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Good day, a gentle viewers. In today's news,I get corrected about delays. Spider-verse gets some Japan exclusivecontent and Konami look like dicks again. All that todayalongside some spring 2023 anime rankings. So without any further ado,I am Tristan Gallant and welcome to Glass Reflection. Let's jam. Hey. So remember when literally. Last news video,.

I said this: but with a look of thatwill be all of the delays for this season. All of them. Guess how long it took me to be provenwrong? The same day. The day that I posted that video,we got the announcement that [OSHI NO KO] was getting a delay. Not allowed to make predictionslike that anymore. Unless I want them to be true, thoughof course, if I want them to be true, they won't be. Alright,.

So it was announced that [OSHI NO KO] is going to get booted back by a week now airing its eighth episode on June 7thinstead of its original air date of May 31st. And similar to when Witch from Mercurygot delayed a couple of weeks back. [OSHI NO KO] will also receive a recapepisode in its normally scheduled spot. So that's either something to look forwardto or skip as the weeks go on. Now, I'm not going to continue onand be like, this will be the absolute last delay of the seasonbecause I'll probably be proven wrong. But I will say thatI hope that this is the last.

Because like I said last time,we are in the second half of the season. We're getting closer and closerto the end of this season and the start of next season,and any major delay should have already happened by now. Granted, a single weekpushed back with a recap episode. It's not really a major delay,especially compared to a lot of things from last season because, you know, last season we had a bunch of showsthat got like four or five, six week delays, even onethat got booted by an entire season.

So hopefully nothing likethat is going to happen again. Knock on wood, and we'll just have to dealwith single week pushback and recap episodes instead. And hopefully this is the last one. Hopefully. Now, while most people will not constitutethe amazing CGI animated film Spider-Man into the Spider-verse as anime,if you look hard enough and honestly, I don't even feel likeyou need to look all that hard.

It won't be all that difficultto see that film's effect on the worldwide animation industry,and this includes Japan and anime. So surprise, surprise, when it wasannounced that the Japanese dub for the upcoming Spider-versefilm is getting its own unique Japan exclusive theme song sung by famousJapanese singer LiSA. LiSA Of course, you should know by reputation,if not by name. She's provided the vocals for a numberof anime opening themes, specifically the popular shows like Sword Art Onlineand Demon Slayer and Fate Apocrypha.

In the announcement,LiSA herself shares a little comment, mentioning her love of the characterGwen from the film. And I would also assume Gwenfrom the franchise in general, and she believes it to be a great honorto be entrusted with this theme song. Now, personally, I'm not entirely sure why Japan is getting its own themesong for the dub. That's not something. Unless I'm completely off base here,that's not something that normally happenswith Japanese dubs of Western films.

I mean, I'm ecstatic about it. I'm happy that it's a thing. Though now It just makes me depressedbecause I won't be able to witness that when I go see the film because I'mgoing to have to see it in English. I'll probably have to dig around after the fact to try and seeif I can find a copy of the Japanese dub online somewhere,because it's not like that's going to be in a theaternear me or anything. Also, I feel like this is worth mentioning.

Because it's the first time I noticed it. The producers of the new Spider-verse filmhave also confirmed that somewhere in the film there will be a shout out to ToeiSpider-Man series from the Seventies. Because, yes, for those who don't know, Japan had its own Spider-Man seriesback in the late 1970s. I think it was like 78. It came out and that series was just kindof an action focused Spider-Man show in the same vein as pretty muchevery tokusatsu series ever.

Especially the ones from that era. And hopefully that won't be a kind of blink and you'll missit kind of reference. Like sometimes those things are. I really hope it's like a more substantialamount of time on the screen and not just like,Hey, he's in the background with a bunch of other spider menor something. I don't know because that would be great. Now, before we continue, Idid want to give a shout out to supporters.

Of this channel over on Patriot because,yes, this video was not sponsored. And any support that you give us overthere, the less support that Glass Reflectionwill need at any given time. So an immensethank you, especially to patrons like We can't do this without your support. So however much you're able to help,I am eternally grateful. Double piece of interesting newsthat normally falls under the gaming category and not anime. But you know, I'm interested in it.So we're going to talk.

Konami recently announcedduring a PlayStation showcase that they are currently developing andplan to release a remake of the video game Metal Gear Solid three Snake Eaterfor the PlayStation five. Metal Gear Solid three, of course,being a very well-regarded entry into the Metal Gear franchisethat came out in 2004. I want to say on the PlayStation two,Konami is quoted as saying that they are working hard for Metal Gear,solid Delta snake Eater to be a faithful recreationof the original story and game design while evolving the gameplay with stunningvisuals and a seamless user experience,.

Which is something I'm surprisedthat any spokesperson from Konami can say with a straight face. Because, you know, I just personally feel like it'shard to say that you're going to remain faithful to the workwhile actively scrubbing out the name of the game's directorwhenever you can. Konami, of course, has had a very wellknown and very public spat with former Metal Gearsolid creator Hideo Kojima. Kojima worked on virtuallyevery Metal Gear game.

Since the franchise'slaunch back in the eighties, and this of course includes Metal GearSolid three since Konami kicked Kojima out of the company dueto creative differences, they have literally gone out of their wayto basically erase his existence and any proof that he worked onany of these games from any release since he's left, including at the timeMetal Gear, Solid five, because technically that wasn't releasedwhen he got kicked out. It was just mostly done and they then removed his name offof all of the promotional material.

Because it used to be thereuntil it wasn't. Now, of course,Konami makes no mention of Kojima in this announcement of the remake, so it is very safe to saythat he has zero involvement. But the thing that this Internetdenizen finds very curious is the timing of thisremake announcement, right? Because not even the daybefore the PlayStation showcase, Kojima was also in the news helping to promotehis documentary, Connecting Worlds, a documentary that apparently covershim and his new studio,.

Kojima Productions, As they get started upand make their first game. Immediately following Kojimagetting kicked out of Konami. While most of the documentaryprobably focuses far more on death stranding than it doesanything related to Metal Gear. It still seems weird to methat as soon as he starts hawking this and announcing when it's going to be shownat a film festival that Konami like, Oh, hey, he's in the news,better take him out of it by announcing, you know,that we're going to remake his work. It is not even just a little bit pettyif any of that happened.

To be done on purpose,maybe it was a coincidence. Coincidences happen every day. I just don't trust coincidence. Now, Kojima'sdocumentary itself will be set to release during the Tribeca FilmFestival on June 17th, where Kojima is also slatedto do a Q&A panel following the showing. So perhaps more infowill come up during the doc and then also during the Q&A sessionafterwards. Or, you know, maybe he just doesn't careand won't bring it up at all.

And that's probably for the best. Either way, MGS Delta is set to come outwithout Kojima involved in any sort of way,which also makes me a little depressed and slightly worried for whoever Konami is puttingin the producer's chair for this project because like, they're not going to havea good time unless this remake is perfect. And even then, yeah,but this is the way of things, All right? And now it's time to lookat the seasonal rankings for spring 2023.

We are now on week six,which is officially the halfway point for any show that will only be goingto 12 weeks instead of 13. And we've had some very good shows indeedstarting off in first place. [OSHI NO KO] continuesits absolute domination. I did make a prediction last weekthat Witch From Mercury would not be on the listings at all because there was that one week of recap episodeand looking at this entire top ten, I think that actually remainsto be the case.

So [OSHI NO KO] is able to come up hereand dominate first place, but we'll see how that goes next week once Witch From Mercuryis able to climb back into the rankings. Skip and Loafer and Heavenly delusioncontinue also the second and third slot. There are a lot of things that moved upa position this week purely because Witch From Mercuryis no longer in the top ten. So everything just kind of shifted upwardsto make room for it. So really that's kind of likethe biggest change in this entire week because after that we've got Hell'sParadise, Demon Slayer.

And Insomniacs after school,all of which went up a single space. Now, my love story with Yamada-kunat level 999 went up three whole spaces, in fact,so it is doing quite well. Meanwhile, Raeliana goes up a single point. The dangers in my heart, however went downone and Birdie Wing Season two reenters the top ten, not making itany higher than the 10th spot. Yes, of course. And I missed it last time. The chart when you go onto the websitealso shows Vinland saga season two, but they don't like to mention it becauseit's a continuation from last season.

And you know, I'm inclined to agreegreat that it's still in the top ten, but that's notwhat we're focusing on right now. And of course,for my own personal interest, I still have to scroll all the way downto 26 for Otaku Elf didn't even get to go up one spot,which is a shame. But hey, KamiKatsu is on its way down, so at leastmaybe will surpass that next week. But we'll have to see. And that is itfor our show today to subscribe.

If you haven't hit the like button,if you enjoyed the video. And until next time, where who am I kidding? We're still going to be in the closetfor a little bit because I'm going to probablywant to quarantine. After going to anime North this weekend,I will already be at the Con and probably editing this videofrom my hotel room, so that'll be fun. See you at the conif you happen to be there. But if not, watch more anime and stay for.

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