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Hello! How are you? I am Cheffys and in this video we are going to talk about how One Piece's Live Action was promoted as one of the best Live Action in all of history. And see if it was accomplished or not… And for context, live actions, especially anime ones, are generally known for being very bad, to the point that some fans and even mangakas have become outraged after seeing them. AKA Dragon Ball Evolution, by the way, I saw that movie. You can see my traumatic reaction after this video. The point is that Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, knew about this stigma and told us that one of his most ambitious goals was to create a live action worthy of One Piece. And in this video we are going to see if he did it… Chan chan chaaaan!.

But first, if you haven't seen One Piece and have a vague idea of ​​what it's about but don't know much, this part is for you. And for those who are like Cheffys, what if I'm already a One Piece fan? Well then this is not for you… but you still can see it. One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga on planet Earth. And if the aliens are already reading it, it will soon be known throughout the universe, and… As we already know, it was created by Goda. It is about a boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to become the king of the pirates, but to achieve this he needs to travel across the world and win battles against extremely powerful people. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses, but the cool thing about Luffy is that he doesn't possess supernatural strength from the start,.

But instead we see him grow and get stronger, and he doesn't do this to be a hero, in fact he hates the idea, but because he wants to protect the weak. And the same with his crew. Seeing each one's story and how they go from strangers to family makes you love them and care about them. Add to this a lot of adventures, many incredible and super lovable characters, and others detestable, worse than Cheffys to dairy products (I hate them), and the biggest mystery that we are going to be able to discover when the story ends: Does Oda like big breasts? And the second and least important, what is the One Piece? Gato-chan: It's the power of friendship mwahaha.

And at least for me, although the story seems very long, once you get into the plot, it no longer feels so long and you just want to see more and more. I think that's the magic of One Piece and what makes so many people today love the story so much. And if you are a One Piece fan, this question is for you. Did you realize what the live action has done to most of us? Imagine that you are in a battle of arrows, you are in the middle and absolutely all the arrows begin to fall and those arrows are all the sentimental ways in which the live action has captured our hearts. And for those who are like, how so? We have: Oda with his messages telling us that he has practically put his life into this live action,.

That his editor cried after seeing the live action because he couldn't believe that they finally had it. Or will he have cried because he can finally rest? Then they gave us the original seiyuus doing the Japanese dubbing. Add to this Mayumi Tanaka, who voices Luffy, joining Iñaki and putting on the hat. They also showed us the Shueisha offices, where all the magic happens. To the actors giving their all to be able to bring One Piece to life and even crying because of how excited they were to be part of the magic of One Piece. Then we have Oda again, meeting Iñaki Godoy, where we not only heard.

Oda's voice, but saw Iñaki's epic reaction when he saw him for the first time. In life, get someone who looks at you like Iñaki looks at Oda. And to close with a flourish, not only did Oda put the hat on Luffy, but then he went to California to see the preview of the premiere of One Piece… he even made a video of that day from his perspective. I mean, there are fans who have been in front of or behind him and haven't realized it… What a historic event. Imagine having been in front of him and appearing in his video, and because you didn't see it you still have no idea what he looks like…

I wouldn't know whether to be excited or cry. On the other hand, this live action has had too many interesting facts that you don't need and probably don't care to know. So I'll do the prudent thing, I'll tell you all of them… Because Cheffys is your #1 informant for unnecessary anime and manga curiosities. ♪ Completely useless ♪ Let's start with Nami's outfit, which is a very cool reference to the original design that Oda planned for Nami, but he changed it at the suggestion of his editor and Oda once said that he regretted it. But it's cool that they were able to put those clothes on him for the series.

One Piece's most epic song (declared by Gato-chan) I mean Binks' Sake plays in the background when Shanks was sewing Luffy's scar. I don't know if you saw the posters, but there are several references to characters that appear later (Bellamy, Foxy, Cavendish). Mr. 7's design is based on Oda's doodle. Can you imagine when they were looking for his character… we need someone who looks like this doodle. The revolutionary army is mentioned in a newspaper.

And lastly, and the most iconic of all, Pandaman appears! I couldn't not show up. And we also have very important news about this live action. You know, they are necessary for your life, for example. This is one of the very rare times that we get to see Oda's office, so Cheffys went from her normal mode to her stalker mode. And there were too many incredible things, like all the One Piece collectible dolls I had. Also there was the stuffed giraffe that Oda showed us on the first tour of his offices. There was a photo of Che Guevara, and a drawing of Detective Conan. This was done by the same.

Conan mangaka, Aoyama. It was when he and Oda met for an interview and exchanged drawings. Aoyama also has a drawing of him in his office. Iñaki and his emotion when he met Oda. It was probably so much that he didn't realize that he was almost touching Oda's leg, and we can see it clearly in the super zoom in that they took. I don't know if the cameraman here wanted to focus on Iñaki's ring… It's cool Or how close his hand was to Oda's leg, but he repeated that shot more than once. And for context, let's remember that they are Japanese and many of them are.

Used to having practically 50 meters of personal space, and if you smell bad, 100. Have you ever heard of how someone's workplace represents the person's mind? Well if that is real, I present to you the mind of Oda. In one of the photo sessions that the cast had, the Sanji actor, instead of using a cigarette, uses a chupa-chups that refers to the version of for kids where he was censored in a strange way. And speaking of the cast, in a photo session they had, they made a recreation of the cover of volume 11 of the manga and although some people say that it is not the same, for me it was good.

And finally, if you thought that this arm was very well hydrated and you want to know what moisturizing cream Eiichiro Oda uses in this video, we can find out what Nivea body milk, deep moisturizing… And now, let's talk about the reception of the live action of One Piece Before the premiere there were people who were able to see the live action God's chosen ones… And they were able to go see the first episode at official events. Like in California and France. They look so cool. I wanted to be there…

But well, the reaction of these people, at least what they did verbally, was 100% positive. Everyone was saying Oda did it. Netflix made the best live action in history. Then we have the reaction on the day of the official premiere, where some people (including several of you) binge-watch the entire series in one day, and here it was the same, the approval was extremely high. It had a score of 8.6 on IMDB and a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Do you know how much that is? Almost 100.And there were almost no negative comments. The positive comments said that they did a very good job,.

It exceeded their expectations, that the scenery is incredible. It is clear that it is the most expensive live action that Netflix has made. The performances of everyone in general also stood out a lot, especially that of Iñaki. It's like Oda said, Iñaki is Luffy. And finally we cannot miss the music of the series. I'm obsessed with Nami's song. But then as the days passed, although the score remains the same, now there are more negative comments. Probably because more people have been able to see it and the comments said:.

“They only kept 20% of the original story.” They also said that how they did Gold D. Roger's story was not worthy of his character. Like it wasn't that epic. Many didn't like the Shanks and Luffy scene, they said it didn't convey what the story really was. And above all, the majority commented that they felt the plot was very rushed. Which is possible, yes, but let's keep in mind that there are many chapters that have to be summarized. But this is the opinion of the fans. We also have the other group, which according to Oda these were the people he wanted to reach. Not only One Piece fans.

Because he knows that we are part of his unconditional cult But he also wanted to reach people who are not fans of anime or manga. And their reaction was quite positive. They found it an interesting plot, different, but above all fun. But those who are like “Cheffys, what have the Japanese said about this live action?” Because of their pre-live action reaction, I expected them to react badly. In previous interviews they had said that it looked cheap, that they did not trust it and that there was no way for a foreign production to make a good live action. But now they say they are completely surprised, the comments are mostly.

Super positive. What's more, I found more negative comments on this side of the world than in Japan. And they said things like it genuinely surprised them. That they did not expect anything from this live action, and that although there were changes, it does not bother them. Others said they were expecting something like the tragedy of Dragon Ball Evolution, but were completely surprised by the result. And they could see all the love they had put into the series. And then there were the negative comments. They said they didn't like that the story had diverted so much from the original plot. And there they said that some actors seemed more they were cosplaying instead of acting.

But as I say, the negative comments were very few. And one of you asked me my opinion about Neptune's weather, and well, I don't have much of an opinion about it, but I will tell you what I think about this live action. I had the idea that this live action was going to be something completely different from the original story and I watched it with zero expectations. So as not to disappoint me. And he genuinely didn't. There were things I liked and others I didn't. First I'm going to tell you what I liked: I loved Buggy. I declare myself an official Buggy fan of this live action.

I feel that here they gave much more prominence to their fruit. The chop chop fruit. The chochofruch.O bara bara not mi. And at the time the actor felt that he was selling the character perfectly to you. Sometimes it reminded me of the Joker. But the good one. Then the scenography. What's up with that scenography. It looks more expensive than life itself. And another thing that I also liked was the dynamic that existed between the crew. I expected it to look forced, but far from it. It looked genuine. I also really liked the personalized logos for each chapter.

And the wanted posters. And on the other hand this is what I didn't like. Disclaimer. If you are offended you will receive a curse from Gato-chan that will haunt you forever. #1: The Merry I know there are people who like it now, but I don't. I feel like it looks like a goat mid-sneeze. #2: I didn't like Usopp and Kaya's kiss, I don't know, but it didn't feel good. #3: That Garp revealed so soon that he is Luffy's grandfather. #4: I felt the story of Zoro's past was very fast and I didn't love Zoro's performance as a child. But, I can't not mention.

That that kid is the reincarnation of adult Zoro, like wow! It's identical! #5: And lastly, something I am conflicted about. My heart hurts that they did not include Chouchou. I know there is a cameo from him, but it's not the same… But hey, in general I did like the live action. I will always see it as another gift that Oda gave us to see the One Piece universe from a different perspective. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. So, in conclusion: Is One Piece the best live action in history? For me yes, at least until now. And if there is a better one, I don't know it. But if you know of one, tell me because I'm willing to see it.

And reading the reviews and the reaction of the fans we can say that Oda did it again. He achieved one of his most ambitious goals. He broke the curse of live action bad guys. It only took 6 years of production, working in the middle of a global pandemic, and having Oda with chancla in hand so that Netflix did it correctly this time. Watanabe taking note, crying in the corner. But we can say that he did it. And you have to give credit to the team behind this series, because making a live action One Piece is not easy at all. And above all, it shows that live action is.

Very loved. All the details they have put in are countless, like the clothes that Nami wore at the beginning or the candles they used in the Buggy scene were sea shells. All this shows that those who were behind it were fans of One Piece. And when I asked you if you planned to see the live action, many said no. Simply because you didn't trust a live action adaptation or were afraid of the result. But I would recommend you to give it a chance. Let's also remember that Oda is the one in the back and what we are seeing is what he approved, and if he approved it it is because he liked it. Let's remember he doesn't need the money (although he may want more…) And now I have two questions to ask you.

The first, would you recommend live action to someone who hasn't seen One Piece? I yes and no. I will always recommend watching anime before everything else, but I also have friends who hate cartoon-type animation. For people like them who I know I couldn't convince to watch the anime or read the manga, I would 100% recommend watching the live action so that they at least understand part of the magic of One Piece. And my second question. Did you see the live action? and what did you think? I already asked them before in the community tab, but several told me that they had not finished it yet, and as you know, I am curious and want to know. So tell me I'll be reading them in the comments.

But well, that's all for today's video. Thank you for reaching this part and for all the love you give to both my short videos and my long videos. I hug you virtually. Don't forget to give your gomu gomu like to this video. They are powerful and help the channel a lot. And because I have come this far, I will tell you my confession from this summer season. I am 100% obsessed with sandwich ice cream, they are better than cone ice cream and it has been declared by Gato-chan! It is not debatable. Don't forget that if no one in this world loves you, Cheffys does!.

I send you a heart turned upside down in the shape of an onigiri. Catch it! See you in the next video! And thanks to the super subscribers! bye

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