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One piece has officially named the strongest characters in the series and this title goes to its new villains the seraphim pacifista cyborgs after making an impressive debut against Blackbeard the seraphim are now ready to take on the straw hat Pirates their creator the genius Dr Vega Punk confirms that they are the strongest creatures ever to.

Appear in the world of One Piece the seraphim are the most advanced version of pacifista cyborgs created by Dr Vega punt to be the ultimate weapons used by the Navy and the world government against Pirates the first models of pacifista to appear in the series were modeled after Bartholomew Kumar a former warlord of the sea and an officer of the.

Revolutionary Army who accepted to become Vega Punk's test subject for unknown reasons more recently one piece revealed that Vega Punk has actually cloned all former members of the Warlords mixing their genes with those of the ultra powerful lunarian race and adding further technological improvements the resulting creatures.

Despite still being children are so strong that they can easily withstand the blows of Blackbeard who is one of the series these most powerful characters chapter 1070 of One Piece confirms that the seraphim also have an additional tool in their Arsenal in the form of devil fruit Powers Vega Punk explains to his new allies the straw hat.

Pirates that the only type of devil fruit he was able to create artificially are zones for paramesha however he found the special type of artificial green blood synthesized from the DNA of devil fruit users that can confer their same Powers through a transfusion Vega Punk used this technique to give his seriform the powers of their corresponding.

Warlords for example Bo Hancock's Mero Mero know me to her seraphim clone or brand new powers for the Clones of Warlords who have not eaten a devil fruit for example jinber's clone received the powers of the suisunomi of sanyoping as a result the seraphim are the strongest creatures who ever appeared in the Seas according to.

Vegapunk one piece is seraphim are the series strongest creatures the scientists claim is a huge one considering that the world of One Piece has witnessed the appearance of incredibly powerful individuals such as those to received the title of Emperors of the sea Whitebeard kaido big mom Shanks Blackbeard and most recently.

Luffy however Vega Punk's claim is not unsubstantiated in their first appearance one seraphim the one modeled after dracul mihok withstood the blows of Blackbeard enhanced by the powers of his two devil fruits and came out without a scratch the former Warlords were all very strong pirates and their clones have been enhanced using the DNA.

Of the lunarians a legendary near extinct race whose members came to be known as Divine beings due to their unnatural resilience and power the addition of devil fruit Powers makes the seraphim so over the top that it's hard to see how Luffy and the straw hats will be able to deal with them fortunately it appears that the seraphim have at least.

A couple of weaknesses that can be exploited they follow orders under a precise chain of command which sees Vega Punk at number two only below the five Elders also judging from a brief interaction with the boar Hancock seraphim it seems that they retain at least a fragment of the personality of the person they were own from meaning.

They are not completely soulless machines However the fact remains that the seraphim are currently Under The Firm control of the world government agents of cp0 meaning that Luffy and the straw hats will now have to deal with what could just be the strongest creatures in the one piece World well what are your thoughts about this share.

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  1. I mediate that one other option is to homicide the declare chip reciever for the Seraphim to Liberate them from the chain of declare nonetheless every will possible be positioned someplace refined to rep to on every Corresponding Seraphim.

  2. one other thing that hints that the Seraphim can grow to be comely and just right resources is that they’re named after top possible choir of Angels in Western and Christian beliefs. Here is presumably why they are named the Strongest Creatures and Vegapunk known as them the Strongest by pumping them with the most productive corresponding genes. If they grow up correctly, they will moreover grow to be just right guardians that are now not necessarily staunch to the federal government and Vegapunk can be taught illogical issues corresponding to being their accurate parental figure giving him the next morale compass. As of late we gape Vegapunk as a lateral model of thinker, if he has a generous recommendation he pushes it to its restrict and switches to one other one when he has one nonetheless never is related to nurturing one exhibiting he has low quantities of empathy. He even abnormal Sentomaru's background who used to be presumably from Kaido's ruined model of Wano nonetheless if Sentomaru sees what Luffy did to Wano he’ll worship Luffy a ways more. Vegapunk seemingly lacks that empathy and the apple on his head is moreover doubtlessly a twin pun on the fruit of data of the Bible which explains why Oda even named his top possible creations the Seraphim.

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