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One Pieces live action creatorshave got something very wrong. Something that I couldn't understand how the showrunners could even get wrong,something that missed even Oda's eyes. With the new posters that have come out, we can see that the creatorshave got something really wrong. The most important part of Luffy,a part without which stopping Kaido's extreme blows would havebeen mere impossible. And yes, by that I mean it's sandals. The two pictures that wereposted by Netflix on Twitter.

One of them had a picture of Luffy showing his iconic pose with the wordssaying, setting sale in 2023. This was actually nice to see because the poster looked amazingand even Luffy looked great. Until I saw the second image where Luffy'ssandals were exchanged with shoes. Netflix took away a rolled from a very deserving sandal industryand gave it to some shoes. Was it because the actors haddirty feet or they smelled bad? Luffy sandals have beena crucial part of his journey.

These sandals have had Luffy all the wayfrom East Blue to the battles of Wanou, and Netflix decided to completely ignoresandalsama and got Luffy's shoes. These sandals have kicked the strongestpeople in one piece and have gone to the most extreme conditionswithout so much as a scratch. I just cannot imagine Luffy sitting downand wasting his time wearing shoes. Knowing Luffy, I don't think he'd know how to tie his own laces,leave out fighting with his shoes on. Even in Egghead Island, the only time he wears shoes are somethingthat are made by vega punks technology,.

Which are automaticallyput on him, mind you. Okay, hold up. Now, I may be overreactingand the showrunners definitely know what they're doing, but I feel Luffy's sandalsrepresent his free spirited nature. Remember the scene where Shanksis walking up to Whitebeard? Now, just imagine if he hadsome A ones while he did that. Okay, that would be pretty too. But what if Chopper wore thisinstead of his usual hat? He'd still be Chopper,just not Chopper enough.

Luffy's clothes and how he looks have always been amazing and a hugepart of any given up. And I feel changing his sandalsto shoes just makes Luffy less Luffy. Now, even if they do not make this change,which I don't think they will at this point, I still believe this adaption hasa lot of potential, as the creators themselves havea lot of love for the story. Even Matt Owens, the showrunner,is a huge fan of the series. He even said that everyone in the cast and the crew is a huge fan of One Piece,not just the actor.

It feels good when you see something youlove being made by people who also love the source materialjust as much as you do. Netflix has had a history of bad anime adaptation with monstrositieslike Cowboy Bebop and Death Note. However, seeing how much lovethe creators have for one piece. This gives me some reassurance that at least they will try to betrue to what ODA envisioned. This live action adaptation will beone of the biggest releases this year. Even if Luffy does not wear his sandals,.

I'm going to be sitting wearingmy sandals on to watch it. So are you excited for this adaptation, or do you think Netflix is just goingto shit out another Death Note? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching and tellingyour grandma to subscribe. See ya.

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