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Adorable and sweet Non “Nontan” Katagiriwalks up to Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari to ask him to walk home with her. Not only doeshe reject Nontan’s invitation, but this surly guy also insults her. Instead of burstinginto tears, Nontan acknowledges the rejection with a smile and cheerfully goes on her way.Masago Matsuo is the sole eyewitness to this weird interaction. Understandably worried, he asks hisbest friend if he should talk to his girlfriend that way. Yes, you heard that right. This moodydude is Nontan’s boyfriend! Akkun doesn’t answer Matsuo as he sneakily leaves the room. To do what?To stalk his girlfriend and secretly take photos of her, of course! And not just that, Akkun evenrecords Nontan’s cute humming as she walks home. The next day after school, Nontan showsher boyfriend a drawing she made of Ikachu..

As expected, Akkun makes fun of Nontan butthen walks out of the room with the drawing in hand. Matsuo checks on him to see the guyblushing to the max and gushing over his cute girlfriend. Akkun does love Nontan but isa “tsundere” in every sense of the word. Akkun and Nontan walk home togetherafter class. Nontan stumbles over a rock, but Akkun catches her before she can fall,smelling her in the process. Overwhelmed, Akkun pushes her away. While Nontan goeson her way, Akkun calls Matsuo and asks how he can store Nontan’s scent. Matsuojust asks what he plans to do with it. 2After seeing Akkun refuse to take a picture with Nontan, Matsuoasks her if she’s okay with Akkun treating.

Her like he does. Nontan says she likes Akkun andunderstands he’s a tsundere. She’s already used to how Akkun acts because they’ve known each otherfor so long. Plus, Nontan finds Akkun adorable when he tries to hide his embarrassment. But asMatsuo knows, Akkun is as shameless as they get. In class, Nontan tells him it’s the 22nd –AKA husband and wife day. Akkun, of course, gets grumpy at that. They can’trelate to that! Nontan agrees; they can’t relate to it yet. This makes Akkun blush.After school, to Nontan’s surprise, Akkun asks her to walk home together. She tells Akkun how happythis makes her. The sweet smile from this adorable angel is just what Akkun needs. He finally gathersenough courage to hug his girlfriend. However, what comes after every “dere” moment is Akkun’sway of coping with embarrassment. This time,.

It’s to ignore Nontan for three days.Despite being ignored, Nontan has been walking home with Akkun after class. On this particularafternoon, the silently blushing dark blonde tsundere does the unexpected. He smooches Nontan!As sweet as this is for the couple, you can only guess how Akkun reacted afterward. Yup, that'sright—Akkun skips school for five days to cope. 3One fine day at the Kagari household, Akkun eats a meal with his sister Chiho. Chihofinds out just how nutty her brother is after Akkun recites the average number of chews ittakes Nontan to finish her meals. But hey, Akkun isn’t the only nutty person in this house!Chiho, a tsundere like her brother, loves Nontan to bits. She even has Nontan’s picture! Whatsets her apart from Akkun is how she freely.

Shows her “dere” side to Nontan. Meanwhile, her”tsun” side is what Akkun and Matsuo often get. 4After becoming a couple in middle school, Akkun figured it was a very “couple thing” tohave nicknames for each other. So, he came up with “Nontan” to capture his girlfriend’s cutenessto the fullest. The next day in class, though, being the tsundere he is, Akkun failed to say thenickname. As they walked home, it appeared Nontan had a similar idea. The sweet girl easily thoughtof the perfect nickname for her boyfriend, Akkun. Her mom also gave him a photo,and he stuck it on the wall. Well, now his room’s walls are full of photosof Nontan. He still has more pics to put up, but he’s out of space! Akkun then looks upat the ceiling. Yep, plenty of space there!.

5After class, the rain is pouring down, and poor Akkun doesn’t have an umbrella with him. Nontanasks if he wants to share an umbrella with her, which, of course, he viciously rejects. Luckily,Nontan’s not about to let him get drenched. She has not one but two umbrellas with her!At Akkun’s house, Nontan is immediately greeted by a happy Chiho. To Chiho’s irritation, Matsuois still at their house, playing a dating sim on their console. But the guy can't help when hishome console is broken. Give him a break, Chiho! The four then bond over watching the scarymovie Nontan chose. A bit into the film, Matsuo asks for something to drink. Whilepreparing coffee for Matsuo, Akkun realizes how Nontan knows where things are in his house. It’slike they’re married, Akkun thinks. Overjoyed by.

This thought, Akkun barely pays attentionto the coffee he’s making. Poor Matsuo. 6One calm night, Akkun is at Nontan’s house to have dinner with herand her parents. Seiichiro comes home from work, and Tsugumi attends to him immediately. Here,we get to see how the relationship dynamic of Nontan’s parents is exactly what Nontan andAkkun’s relationship is like. Seiichiro is just as much a lovable tsundere as Akkun is. Andit's no surprise they immediately form a kinship, much to Nontan’s delight. They’re gushing overyou through their tsundere mind-meld, Nontan! After dinnertime, Akkun’s parents arriveto pick him up. Sakurako easily gets along with Tsugumi. Meanwhile, Keitahas a happy-go-lucky and upbeat.

Attitude—something Seiichiro can barely keepup with. As Nontan says her goodbyes to Akkun, Seiichiro overhears how mean Akkun is toNontan. He gets up to talk some sense to him, but Seiichiro stops after hearing Tsugumisay how Akkun was exactly like him when he was younger. So, Seiichiro gives him a friendlypat instead and invites him to come over again. 7Konagi Irie, Akkun and Nontan’s friend, is late again.Their teacher, Takumi Kubomura, scolds her for it. She doesn’tcare, though – she’s so into Takumi! In class, Akkun tells her to be goodif she wants to snag Takumi. Uh, okay? Apparently, her grades are slipping becauseof her shenanigans. But no matter what Akkun.

Says to try to set Irie straight, thegirl is just built different, you know? For her, being late to school means more “qualitytime” with Takumi. Oh, Takumi’s scolding her? That’s him calling Irie when he’s bored. She’staking make-up classes after school? Nah, that’s just Takumi wanting to spend moretime with her! As Nontan says, Irie’s an optimist. Too much of an optimist if you ask me.Meanwhile, being the responsible teacher he is, Takumi tries to understand his students better.He doesn't understand why Akkun insults Nontan; they’re together! He gets even moreconfused when Akkun goes wax poetic over Nontan to him. After receiving advicefrom Irie to put himself in Nontan’s shoes, Takumi takes it too literally and asks Akkun toinsult him like Nontan. Sensei, that’s VERY weird!.

8Akkun and Nontan are studying for their tests together.Nontan gets tired of it really fast. So, she does this studying technique Akkun taughther, “remember it by saying it out loud.” Little does she know that Akkun’s recording herrecitations to use for studying himself. To Akkun, if it’s Nontan’s voice, he can memorize anything!The next day, a sad Irie wails to Nontan about how she failed the test according to plan.But Takumi isn’t going to be her make-up classes teacher! What’s the point of failing thetest!? This girl's dedication is something else. After class, Akkun and Nontan walk hometogether. Since summer break is coming, Nontan asks Akkun to go to the beach withher. He doesn’t agree immediately—you know.

How stubborn his “tsun” side is—but Akkun wouldn’tdare disappoint his angel. So, to the beach it is! 9Let’s check in on Chiho and Matsuo! Sure enough, Chiho is still as annoyedwith Matsuo. He’s still playing dating sims at their house! Then Chiho gets baited into blushingafter Matsuo says she’s cute. But he means to say she’s cute because she looks like the girl in thedating sim. Or maybe there’s more to it? Hmmm… We also see Chiho and Matsuo interactingvia email. Well, if you consider responding with a chain mail as an “interaction.”After school, Matsuo heads straight to the Kagari household as per usual. Only this time, he’s metwith Chiho’s wrath after she mistakenly welcomes him home. Then one night, Chiho is walking homefrom school. Being a scaredy-cat, she can’t help.

But cry after Matsuo decides to scare her. Yeah,good luck getting on her good side now, Matsuo. 10The four friends finally make their way to the beach! To Matsuo’s surprise,Akkun is well-composed despite seeing Nontan in a swimsuit. Turns out, though, that Akkundid some “image training” after he and Nontan bought the swimsuit. It pays to be prepared!Later that day, Nontan struggles to fill a floaty with air. This is Akkun’s chance to gethis indirect smooch! Unfortunately for him, it’s blocked by his cheeky sister. Curse her forborrowing a pump! Nontan then notices how Matsuo didn’t bring his game—oh, I mean, girlfriend—tothe beach. Unfortunately, Matsuo’s girlfriend is too frail for the intense heat of thebeach. Just look at that frailness level..

After a fun day at the beach, everyone headshome. But a day’s not complete without Akkun saying something terrifying so casually.Yep, he’s wondering if he can keep Nontan’s skin after it peels off due to sunburn.Akkun, tone the creepiness down, please! 11It’s a calm summer evening, perfect for the summer festival! Nontan shows herdad her cute kimono, looking more angelic than usual. In a total bro move, Seiichiro warnsAkkun to prepare himself. But even with the forewarning, Akkun fails to keep his composure.After almost losing Nontan in the festival crowd, Akkun holds her hand, too scared by what happenedto feel embarrassed. They then go to the goldfish scooping booth. And though Nontan can’t manageto catch a fish, she sure caught Akkun’s heart..

The sight of her focused on the game makes Akkunsmile—a rare smile Nontan feels fortunate to see. Meanwhile, Irie zeroes in on Takumi, determinedto spend time with him at the festival. She succeeds since we see them together late into thefestival after a seemingly drunk Nontan hugs Irie. 12Still at the summer festival, Matsuo sees Chiho lostin the crowd. Despite her “tsun” antics, Matsuo patiently helps Chiho look for herfriend. He even buys her a candied apple, which, as expected, Chiho uses to try and hit Matsuo.Meanwhile, Akkun and Nontan make it to a great spot just in time to see the fireworks. Nontanwonders if Akkun researched the route and place in advance. I bet he did; anything for his preciousangel! One interesting thing I noticed—Akkun.

Didn’t call Nontan uggo! Yup, not even once!Back to Matsuo and Chiho. They finally see Chiho’s friend, Yui. Before leaving, Chiho thanksMatsuo in a rare display of her “dere” side. 13Never mind—Akkun calls Nontan uggo again immediately the next day in class. AsNontan recalls their childhood to Matsuo, it turns out that Akkun has been calling her uggo sincegrade school. Big or small, Akkun is still Akkun. At first, Nontan thought Akkun was scary. Butthat changed after he helped her catch the rabbit that escaped from the shed. Since then, Nontanhas tried her best to become Akkun’s friend. Um, including some stalkerish behaviors that mayor may not have inspired Akkun when he grew up. Back to the present, Matsuo notes toa blushing Nontan how she didn’t just.

Succeed at becoming Akkun’s friend.She even became his girlfriend! While outside the classroom, thestalker BF eavesdrops on their conversation and cries tears of joy. He’sone lucky guy to have Nontan in his life! 14Today’s not just any other day—it’s Halloween!Knowing Nontan loves this occasion, Akkun has come prepared with a bag ofsweets. But is he mentally prepared for Nontan’s possible costumes? That’s debatable.Lucky for him, Nontan is dressed as a ghost. Somewhere else in the school, Irie tries her lucktrick-or-treating with Takumi. He doesn’t have any sweets to give, though, so Irie decides to trickhim instead. She declares she'll answer Takumi's.

Next English quiz in traditional Japanese.Takumi sure hopes Irie uses her smarts seriously. At the Kagari residence, Matsuo isplaying his dating sim as usual, with an irritated Chiho behind him. Chiho thinksit’s very unlikely Matsuo will have sweets with him. So, it's a perfect opportunity totrick the guy! But before she can even finish saying “trick-or-treat,” Matsuo hands her aspecial-looking pastry. Talk about being prepared! 15The next meeting between the pairs is a kabedon special! This “wallslam” moment has taken the girls by storm. First, Irie draws a whole page of manga,showing Takumi doing the kabedon to her. She’s surprisingly good at drawing!Next up, Chiho gets into a kabedon situation.

With Matsuo, but she doesn't really get it. Yui,on the other hand, is crazy for the kabedon. The news is also showing this craze! Chihostill doesn’t understand it, though. Akkun, wrapped like a burrito, tells Chihonot to underestimate its power. You see, Akkun has gotten an angry kabedon fromNontan. Why? Because she’s angry! Her boyfriend didn’t go to the infirmary despite his fever!Nontan’s kabedon is extremely effective. But it seems to be doing more harmthan good to Akkun’s condition! 16During lunchtime, Matsuo finds out Chiho prepares Akkun’slunch. Akkun then allows him to take anything he likes. At home, Chiho findsout Matsuo ate the egg roll she made,.

And she flips! This pushes her to devise an evilplan. The next day, Chiho prepares Matsuo’s lunch, making it the girliest lunch possible toembarrass Matsuo. That backfires as Matsuo’s classmates flock to him to see his cute lunch.On her next attempt, Chiho prepares a lunch filled with food Matsuo dislikes. But this planis a bust, too. With how carefully she prepared everything, Matsuo ends up commenting on howChiho would make a good wife. Chiho fumes at this, but instead of confronting him, she endsup creeped out by the half-awake Matsuo. 17After school, the gang gathers at the Kagari residences, including Tsugumi. With therain pouring down hard and trains have stopped, they all decide to sleep over. After dinner,Nontan and Akkun do the dishes together. Nontan.

Says she is nervous about staying over, whichmakes Akkun break the plate he’s drying. It's only now that he has processed their situation. Hecalms down eventually after realizing Nontan means she’s nervous because Sakurako likes scaring them.Later that night, Chiho goes downstairs and sees Matsuo awake. Matsuo bids her good night,making Chiho giggle at how weird it feels to have him say that to her face. After theroom goes dark, Keita appears from behind the sofa. The poor dad’s about to cry justafter seeing Chiho is somewhat close to a guy. 18Time flies by, and it's now Christmas! Akkun and Nontan aredoing their Christmas shopping together when they bump into Takumi. As they exchange some holidaygreetings, a pink reindeer comes charging in..

Guess who? It's Irie, of course! Takumi pats heron the head and tells her to do her best but not overwork herself. He then leaves after greetingher with a merry Christmas. Look at Irie go! Somewhere else in town, Matsuo is accompanyingChiho on her Christmas shopping. Though annoyed that he tagged along, Chihiro offers ahandkerchief to Matsuo after he sneezes. The four meet up at the Kagari residence tocelebrate Christmas. Akkun and Chiho’s glaring match is stopped short by Nontan pointing atthe snow outside. They make a cute snow rabbit, as Akkun recalls a failed attemptto be Nontan’s Santa Claus. Yeah, Akkun, stick to gifts that won’tget you interrogated by the cops! 19It’s the first day of the new year!.

Akkun and Seiichiro intensely greet each other,something they always do. Is this a tsundere thing? At the local shrine, Akkun, Nontan, Matsuo,and Chiho make their wish for the new year. They each take a fortune slip, with Nontan getting the“excellent luck” fortune. Akkun is happy for her despite getting the “worst luck” for himself.While the girls pick out charms, Akkun sadly reports to Matsuo that Nontan wasn’t in his firstdream of the year. Aw, poor Akkun—and that’s after all the, um, “preparation” he made. On theirway home, Nontan shares she dreamt of Akkun, which makes her really happy. Akkun is touchedby this and remembers his wish to be a little nicer to her this year. To make it cometrue, he starts by holding Nontan’s hand. 20It’s clean-up.

Day for Akkun’s class. As cleaning gets tiresomequickly, Irie motivates herself by looking forward to marriage with Takumi as her reward. Nontanand Irie join some of the girls from their class, while Akkun stays with Matsuo. Akkun says he wantsNontan to spend time with others, not just him. While picking up trash, Matsuo spots Chihowith her friends and waves to her. All three of Chiho’s friends immediately fawn overMatsuo, much to Chiho’s irritation. Yui recognizes Matsuo as the guy Chiho was with atthe summer festival. This immediately makes the three think Matsuo is Chiho’s boyfriend. Fed upwith the teasing and Matsuo not denying anything, Chiho declares he’s “The Enemy of Humankind.”Just admit you like the guy already, Chiho! 21One day in class,.

Irie recalls how she first met and fellfor Takumi. When she was in middle school, she was checking out this high school but gotseparated from her friend. Takumi found her, and that was the moment. Irie swore she'll getinto this high school, and Takumi's peaceful school days were officially over when she did.In present times, after goofing around and getting soaked by the water hose, Takumi lends Iriehis jacket. This kindness from the guy she’s crazy over melts Irie. And before she goesto change clothes, she declares her sincere love for Takumi. The honesty of her words makesTakumi red. Sensei… she’s still your student! 22After school, Matsuo drops by Akkun’s house to return the book he borrowed.To his surprise, a crying Chiho opens the door for.

Him. What could’ve happened? Oh, it’s a cockroach!Thankfully, Matsuo gets rid of it immediately. He washes his hands afterward, and Chiho thankshim by handing him a towel. It’s wholesome until Chiho compares Matsuo to the cockroach.In the kitchen, the two chill for a bit. Matsuo wonders what he’ll be good at in the future.Chiho takes this as an opportunity to insult the guy. But instead of saying mean things,Chiho throws in a lot of compliments. Like how Matsuo is handsome and kind. This confusesthe heck out of Chiho. She wonders why she said those weird things. Is something wrongwith her? Nah, girl, you’re just in love! 23While heading home after school with Akkun, Nontan notices something in a shop. It brings backfond memories from middle school. Back then, Akkun.

Was sick at home, so Nontan went to his placeto drop off his schoolwork. On the way, she saw something in the shop that piqued her interest.Once at Akkun’s place, Nontan showed Akkun the things she had brought—a sports drink,jelly, and the green onion plushie she saw in the shop. It's creepy-looking, but ina cute way, I guess? Akkun then told Nontan it was unnecessary and that she should go home.But he started burning up from the fever, so Nontan tried to get some towels. Heheld on to her skirt before she could move away. His fevered mind reeled withall the things he wanted to say to Nontan: “I’m happy. You’re cute. I like you.”And lucky him, because Nontan liked him back! So, that’s how it all started for Nontan andAkkun. Back to the present, Nontan holds the.

Green onion plushie from the shop. Yeah, maybeit was their cupid—a creepy, green cupid. 24At school, Nontan shows her friends the videocam sheborrowed from her dad. Everyone’s excited to create memories together, except for Akkun.While eavesdropping, Akkun hears Nontan say she'd like him to call her by her first name.Matsuo films a stiff Takumi on the school grounds, with Irie barging in the shot. He notices Akkunisn’t back yet, so Nontan goes to find him. Akkun is on the rooftop, trying to practice saying”Nontan.” But all he can say is, “No-no-no-no—” Embarrassed by Nontan suddenly appearing,Akkun says he hates it when Nontan pesters him. Hearing him say “hate” makes Nontan cry.At home, Matsuo tells Chiho that he prevented.

Akkun from committing seppuku. Akkunswears never to use the word “hate” again. 25The next day, everyone gathers to watch the videos theyfilmed. It starts with Takumi and Irie, with the present Irie sporting a shorterhairstyle. Then next comes Sakurako and Keita. Poor Keita can’t stand the idea ofChiho becoming Matsuo or anyone’s bride. Tsugumi and Seiichiro give their greetings next.Seiichiro says that he and Akkun are VERY alike. This prompts Irie to ask where Akkun is. He’sapparently in “dere” mode, according to Nontan. Chiho shows up in the video next, followed bya sleeping Matsuo with his dating sim. Lastly, Akkun appears in the video, trying his bestto say “Non.” Non-verbal communication,.

Non-activist, non-preemptive multitasking.Just as he is about to burst, the curtain in the room opens, and Akkun jumps in tosuccessfully call his girlfriend “Non.” The lovebirds are far from being the perfectcouple. They have such a long way to go. But one thing's for sure: Akkun loves his belovedangel, and Nontan loves her sweet tyrant.

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