On a prepare, man attempted to assassinate a younger lady, unaware that she was once a engaging assassin

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1. I was addicted to the hokey pokey…but Iturned myself around. Today, I'm going to recap a 2022 action comedyfilm called: Bullet Train. The film opens at a hospital in Tokyo. Yuichi Kimura ”The Father” is by the bedsideof his son Wataru, who has been pushed off a rooftop while his father was absent. Yuichi’s father, “The Elder,” arrivesand reminds his son that fathers are supposed to protect their families. Yuichi goes off to find whoever hurt his son.

An assassin named Ladybug is returning towork after a leave of absence. He considers the name ironic, as he doesn’tbelieve he is lucky like ladybugs usually are. He is also filling in for another assassin,Carver, who is sick. Ladybug speaks to his handler, Maria Beetle,who assigns him to board a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Kyoto. His task is to recover a briefcase containingmoney with a train sticker on the handle. As he makes his way over, Ladybug gets bumpedinto by Yuichi, causing him to drop a key to a locker and his train ticket.

Ladybug breaks into the locker to find a gun,but he declines to take it, despite Maria’s insistence. Onboard the train are “twin” brother assassins,Tangerine and Lemon. They were sent by a crime boss known as “TheWhite Death” to recover his son, as he is a junkie that can’t be trusted on his own. Lemon lives much of his philosophy based on“Thomas The Tank Engine,” and he relates certain people to characters from the show. Tangerine explains to Lemon how White Deathwas a Russian wanderer who ended up working as the right-hand man of a Yakuza boss namedMinegishi until he ended up forming his gang.

And betraying Minegishi and killing him. While keeping the Son company, the brothersargue about how many people they killed altogether (one was an innocent bystander in the wrongplace at the wrong time). Yuichi boards the train after finding a leadon who pushed Wataru. He is tased by an assassin called “The Prince,”who poses as an innocent schoolgirl to throw people off to her true nature. When he wakes up, she tells him that she pushedWataru to lure Yuichi to her, as he supplied Lemon and Tangerine with the briefcase. She wants Yuichi’s help rigging the briefcaseand giving it to White Death to kill him.

Prince has also rigged a gun to blow his headup when the trigger is pulled. To force Yuichi to cooperate, Prince tellshim that she has a henchman at the hospital, ready to kill Wataru if he doesn’t hearfrom her. Ladybug recovers the briefcase but is toldby the conductor that he has to get off at the first stop because he doesn’t have histicket. Before he steps out, he is found by anotherassassin known as “The Wolf.” A flashback shows Wolf working his way upin the cartel under a boss called El Saguaro and finding a wife. However, everyone at Wolf’s wedding waspoisoned, including El Saguaro and Wolf’s.

Wife. He believes Ladybug is responsible for theirdeaths, and he attempts to kill him. The two fight in the bar car before Wolf’sknife bounces off the briefcase and plunges into his heart, killing him. Ladybug covers up Wolf’s wounds and callsMaria. She informs him that he was a cocktail waiterat Wolf’s wedding, and the tequila served there was spiked with poison from a boomslangsnake, which was stolen from a zoo in Tokyo and is actually on the train. Lemon and Tangerine discover the missing briefcase,and the Son has also been poisoned.

They cover his face up and clean the bloodbefore going off to find Ladybug. Ladybug encounters Lemon in the quiet carand recognizes him from a job in Johannesburg. They fight, with Ladybug trying to disarmLemon. Ladybug ultimately knocks Lemon out and spikeshis water bottle with sleeping powder. Ladybug then switches clothing with anotherpassenger and talks to Maria again. She tells him that another assassin, “TheHornet,” was hired by White Death and is on the train. Meanwhile, Tangerine has to get off at thenext stop briefly to meet with White Death’s goons to assure them that the job is goingaccording to plan.

Tangerine finds Ladybug and fights him, believingthat Ladybug poisoned White Death’s son. Ladybug opens an emergency door and causesthe two to nearly fly out of the train before pulling themselves back in. White Death contacts Tangerine to let himknow that if they do not show up with the Son and the briefcase, he will kill everyoneon the train. The two attempt to fool White Death’s menby posing as brothers and using a different briefcase, but Ladybug accidentally opensit and blows their cover, forcing them to run back onto the train. Ladybug kicks Tangerine off the train beforeit starts moving again, but he manages to.

Hop back on board before it pulls away toofast. Lemon comes across Yuichi and Prince, andhe quickly determines that both of them are not there for noble purposes. Lemon shoots Yuichi, but he knows not to trustPrince. Unfortunately, he drank the spiked water andended up passing out. Prince shoots Lemon in the chest and stasheshim and Yuichi in the bathroom. Ladybug runs into Hornet, who was in disguiseon the train as an anime character, before swapping clothes with the concession girl. She steals the boomslang snake from the zooand uses its venom to kill her victims, as.

The venom thickens the blood and makes thevictims bleed from every orifice. Hornet poisoned everyone at Wolf’s wedding,as she was also there as a pastry chef. Ladybug fights Hornet, who is there to collecther payment. She tries to stick him with a syringe containingthe venom, but he takes a light jab while sticking her with the rest of it. Hornet tries to administer the antivenom,but Ladybug takes it from her first and watches her crawl away to die. Tangerine finds Lemon’s body in the bathroomand tries to go after his killer. He talks to White Death again, who says thathe bought every last ticket to Kyoto so there.

Would only be the remaining few on the train. Tangerine runs into Prince and is almost fooledby her until he sees Lemon left a sticker of the character Diesel from “Thomas,”meaning he knew she was a villain. Before Tangerine can kill Prince, Ladybugfinds him again and fights him, ending with Ladybug shooting Tangerine in the neck, leavinghim to bleed out before he can warn Ladybug about Prince. Ladybug tries to get Prince off the trainat the next stop, but she deliberately keeps them on, fooling him with her innocent act. The Elder then boards the train since he overheardPrince on the phone and knew something was.

Wrong on the train. He sits near Ladybug and Prince until Ladybuggets scared away when the boomslang snake comes and bites him. The Elder confronts Prince, who prepares asher henchman gets ready to kill Wataru. However, The Elder prepared for this and hadhis assassin posing as a nurse, and she kills Prince’s guy before he can touch Wataru. Prince flees, and Ladybug returns. The Elder talks to him about how Ladybug thinkshe is unlucky and leaves him with the belief that everything happens for a reason.

He also tells the story of how he was Minegishi’soriginal confidant before White Death betrayed them, and he vowed revenge on White Deathfor the death of his wife. Yuichi and Lemon then woke up, and Lemon waswearing a bulletproof vest. When he sees that Tangerine is dead, he becomesenraged and tries to go after Ladybug, but Yuichi and The Elder have them work togetheras they prepare to face White Death. The train arrives in Kyoto as White Deathprepares to board. Prince confronts him, and it is revealed thatthey are father and daughter. She wants to get his attention since he favorshis son, and she attempts to get him to kill himself with the rigged gun, but he walksaway from trying to kill her.

The others confront him outside while WhiteDeath’s goons try to open the rigged briefcase. White Death then explains that everyone onthat train was there because he orchestrated it – he wanted revenge for the death ofhis wife, who was killed in a car accident that was an assassination attempt on him. Lemon and Tangerine killed White Death’smen on a job in Bolivia, and he supplied them with info on other assassins. He also did not care for his son, as his wife’sattempt to bail him out again from his crimes led to her death. Hornet was lured there because she poisonedthe surgeon that could have saved his wife’s.

Life. Finally, he believes Ladybug is Carver, whoorchestrated the assassination attempt. He was betting on all the assassins to killeach other. The briefcase then explodes just as Lemongets the train to start running. Ladybug runs back on and is chased by WhiteDeath and his goons. The Elder battles White Death on the trainwhile Ladybug and Lemon fight off the henchmen as the train speeds out of control. As they kill the henchmen, Ladybug attemptsto hit the emergency brakes. Lemon throws himself and the last henchmanout of the train as they pass over a bridge.

Before White Death can kill The Elder, Ladybughits the brakes, and Elder seizes an opportunity to impale his enemy close to death. The train then derails and crashes into atown. The surviving men exit the train, and WhiteDeath attempts to execute Ladybug, but he grabs the rigged gun and blows half his headoff. Prince then tries to finish off Ladybug andthe Kimuras, but she gets run over by a tangerine truck. Maria then arrives in person to rescue Ladybugwhile he part with the Kimuras. He has embraced a positive outlook on lifeand believes he is lucky…until a telephone.

Pole comes crashing down onto Maria’s car,forcing them to walk. As the credits start, we see that Lemon survivedthe fall off the train and hijacked the tangerine truck so he could run over Prince and avengeTangerine. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you watched the wholemovie. Thank you very much for watching. Please subscribe for more videos like this.

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