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Shanks is one of the most important characters in the world of One Piece he is also one of the very first characters that odor introduced in his story courtesy of the romance Dawn Arc from the very beginning of the story it was quite clear that Shanks would be a crucial character moving forward he inspired Luffy to become a pirate and.

Put him on the path of finding the one piece Shanks didn't appear in many chapters at the beginning of the story however the impact he had was profound one of the most impactful scenes with Shanks came right at the end of the romance Dawn Arc where he ended up losing his arm while trying to save Luffy's life often we have wondered why.

Oda decided to cut off his arm and there is a very simple reason for that and in this video we will talk all about this but before starting this video if you are new here please like and share this video And subscribe to our channel for more videos Shanks ended up losing his arm at the very beginning of one piece this event actually took place 10 years.

Before Luffy set out on his journey and we only got to see it through a flashback Luffy spent the vast majority of his childhood in fuchsia Village and there he met a pirate named who had been camping in the East blue for around the year Luffy became great friends with Shanks and his crew and immediately took a very strong liking to him eventually.

He wanted to join his crew and to that end Luffy often wanted to prove his bravery to Shanks given that the red-haired pirate was a person he respected quite a lot however when one day higuma a mountain Bandit came down and disrespected Shanks Luffy was absolutely infuriated at his inability to do anything about it Luffy wanted.

Shanks to fight back but when the red-haired pirate laughed it off he was upset to the point where he decided to take things into his own hands naturally Luffy ended up getting himself into trouble and that is where higuma took Luffy with him the coastal King soon made his entry and would have gobbled both of them up had it not been for.

Shanks who ended up saving Luffy at the expense of his arm scaring the Sea Beast away Shanks decided to save what he believed was the leader of the Next Generation Shanks then ended up entrusting his beloved Straw Hat to Luffy and challenged him to meet him at the very top all thanks to him Luffy has now become an emperor of the and it is.

Only a matter of time before he ends up meeting Shanks once again well Oda has an original plan for Shanks one of the Striking features of shanks's character design is his missing arm we know that Shanks is a very powerful pirate and he would have been even stronger if he had his other arm it is surprising to know that odor initially did not intend to.

Cut off shank's arm at all this means we could very likely have seen Shanks with both his arms in the story if it weren't for the advice of order's editor according to him Shanks needed to lose an arm to spice up the story a bit more perhaps the editor found the scene not moving enough without some sort of sacrifice and Shanks losing his arm was.

More emphatic to him needless to say his advice was certainly not wrong given that Shanks losing his arm certainly did Elevate the scene quite a lot Shanks giving up an arm for Luffy made the romance Dawn Arc of one piece in iconic Arc it is the most memorable scene from this Arc and one that has reverberated through the history of the series to.

This day we recognize that scene as the moment where it all started it is also very apparent that Luffy's respect for Shanks which was already great elevated even further after this the fact that Shanks was willing to give up his arm for Luffy and potentially even his life just goes to show that he was indeed like a guardian to him furthermore it.

Also taught Luffy about the meaning of sacrifice when Sanji was willing to give up his life for the sake of zeph it was Luffy who stopped him from doing that telling him that Jeff did not sacrifice his legs so Sanji could give away his life this forced Luffy to mature at a very early age in certain aspects and has shaped his character to this day so.

How shang's character was affected while Shanks losing his arm greatly affected Luffy and saved him at a very young age it also did the same to Shanks himself when Shanks ended up losing his arm he was one of the brightest pirates in the grand line someone who even Whitebeard heard quite often about for him to have returned from the East blue without an.

Arm meant that Shanks were seen in a very different light Whitebeard attributed Shanks losing his arm to fighting a great enemy while Shang simply goes on to say that he bet it on the new era it was quite clear to see the shanks had absolutely no regrets about this and that he was proud to have fought Luffy on the path of becoming the.

Pirate king at the same time Shanks also Rose through the ranks after losing his arm before Shanks was only an elite pirate however six years after losing his arm he ended up becoming one of the four Emperors of the sea despite having lost what appeared to be his dominant arm if shimes hadn't lost his arm perhaps he would have been even stronger.

Today and there would have been no competition among the yonko at all in a way odor cutting off his arm also served to make him more human When taking into consideration the incredible power that he already possesses without an arm most importantly Shanks losing his arm greatly affected his rivalry with dracul mihawk these two characters have a very.

Deep history and have engaged in countless duels which Whitebeard said reverberated across the grand line for quite a long time their duels were said to be legendary and we are led to believe that most of them if not all were draws Shanks losing his arm meant that mihawk could no longer fight him given that defeating a man without an.

Arm would leave a sour taste in his mouth as he would then assume the victory was not fair this also then pushed mahop to find another rival just when he thought he had lost his biggest rival he ran into Zorro although he disposed of Zorro very quickly mayhawk certainly knew that this person would one day go on to reach Great Heights and.

Challenge him for the throne of the strongest right now Zorro has reached Great Heights as well and he is certainly going to catch up to mihawk and eventually even defeat him meanwhile Luffy will end up meeting Shanks once again and when that happens we will get to see an incredible reunion between these two characters perhaps more value.

Would be attached to shank's arm that he gave up palufi when these two come face to face for now we can only sit back and wait for this incredible reunion to happen one piece is now in its final Saga and that only means this reunion is now very close and that's all for today I hope you all enjoy this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us.

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