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Hello everyone I am Mr dishwasher today I'm here to share the complete plot of the latest chapter 1089 of the One Piece manga titled The Siege barricading incident in the previous chapters ending there was a news report that young hero Kobe was rescued from Pirate Island but the legendary hero cap was missing in hakanosu meanwhile Luffy kidnapped.

Vegapunk and established future Island as a base to confront the Navy Fleet soon the new spread to various parts of the world in Windmill Village the villagers were greatly surprised upon seeing the newspaper the newspaper did not confirm caps fate so the village Chief still believed that a legendary hero like cap would be fine at that.

Moment makino's child suddenly burst into laughter but started crying loudly when scolded by The Village Chief only when the child saw a picture of Luffy did the crying stop it turns out that the child has become familiar with Luffy recently Makino asked the child you already like big brother Luffy right on the other side Dayton also saw the news.

And tears filled her eyes she cried questioning what cap and Luffy were up to clearly everyone was particularly worried about the situation of cap and Luffy meanwhile the entire world felt the continuous Tremors affecting various locations such as the twin capes on the grand line the water 7 Under Ice mountains control the Marine.

Headquarters and the flower capital in the wano country even places like impelled down and Mary GEOS from ordinary citizens to Celestial dragons all felt fear from this unusual earthquake currently the epicenter of the earthquake remains unknown and the exact cause behind it is still unclear the only certainty is that the.

Earthquake occurred six days after the destruction of the LA Lucia Kingdom which now no longer exists leaving only a colossal void in the sea this enormous Abyss is inaccessible and shows no signs of closing as seawater continues to Surge into the cavity the structure resembles that avini's Lobby prompting speculation about whether the abyss of.

Enes Lobby also formed like this moreover over the earthquake resulted in a rise in sea levels by approximately one meter worldwide causing some islands to be submerged by surging Waters in momoro island ivankoff and the Revolutionary Army are astonished by The Disappearance of the once familiar beaches simultaneously the situation in.

Windmill Village is perilous with the village Chief and residents deeply concerned about the rising sea levels turning our attention to Future Island the Marines also felt the world's changes and the rising sea water at this moment the Marine Fleet surpassing the power of the Buster call has surrounded Egghead the fleet comprises 20 huge.

Battleships 100 warships and 30 000 Marine soldiers led by nine formidable Vice Admirals and the Marine Admiral kazaru as well as the five Elder Saturn Saint despite the mechanical sea beasts fiercely obstructing the Marines Invasion kazaru personally intervened easily blasting a Sea Beast with a laser beam next Admiral kazaru while enjoying.

His Ramen call Santa Maru and tries to persuade him to surrender centimaru requests that kazaro refrain from destroying the mechanical Sea Beast weapons kazaru counters saying that the Sea Beast weapons attacked the Navy first he admits feeling awkward about the situation and hopes that Santa Maru and vegapunk will come out and surrender.

However centimaru refuses to surrender and threatens to counter-attack he reveals that in the past vegapunk had studied kazaro's Powers leading to the creation of the pacifist's laser weapons they recall a pleasant cooperation between the three of them in the past making Santa Maru surprised that kazaru is now coming to kill vegapunk in.

Response to the rebuke kazaru can only express regret he explains that he couldn't cover for vegapunk's Research into the void Century hence he had no choice but to obey orders and come here kazaru even self-deprecates saying he is just a small slave of the company he then admits that the Navy doesn't want to cause extensive damage to Future.

Island but unfortunately cp-0's assassination attempt failed due to the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates meanwhile inside a warship Saint Saturn is having a meal while vice admiral Doberman reports to the five Elders about their work Saint Saturn instructs not to let anyone know about his presence he also praises the news report.

Written by Morgans the vice admiral then reports that cp0 has not provided any feedback on their mission centimaru is also ready to fight against the Navy it is confirmed that all the targets are still on future Island including vegapunk in the labor phase and his six satellites protected by four seraphim the straw hat crew allied with vegapunk.

And the three cp0 members assigned for assassination additionally centimaru and around 100 pacifists are on the lower faberia phase the intelligence Personnel brought by Luffy have been dealt with by the pacifists however the defense system of Labor phase Frontier Dome has been activated making it impossible to enter or leave as a result the recent events.

In the labor phase are currently a mystery at this moment Saint Saturn's specific inquired about the whereabouts of the researchers on the island he learned that the researchers had escaped by boat yesterday unexpectedly Saint Saturn directly ordered the sinking of the researcher's vessel and the vice admiral did not hesitate to agree it.

Seems that a part of the current Navy is merely the world government's ruthless tool showing no mercy even towards Ordinary People later the vice admiral mentioned that big eater Bonnie was also on future Island Saint Saturn expressed that they no longer needed Bonnie as she was just a little girl who couldn't cause any significant disturbance.

Meanwhile inside Egghead someone was making an external call which was immediately intercepted by the Navy led by Admiral kazaru at that moment the other five Elders in Mary GEOS received a phone call from Future Islands Punk 0-6 greed York upon receiving the information Admiral kazaru also began eavesdropping on the conversation in the.

Phone call your questioned the elders why they wanted to kill her with the other Punk satellites together after all it was she who had informed the elders about Vegas betrayal in response to this inquiry the Elder said it was because York and the other satellites were all the same hearing this York emphasized that she had no interest in the void.

Century and wouldn't leak information if she wasn't interested the elders agreed with this point Venus nostero also mentioned that York had done well in terms of survival and he wanted to inquire about the information of the straw hat crew and cp0 however York immediately interrupted nostero and emphasized that she had spent the entire.

Night alone in fear without her the elders would not have obtained any information so your question the elders if they had any compassion and if they still wanted to wage war against her and the island at this point Jupiter Peter Ambiguously stated that after experimenting with the mother flame and destroying La Lucia Kingdom the elders.

Had decided to keep York because she could help them produce more mother Flames this made York even more spirited as she found herself having negotiating power with the elders York emphasized that she had originally given the mother other flame to the elders and the weapon Factory was within Egghead she demanded that the elders not harm her or the.

Research institute She also asked the elders to help her become a Celestial Dragon finally the elders agreed to make arrangements for these matters at this moment York's emotion suddenly changed and she cried out for help she pleaded with the five Elder stars to quickly rescue her from Luffy's grasp this surprising turn of events shocked both.

The five Elder stars and Admiral kazaru they had all believed that York had defeated everyone with the seraphim's power but in reality she had been subdued by Luffy and his companions long ago Zorro even held a knife to her neck forcing her to make this call now the straw hat crew along with cp0 members Luchi Kaku Stussy and Bonnie are all.

Packed up and ready to leave Egghead Nami said she understood the whole scene but Luffy looked clueless and couldn't figure it out he asked can we just use York as a shield for our Escape upon hearing this Bonnie immediately sighed this sounds like a classic Siege barricading incident doesn't it and Bonnie Punk replied so that's what.

Happened alright the above is the entire plot of One Piece chapter 1089. in this chapter Oda reveals some hints such as the fact that the mother flame was made by York for the five Elder Stars so this weapon might not be the ancient weapon Uranus that was previously speculated however its power is quite terrifying if the world government gets more mother.

Flame weapons things could become very dangerous for everyone therefore it's likely that there are some restrictions on this weapon to make it appropriate moreover there are still some Mysteries left unanswered like the cause of the Great Earthquake and the rising sea levels as well as the situation with cap it's exciting that the story is back to.

Luffy's main storyline and they are facing a confrontation with the Navy we can look forward to the upcoming clashes on future Island for those who love the 1p series remember to like subscribe to my channel it really means a lot to me we'll meet again soon thank thank you all goodbye

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