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Welcome back to one piece explained we recentlygot a behind the scenes cut of some promotional footage from the live-action adaptation of onepiece by Netflix and tomorrow Studios titled inside the story now there's a bunch of coolnew details in here as well as some various promotional material that they've put out overthe past few weeks that I've been itching to talk about if you're new to my Channel or still notsubscribed I would really appreciate it if you do it helps the channel grow but more importantlyI'm going to be breaking down every episode of the live action Series in depth when it drops nextweek on August 31st and you don't want to miss out on that as always I make these live actionbreakdowns with the intent of being informative and engaging for both long time fans likemyself as well as brand new fans who have never.

Experienced the story of one piece so I'll betalking around some big spoilers or reveals that haven't been shown on the promotional material butI will discuss General things like story structure and certain characters I'd really appreciate ifyou join me in helping preserve the experience of one piece for any potential new fans now there'sa lot of material in this that was shown in the teaser trailer and the official trailer whichI've already done breakdowns for so if you haven't checked those videos out yet I highly recommend itI have a link in the description with a playlist for all of my live-action breakdowns and with allthat said let's get into the breakdown one of the things I noticed straight off the bat was thatthere was a huge difference in the VFX and color grading in some of these shots the brattier scenesare the most notable and you can see how the color.

Grading makes the lights of the ship really popand it gives that nice Ambiance of dusk before the Nightfall there's also a difference in the shot ofshellstown that I think actually looked better and more vibrant in the previous trailers and it looksa little more washed out here but we'll have to see how it looks in the episode itself the colorgrading on the shot of mihawk was also updated and also with the scene of the going Mary beingbuilt it's just a lot more clear as well as the shot of Windmill Village now those are the majorcolor grading differences that I've noticed but I'm sure there's a bunch more and if you spot anylet me know in the comments I've already gone deep on the structure of the story in my live actionbreakdowns so I'm going to be trying something different and grouping all the new scenes bywhen and where they seem to be taking place.

Because there's a lot of jumping back and forth inthis promo footage I'll start with a scene on the ship of the red hair Pirates where we have some ofshanks's crewmates performing their duties on the ship in the back here we have hongo the doctorof the red-haired pirates with his blonde hair and black striped shirt as depicted in this coverpage on chapter 41. we can actually see a better look at him in his promotional image here whereyou can also get a glimpse of another red hair pirate lime juice and no I'm not making this uptheir names are hongo and lime juice but back to that scene coming up the deck we can see yasop andnext to him is what appears to be another man in a green striped shirt leading some to speculatethat this may be lucky Roo there are a lot of shots from shellstown in this video where we geta ton of combat from the crew but especially Zorro.

We see Zorro here beat up some Marines inside aTavern and this is actually food Foo a local bar in shellstown run by ririka who we may be gettinga glimpse of here in the source material Luffy and Kobe stop here and learn about the status ofshellstown and roronora Zorro but there seems to be a really cool change here in the structurein the manga the two just learn about how Zorro ended up being captured by the Marines while inthis adaptation it seems like Luffy and Kobe will get to see how it plays out before them this isa really smart choice in my opinion as it's a bit more active storytelling instead of Luffy justhearing about how cool and strong Zorro is he gets to seed for himself which just adds the motivationfor wanting to recruit Zorro in the first place in the source material Zoro ends up gettingcaptured after killing helmeppo's pet wolf.

Which is what may be in that bag that zoro'sdragging in now Hal mepo is the son of ax hand Morgan the Marine Captain who has been rulingover Shell's town and we see him here played by Adrian Scott he'll notice his hair long and hangsdown here which is a departure from his original appearance but it matches his current appearancein the manga a bit more but don't worry as we've seen him from promotional images he does get thatweird bob haircut at some point of the series we've seen NAMI Walk Through This Bar as well andgiven her outfit I think this is toward the end of the shellstown episodes in the teaser trailerbreakdown I speculated that the outfit we see her wearing across these sequences in shellstown wasthe remnants of her disguise as a marine Soldier perhaps in an attempt to steal the treasure chestwith the world government logo on it and I feel.

Like my speculation was correct as we see hersneaking around with a marine outfit here as well in some behind the scenes photo that were sharedonline speaking of nami's outfits we get the shot here of her in a white shirt and shorts withorange striped tights on one leg now this is an outfit inspired by early concept art that Oda haddrawn for Nami of course she is missing the giant ax in the mechanical arm and foot but it's justreally cool to see how this show gives nods to all these great designs that Oda had across the seriesnow if you're interested in what all the other outfits in these trailers are inspired by I breakthem down in my previous two trailer breakdowns at the Marine base we get a better look at thesign that we saw in the previous trailers next to the prisoner post this is directly from the mangaas well as it served as a warning for others not.

To help Zorro all of the action sequences at theMarine base feel so kinetic and I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of it now there's thisgreat bit where we see Zorro places sword in his mouth and Luffy reacts oh so that's where it goesand there's this extended sequence from the last trailer that we had where Luffy delivers a gumgum whip on axan Morgan whose face we get to see in all of its Iron Jaw Glory here now Luffy usedthis attack against a bunch of marine soldiers in the manga but here it seems like it may be thefinishing blow against Morgan but we'll have to see how it plays out Zoro gets to do a lot ofreally cool swords play across the live action as we've seen from his flight with Mr Seven I talkabout who this is in depth in my teaser trailer breakdown and with this line of Zorro saying thathis guy that got his own thing going on it really.

Does feel like we're seeing Zorro turn down anoffer from Baroque Works who may be the primary antagonists of season two if the show gets renewedover to Orange town we have a couple behind the scenes shots of Nami where you can make out kabajiin the background a member of buggy the Clown's crew who we talked about in the previous trailerbreakdown but later on we get a better look at him alongside Moji the first Maid of the buggyPirates now in the source material he's a beast Tamer so I'm curious to see if they'll adapt hislion Richie into this series for now it looks like he has a signed reading Applause which is justkind of hilarious it looks like they're really leaning into the circus motif of Buggy's crew andhaving them do all these crazy performances where Moji will presumably be holding up the signto let the audience know when to clap it's a.

Really great gag there's also a couple shots thatlook to be taking place in Kaya's Mansion over in syrup Village and we can tell by the outfits thecharacters are wearing now there's a blank and you'll miss a detail in the scene from The GardenCourtyard that was in the previous trailers as well but a still image that was shared onlinegives us a clearer look if you notice in the background there's this lion pig or lion buta thiswas a beast that was on the island of rare animals that gaimon looked over and it's still to be seenif gaimon himself will be adapted into the series but it looks like to me that the island of rareanimals is going to be conflated as part of the gecko islands where Sarah Village is locatedI think this is actually a genius move to help streamline the less immediately relevant partsof the story while maintaining some of their.

Aspects and acknowledging their place as part ofthe world Building inside the Mansion itself we get a couple shots of the straw hats there's onewhere Nami looks to be sneaking around looking for some treasure to steal and there's this quickshot of Luffy cocking his fist against presumably the main villain of the Ark who they've donea great job at Keeping a Secret by the way zoro's here jumping off the stairs with hisswords and later we get the shot of Zorro and usop stepping into this wine cellar to which Zorrocomments now we're talking Zorro is a huge fan of alcohol across the series and it's nice thatthey've kept this in the live action as well you may have noticed though that this is the sameseller that we saw in the previous trailer where Mary is terrified for his life and if you messwith the contrast of the image a little bit you.

Can make out these wine barrels being labeled withthe same name as the wine drunken by doflamingo as we see much later on during a flashback in thedress Rose Arc really cool attention to detail to get some shots of usop with a rag and a hammernear the going Mary and this is all very fitting as Usopp is the Sharpshooter of the crew but healso doubles as a handyman who tries to maintain the ship until the crew finds a proper ship rightat some point there's this scene with Zorro and usop on the ship trying to look out through thedense fog Soros wearing the yellow shirt he had on during the footage of the going Mary beingattacked so this likely takes place just before or after that sequence we get an extended lookat that in this trailer where Luffy orders the crew to shoot back to which usop suggests justrunning away instead very in character we see the.

Crew scramble to take action and this seems to betaking place just before the barazier arc now in the source material there was a scene where Luffyorders usop to shoot their cannon at a rock which leads to Johnny and yosaku entering the storyso far we haven't really gotten any hint that they're being adapted so this encounter againstGARP and the Marines may have taken its place onto the bratay arc inside the bratty itselfwe get a scene of our crew walking into the restaurant floor LED by what may be an originalcharacter for this series a host or a Mater D who happens to be a Fishman as you can tell fromthe film atop his head and the web fingers this is a really interesting choice because throughoutthe East blue Saga the fishermen are portrayed as antagonists who are discriminatory but we laterfind out in the series that this isn't what all.

Fishermen are like so this Edition here Works toexpress the idea within the confines of season one and there is a precedent for civilian fishmento be in the East blue as we saw during the loketown arc with sapi who worked as a fishmongernow this could be an adaptation of that character or a new character altogether but either way thisis a really neat detail and I also love how Luffy is just jumping down the stairs like a littlekid also very in character we get a scene of Sanji flirting with nami now I've seen people callthis cringe but that's kind of the point of Sanji you're not supposed to read sanji's pervertedefforts in the source material as something to strive for it's all supposed to be portrayed as agag or a joke something you laugh at and I think the level of sappy flirtation here works well fora live action adaptation get a fun seat of usop.

Dancing as well as the scene of Sanji and his Chefoutfit at the bratier but if you look in the back you can make out what looks to be patty patty isa chef who works alongside Sanji at the Brazier and besides him maybe carne another Chef now theponytail might throw you for a loop but do recall that carne had been depicted with a ponytail inhis younger days so this may just be an adaptation of that or this could just simply be another Chefwe'll have to see while we're on the subject of people who work on the barazier we recently gota look at zeph the owner and head chef of the Brazier I love that they adapted the giant chef'shat but if you look right beside it you can make out the Jolly Roger for the cruise that was once acaptain of the cook Pirates we get this quick shot of Luffy with an apron suggesting that we willindeed get Luffy working briefly at the Brazier.

Just like in the manga there's also the scene ofusop and Nami holding hands now one piece isn't really a series that focuses on romance especiallybetween the crew instead I think this may be Nami gripping usop's hand when a certain enemy showsup at the barazier and strikes fear into her we've seen Nami and usop support each other like thisin times of great Peril across the series and it's almost a recurring gag at this point we get somemore behind the scenes footage and there's the shot where we can see who looks to be the same manwho's fighting full body in that scene from the first trailer in my breakdown I speculated this tobe either Eureka of the Tula Pirates or crescent moon Galley and judging from this new shot helooks to resemble Galley a bit more there's also the scene of Zorro telling somebody to stoptalking and fight from the outfit he's wearing.

As well as the dock and ships in the backgroundI believe this is taking place at the baratier during his fight with mihawk that we saw a glimpseof in the previous trailer we also get this quick behind the scenes shot of Sanji coming aboard thegoing Mary for the first time with his bag on his back attack the same bag that we've seen himarriving with at our Long Park and we can tell that this is taking place at the end of the BronteArc because of Luffy's blue shirt that we've seen him wear during the bratay scenes across previoustrailer footage now this may seem unimportant but remember that in the source material Sanji didnot arrive at arlong Park with the going Mary in fact Usopp wasn't even with Luffy and Sanji bythe end of the Brazier Arc Luffy Sanji and yosaku traveled to kokoyashi Village in a separate shipnow I've talked about how the structure of the.

General East blue Saga has changed as part of thisadaptation in my episode title and plot synopsis breakdown and I think this scene is indicativeof a big change in the source material Nami has already left for kokoyashi Village and usop andZorro as well however from other footage it seems like Zorro usop Sanji and Luffy all arrive atkokoyashi Village together which makes me think that our long has actually come to baratier totake Nami which is why she gripped usof's hand in fear as discussed earlier now I don't wantto get into too much detail about but arlong's motives for this as I wouldn't want to spoil anyexplicit details for new fans and for all I know this may not even be the case but I just thoughtit was interesting to note also usop is wearing a white long sleeve shirt here reminiscent of hisoutfit in the chapter 107 color spread that's also.

Where Luffy's shirt is from as I talked about ina previous breakdown Nami is also shown wearing the outfit from this color spread at some pointso I hope we get to see Sanji and Zorro in these outfits at some point as well over to arlong parkwe have some extended sequences of the march to arlong park from the last trailer but this fullshot of the park itself just looks amazing it may feel a bit small or compact compared to how it'sdepicted in the manga but I think it works for the purposes of a live-action adaptation as rememberthis is still a set that they had to build and I think it's really cool that they built this fullthing and made it look practical and if you're confused why it looks like an amusement park Italk about this in great detail in my breakdown of the official trailer there's a really goodreason for it so check it out the whole crew.

Prepares to battle and uslob radius the slingshotbut also still looks a bit scared great detail is the sequence of Sanji doing what looks to bethe party table kick course and a new shot of what maybe the party at the end of the arc where Luffyand Nami exchanged some words now one really cool shot that I'm guessing is also from the aftermathof the Arlan Park Arc is Luffy giving a big hug to a marine Soldier this is Kobe he did it he'sfinally a Marine in my previous breakdowns I've mentioned how they're adapting a version of Kobeand Hal mappo's cover story in this series and bringing it in as a b plot and we've actuallygotten more promotional images showing Kobe helmeppo and GARP altogether I said this may bethe aftermath of arlang Park as the structure in the back Bears a lot of resemblance to otherbuildings we've seen in kokayashi Village such as.

The ones found in the Set photo but this also Maymean that the one shot of Luffy looking afar from the teaser trailer is also from the very taleend of the series of course there's extended sequences of the iconic Barrel scene that we'veseen so much of across these trailers and this is likely what will bring the series to a close butI do still have some hope that there's some stuff that they've been keeping secret and waiting tosurprise us with I don't know if that's loc Town necessarily but we can always dream and that'smostly it for the new footage from this inside the story video there's a couple miscellaneousshots of the straw hats and such that weren't particularly interesting to break down and ifyou missed it here's some promo images of all the young straw hats you can even make out bellamariin one of these this was shared across various.

Social media there's also fan events across theworld where I heard they'll Premiere the first episode of the series now the first event is injust a couple days after this video comes out so if you're lucky enough to make it to any oneof these enjoy and have fun and be safe I'd love to hear what you think of the episode of courseno spoilers and this may be the last live action coverage that I do until the series premiereson August 31st when I'll be doing daily uploads of episode breakdowns of course unless somebig new reveals come out between now and then if you've enjoyed my live action breakdown so farbe sure to subscribe so you can get all the full episode breakdowns as soon as they drop I reallyappreciate all your support from me and this channel across the past few months I really dohow fast the channel has grown just blows my mind.

Every time I look at it I have some huge plansfor this channel coming next month and I'd love to have you all be part of it as always thank youfor watching and I hope to see you in the next one

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