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In 1846, three shipwrecked sailors find anuncharted island, but instead of finding refuge, the three men find themselves in a mysteriouscommunity that isn't what it seems. A trio of shipwrecked survivors namedOliver, Jim, and Ferris is lost at sea. They argue about their location when Ferrissuddenly spots an island in the distance. Meanwhile, someone spots them and watchesthem row toward the beach. They disembark, and Ferris and Jim scavenge the area for woodwhile the wounded Oliver stays behind. The man watching them earlier appearsbefore the group. Though initially shocked, the group is relieved to see another humanbeing. The man introduces himself as Fingal MacLeod and welcomes them to the island. Heinvites them to follow him, but Oliver thinks.

They should build a fire by the shore first sothat the other survivors can locate them. However, Fingal insists they should returnto his cottage to rest, and Ferris agrees, citing that Oliver needs medicalattention. Oliver reluctantly concedes, and the group follows theolder man to his home. At the cottage, the men tell Fingalthat they're merchants who got shipwrecked due to their captain insistingon following a light through the mist. Fingal dodges questions about the island's exactlocation and a return boat to mainland Scotland. He complies with Oliver's requests and leavesthe group to light a fire by the beach. Meanwhile, Korrigan Mcleod and Lanthe Innismeet up and talk about the arrival of the.

Three survivors. They’re ecstatic as theybelieve that the men can help them. Back at the cottage, the men are restless. Oliverchecks Fingal's bookshelf and notices a journal. He reads it and discovers that five years prior,another ship found its way to this island and that the men couldn't hear the author throughthe awful sound as he tried to help them. Fingal returns to the cottage and leads them tothe Innis home. As they walk, Fingal continues to ignore questions regarding a return boat. Suddenly, Korrigan, Fingal's daughter, intercepts them. She hugs Jim, exclaiming he's come back forher. She then tells the survivors that they're not supposed to be there and should leave at once.As her father orders her to leave, she sinisterly whispers that he should be more careful. Fingal apologizes to the men, stating that his.

Daughter has become mad following her brother'sdeath, and urges the men to move forward. Sometime later, the men arrive at the barn andmeet Douglas Innis, Lanthe's sullen uncle. He is not keen on having them, but they gift him rum,and Douglas reluctantly changes his mind. Oliver tries to ask Fingal aboutthe boat, but this time, Douglas cuts him off and urges Fingal to leave. Lanthe wants to prepare Billy's room for them, but Douglas insists that the group remain inthe sitting room, but agrees that Oliver take it as he is wounded. Sometime later,they all sit around the dining table while Lanthe attends to Oliver's arm. Jim and Ferris recount the chaos of the shipwreck to Douglas and how they heardsomeone singing. Lanthe suddenly drops.

A bowl and flees from the room in haste. Confused, Jim asks Douglas if he said anything to frighten her. Douglas tells him it wasn'this fault and recounts that a few years ago, one of their fishing boats sank and that all themen died, devastating the entire community. Night falls, and everybodyis sound asleep. However, Jim has difficulty falling asleep and hears anincessant tapping outside the window. He goes to check and sees someone in white pass by.Spooked, he decides to go outside to investigate further but runs back inside at the suddenappearance of a woman behind him. In his room, Oliver wakes up from a nightmare.He hears a woman calling to him outside his open door and listens for a beat, ultimatelyclosing it when he doesn't hear anything. .

The following day, Oliver discusses withhis men that they should look around to see a way off the island themselves, and to tryto find other inhabitants willing to help. Lanthe enters the room, and Oliver tells herabout their plans to explore the island. She tells him there's nothing out there for himto see, and insists that he rest. However, she is okay with just Jim and Ferris exploring. Douglas comes in, and Lanthe tells him their plan, which he disapproves of. Like Lanthe, he insiststhat the island is dead and adds that the four remaining inhabitants are only here because theyhave no other choice. He tries to discourage them further by informing them of an upcoming storm,but the pair are steadfast in their decision. Jim and Ferris then explore the island.However, Ferris sees that the island is.

Dead and suggests they head back, but Jim wantsto carry on exploring. He then proposes that they split up to cover more ground.Back at the barn, Douglas spots Lanthe and Korrigan arguing from a window. He becomesfurious, and when Lanthe returns to the house, they have a heated argument and hedemands Lanthe stay away from Korrigan. Douglas then realizes that Oliver has beenwatching them upstairs the whole time. Meanwhile, Ferris is lost, and a mysterious womanwatches him from a distance. He becomes frightened by the voices he hears and tries to run, but hestumbles on a stump and loses his glasses. When he finds them, he discovers that thestumps littered across the forest floor are grave markers, and the one nearest to himis labeled “Billy Innis,” Douglas' deceased.

Nephew. He becomes more frightened and startsrunning while calling for help. He loses his glasses again but decides to leave them,and the woman continues following him. Concurrently, Jim is exploring on his own. Fingalfinds him, and Jim asks him about the whereabouts of the other inhabitants. Fingal doesn't answerhim and instead tells him to return to the barn as night settles in. Jim tries to press him further,but Fingal doesn't budge. He urges Jim to return to the farm, to which Jim reluctantly agrees. As Jim returns to the barn, he finds Douglas, Oliver, and Lanthe waiting for him inthe sitting room. Jim informs Oliver the place is deserted, to which Douglas agrees. Oliver then asks Jim about Ferris' whereabouts, and Jim pales at his question. He liesand says Ferris went off to explore on.

His own. Scared for Ferris’ safety, Oliverasks Douglas if they can search for him. Douglas refuses, and Lanthe's face contortsinto fear as Ferris' screams echo around her. Her uncle then calls her, and she snaps back toreality. Still frightened, she smiles at him, and excuses herself from the room.Douglas follows her and finds Lanthe possessed by a vengeful spirit. He orders her to stay awayfrom the window, but Lanthe slaps him and tells him that he shouldn't touch her. Douglas managesto restrain her and bind her to the bed. Oliver spies on the commotion from the opendoor, and Douglas realizes someone's watching him. He tries to find out who’s spying onhim, barely missing the hiding Oliver. Later, Oliver tries to retrace Jim's andFerris' steps and tells Jim they'll have.

To find him in the morning. However, Jim spotssomething outside the window and checks it. Ferris suddenly appears outside the window,so Jim goes out to meet him, but Ferris mysteriously disappears. Oliver and Douglas goto check as well but need help finding him. Later that night, Oliver reads the journal hesnatched from Fingal's bookshelf. He reads an entry about the shipwreck Douglas mentionedthe night before and finds out that Billy, Douglas' son, was one of the victims of thetragedy. They found his and the other corpses perfectly lined up on the shore.Oliver wakes from another nightmare, and the mysterious woman standsby his door, watching him. The next day, Fingal finds Ferris' corpseentangled in one of the fishing nets. He.

Immediately informs Douglas, and the groupgoes to the beach to inspect the body. They conclude that he got caught in the storm lastnight and fell to his death. Oliver suggests they bury him at sea, but Douglas refuses to letthem take a boat out because of the storm, so they wrap his body for the time being.Later, Oliver and Jim plot to leave the island that night. When Jim leaves to prepare their supplies, Lanthe pleads with Oliver to stay. He refuses,as they need to give Ferris a proper burial. He urges her to leave with them, but Lantherejects his offer and suggests that he stay and help rebuild the island instead. Lanthe becomes possessed by the malevolent spirit again and kisses Oliver. Concurrently, Korrigan senses the kiss.

And switches places with Lanthe. Oliver tries tostop it, but he starts hallucinating about him making out with both women. Lanthe then leads himback to the house, where they make love while the mysterious woman watches from the mirror. That evening, Oliver wakes up and immediately leaves the bedroom. He and Jim meet behindthe barn and depart with Ferris' corpse, but someone is watching them.They go to Fingal's house and steal the oars to his rowboat. They departthe island and bury Ferris at sea. Suddenly, a thick mist envelops them.Oliver and Jim start arguing because Oliver wants to return to the island, ashe cannot navigate through the fog. They suddenly hear singing and men's voicesin the distance. Jim screams to them to turn.

About and stay away from the light, but thenhe hears Ferris calling him. Oliver panics as he believes a ship is coming towards them. Fingal puts on earplugs on the beach and calls out to Oliver and Jim to return toshore, which they eagerly do. They follow Fingal back to his cottage and try totell him about the shipwrecked men. Fingal tells them it's useless, and he explains that what theyheard was the shipwreck that occurred in 1841. He recounts that years ago, he and Douglas founda young woman's corpse washed ashore. Afterward, the land became infertile, andthe livestock started dying. With their livelihood destroyed, the restof the inhabitants decided to leave. Fingal believes that the woman cursed their island andcalls her Persephone, also known as the Greek.

Goddess of Death. Jim doesn't see the connectionbetween the woman and the shipwrecks, but Fingal explains that she torments men with her voice. At the barn, Lanthe and Douglas argue about the survivors' whereabouts. She becomes possessedagain, and her uncle has no choice but to drag her back into the bedroom to subdue her. He later storms outside as he sees Korrigan building a fire in front of his barn. Heorders her never to go near his niece again and says he knows what's happening. Fingal and Jim hear the commotion, and Fingal orders the men to stay inthe cottage while he investigates. Douglas continues admonishing Korrigan, tellingher that her actions will cost Lanthe’s life. Korrigan replies that she is trying to stopit. Fingal appears, and Douglas angrily tells.

Him that it's happening again, that Fingalshould guard his daughter more carefully, and make sure the two women stay apart. In Fingal's cottage, Oliver discovers that no boat can take them back to the mainland andthat all the previous ships logged had been shipwrecked on the exact same date as theirs. The next day, Oliver and Jim head back to the barn. but Oliver decides to explore theisland independently. Jim is reluctant, but Oliver is adamant about his decision. As Oliver explores, he spots a mysterious woman hiding behind a tree. He runs towards thetree but is surprised to find no one there. He returns to the barn, but the mysteriouswoman watches him from a distance. In his room, Oliver rereads the journal and flipsto an old entry written by Fingal's deceased son,.

Jacob, dated September 20, 1840.He asked his crush, Lorna Elliot, to the Monba dance. Lorna agrees; however, Jacobhas some competition from Douglas' pompous son, Billy, who can't take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Jim is drinking alone when he hears the voices again. Furious, he grabs a rifleand goes outside to shoot the perpetrator. As Jacob heads home from the dance, he spotsBilly somewhere in the trees doing the deed with Lorna. He is disheartened, since he thoughtshe liked him, and dejectedly walks away. Lanthe interrupts Oliver's reading, andhe asks her again to come with them, but Lanthe tells him that she can't. She handshim her locket and is about to leave, when Oliver stops her. Lanthe then tearfully tells him tostay away from her and flees from the room. .

Oliver follows her, but she locks thedoor. Oliver peeks into the keyhole and finds her convulsing. Then, a dead woman'sface suddenly comes into view. Oliver is thrown back in shock and leaves. In the sitting room, Douglas discovers that Jim has left and decides to pursuehim. Jim, however, is now in the woods, ready to shoot the perpetrator. Lanthe is still convulsing, then an arm slowly extends towards her and grabsher. A gunshot rings from a distance. The following day, Korrigan weeps over Jim'sbody. Oliver and Lanthe rush to the scene, and he's overcome with emotion. Korrigan is furiousat Lanthe and blames her for his death, but Lanthe explains that she wasn't responsible.Korrigan lunges at her, and the two men break.

Them apart. As soon as the girls separate, Lanthestarts to convulse, and shoves Oliver away. She loses consciousness, and the men carryher back to the barn. They run into Douglas, who was up all night searching for Jim.Oliver informs him that Jim is dead, and Douglas is shocked by the news. Back at the barn, Oliver demands answers from the older men. Fingal then recounts the nightbefore they discovered the drowned woman. After the dance, Lorna decided to leave earlybecause she was tired. Jacob and a drunk Billy offer to accompany her home, but she declinesboth. She likes Jacob, which frustrates Billy. The two men start arguing to determine who Lornawants more. In his drunken rage, Billy threatens Jacob with a knife to the throat. Douglas interrupts the scuffle and tells.

Them to come back to the party, whichJacob does, but Billy doesn't. Lorna walks through the woods alone andis suddenly knocked unconscious by Billy. She wakes up to find the man on top ofher. Horrified, she starts to scream, but Billy covers her mouth with his hands.They hear Jacob's footsteps, and Lorna tries to call for help, but Billy smothersher. He inadvertently suffocates her, and she perishes. Billy is devastated, butdecides to dump her body by the beach. When they find her corpse, Douglas surmises thatshe must have fallen off the cliff after the dance. However, Fingal disagrees as he noticesthe wound and bruises on her head and suspects that one of their boys must have done it. Douglas saw the men arguing the previous day,.

And the realization dawns on them that eitherBilly or Jacob will be incarcerated. Douglas then suggests to bury her at sea instead and keep it asecret, but Fingal is stunned by his decision. In the present, Oliver understands the situationcompletely. Lorna is the cause of all the island's troubles and continues to haunt Douglas andFingal by possessing their niece and daughter, respectively. Oliver then suggests that they allleave, but Douglas tells him they already tried, but Lorna possessed both women,compelling them to drown Jacob. He then tells Oliver that they'll help him escapeand to meet them by the beach after they secure the women. Oliver takes off Lanthe's locketand asks Douglas to give it back to her. Douglas enters his niece's room and apologizesfor binding her. Lanthe complies and allows.

Her uncle to strap her to the bed.Meanwhile, Oliver is in the hallway, unsure what to do. He withholds sayinggoodbye to Lanthe and runs to the beach. He finds Fingal and Douglas at the shore witha rowboat for him to escape. Fingal tells him the coordinates to get back to the mainland,while Douglas urges him to keep the earplugs on until the mist dissipates. Oliver then realizesthat the fog had been Lorna's song used to lure sailors to their demise. As Oliver gets on the boat, Douglas and Fingal wish him luck. Hethanks them and begins rowing away. Elsewhere, Lanthe is possessed by Lorna andhas escaped her binds. She goes to Korrigan and tells her they need to stop Oliver from leaving.Korrigan refuses to help her and tells Lorna to.

Let Lanthe go. Lanthe strangles Korrigan instead,and soon, Korrigan becomes possessed as well. Fingal and Douglas watch Oliver row from theshore and dictate that he's on his own and they can no longer help him. They put on theirrespective earplugs and leave the beach. While Oliver is rowing, he spots threefigures in the distance. Lanthe, Korrigan, and Lorna summon the mist to disorient himand make him remove his earplugs. He then hallucinates about Lanthe and Korrigan and dropsone earplug into the ocean. Lanthe becomes tearful and doesn't want to hurt him. Oliver thenrolls over into the sea to drown himself. Lorna is delighted and relinquishes herhold on the two women. Tired of being under Lorna's control, Lanthe and Korrigan jumpoff the cliff, ending their lives. Lorna howls.

At the loss of her sirens, and the mistclears as her spirit disintegrates. Oliver resurfaces and climbs back to his boat.He’s surprised to find Lanthe's locket on his neck, and then kisses it. The man then rowsaway to continue his journey out to sea.

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