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Welcome back to one piece explained the one piecelive action series by Netflix and tomorrow Studios has been a ton of fun and I really have beenenjoying it but the sheer amount of details in Easter eggs hidden inside each episode has trulyblown my mind and I want to talk about all the things I found in episode one now real quickbefore I get into that I just want to offer a disclaimer I make these live action breakdownswith the intent of being interesting and engaging for both longtime fans and any new fans who mayhave never read or watched one piece before this video will not include any explicit spoilers forthe rest of season 1 of the live action however I will be having discussion of certain storyarcs or characters in the manga and how they relate to this episode I will not be spoilingany big reveals or secrets that would impede.

On your enjoyment of the one piece series asa whole also this video is not intended as a replacement for the live action series Itruly think there's Merit to watching it yourself and you will enjoy it I'm just makingthis to highlight and appreciate all the cool little details and all the effort the greatest putinto it as such I won't be reviewing the episode doing an extensive play-by-play I'll mostlyjust be trying to discuss the missable details in Easter eggs and I won't necessarily highlightevery single instance of how this series sticks to or departs from The Source material I think itshould be clear by now that this series is drawing inspiration from all sorts of source materials andnot just the manga or just the anime and with all that said let's break down episode 1 romance Dawnwe start off the episode panning over a map of the.

World and there's a ton of fun details to unpackhere at the bottom you can spot the symbol of the world government which represents the five oceansthat make up the world of One Piece there are four outer oceans the North Blue the South Blue theEast blue and the West Blue that comprise the four quadrants of the world and then there's the grandline a strip of ocean that runs beneath the north and east blues and above the South and West Bluesthe grand line is surrounded by two stretches of ocean called the com belts where there existsno currents or wind here we have the ship of the Roger Pirates the Oro Jackson the Oro Jacksonwas the ship that circumnavigated the globe and was what Roger Pirates used to find the one pieceand as we move through the South Blue we see an image of moment or Mumu in the source materialmomu is a giant sea Beast that serves as the pet.

Of the all-long Pirates who act as antagonistslater on in the series it should be noted that in the source material momu has never appeared inthe South blue as it is said to be from the grand line and appeared with the arlong Pirates in theEast blue over here rising out of the calm belt is a sea king which are creatures larger and moredangerous than sea beasts over on this side of the grand line you can make out the ship crashinginto some sharp rocks just showing how dangerous the grand line can be for regular Pirates nowwe pan up further into the East blue where the events of this season take place and we can makeout a couple of locations over here we have the boycott Kingdom this is the war-torn country whereNami and her sister nojika were born before being rescued by belmare to its right is the sambasregion and this is where the seafaring restaurant.

The Brazier was said to have been located for anofficial world map moving further along we get sixes Island which is an island detailed in theAce novel and depicted in the episode a chapter drawn by Dr Stone's mangaka voichi that storydepicts the formation of the Spade pirates with Ace and his first mate masked deuce and over hereis a depiction of one of the events of that story that involves this giant monster spurred furtherto the right is shimulsky Village the location where Zorro is from moving up a bit we have kumateIsland this place is where the majority of buggies cover story takes place in the manga and is hometo a tribe of cannibals above this we have Dawn Island this is where Windmill Village is locatedand that's the place where Monkey D Luffy sets sail from at the start of his journey in thesource material just a bit up is Goat Island.

The place where alvita is based out of in themanga and a bit further up is the yotsuba island region which is home to shellstown to the left iswhat looks to be tequila wolf a giant bridge that has been being constructed for the last 700 yearsnow moving down we get the organ islands where orange town is located and a little bit furtherunderneath is the island of rare animals where the crew first meet gaimon in the source materialheading back to the left are the gecko Islands this is where syrup Village is located usov'sHometown and a bit above it is Mirrorball Island the place where jango's cover story takes placein the manga further to the left is what seems to be the Konomi Islands which is home to kokoyashiVillage the place where Nami was raised the camera pans and eventually lands on loc town where we geta glimpse of the day that gold Roger was executed.

22 years ago the narration in this whole sequenceis being done by Ian McShane who you may recognize from the John Wick series of movies but he alsoportrayed Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean the map Fades into the live action as we continueto pan over a bay of ships there's a couple Marine ships here as well as a ton of pirate ships withJolly Rogers and I check some of them look very familiar but upon closer inspection They Don'tReally match any of the existing Jolly Rogers we have in the Canon but I'd love to hear yourthoughts on these if there's one ship that you can spawn see the giant Roger I'd love to hearin the comments now there's this ship here with the mermaid belonging to a conch shell as itsfigurehead and that's pretty neat it reminded me of the Oro Jackson with the mermaids at thefigurehead but its design doesn't seem to line.

Up though you do see mihawk's coffin boat righthere and we'll see him in log town soon enough in the back you can actually make out the lowtownMarine base that smoker would be the captain of in present day we get gold Roger walking up tothe execution platform as GARP delivers a speech giving some Exposition we've eventually find outin the manga that GARP and Roger were long-time Rivals so this scene becomes recontextualized tosome degree one of my favorite parts of the series has been the use of bounty posters to introducecharacters it reminds me a bit of how odor boxes work in the source material as it gives that feelof an important character being introduced but in this series The Character gets to interact withthe Bounty poster in one way or another giving off this very cool feeling of the character jumpingoff the page and being a living breathing part of.

The world here we have Roger's Bounty posterlooking fairly close to his depiction in the manga and they've also held off on revealing hisofficial Bounty as we didn't get that revealed until chapter 957 we get this overhead shot ofloc town and it looks spectacular they did a great job recreating its look from the mangaeven down to the fountain in the Town Square in the crowd we see a man in a green cloak andthis is likely dragon as we saw in chapter zero on the execution platform Roger is in good spiritsjust like he was in The Source material and he smiles in the face of death but over in the crowdwe get some small foreshadowing of characters that we'll see later on in this series here's a youngmihawk wearing an outfit similar to the one he wore in chapter zero and behind him you can makeout what looks to be a young smoker as he was.

Depicted in the anime at Roger's execution nowthis was never shown in the manga however this series is adapting from not just the manga butother material as well we get another shot of him here there's a young Shanks here with hisstraw hat and Roger says his iconic words and sends the whole crowd rushing after his treasurethe woman here is wearing a shirt with a Criminal brand logo an in-universe fashion brand that wasfirst depicted on a shot and jump cover all the way back in 2001 and then brought into the Canonduring hachon's cover story worn by the mermaid Kami we get to the title card and you'll noticethey switch it up in each episode this one is the default logo for the series with a straw hat butwe'll see some very cool variations throughout the series we jump to present day and get MonkeyD Luffy already out on his journey effectively.

Starting off how he did in chapter 2. he'sscooping water out of his small boat while talking about his pirating plans and exclaims his iconicKing of the Pirates line now we get a punch line that he was actually talking to a news crew thiswhole time and in the source material he delivers a version of these lines to himself and characterstalking to themselves works a lot better in comics and manga than it does in live action so givinghim an audience here works really well I've tried zooming in on the newspaper here to see if we canfind anything and I'm sure there's some Easter eggs in here but I've been unable to get anythinglegible I've seen an image floating around about a report on Broccoli island or broccoli Islandbut the text on the image I saw doesn't seem to match the text we see in the newspaper in termsof length so I'm not quite sure in the source.

Material Luffy gets sucked into a whirlpool anddecides to save himself by jumping into a barrel however here he seems to have simply sprung aleak and dumps out a barrel of fish to survive two really cool bits on the barrels on the scenethe barrel of fish is a reference to yoru the local fishmonger from Windmill Village and we evensee his face as depicted in the manga as the logo the other Barrel reads Bridgeland and is likelya reference to Richard Bridgeland the production designer for the series now Luffy's Barrel endsup in a battle between the alvita pirates with their ship the Miss love duck on the right andsome enemy Pirates I love how everything's pink and the cannonballs also have these hearts onthem and they shoot out and explode with pink sparkles really cool designs were introduced tothe captain Iron maze alvida I love this rendition.

Of alvida she's so cool and has a nice touch oneof her crew members is holding up a mirror for her to look at hearkening to the idea of her obsessionwith her beauty as depicted in the source material and speaking of her crewmates a lot of hercrewmate designs are actually adapted straight from the manga as we see throughout these next fewsequences I think it's really really cool touch and the creators of the show actually keep this upfor the other pirate Crews as well and we'll see them coming in the next episodes she's looking forroronora Zorro the pirate Hunter and we learn he's gone to the aforementioned sixes Island whichwe'll get a look at in just a bit we're also introduced to Kobe alvita's Cabin Boy and we seehim cleaning out Vita's duck-shaped club that she used when interrogating the pirate and then Kobeencounters Luffy popping out of the barrel just.

Like in the source material during this meeting iswhen we get our first flashback to Luffy's origin story romance Dawn and this was chapter 1 in themanga but the anime starts episode 1 with Luffy meeting Kobe so the live action has taken a niceMiddle Ground here by turning it romanced on into a flashback we go to Windmill Village and get anadaptation of the first part of romance Dawn where Luffy tries to prove the shanks that he can bea pirate and this sequence is pretty faithful to the source material one really cool bit we see alot of the red hair Pirates adapted here such as the red-haired Shanks himself holding the chestthat contains the gomgam fruit but there's also a nice little detail with the Marine logo on thefront as a nod to how they obtain the fruit to begin with in the source material you can spotanother chest with a Marine symbol on and on.

It in the back and then we have lucky himselfwith his iconic goggles and giant shank of meat the ship's first mate Ben Beckman and of courseyasop are here as well there are also adaptations of slightly less popular crewmates such as Bonkpunch over here and this shot you can see hungo with his black and white shirt and in another wehave lime juice with his red shirt and gloves and there's even a young building snake with hisred vest yellow glasses and Serpent's tattoo there's a lot of nice attention to detail hereand the flashback Cuts back with Luffy stabbing himself under the eye giving him the iconicscar we see today back in present day Luffy is looking to get off alvida's boat so Kobe tellshim to head north and I found it really cool that even though they aren't on Goat Island where thestory takes place on the manga if you look at the.

Map we saw on the intro sequence north of GoatIsland is shellstown where Luffy ends up next they end up waking up alvita and her crew and weget a nice shot of Avila's iron mace she mistakes Luffy for a bounty hunter that Kobe has hiredjust like in the manga and Luffy calls her a sea cow making her even more mad and this is alsoa nod to the aforementioned momu who is a sea cow we get some action sequences in our first look atLuffy strawberry abilities they do a nice job of showing his capabilities here from his bulletresistance to his ability to stretch and evade attacks I'll view the swings in frustration tryingto get him and ends up hitting a lantern which is the reason why her ship catches on flame andwe get this adaptation of the sequence from the manga where Luffy stops her mace with his head andfires off a finishing blow the gum gum pistol Kobe.

Is amazed at all this and Luffy's offered to joinhim to leave and I like how we see the reflection of the burning ship in Kobe's glasses as Luffyhas metaphorically lit the fire in Kobe's eyes and allowed him to follow his dreams we now cutto six this island where Ace began his pirate crew as I explained earlier and we meet Zorrothe pirate Hunter he's here to pay tribute to a deceased friend who will learn more about in afuture episode but for now there's a really fun Easter egg here the matches he uses to light theflame reads beasts of Baltimore and has a tiger as part of the packaging this is a reference to thelegend of the Beast of Baltimore which is when Frankie ran through the island of Baltimore whilewearing a burning tiger skin rug in the source material Zoro is confronted by Mr Seven an agentof Baroque works this is really cool Baroque works.

Is a criminal organization that are the primaryantagonists of the alabaster Saga which we may see if the series gets to season 2. Mr 7 hasbeen sent to recruit Zorro and this is actually a scene that was suggested in the manga itselfwhen Zorro eventually clashes with a high-level brokeworks agent Zoro had refused to be recruitedand killed the agent who was revealed in an SBS to be the previous Mr Seven now if you look at thelittle sketch of this character that Oda Drew you can see where they got the inspiration for hisdesign in the adaptation with the spiked hair and the face tattoo and the rest of his outfit islikely a nod to Baroque Era Ruffs that they would wear around their necks Zorro flips him off andsays his favorite number is number one a not to the agent he would end up fighting at the climaxof The Alabaster Saga we get a bit of Zorro in.

Action but he ultimately makes quick work of himby cuttings Mr Seven in half moving on we returned to Luffy's flashback and a lot of the flashbacksin this series will be intermittently dispersed throughout the episodes in order to match up withand drive home some key thematic beats I think it works pretty well at the very least for Luffy'sflashback shank stitches up Luffy a really nice touch that wasn't in the source material properand the music you hear in the background is actually Bank sake or Binks brew and in a Universesong that was sung by Pirates back in the day and we would learn in the Thriller bark Arc that Luffyhad heard this song from shakes's crew in the past really cool decision to include that in theseflashbacks Luffy also mentions how we'll pose for his Bounty poster should he become a pirate nowhim wanting a bounty is sort of a through line for.

Him across the season we'll get Shanks making funof Luffy for being an anchor and not to how Shanks would make fun of him in the source material aswell and this causes Luffy to storm off and end up next to the treasure chest which held the gumgum fruit and the way he ends up with the fruit is kind of interesting in the context of the morerecent chapters where we got some suggestions about the gum gum fruit over at the bar we seeMakino the bartender who plays a big supporting role in this material as well as higama and hisMountain Bandits who are just looking for some alcohol the scene that takes place between himand Shanks is almost identical to the one of the manga and Shanks offers him his remaining drinkand if you look closely at the bottle it looks to be locally produced as it reads Dawn Islandthe island where one Mill Village is located and.

It's raspberry flavored sort of matching the redof his hair and his epithet the scene ends with Luffy getting mad at Shanks for not standing upfor himself as they realize that Luffy has eaten the gum gum fruit just like in the manga and ifyou look at the sign it reads party's bar which is also the name of the bar the scene takes placein the source material in present day Kobe and Luffy are on their way towards shellstown and youcan make out alvida's ships still burning in the background meanwhile we get the introductionof Nami the thief and her introduction here is pretty much taken Straight From the Sourcematerial in chapter 8. however it's adjusted to take place before the events of shellstown thereare crewmates of buggy the clown here who we'll see later in the episode and they seem to also beadaptations of the crewmates we saw on this scene.

In the manga though there's only two of them herethis time Nami tricks them and takes their ship and you'll notice her outfit is a nod to an earlyconcept for her character that Oda had in an early version of One Piece also titled romance Dawn sheopens a notebook and we get some hand-drawn Maps hinting at her cartography abilities and thereare some really neat potential Easter eggs here the first page she flips through has a very uniqueisland with his mouth Fuji inspired mountain in the back as well as the red Pagoda structure inthe middle now the red Pagoda could be your Long Park that we see later on in this series howeverwe get a look at the Konomi islands that Arlan park is located on later in the series and it'srelatively flat there's not any huge mountain sticking out like this this could be a stretchbut this may be a nod to the Japanese inspired.

Country of wano this is one of the most recentarcs in the manga and it's where the story was taking place while most of the live action serieswas being filmed and produced and of course wano is not in the East blue so wouldn't really makesense for her to have a map of it but this could just be a little Easter egg for Sharp eyed fansas she's not shown staying on these Pages for very long and there is another wano connection lateron in the series that we'll talk about in a future breakdown but if you have a better guess for whatthis is depicting I would love to read it in the comments similarly with the other page I can'texactly put my finger on it I feel like we've seen this before somewhere it reminded me a lot ofthe ruins that we saw in gym Bay's cover story but that's probably not it as well I just wanted todraw attention to these two pages if you have an.

Idea of these please let me know in the commentsnow up top there is a cute drawing of a dolphin and this could obviously just be a dolphin but Iwould like to note the straw hats do come across a giant dolphin after entering the grand line inthe source material so it may be a nod to that on the map we stay on we can see that theshellstown over here and this just seems to be a map of the greater area of Charlestown but it'sjust crazy that we can see all these different sea currents or sea routes that she probably takeswhile traversing the East blue we make the shells down and the adaptation of this from The Sourcematerial is truly stunning it looks great I do wish though that they kept the more vibrant colorgrading that they used in the earlier trailers but it still works in the source material the town wasruled by the tyrannical ax hand Morgan and they do.

A great job conveying that in this series withall these prisoners and anti-private propaganda everywhere there's even this giant poster of himjust in the center of the Town Luffy and Kobe go to the Bounty wall and there's a ton of referencesin Easter eggs here first up is a bounty poster for Bellamy the hyena an antagonist who we wouldfirst meet in the GI Arc there's also a poster for Foxy the Silver Fox an antagonist from thelong ring long land Arc and we get our first look at buggy the clown in his wanted poster anantagonist for the orange Town Arc which this series adapts to the left is a wanted poster forDjango Django is a hypnotist who is part of the black cat Pirates and serves as an antagonistduring the syrup Village Arc alvita's poster is here as well but a little bit below we can makeout a poster for Cavendish a pirate who is part.

Of the same generation of pirates as Luffy that wewould meet later on in the dress Rose Arc if you look a little to the right of alvida's poster youcan make out a hat and a collar that may be part of the bounty poster for drakul mihawk a characterthat we will see later on in this series I really love how much of the greatest story that they wereable to see it into the show it really makes the world feel as interconnected as possible as it isin the source material and they're doing a great job setting up for Seasons that they might havein the future Luffy of course wonders where his Bounty poster is calling back to his ongoing wantfor a bounty even though it's only like his third day out here Luffy and Kobe go to a Tavern to geta meal and figure out how they'll get a map to the Grand line Luffy wonders if he can steal one fromthe Marine Base by just flying in there a nod to.

How he infiltrates the base in the manga and inthe back you can actually see a marine soldier who overhears him and turns his head toward himin concern then enters Roar Nora Zoro dragging the Torso of a deceased Mr Seven behind him noticethe name above the door food Foo this is the name of the shellstown tavern that Luffy and Kobe visitin the source material as well Zorro sits at the bar and asks for a drink with the dead body besidehim causing the waitress who is an adaptation of Eureka to look into concern above Mr Seven's headare a bunch of barrels of alcohol on tap but one of them reads mikio Ito this is a reference toone of the gag characters that Oda draws in the background of a series ito's poster shows up a lotthroughout the East blue starting from chapter 1 and it's even in food Fu as well sitting besideZorro is kabaji one of Buggy's Pirates Who we'll.

See again at the end of the episode like I saidI love how interconnected the story is and if you look in front of him you'll notice there's a bluebeverage of course there do exist blue alcoholic beverages in real life but I think this is a funway of introducing the idea that oddly Colored food and drink aren't foreign to this world andwithout spoiling anything for the rest of the series this may be relevant to you later on we seethat Nami is also at this bar and a marine Soldier tries to chatter up to which she responds thathe's Too Tall but she instead decides to flirt with this older Marine this Marine is actuallylisted in the credits as ukari the Marine soldier from the source material who accidentally ledaxian Morgan statue get damaged and shout out to the actor Richard wrightford who actuallyconfirmed this thank you so much for watching.

My channel I really appreciate it you did agreat job in the series and when Nami later steals ukari's Marine uniform we would realizethat she actually meant that the first Soldier was too tall and thus his outfit wouldn't fit hera young child Rika approaches Zoro with rice balls covered with chocolate and she accidentally runsthem into helmeppo Captain Morgan's idiot son he yells at her and smashes her food which sorrowthen turns and eats as a nod to his introduction in the source material most of shellstown actuallygoes down very differently in the manga and I do recommend checking it out if you haven't but thislive action does a great job of introducing Luffy Nami and Zorro and weave them all together asthey are the central characters of this season the fight with helmeppo and the Marines ends up withZoro arrested and coming before AKs and Morgan.

Who we see sharpening his ax really fun touch healso has multiple ax hands of different shapes and he's been doing all this in front of a mirroras we get a taste of how vain he is just like in the source material with all of these statuesand paintings of him around his office Morgan takes a liking to Zorro and wants to recruithim and that's the second time in this episode that organizations have tried to draft Zorro andI think all of this is to convey that Zorro is not interested in joining some corrupt organizationbut it also informs the audio audience that the Marines are not an inherently good Force theywere willing to work with criminals as we'll see throughout the series and this idea is alsoechoed later on when Luffy tells Kobe that there are good Pirates and bad pirates just like thereare good Marines and bad Marines Morgan backhand.

Tell mepo for being an idiot much like he doesin the manga and although Zoro is turning in Mr 7's Bounty Morgan ends up sentencing Zorro tobe tied up in the courtyard for a week for his acts against the Marines like I said this is alla departure from The Source material where Zorro was introduced originally as having already beenimprisoned but no big deal longtime fans may have found this weird though why would some shellstownMarines even know or care about a lowly Baroque Works agent this will make a lot more sense by theend of the episode Luffy breaks into the courtyard and they recreate this Fateful Encounter that wesaw in the manga where Luffy asks Zorro to join his crew and ends up breaking him out meanwhileNami infiltrates the Marines wearing the outfits you stole from ukari and this is a nod to herstealing from the Charlestown Marine base in.

The anime as well as a nod to her adoptive motherbellamere being a Marine in the source material inside she looks through a bunch of Scrolls inthe map room which also sort of works as a nod to her backstory as well she gets caught when ukarirecognizes her and she has no choice but to fight and we see her bow staff in action as it extendsoutward instead of being multiple pieces like in the source material Luffy ends up meeting her asthey're both looking for the map to the Grand line and they sneak about the Marine base trying tofind it they end up hiding in their infirmary with the room labeled b303 I'm not sure if they'redoing the thing where the random numbers refer to specific chapters or episodes but if so the coverstory taking place during chapter 303 of the manga is Ace's cover story where he disguises himselfas a marine to infiltrate a Marine base and I.

Thought that was cute whether it's intentional ornot he end up getting caught by Morgan and Nami tries to cover up her story by saying that she'sfrom the 77th Marines this is the Marine Branch under Commander purin puran or pudding puddingdepending on the translation during the arlong arc this branch of Marines were sent to handlethe Arling Pirates but of course they failed we cut the helmeppo's room where he's practicing hisswordsmanship in the nude with Soros confiscated sword hameppo has this underlying fascination withswords that we'll see later on in the series as well but he's caught by Zoro who comes in to takeback his wado ichimoji a fun detail the teddy bear how mepo uses to cover up his privates shares hishair but not for long over in Morgan's office we get a glimpse of his transponder snail styledafter the captain's look in the source material.

The transponder snails have the ability to changetheir appearance to match the form of the user or the speaker depending on their mood and we'll getto see a bunch of fun transponder snail designs across this series Luffy and Nami discuss dreamsand nami's dismissive response as a hint at her ultimate story arc across the series The Two endup finding the chest containing the map to the Grand line and it features the world governmentlogo as the lock really cool design Morgan ends up finding his downed soldiers and realizes hiskeys are missing and next to them is what looks to be a map of shellstown or just a greater areaNami and Luffy try to steal the chest and end up flying out of the Marine base Tower hearkeningback to him doing something similar in the source material chaos ensues and the trio fight theirway through the Marines when they're approached by.

Morgan himself and he boasts his accomplishmentsof defeating the black cat Pirates and taking down Captain Kuro in the source material we would learnthat this was not entirely true and that Kuro just tricked Morgan into thinking he captured himso that Kuro himself could escape and stop living a life running from the Marines Kudo wasactually the one who defeated Morgan and caused his jaw to need the metal brace Zoro and Luffyfight Morgan just like in the manga but Zorro mentions every part of Morgan's body as a weaponthis is sort of strange to say about Morgan but it is a very similar line to what he says duringhis battle against the aforementioned Mr one air is able to eventually take Morgan out withLuffy performing his gum gum whip similar to how he did in the manga against the group of MarinesLuffy exclaims all great Fighters call out their.

Finishing moves to which Zorro disagrees this isa gag that we'll see again in the series Luffy's claims enjoy that they've won and we get a clearlook at the sign instructing nobody to help the prisoners this was also present in the manga inthe aftermath they're trying to figure out how to lift the chest and Zorro picks it up and puts iton his back showcasing his monstrous strength and alluding to the scene during the orange Town Arcwhere zero does something very similar with a cage at the Port helmeppo comes in with guns drawnat the end referencing The Source material where helmeppo tries to hold Kobe hostage with a gun andwe see him with a similar stupid bob haircut from the manga however this whole scene is flippedon its head as Kobe comes in with a punch and knocks Home Depot out like I said earlier a lotof the story beats are changed in this series but.

They do little things like this to reference theoriginal manga I do think the overall story holds up on its own but there are some neat thingsin here that longtime fans can see as nods speaking of changing up the story we get theintroduction of vice admiral guard right at the tail end of episode 1 with his dog figureheadBattleship and all of its Glory just like in the manga GARP was technically part of the Eastblue Saga as he was first introduced in Kobe and helmetbo's cover story that this series isadapting and I think this is my favorite detail from this episode inside the ship we see a fileon Baroque works and learned that the Marines have been chasing their Shadows for a long time this isextremely interesting because to me this is some heavy suggestion that this introduction to BaroqueWorks earlier in the episode wasn't meant to just.

Be a little Easter egg but that they do have plansto cover the alabaster Saga should they get a season two the fact that the Marines have beenchasing after Baroque works and has some Intel on them as well as one of their calling cards justlike the one we saw earlier with Mr Seven explains why the Marines of shellstown would care about Mr7's Bounty but who would be doing this chasing my mind can't help but go to White Chase smoker inthe source material smoker is a marine that gets into introduced in the loketown arc and during Thealabasta Saga he's the Marine who actually ends up discovering the existence of Baroque works so thiswhole thing about Baroque Works makes me think smoker is already on their tail during the seasonas I pointed out at the start we do see a younger version of him at Roger's execution really coolstuff going on here if it's true but back to GARP.

On garp's desk besides the Baroque Works file wesee is what looks to be a plate of rice crackers garb's favorite food in the source material and onthe other side is his very own transponder snail GARP gets word of a pirate in a straw hatstealing a map of the grand line from shellstown and decides to act also in the room is Bogardgarb's right-hand man throughout the early arcs of one piece and a character that doesn't get toomuch love in the source material so it's really great to see him in the series we have one lastpre-credits scene here and it's kabaji who we saw earlier in the show at Charles Town he reportsback to his captain about the map to the Grand line introducing buggy the clown buggy is oneof the best characters in all of One Piece and honestly without any spoilers he's one of thebest characters in the show he's introduced in.

An iconic pose taken Straight From the Sourcematerial and boy is he menacing he's lined up to be the next big antagonist of this series andI can't wait to dive deep into that but before we go I would be remiss if I didn't talk about thebeautiful map during the credit sequence the map of the East blue is shown to be created for theMarines as ordered by commander-in-chief Kong who we see a little sketch of below Kong was firstsilhouetted in chapter 0 back in November of 2009 but he wasn't properly depicted in the manga untilAugust of 2010 and since then we haven't really gotten much more information about him or hisstatus but this is such a cool detail nonetheless we also see the rest of the map and see the polestar Islands this is actually the name of the islands that loketown is located on and moving onthere's the Goa Kingdom which is located on Don.

Island and it's the greater country that WindmillVillage is part of it also includes Mount corvo which is the home of the Don and her Bandits weget a more detailed look at shellstown and another map depicting the proximity between all thelocations we saw in this episode the map we see during the credits of the show change across theseries and depicts all the locations that we have in a given episode so I think that's a really cooldetail and that's about it for this breakdown I am so sorry that this took longer than I expected Ireally underestimated how many details in Easter eggs the creators of the show would pack intoeach episode and I'm sure there are a couple I probably missed or forgot to include if you spotany please let me know let's keep this breakdown going put them in the comments I would love to seewhat you come up with I don't know if I'm going to.

Be able to maintain that initial schedule I wantedof one breakdown per day at least not if I want to go this deep on each episode but truthfullyI selfishly want to be as thorough as I can I had so much fun breaking this episode down fromall the small Easter eggs and foreshadowings to this restructured plot points and there's reallyso much in here as a genuine one piece nerd that I've been pretty much all smiles throughout thewhole time watching this show and breaking it down and I hope that's okay with you of courseI'll be working on this non-stop it's not like I want to do a breakdown for a week or somethingbut I hope it's okay if I take an extra day or two for each given episode especially if they're allfilled with these details and with all that said I want to thank you for your support if you enjoyedthis breakdown and still haven't subscribed I'd.

Really appreciate it if you do that way you'llbe able to catch the next breakdown as soon as it comes out but as always stay safe thanks forwatching and I hope to see you in the next one

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