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The biggest and most mysterious villain in the entire one piece Saga the secret king of the world emo returns with a shocking Revelation not only emu reveals their existence but he also drops the first clue about their real identity which could be tied to the alabaster Kingdom in the recent chapter of One Piece Luffy's brother Sabo reveals to.

His fellow revolutionary Army leaders dragon and ivankorp what actually happened during his infiltration of Mary Joeys at the time of the last legally while Sabo was searching for the keys of the slave callers inside Pangea castle in the room of the empty Throne the five Elders met king cobra of the alabaster Kingdom Cobra asked about the fate of.

Queen Lily the founder of his dynasty and one of the 20 monarchs who created the world government 800 years before Lily was the only one of the 20 who refused to remain in Mary Joy's and become a Celestial Dragon preferring to return to her kingdom however according to COBRA she never made it back to Alabaster at this point of the King's.

Story IMU appears revealing their existence that's supposed to be a secret it to everyone except the five Elders is it possible that emu has a connection with the alabaster Kingdom according to what almost every person in the world knows the 19 founders of the world government decided that to avoid the rise of a dictator they would share.

Power equally to symbolize this they created the empty throne and each of them placed a weapon around it symbolizing their wow to never sit on it however in this chapter of One Piece it's revealed that there is one person that has the right to actually sit on the throne and to which even the five Elders bow emu this character is still a.

Complete mystery and his real appearance and gender are still hidden however the mention of nefertari Lily is the first major clue to immu's real identity in chapter 1084 IMU appears after Cobra asks the five Elders about the meaning of the one of the main Mysteries of the one-piece world after that he mentions a letter that was left behind by Lily and.

Passed down to her successes this prompts emu to reveal their presence and boldly sit on the throne in front of Cobra who should not even be aware of his existence moreover emu pronounces the word lily hinting that he has indeed a connection with the ancient ruler of alabaster we are obviously already going wild with theories with some even.

Proposing that emo could be Lily herself but at the moment it's all mere speculation it's also possible that the secret of emu will be exposed soon the mysterious emu already showed their power when they erased the country of lulusia from the map using what's supposed to be the ancient weapon Uranus we also know that Cobra will be killed.

After this conversation probably to preserve emu's secret apparently Sabo witnessed everything including emu's presence which is why the world government blamed Cobra's death on him now that the revolutionaries know about emu the biggest secret in the world will likely be exposed soon causing a major upheaval the connection between emu and.

Queen Lily of the alabaster kingdom is a shocking one but what's making us so excited is that when the flashback continues in the next chapter there is a good chance that the secret of immu will finally be revealed at least in power foreign and that's it for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it.

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