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A0 order already revealed everything about Luffy's mother and there's a theory which proved it however at first I wanted to make sure that it's not about the crocodile or any other character as Luffy's mother it's all about the real mother of Luffy but before we start this video I request all of you to watch this video till the end.

So it will help you to understand it in the best way first I want to start talking about Luffy's family situation as far as we know until now and by we know I mean what we believe we know about Luffy's family we believe Garth had a wife and had Dragon at some point of his life we don't know anything about gap's wife then we think Dragon married.

A woman and had Luffy who was raised with Ace by Garth his grandfather well I think we've been fooled by order I think what Gap had was a daughter not a son so dragon is still Luffy's father and a monkey but just because he married gap's daughter about which I already made a video in detail you can check it out link is in the description however let.

Me explain why I believe this first off GARP has never stated specifically that dragon is his son when he told Luffy about Dragon he mentioned him as your father never my son it was the Marines who were present who assumed if Luffy is God's grandson and dragon's son then dragon is gobskid I think this was a movement from order to make us believe.

That Dragon was God's son by the way God does not look very happy talking about Dragon a few chapters later Gob says to Luffy you're the son of my child odor bothered to choose the word child which is gender neutral to hide the gender of God's child so by now we have the possibility of God's child being actually a daughter now let's move on to.

Another Point second is gap's Obsession for Luffy and Ace to become Marines and not be criminals where does this Obsession come from some might think it's because God despises criminals or people who are against the government or maybe because he just wanted to see his grandsons as strong Marines and be proud of them but in chapter 556 Gap clearly.

Shows the reason why is because he wanted to protect them God did not want to see his family killed by Justice so he intended to to keep them on the Justice side AKA Marines in order to keep them safe why would God think about that in the first place if dragon is actually his son let me tell you this makes no sense God does not hate Luffy.

Because he is a criminal so Gob does not hate criminals I don't think he wanted them as Marines just to be proud of them and why would he want to protect them from the government if he already has a criminal son and is doing pretty well my point is Garth wanted to protect Luffy and Ace from being criminals because he already had a traumatic experience with.

This and with that I mean he already lost an important member of his family by The Hand of Justice I think this member is Luffy's mother and God's daughter turning to chapter 556 this chapter might foreshadow what happened to Luffy's mother in this chapter doflamingo gives a speech about what is Justice and the situation of the world.

Which could mean Luffy's mom died because of some kind of Injustice from the government then we have God talking to Ace and crying he could be this hurt because he was in this situation he already lived and he really tried to avoid and then at the end of the chapter we have Luffy falling from the sky to save Ace maybe this symbolizes that.

Luffy is his mother last hope he was born to rescue his mother's dreams as well as he fell on marineford to rescue Ace maybe it sound a bit like fan fiction but I have not finished yet all this stuff happens in chapter 556 and recently I noticed this number somewhere else yes Luffy's Gladiator name and number Lucy 0556 this is a huge.

Foreshadow do you really think Oda would waste a chance like this to foreshadow something important he even wastes an entire panel to show Luffy's Gladiator name and the exact number he is wearing so if all of this is true the name of Luffy's mother is Monkey D Lucy and she was goff's daughter which was very loved she had ideas or dreams similar to.

Luffy's so she ended being considered a criminal during her journey she met dragon and he fell in love with her and ended up marrying her and they had Luffy however Justice killed Lucy and this left dragon and Dot devastated they chose different paths Gap would take care of his daughter person and raise him to be a strong Marine in order to.

Protect him from the government however Dragon changed his surname to Monkey to honor his wife and started a fight against the world following Lucy's ideas in order to keep her flame alive Luffy will take and fulfill his mother's dreams without even knowing it that's why he is her last hope to be saved well that's all I have for now I hope I.

Didn't go you it looks a bit like a fanfic though but it's not like it's impossible by the way Luffy himself stated he does not look a thing like his father but he does look like his grandfather so he may look like his mom well what are your thoughts on this Theory share your thoughts with us in the comments and that's it for today I.

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