuyet Vu, my friend is urging you to let me go to the bar, I'm just my friend and his friend without worrying, they're all acquaintances, nothing is unsafe or that. Come on, let Luc Phong drive me to the bar. Will he go with me? I.

Don't want him to monitor me Tomorrow I have to work tomorrow and I can't go with you so Luc Phong has to go with me. I'll just let you go and listen to your sister go down to the parking lot, Phong second sister believes you but I don't want your dignity You crave the girl's body so you peeked at me did you do this let the.

Second sister down, you son of a [ __ ], hurry up and get in the car, there's a lot of people in this world who have more money than you. Don't come face to face with me so you just wait if there's anything , don't call me for help Who wants me Help me to promote myself too much Luc Phong, why don't you see the directions, how can you worry about driving around and miss my time, you won't.

Finish where is the bar you used to go with you used to be a friend you invited to come after a high-class place like a bar If Luc Phong didn't win the lottery, he wouldn't be able to afford it Get in the seat Tuyet Man holds your nose do you know how to drive How can you not fasten your seat belt, will you help me It won't be long before I need your help, I will be able to.

Fasten my green car Phong will be driving like hell soon enough bar Alright a talkative like you can go home Do you need a face I tell you to go home Why are you still following you agree with Tuyet Vu and have to make sure my brother's safety being a child no longer needs a safe person like you to protect in my eyes, I.

'm just a girl, I didn't expect you to dare to look down on me now you go away for me you agree with Tuyet Vu is guaranteed it's safe for me, you say, you have to do it here, complicated people can't leave you alone, you psycho, angry salty snow, leave Tuyet Mang in this place. Here, Lam Dung took Tuyet Man's hand and said that Tinh Viet was waiting for him. Talking.

About this amount of Tinh Tinh, this is a Phu Nhi Dai study abroad friend of the Tuyet era. He used to say that if he didn't come, Tinh Viet would not come. give us a drink, you tease me and make fun of me, but quickly let the Vietnamese hero hug Lam Dung and immediately push Tuyet's life into the planet Viet Tuyet Man, sorry let go of me It's that easy.

Unless Luc Phong pulls Tuyet Man from the heart of Vietnamese quintessence who is this country dressed. What about going to the bar I'm Luc Phong, don't talk nonsense, I'm going with Tuyet Man, Snow man Don't tell people this is your boyfriend okay No he's not my boyfriend but he said what's wrong with coming with you but not your boyfriend or is it.

Your bodyguard that's afraid we'll hurt you you probably wouldn't consider us friends what I don't mean is that he insists on having a boyfriend There's nothing to hide, isn't it bittersweet bro I didn't laugh at that right, everyone who glared at Luc Phong was because Luc Phong insisted on coming in and made me lose face, I remembered that.

This guy is actually Tuyet Man's brother-in-law named Luc Phong Hoa It turns out that my brother-in-law is a classmate of Tuyet Man, so I said hello to him in English. Phong doesn't need you to call me gymnastics directly. I feel like I've seen you before. Lam used to smile and say that he is Vietnamese. Is it true that Snowy life is starting to get close to his family, what.

's the point of making friends? Viet was dumbfounded about this and called the driver instead. Who doesn't have the money to do that, but Lam Dung whispered to Tuyet Man's brother-in-law, why is he like this, causing the Vietnamese hero to lose interest in that harmful name for a long time? It's my brother-in-law,.

Luc Phong, I don't know what Lam Dung said to Tuyet Man, I don't know when it will end and then give it If you go home, you can drink it with me. So I invite you to wish you more and more beautiful. You are very good. You are not like any man who doesn't know how to drink, he is considered a man. Mr. Snow, don't be angry, Luc.

Phong is rotten, but he still brags to me, causing Hai sister to get hurt, but being here makes me lose face is more than enough, Tuyet Man in one gulp drank all the wine in his hand Thinking but angry. the opportunity to drink with the Vietnamese star is not much Luc Phong Anh doesn't really drink Sorry I need to stay sober drinking alcohol can happen, it's not good, Tuyet Man, I suddenly remembered that.

Luc Phong is the name of the son-in-law that you told me right No Snow is shy, yes, he is Tuyet Vu's husband, no wonder he looks so stupid and slow, so you don't have to blame him after all, he's been a parasite for many years without any bones. yes, this bar has a legendary story. Do you want to hear it.

? I had something to postpone, so I was late, Liu Hao Thien found himself late, so he punished himself for a drink and sat down next to Lam Dung to greet the beautiful sister at the right moment when talking about this magical place. Yours is here, the waitress saw Luc Phong this person Hao Thien said This wine is also two 300 million VND Anh Viet.

Is so generous I know you Tinh Viet is very good to us, but money is very important. This is a royal bottle everyone can drink As long as this wine must be strong It is said that a cow has enough to roll over here, so I can only drink a little of this wine I can drink a bottle of this wine Tinh Viet drank 5 bottles of spirits alone, but he.

Didn't fall, he laughed and said his year was too much. I only drank 2 Bottles, send two and a half bottles, so it's not too much to say you 're the one with the best alcohol here. I can't even get it. Your wine tolerance is really good Tuyet Manh Why didn't you say anything to me I don't know much about imported alcohol. I remember you did an essay on.

Alcohol culture before, but why don't you understand that I forgot the person that Tuyet Man brought along with Luc Phong ? stop drinking doesn't mean you don't have a real tolerance.

When I said that, everyone huddled together to laugh, I didn't expect Luc Phong to do this, he pretended to be stupid, and said sorry. I 'm just a man, but I'm too proud of this bar's magic, I'm really lucky to have become his friend,.

Liu Hao Thien wears his adoration and says he's so cool, a man like a miracle, but he is also a man. used to then magically could drink in one breath 16 Royal fireworks at that time had dozens of people tried to drink contest with him but couldn't win in the end he won a big amount of money 16 Can someone do it Is this just a legend without management.

I said no mistake but he is the one The manager bowed to Luc Phong and said it was miraculous that he would come here. This small shop can't receive from a distance Luc Phong, his smiley face is still recognized, what he said is he is the miracle Luc Phong maybe it's magic Can you guys get it wrong Why is he a miracle the.

Person who would rather die without touching the wine would become a miracle the manager said unmistakably this person is our VIP Magical Hao Thien asked Luong Tinh Viet You said you are a friend of magic why don't you know Luc Phong ah this is it anyway. Me and Magic also did it a few years ago and can't remember his face clearly, it's normal that Luc.

Phong hears it. So I'm also ashamed for the Vietnamese luong to be magically acquainted again today g is the honor of Tinh Viet I must then I look up the articles about this bar and heard that at that time the miracle paid for 16 Cannons given to the royal family and still drank all If you were a miracle drug today if you don't buy alcohol yourself, why do.

N't you have that kind of money, why snowman stand up and say don't be mistaken Luc Phong is just like a miracle Everyone, stop joking, Liu Hao Thien patted Luc Phong's shoulder and looked like a manager. then he is a miracle Salty snow what do you deny Is it possible that Luc Phong can't buy a few bottles of wine, why does the salty snow think he doesn't have money,.

He can't buy it ? I'm not saying that it's magic to help our bar attract a large number of customers who are our valued guests today, I would like to give you 16 Royal Firecrackers for the magic and friends to support . Anything is a free gift from the royal family, it's also good wine, give.

Me a glass of Lucphon I haven't seen the bar staff for three years, whispering to the manager The guest here gave him a bottle of La Phai in 82 to represent his gratitude for the fact that it was so long ago when Phong waved goodbye. can meet her here listening to the other guest give Luc Phong son la Phai in 82 and everyone was surprised to say this wine is expensive, Luc Phong.

Didn't expect that he would even know that rich beauty. Just a friend, but Luong Tinh Viet clapped Luc Phong's hand It's true that he didn't know how to reveal Luong Tinh Viet thought to steal all the attention for himself Snow life even looking at him is also something that doesn't know good or bad, I'm also a customer spent 10 billion in this 3, can't it be compared.

To Luc Phong, the black tiger group came in today to rest and drink, some cadres like the tiger group, but even at 3, Luc Phong wait for the shame guys play your best Although Nha I'm not comfortable Why is there something wrong my head is a bit uncomfortable I know I just stole some kind of r Drinking alcohol and drinking with people I don't know gives me a bit of a headache. Lam Dung asks if.

She's okay, but she looks like she's going to vomit. Lam uses to ask where is Tuyet Man's service? the counter got some water and an antidote for alcohol, but he couldn't answer and stood up to thank him. You're a good person. Hello. Can I have some water and an antidote for alcohol, my friend is not very comfortable, please give birth.

Quickly? hey, you should ask the manager where I only sell alcohol, who are you guys, who dares to enter the line 3tenders are serving us, I have never seen people queuing up grabbing green shirts Phong said this man said queuing is queuing You are how dare you shout and dance in front of us Luc Phong thinks it's the black tiger gang Tuyet Man is here Right.

Now is not the time to act what are you looking at, why are you holding Luc Phong's head Down on the table Snowman stood up over there It seems that something has happened, that's the man from the black tiger association who did a very good job. Poisonous Hao Thien told everyone it's best not to touch or cause trouble for that person to drink alcohol for Du Nha before it is quite important,.

Luong Tinh Viet called the waiter to say get water and antidote to come here and serve it. Even if Nha doesn't have a bottle of water, she can still poke fun at those scary people, Luc Phong is okay, Luc Phong is so incompetent, he probably won't take the initiative to poke trouble. Just apologise. I also consider to forgive, sorry I didn't listen.

To you guys, but I'm sorry, this star basically doesn't admit fault for daring to play with us, why did I just plan to join Luc Phong when Tuyet Man Bao took your hand and dared to hit me? Report it to the police, sis, any of your eyes have seen me hit people with slanderers, why are we angry? The husband is also pretty with that small mouth. Why are you slandering others so indiscriminately? Have a few drinks with.

Us and we'll forgive you. sorry for letting go of your dirty hands So fierce I like this strong personality of You guys have a few drinks with us, let's make us happy, everyone is happy Oh God, everyone hurry up and save Tuyet Man, I should go save her, that Vietnamese guy is a member of our black tiger association. We can't poke at it so.

We can only wait and get the [ __ ] out of this guy. What did you say, I told you to get out of here Luc Phong took his hand out and broke my good business you go die for me Snowman saw that guy holding a bottle If you drink alcohol, be careful Luc Phong takes it and wants me to die You try and see why this guy is so strong, he can't pull it out, then go back and tell his juniors to beat him to death,.

Two guys rushed up, one was punched in the face the other guy, Luc Phong, gave a kick to the chest, now why are you up? I will definitely make you pay, smash the bottle in your hand, rush forward today, you have to die here Luc Phong grabs the handle lightly The bottle of wine aside, the guy punched Luc Phong but Luc Phong still dodged what else do you have to do, I'll.

Watch you hide Why hold the bottle at home? o went up to stab Luc Phong and saw the Phong force kicking the salty snow with his feet and said Luc Phong If you can't, then you apologize You can't fight them back Sorry why did Luc Phong pick up the wine bottle and crush it If you want to continue Luc Phong Tao will follow to the end and see that Luc Phong doesn't break the wine bottle with his hand.

Vietnamese believes he wants to piss his pants thinking like this, squeezing people is as gentle as it is okay today we will forgive you Next time, don't let us see you again, Tuyet Man said he quickly bandaged his hand, the blood was so dirty Luc Phong just sat at the table when Luu Hao Thien told him to go get an antidote, but also attached to the black guild. Tiger anyway.

Nha whispered in the ears of the Vietnamese black tiger God just now Luc Phong fought with the gangster Lam Dung asked if the people at our table were being reported I was so scared I only saw Luc Phong Use a towel to wipe the wound Luong Tinh Viet said he should go to the hospital in a few months. It's best if you don't go out The black tiger meeting isn't simple. Snowman stands up.

Are you a bit too much? Luc Phong is because he saved me, but he didn't know how to fight, there are many ways to save him, but it must not be fighting Luu Hao Thien to follow along. That's right, if it weren't for Luc Phong, I don't know what I would have been done by those people. Stop.

It, it's because I'm hasty. maybe you should use a better method, you're injured, there's alcohol and bandages here, so give it to me, you guys are also fully prepared, manager broke his head, talked about drinking and causing a lot of trouble, still be prepared some first aid kit for burns when needed urgently Tuyet Man grabbed the first aid kit so I could bandage the continent Phong Luc Phong saw.

That and said that he didn't need it, it was just that small wound that couldn't be helped because he had skin for me, so he was injured. Vietnamese magistrate thinks he's not just a bad guy, why doesn't he have the company status I have? I went to make a phone call to Luong Tinh Tinh outside and looked left and right and saw no one, then dialed my number and told me that Tinh Viet.

Was beaten just now, I saw you informed me like this. You still dare to claim benefits with me Do you still want to do business? None of them mean to offend me in short, come here quickly, Luong Tinh Viet turns off the phone and goes in and tells me that someone doesn't show my face. There are juniors who are bullied like this, useless trash, I.

Told him that I held my stomach because I was useless, I told him to go to the bar to see who he was, he was done with the job. Why did she still have a child but she still told me to take care of Luu Hao Thien? Thumbs up to Vietnamese hero every time is a big deal, not a trifle, Luc Phong looks at Luong Tinh Viet while Snow Man is dressing his wound. The pain is so.

Mild, it's light, it's still painful when I'm bandaged, I'm still dumbfounded Sorry Sorry manager told me to tell you not to be so angry My i was passive, you asked him if he was angry or not, he pointed at Luc Phong and said that it was he who hit the Vietnamese luong brothers and covered his mouth and laughed Luc Phong you just wait to enter The hospital went to Luc.

Phong to wave goodbye to him and told him that the person standing in front of him was Luc Phong Bao Ca slaps himself in the face a few times, the whole group of people are bewildered and don't understand what happened, especially that Viet Phong is due to my juniors. If you don't have eyes to offend me, why do you report that you have to bow to him Is it possible that Luc Phong is some kind of great character, who is it that he has the qualifications to make you.

Bang your head, report it to your juniors, you just talk a little bit about it? If you want to save your life , listen to my apology and apologize. Luc Phong said it was all due to a misunderstanding, but Luc Phong took out a card from his pocket saying that everyone is friends. Luc Phong is incompetent to invite black guilds sorry for the cold beer bottles, so the manager is afraid to say that he is lacking, how dare I collect money from you, but.

Today I will give you all the alcohol and water for free Oh, I'll make an official statement later, miraculously Luc Phong comes to the bar he calls for free, no matter what Nha Nha is surprised, Free all Sao Lam uses the sieve to ask Tuyet Man why does Luc Phong know these people? I also don't know why you report to stay close to a trash guy like Luc Phong.

Why is all the attention stolen by him even though Nha You're not in a good mood to pour wine for you MC's Vietnamese style my hands are numb bother you to pour something yourself Just now she was still fighting about pouring wine for me, but why can't I remember it even though Nha stood up and went to the room to say that I was drunk and talked a bit too much, don't blame me That's it Give Ly.

To invite Luc Phong I said I don't drink today, although Nha is shy. Look at her memory, Luc Phong, do you notice that in the future there will be more of an adopted sister ? Having a sibling who always wants to have a loving and pampered brother Luc Phong puts his arm around Tuyet Man's shoulder and says his sister why.

Snowman is my sister, my wife is my sister, thank you, Tuyet Man, for dressing your wound, what did you say, I don't want you to thank me, so what else is there?

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