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Welcome back to one piece explained episode 3of The One Piece live action series by Netflix and tomorrow Studios has a ton of really coolpotential Easter eggs and references things that just blew me away with the range of what theywere willing to include or not to now if you haven't watched my breakdowns for episode one andtwo I highly recommend it there's always a bunch of details hidden in every episode and if you'rewatching this and aren't subscribed I'd appreciate it if you do as always I make these live actionbreakdowns with the intent of being engaging and interesting for long time fans as well as brandnew fans as such I will be doing my best to talk around some big story developments or revealsthat are better experienced at your own pace with the source material but I will be referencingthings such as characters story arcs settings.

Etc so with all that said let's get into thebreakdown the title of this episode is tell no Tales referring to usopp's trait of Habituallying it's also an abbreviation of the original phrase dead men tell no Tales an age-old idiomthat most recently probably has been associated with pirates in modern pop culture largely thanksto 2017's Pirates of the Caribbean film that also used the phrase in its title though the origin ofthis phrase comes from olden times across several different cultures now this episode starts offwith a flashback of seven years ago and were introduced to a young usop running through syrupVillage falsely alerting its inhabitants of a pirate attack on his head you can spot the JollyRoger of the USA pirates in the source material the USA Pirates were a group of children fromsyrup Village who pretended to be a pirate crew.

With usab as their Captain these charactersand this plot Point have not been adapted into this live action series much to my personaldisappointment because I think they add a lot to usop's character Arc throughout this story but heysome things just don't make it in and that's fine the outfit he wears here as a kid is pretty muchspot on to his original childhood design from The Source material I also love the general look ofsyrup Village in this adaptation with its Close Quarters buildings and homes it has an almostlabyrinthine feel to it that gives a lot more character to the Village than what we saw on thesource material with just the simple layout some of the villagers believe Usopp and begin to runfor shelter and among them is this one older man who seems to be an adaptation of Mayor Morninfrom The Source material and we'll see more of.

Him later on but next to him on the wall youcan make out a few posters and there are some crazy Easter eggs here first poster reads actresstragically dies on stage Victoria cindry syndra is a character first introduced during the Thrillerbark Arc and was a famous and popular actress from the West Blue who died 10 years prior to thestart of Luffy's Journey the depiction of her here is a reference to one of her stage portrayalsas seen in the manga as well as the anime I should note the discrepancy here though since in thesource material syndra died 10 years prior to the start of the series while this episode startsoff seven years prior to the start of the series of course this poster could have just been up hereon this wall for three years after all century was beloved by fans or the live action is taking someliberties with these dates as these posters are.

More meant to be Easter eggs rather than explicitindicators of a timeline but I will touch back on this in just a second at the bottom of this posteris what looks to be some text that reads world government with either their symbol or a globebeside it and we'll dive deeper into this a bit later in the video as well over to the right ofthis poster is another one that is a bit harder to make out and I'm not 100 sure on this but it looksto me that it reads gold Rogers with an apostrophe S at the end now real quick sidebar every timeI say go to Roger in these videos there's always someone in the comments trying to correct itplease I've said it before and unfortunately I have to keep saying it this is intentional I'vebeen trying so hard not to spoil big reveals for new fans so thank you anyways underneath is sometext that looks to be in the shape of the word.

Shipwright and beneath that looks to be caughtand to me this looks like it's executed this poster may be a reference to Tom a fishmanshipright from water 7 who built the Oro Jackson the ship that Roger used to find the one piece nowwe saw a glimpse of this ship in episode 1 as I talked about in my episode one breakdown and Tomwas eventually caught by the world government for his hand in helping Rogers piracy and long storyshort he was put to death in The Source material Tom was put to death eight years prior to thestart of the series and this takes place seven years prior so if they're following that stricttimeline then this poster was up for about a year if this is what I think it is then thisis a really neat Easter egg as it works well thematically with the plot of the straw hatPirates looking for their ship to sail the grand.

Line in search of the one piece as we'll seelater in this episode we get a montage of usop doing this over the years until we get to him inpresent day and he stopped by the aforementioned mare morning above them reads a sign for KeelStreet and if you've read through the water 7 Arc I'm sure you're very familiar with thesignificance of what a keel is in short it's one of if not the most important part of a shipand as we'll see the streets in syrup Village are named after various things related to ships as inthis adaptation syrup Village is the place known for its shipbuilding just a little bit later weget another sign reading ratline steps referring to the ladder-like rigging on a ship as seen herethis sign over here just reads Village shop but over to the right you can read a sign for Messithis was the restaurant that the straw hats ate.

At in the source material when they visited syrupVillage it reads try our specials next to it and there's a sign with the menu on it it's a littletoo hard to make out the title card for this episode is themed after Usopp we get his personalJolly Roger as depicted by Oda with the nose adjusted to be a little bit more realistic now theeye and peace is a nod to one of usop's various hammers he uses throughout the series we cut tothe straw hats and we get some outfit changes Now nami's new outfit here is a reference to heroutfit in chapter 28's color spread while Luffy and zoro's outfits look to be inspired by theirappearance on the cover of volume 11. however with Zorro the one difference here is that the designon zoro's shirt cuts off at the middle whereas the volume 11 design extends all the way to thebottom of the shirt Nami opens up the map to the.

Grand line and this gorgeous map was Illustratedfor the series by artist Eric Rose and there are a ton of little details here we've covered most ofthese locations on the previous Maps but there's one new addition and that's Frost Moon Islandthere actually isn't an island with this name in The Source material though this could just bea reference to the island that shimoski Village is located on as shamotsky can be translated asFrost Moon and that's what the early translation referred to shamotsky as I should also note thatthis map does not actually line up with the map that we saw at the start of episode 1. severallocations are in different areas completely such as Mirrorball Island for example however thiscould be attributed to the notion that there isn't a complete map of the oceans just yet as thisis part of nami's dream so it's understandable.

That there exists conflicting Maps just likehow they were in olden times in our real world speaking of olden times notice the two figures inthe corners old nautical Maps would often feature these illustrations of heavenly beings blowingwind in a given direction to inform the reader of the nature of the seas in that area and this looksto be a nod to that down in the com belt we can make out several sea Kings as I discussed in myepisode 1 breakdown and most of these designs look to be identical to the Sea kings that we firstsaw in chapter 101 however there is one that bears some resemblance to the giant snakes worshiped bythe shandians such as kashigami as we saw during the sky P Arc over in the North Blue there is asquid or Kraken of some sorts now this may just be unrelated to anything at all but I should notewe've seen a royal squid found in the grand line.

As well as the Kraken surume who came from theNorth Pole Luffy unveils his proposed Jolly Roger though in the source material he does this afterUsopp joins the crew and then usop redraws it to the design that we know and love today across thesource material we see that Luffy is not the best artist but he gives it as all as evidencedby the specks of white paint on his face the makes it syrup Village and they scanned thelocal bulletin board and find Buggy's wanted poster after seeing his Bounty Zorro remarksthat they should have stuffed his head in a bag and brought it with them which should be prettyfunny if you've already watched all eight episodes now there is a ton of stuff on this bulletinboard mostly odd jobs and labor ads but there are a few interesting tidbits there's of coursealvida's wanted poster but beside it is one for.

Dawn Creek in the switch material Krieg is anantagonist during the barazier arc over to the right of Albedo's poster is a flyer for the syrupVillage AGM which is likely referring to an annual general meeting it looks like it lists a bunchof the topics of discussion and events including a lost and found and it looks like this is set totake place on April 15th now I think this is the first explicit indication of a given date in thisseries now in the source material we learned that Luffy wished to set sail when he turned 17 so it'sbelieved that he likely set sail on the day of his birthday May 5th which is children's day in Japanif we apply this logic to the live action then and this flyer is likely at least a few weeksold however I'll touch a bit more on the date this episode is taking place throughout this videoas there's a bunch of references here to the right.

We have a poster with w-e-n-p at the top and thisstands for World economic newspaper or the world Economic Journal as translated in the officialviz manga this is a vastly popular in-universe newspaper that we see throughout the course of theseries the newspapers are delivered via news coup which we first saw in the source material afterthe arlong park Arc but in this live action we saw it all the way back in episode 1. we also sawone at the very start of this episode the poster itself reads War continues on Broccoli island inthe source material broccoli Island is located on the grand line and has been in War for the lasttwo years since present day this would mean that the war on Broccoli Island started relativelyrecently in the live action series and at the bottom you have the world government tag as wellnow next to this we have a poster for Meshi the.

Aforementioned restaurant and it reads sevenyear birthday this Friday which would mean that it actually opened up in the same year that wesaw in the Flash back at the start of the episode beneath it is a help wanted ad for dock workvacancies but beside that is a poster for the syrup Village fate which is a village Festivalcelebration all of these posters really help to make syrup Village feel like a living breathingtown with all of its inhabitants and this is some great set design you can really feel the lovethey had for the series we cut back to Orange town to see buggy has reassembled himself and ispaid a visit by kirobi a ray fisherman who is part of arlong's crew I personally really like how thefishermen look in the series The Prosthetics and makeup just work for me and when buggy refuses tospeak with orlong korobi hits him with a golf ball.

Paw bomb a Fishman karate technique as seen in thesource material where kirobi performs an open Palm strike to the chin I thought using this techniquein particular here was kind of clever as a guffaw is a very loud laugh and the technique's originalname in Japanese also contains the word for joke which all plays very well with Buggy's wholecircus clown Motif back in syrup Village Luffy feels drawn to the going Mary and mistakes usopp'svoice for the ship being able to speak this is a slight not to the idea of the club outerman aspirit that is the embodiment of a ship that has been cared for by its owners based on real-lifeGerman folklore while a lot of usop's backstory with the usop Pirates and his hopes of being apirate himself have been cut from his adaptation they have built in some nice characterizationthrough him working in the shipyard and taking.

Care of the ships to some extent whilethe aspiring pirate angle isn't as strong his connection to the going Mary and ability tosomewhat maintain it throughout the straw house Journeys works a lot better with this changeover at Kai's Mansion there are a ton of little Easter eggs in her garden a lot of them look to beGarden shrubs that have been shaped in the form of various animals from the island of rare animalsthat the straw hats visited right before arriving at syrup Village in the source material over herewe have what looks to be the bear tiger hybrid and over on this side is what could be the panda bathybrid that was exclusive to the anime though some have seen this as a nod towards Panda man anotherone of oda's recurring gag characters that can be found hidden in the backgrounds of various scenesthroughout the Manga and Anime this one may be a.

Nod to the duck poodle hybrid and over here is thelion Pig hybrid lion buta we actually got a better look at this one in a promotional still thatwas shared online and over on the steps there's one that's a bit harder to make out though theserpentine body makes me think of the rabbit snake hybrid Kaya pleads with klajador to let usop andthe crew stay for dinner on account of it being her birthday so this gives us an explicit date forwhen this episode is taking place August 24th like I said earlier I don't think we should necessarilybe looking at Easter eggs as canonical indications of anything especially when it comes to timelineshowever there are people like myself who enjoy piecing things together given what the showprovides in conjunction with what we know from The Source material so let's just entertain thisLogic for a bit recall the idea that Luffy sets.

Hail on the day of his 17th birthday May 5th thatwould be almost four months between the start of his journey and this episode which wouldn't maketoo much sense given the passage of time indicated in the prior two episodes but of course you canPat some events out with implied travel time time between islands and you could also say Luffy hadalready been out on his journey for a little while at the start of episode 1 since we didn't see himdepart Windmill Village like he did in the source material Etc stuff like that maybe after theseepisode breakdowns I'll do a deep dive into the timeline of the live action series but for now Idon't think we should necessarily read too much into these dates especially since the sourcematerial Kaio was 17 upon introduction but in this series she's set to be 18. clawhador allowsthe crew to stay for dinner but instructs them to.

Bathe and change beforehand usop does a pit checkand Nami remarks that a bath does sound nice funny enough we actually know the straw hats canonicalbathing schedules As Told to us in volume 67's SBS so all of this does seem in character over inKai's room you can make out a portrait of what looks to be Mary Kaya's Butler Kaya also seemsto be quite the skilled artist in this adaptation as you can find several sketches and variousartwork all over her room as we see throughout this episode we get a quick glimpse of the bookthat Kaya is reading from and there's not too much to go off of here at first I wondered if this wasa nod to one of the various in Universe pieces of literature that you can find throughout the sourcematerial but I couldn't really line it up with anything so then I wondered if this is a real lifebook that they used as a prop I asked a couple.

Friends who were a bit more versed in novels andbooks and the best thing we could come up with was that this may be a specific translation ofHans Christian Andersen's 42 stories with this specifically being from The Little Mermaid youcan make out the start of the name up top Hans and the few fragments of text that we can readtalk about huge ice masses flashing lightning as well as something about the crew and a line abouther floating all of this lines up relatively well with this translation I found by Mr James and sothis may just be another given translation of that collection of Stories the creators of the show puta lot of time and effort into seeding Easter eggs and details in the sets and props however thereare a couple instances of our Real World objects being used as props without much obfuscation andI'll talk about another one later in this video.

Thematically The Little Mermaid works verywell with the character of Kaya who in The Source material is a sickly girl girl who cannotleave her home but longs to be able to overcome her physicality and exist in the world that shegazes so fondly upon they're both Daughters of high status and there's also a similar resolutionto each character's Arc with Kaya devoting her life to helping others by becoming a doctor andthe Little Mermaid ascending to his status of a spirit who must do good deeds for humankind ifthis text is in fact from The Little Mermaid then this is a really really cool parallel now couldall this be a stretch maybe did I just spend the better part of two hours tweeting through varioustranslations of The Little Mermaid and looking into various Little Mermaid lore yes let's moveon one of my favorite parts of usop's character.

Is that he tells these Grand over the top liesthat in the source material often end up coming true in one way or another here he gives Kaya arock passing it off as a pearl that he obtained from coming across a giant goldfish with poop sobig that it was the size of an island now this story is taken directly from the source materialand we do in fact encounter a giant goldfish with island-sized poop as well in this episode we getthe blue T and the blue soup that we will come to find out has actually been the reason for Kaya'sillness none of the characters really seem to bat an eye at how strange it is for tea and soup to bethe color blue but as I hinted in my episode one breakdown with the blue alcohol blue does not seemto be an uncommon color for the various Foods in this world over on the Marine side Kobe and GARPduke it out in a game of Go as GARP tests Kobe's.

Strategic thinking and thematically while thisgame operates with black and white pieces Kobe will soon learn from GARP that being a marine isnot as clear as black and white but rather there are gray areas as well and pushes Kobe to actdecisively instead of overthinking also of note his personalized goboard here is really cool withthe decorated dogs heads just like the ship we have another Straw Hat after change but this timeit's for the dinner party Luffy's outfit here with the black vest may be inspired by his appearanceon the cover of issue 44 of weekly shoot and jump back in 2001 which was then again used onthe cover of data book red the following year usop and zoro's outfits look to be inspired bytheir appearances on the cover of volume 6 while mommy's outfit looks to be a nod to her appearancein the cover of chapter 32. who saw boasts about.

His encounter with a dragon and asks Luffy ifhe's ever eaten a dragon now this is a nod to two different bits from The Source material in thesource material usop and the USA Pirates pretended they were capturing a dragon when chasing a lizarda lie that would eventually come true hundreds of chapters later during the punk Hazard arc when thecrew encounters a dragon for the first time and end up slaying it as well as eating it and in thebackground of the scene you'll notice these huge pirate penguin statues these are a reference tothe cover of chapter 17. Zoro confronts clawhador about his familiarity if only the crew opened upthat one poster that they found in the chest they stole from shellstown and in the back of the sceneyou can make out a house transponder snail sorrow then asks if he's ever been to the funky bar onMirrorball Island and as we've talked about in the.

Prior breakdowns Django a member of the black catPirates visited Mirabal Island in his cover story later on the Marines find Luffy's attempt at aJolly Roger that surfaced after the crew sank their previous ship and I love that this gag ofthe flag is being used as an actual plot device for this episode really cool writing here GARPthen instructs Kobe to take action and remarks that helmepo status as senior Cadet is unwarrantedI guess this is good as time as any to talk about the fact that in the source material there is noMarine rank titled Cadet the hierarchy of Marine ranks was first exclusively explained in volume8's SBS corner and it was further expounded upon later in volume 98's SPS Kobe and helmeppo wereboth enlisted as tour boys in the source material Murray checks his pocket watch and this was theother instance of an unobficated prop that I.

Hinted at earlier you can actually read here thatthis was made in the USA quahadur says he tends to be light on his feet a nod to a stealthfoottechnique that we'll see soon and in the back you can make out these burials reading day yesthis was the brand of wine consumed by doflamingo during his flashback in the dress Rosa Arc we'realso introduced to arlong captain of the all along Pirates and of course this is a big departure fromThe Source material where we wouldn't get to meet him until much later on during the East blue Sagahowever I really like how this take on our long is written as he seems to have already started hisoperation of conquering that you just blew like he wanted in the source material also there'sa lot of foreshadowing going on with buggy in this episode that is easy to miss on first viewingparticularly with his bandana and I won't get too.

Much into it just for anyone who hasn't watchedall the episodes yet and are watching these breakdowns one at a time Nami steals a Candlestickfrom Kaya's Mansion among other things and Kaya eventually lets her take some of these itemswith her this reminded me a lot of Victory who goes Les Miserables where Jean Valjean spends thenight at a priest's house and tries to rob him of his decorated candlesticks only for the priest toeventually give Valjean the stolen items as an act of kindness and Redemption for the thief there's aton of really cool statues and artwork in general in this mansion and the camera doesn't really Stayon any particular one for too long now I don't think this is an explicit reference but I couldn'thelp myself and I had to point out how this one bus reminds me a lot of white beard with thatmustache back in The Wine Cellar Zorro picks up.

A bottle reading ethersburgerstein from the regionof mikyot this is actually the same wine referred to by full body at the barazier in the sourcematerial the description of it being sour and dry are even adapted here you'll note though that thebottle includes a year this episode is given us several dates in the form of months and days butnow we have a specific year at last implying that this series takes place at the very earliestduring the year 1542. in the source material itself there are not really any indicators of aspecific gear that the story is taking place there have been a few mentions of calendar years such asduring the Jaya arc when Nolan's logbook mentioned a calendar year in the age of cayenne or duringthe alabaster arc when Robin mentions a calendar year in the age of Kevin however given the contextof that scene there is a non-zero chance that the.

Details of her statement aren't true now overthe years fans have done their best to try and recreate the timeline of all the historicalevents in the series which in theory would allow them a specific year for the current storybut in my opinion all of these efforts are pure hypothesis at best but this show is making a callon the date so I just figured I should bring it up and talk about it we also have usop's flashbackadapted and while it is fairly short in the source material I am surprised that they left out thehardest hitting part of it where usop proclaims that he won't stop dreaming because he's the sonof a pirate though I guess in this adaptation usop didn't have as much of a long-runningaspiration for being a pirate as he did in the source material though given that this episodedoes have my favorite ending so far in the series.

With the Marines arriving and Kobe believingusopped that the Pirates are here this was truly beautiful and every time I watched it it kindof brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the scene this is a loose adaptation of usopp'sfeeling of helplessness after discovering kuro's plans in the source material and if you haven'trealized by now we have fully departed from The Source materials syrup Village and I've honestlythought this to be enjoyable at so far it's a very fun reimagining of an arc that a lot of peopledon't look back too fondly upon though I do wish they did preserve usop's character a bit more buthey what can you do we get new maps as well added to the credit sequence and we get a look at theGekko islands where you can spot usop's Galaxy shot to the left as well as this Hammer to theright and of note this is one of the maps that.

Places Mirabal Island above the gecko Islandswhile the map to the Grand line as used in the series places it far to its right there's alsoanother map with a closer look at Surf village with the poison blue tea and frame and up heremay be a nod to the north beach that the black cat Pirates invaded from in the source materialwe also get a closer look at shellstown with the 153rd Marine base and the main tower and it'sadorned with standard issue Marine cap a Cutlass and what looks to be a flintlock pistol and lastlywe get a close-up of the island of rare animals though depicted in the water is a seaboard a SeaBeast that we first saw during hachon's cover story and that's about it for the Easter eggs anddetails that I wanted to talk about in this one if there's anything you spotted or want to talk moreabout let me know in the comments I love reading.

To see what everyone finds this episode was reallyinteresting right there's a lot more here than I expected and all those details from the maps tothe couple potential literary references just really cool stuff if you've been enjoying thesebreakdowns I would really appreciate it if you subscribed so you can help the channel grow butalso so you can get the next breakdown as soon as it comes out I'm working on episode 4's breakdownright now and I can't wait to get into the next few episodes as always thank you for watchingstay safe and I hope to see you in the next one foreign

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