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Stone Village’s people felt gloomy and frustrated. There weren’t any other methods. The ancestral altar shone. Hairy Ball and Little Red appeared. One lost a portion of its body, the othera pair of wings. They were already severely injured and unableto move freely. However, they still came. These were two deities! This shocked everyone here!.

“We don’t have any way either” The twoexperts became sad. They thought bitterly for some way to curehim, but in the end, they both shook their heads, feeling deeply helpless. There is also a drop of divine wine. It was also obtained from the Kun Peng nest,”said Hairy Ball. It had followed Shi Hao into the NorthernSea back then, so he naturally knew these things. “Don’t use it. Don’t waste anything anymore.”.

Shi Hao shook his head. He deeply understood his own circumstances. He was still carving the Kun Peng technique. No one could stop him. From time to time, people could hear a lightsound from his chest. His supreme being bone was clearly splittingapart. He truly was exhausting his own life. Everyone’s expressions became unpleasantto look at, but they couldn’t do anything to help him, because this was one of Shi Hao’sfinal wishes.

He gave all of the various things inside theprecious interspatial case to Stone Village. He still wanted to leave behind this method. “Child, mother is begging you, don’t dothis to yourself anymore!” Qin Yining grabbed his arm, feeling incomparablepain. There was frustration, confusion, pain, andregret. She wanted to save her oldest son, but shefeared that her second son might die. That short period of hesitation caused themto miss the best time for implanting the bone. As a mother, she didn’t want to lose anyof her children. However, this type of decision was just toodifficult.

This was only human nature. No matter who it was, they would still haveno way out. Father, mother, do not blame yourselves, orelse I’ll feel bad. Everyone will die one day. I feel quite fulfilled right now.” Shi Hao spoke. He didn’t want them to feel bad. That day, people continuously came to StoneCountry Imperial Capital wishing to see Shi Hao off.

They all knew that he was going to die soon. The amount that came were many times greaterthan that of Immortal Mountain. It was packed with people, and they were alldiscussing among themselves. Only, ninety percent of them were stoppedoutside the palace. Shi Hao needed time to rest and slowly passhis final moments. It would be too noisy with all these peoplearound him. Even though they came with good intentions,they couldn’t all be allowed in. Inside the palace, only Xiao Tian, Nine-HeadedLion, War King, and Stone Village’s people were there.

Everyone else was stopped. Finally, an imperial bodyguard reported, “Thenoble ladies from the higher realms Lan Yu, Hong Huang, Shui Yue and the others geniusescome to meet the Emperor. Qin Yining stared blankly for a moment, andthen she said, “Invite them in.” She thought of the precious technique HongHuang’s clan possessed. They also had a rebirth technique that wasrelated to the phoenix and incredibly powerful. She wanted to disregard all costs to obtainit and use it to save Shi Hao. Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, Lan Yu, Shui Yue and theothers sighed with sorrow. When they saw Shi Hao, they didn’t darebelieve that the stunning and incomparably.

Powerful little Stone actually fell to thisstate. “A pity, truly unfortunate.” They shook their heads. Back then, they wanted to rope him in, butthis type of thing happened. The little Stone fell from the ninth heavendown. These geniuses’ thoughts immediately changed. The little Stone was definitely going to fallinto eternal darkness. Unfortunately, everything failed again. This signified the very end of Shi Hao’slife.

There were no other ways left. When dismal clouds weighed down on everyone’sminds, Shi Ziling stood up and walked outwards. Qin Yining was somewhat surprised. She turned around to look at him. “Where are you going?”“Divine FurnaceValley.” Shi Ziling replied. When everyone heard this, they began to carefullythink to themselves, but they didn’t know what kind of place this was. Zhang Zhong was the only one whose expressionchanged.

He knew that this was a strange place. That mountain valley was like a divine furnace. It was incomparably sinister with many irregularthings inside. That day, Stone Country began to make preparations. They knew that Shi Hao didn’t have longto live, so they allowed the experts of various sects in, carrying out a final ceremony forhim. When news of this got out, the entire worldwas shaken. This meant that the little Stone might dieat any time. His life had reached its critical point.

He was going to completely disappear. The eight regions were shaken. Ocean Clan also learned of this, and manyexperts hurried over to Stone Capital. This meant that there was no way at all toredeem the situation. The War King stopped Shi Ziling and his wife. They were extremely sad. If not for being forced to this state wherethey truly had no choice left, why would they even think about believing such an odd legend. “Father, mother, being together with youtwo in my final moments already makes me extremely.

Happy,” said Shi Hao. That night, Zhang Zhong frowned. He predicted that Shi Hao might only be ableto live one more day. There wasn’t any other hope. Village Chief Shi Yunfeng’s voice was trembling. He wanted to bring Shi Hao back to satisfyhis final wish. “Let’s wait a bit more. Let me say my farewells to everyone. After returning to Stone Village, I won’tcome back out again.”.

Shi Hao said softly. Shi Hao met many people, including the sectmasters of various sects. He nodded towards each of them, thanking themfor coming here to send their farewells. This night was, without a doubt, a grand occasion. Only, everything happened in a silent manner. Older brother, do you hate me?” Qin Hao asked. “How could I hate you? We are brothers.”.

Shi Hao calmly said. “I want to become stronger, becoming thenumber one expert of the heavens. I will properly take care of father and mother. This time, I wasn’t able to save you”Qin Hao said softly. “It was my own fate that is about to end. How can it be blamed on you?” Shi Hao shook his head. When Shi Hao said this, he seemed to havethought of something. He didn’t reply to his words and insteadsaid, “Even though I did everything I could,.

I was only able to carve out half of the KunPeng technique. I will leave it with Stone Clan.”Qin Haodidn’t say anything and only nodded. For a long time, there was no sound in thespacious great palace. It was extremely quiet. The two sank into a state of silence. Only after a long time had passed did ShiHao open his mouth and say, “Do you think that if one person had two supreme being bones,they will be able to become number one under heaven?”“Who would be able to rival that?” Qin Hao asked in response.

“When you brought up that topic, I rememberedthe higher realms. There are actually more than a single ‘exceptionaltalent’. Perhaps there are also people who obtainedtwo bones,” Shi Hao said. Qin Hao was stunned. He had never heard of this before. This was definitely astonishing. Your Majesty!” Several old kings all looked at him. “I am going to give my supreme being boneto my younger brother.

Please protect us during this process.” Shi Hao said. He feared that others would misunderstand,so he called them over to explain. “What? Your Majesty, you cannot!” These people were all shocked.“Older brother”Qin Hao also opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. “You don’t need to say too much!” Shi Hao was always a decisive person.

Even in his weakest state, he was also likethis. Divine radiance shot out from his pupils,making it hard for everyone here to speak. Hao’er, my Hao’er, don’t die! How could it be like this? Mother has let you down!”She hugged ShiHao, her body trembling and struggling to stand up. She thought about everything that had happened,about everything that occurred during all these years. Her heart was full of pain and incomparableregret.

She had missed too much, not being at heroldest son’s side the entire time. In the end, he was going to die just likethat. Blood flowed out from Shi Hao’s chest. He was about to die. He also felt extremely emotional, unwillingto let all of this go. He comforted his parents, telling them notto feel bad. “Hao’er, don’t leave mother, don’tdie Please don’t” Qin Yining’s face was full of tears. Back then, she didn’t properly take careof Shi Hao.

He was still so young when he had his supremebeing bone gouged out from him in Martial Imperial Manor. He had endured too much suffering. Where is the supreme being bone? Return it, hurry Help Hao’er take it in,don’t let him die” Qin Yining wailed. She felt as if her heart was tearing and herlungs splitting apart. How could it be like this? Her oldest son didn’t transplant the immortalbone and instead gave his own supreme being bone away!.

How miserable was this?“It is already toolate. Stone Emperor doesn’t have enough supremebeing blood within him, so he won’t be able to nourish the blood. After leaving his body, it would be uselesseven if it was reattached to his body,” Zhang Zhong said. It was mother who was wrong, because of myhesitation, we missed the chance to transplant the bone” Qin Yining grabbed him while sobbingloudly. She was full of remorse. She didn’t want her older son to die, butshe feared her second son becoming injured.

As well. She was always hesitating, and in the end,the chance slipped away. It was now useless even if they transplantedthe immortal bone now. “Mother, don’t blame yourself. How can it be your fault? How can I ask for my younger brother’s bone? I won’t agree to such a thing. How can we gamble with his life? I personally experienced these things andwon’t have him suffer the same pain I’ve.

Gone through.” Shi Hao said softly. Blood flowed out from the corners of his lips. His face became more and more pale. Father, don’t say anymore. Doing this will only make me feel worse. It truly isn’t you two’s fault.” Shi Hao felt his nose becoming sore. He didn’t blame these two.

The first reason was because he definitelydidn’t want that bone, and the second was that he had also thought to himself that ifhe had two children and had to make this decision, what would he do? That would definitely fill him with suffering. Father, mother, all of this truly can’tbe blame on you guys! Give that bone to little brother. This is the same as a continuation of my life,one that will accompany you by your side.” When they heard these words, the husband andwife felt even more grieved inside. Tears continuously flowed out.

Shi Ziling howled. His head of black hair flew about chaoticallylike a demon. His hair fell onto the ground. Divine light erupted from his eyes as he said,Big brother” Qin Hao stood at his side, calling out to him. “Live properly, cherish everything you have. Take care of father and mother.” Shi Hao nodded and said peacefully. “I will become the most powerful personand protect them.”.

Qin Hao said. Shi Hao looked at Zhang Zhong and said, “Greatdoctor, do you have certainty in safely granting him the bone?”Zhang Zhong nodded. “If it was a normal person, then it definitelywouldn’t be possible and incredibly dangerous, but it shouldn’t be a problem with yourmajesty’s brother. Shi Hao frowned and said, “Even though itis a supreme being bone, it is far greater than other bones and flesh. There are some traces of curses on its surface,so you definitely have to be careful.”“This isn’t a problem.

Your Majesty’s brother has a perfect immortalbone that can wipe out the few symbols,” said Zhang Zhong. “Then hurry and carry out the operation.” Shi Hao said. Let’s wait a bit.” Shi Hao shook his head. He wanted to see if that bone could successfullybe reborn. “Little big bro” Qingfeng weeped. His large eyes were completely red.

Back then, it was Shi Hao who brought himto Stone Village, yet they were going to separate like this, never to meet again. Shi Hao sighed. He had also thought about giving the boneto Qingfeng, but he didn’t have supreme being blood in him, so rashly proceeding mightresult in his death. In addition, he might even be cursed. “Success!”Let’s go.” Shi Hao said softly. The ancestral altar shone, opening up a path.

Stone Village’s people travelled in thenight, bringing Shi Hao home. When news got out, Stone Country Capital wasgreatly shaken. “Farewell Stone Emperor!”The voices rumbledlike thunder. Many experts shouted together, shaking thesky and making the entire capital city tremble. The little Stone left. This also meant that he would leave this worldof mortals, never to see it again. “Farewell Stone Emperor!”These voicesrushed into the heavens, resounding through the night sky. Everyone shouted together, shaking heavenand earth.

Everyone bid their farewells together. Sect master, giants of their regions, andpowerful individuals appeared. This was a rare sight that had not been seenfor many years. This is the place.” Shi Hao said softly. At the same time, his face lost color andhis eyes gradually grew dim. His vitality that was forcefully keeping himup weakened. His life had finally reached its end. “No!”“Hao’er, don’t leave us!”Everyonecried out and threw themselves forward!Hao’er,.

Wake up! You cannot close your eyes!”“Child, youhave to hold on! You have just returned and didn’t even geta good look at Stone Village yet! How can you just leave like this? You have to live!”Heart tearing lung splittingcries sounded. Sad and bleak words sounded. Everyone threw themselves forward, carryinghim in their arms. They poured divine force into his body asa final act of keeping him in this world. “Actually I don’t want to leave you guyseither to leave like this, I am already extremely.

Satisfied” Shi Hao’s eyes grew dim, losingexpression. Little Hao, we won’t let you leave!” Pihou felt incredibly anxious. “You have to live, don’t die” Ermengmuttered. He didn’t know what to say and could onlycontinuously repeat himself. Shi Hao’s eyes didn’t have any lusterleft, as if he was a candle that had gone out with the wind. He was about to go out. His life force was scattering away.

He was going to disappear from this worldforever. Shi Ziling was on one side, and Qin Yiningwas on the other. They both grabbed his arm to somehow keephim here, but they were powerless, unable to reverse the situation. The silver peaches are here. Feed them to him and help Hao’er refinethem! An elder roared loudly. Right now, Shi Hao’s eyes were about toclose. They were extremely dark.

He already couldn’t see much anymore. Shi Hao’s body was shining. Every inch of his flesh was surging with multicoloredmist that wrapped around his body. The wine left behind by the Kun Peng was notordinary after all. However, Shi Hao’s eyes remained closed,and his life force didn’t recover. It seemed to have been severed from his bodywith no sign of improving. This made everyone incredibly nervous. None of them could stand still. Along with the passage of time, Shi Hao’sbody released a wine fragrance.

Hazy mist flowed about the surface of hisbody, as if he was sound asleep from drinking too much. Unfortunately, his breathing seemed to stop,which made everyone incredibly worried. Time seemed to be stretched extremely long. After an unknown amount of time passed, afew children whose cultivation weren’t high enough already fell asleep from the alcoholicscent, collapsing here.It was clear how odd this wine was. It possessed unordinary effects. “What a pity it is.

In the end, it was still unable to defy theheavens” Little Red sighed. It and Hairy Ball had ignited their divineflames, so their eyes were naturally powerful. They both couldn’t help but shake theirheads. “He should be able to revive and stay awakefor a short period of time. However, it won’t change anything. It is still just wine that the Kun Peng leftbehind and not some life saving pill medicine.” Hairy Ball said. When everyone heard this, their faces becamedeathly pale. A while later, Shi Hao’s breathing becamea bit more stable, and he finally opened his.

Eyes. He looked around blankly, stirring up criesof alarm. “I’ve made you all worried again.” He weakly opened his mouth. Regardless of whether it was him or everyoneelse, they all knew that there wasn’t much time left. Finally, everyone came to the head of thevillage. Shi Hao sat there, looking at the small potinside the courtyard. He began to laugh.

Everyone else all began to smile in memoryagain, recalling how he was back then, always coming here early in the morning to sneakilycook beast milk so that no one else would find out. What a pity. Willow Deity has left.” Shi Hao sighed softly. He wanted to go to the higher realms and competewith those exceptional talents and heavenlygeniuses, and he also wanted to go to the mysteriousarea to search for Willow Deity. However, in the end, he would never have thechance.

Everyone became silent. If the Willow Deity was still here, everythingcould probably be changed, right? How would it have ended like this? When they saw the spiritual medicines, silverpeach tree and octadic treasure chicken, everyone felt deeply emotional. Back then, Shi Hao was still little, yet hecontinuously brought things back to the village. He was a little adult that always thoughtabout his home. He was still young, but because of him, StoneVillage had already undergone so many transformations. “Little Uncle Hao, you have to live.

Nothing bad will happen.” A little child pulled at the corners of hisclothes while saying with his head raised. Tears filled his eyes. For them, Shi Hao was their best uncle. Every time he returned, he would always bringthem into the great wasteland to run around. They could steal from vicious bird nests andcatch fierce beasts, satisfying all of their dreams. In their hearts, Shi Hao was the most powerful. No one could compare to him.

However, he was going to die today. Every single child was shedding tears. Shi Hao gently caressed these children’sheads. When he saw them, he thought of his own past. He smiled but didn’t say anything. Yue Chan stood in the distance. She didn’t leave Stone Village yet. Her emotions were complex. After she learned about everything, she couldonly sigh.

That evil mother-in-law had even asked herif there was a way to save him. However, even if she helped it was useless. The main body cultivation method requiredtoo much time. Shi Hao wouldn’t last that long at all. He didn’t have that much time. Big Peng, Little Green, and Purple Cloud rushedup, they continuously rubbed their heads against Shi Hao’s body. Their eyes carried tears. They all knew what happened, making them filledwith reluctance.

“You guys have to protect Stone Villagewell. Don’t fly off too far, okay?” Shi Hao warned. The three vicious birds earnestly nodded theirheads. Tears erupted from their eyes. Not far away, a unicorn also ran over. It was Little White, a creature with the potentialto become a heavenly horse. It was entirely pure white, and there wasa pair of wings on its back. It continuously ran around Shi Hao while cryingout.

The red sun set, the setting sun looking likethe color of blood. It was clearly a bleak color. Half the sky became a bloody red. That night, all of Stone Village was filledwith sadness. Sounds of weeping fell endlessly. In the end, they were still helpless in reversingthe heavens. The second day, the multicolored light ofsunrise was still as brilliant as before. However, Shi Hao had already become completelysilent. Everyone placed him into a coffin, raisinghim to that hill, burying him as he wished.

A grave appeared here, one that faced StoneVillage. Here, he could see Stone Village, see thevillagers and forever be together with them. This Video Will End Here…. Thank you for Watching….

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