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Hello everyone and welcometo the Geek Test channel. As you can hear this is our first voiceover video.What's more, this is my first video voiceover inmy life! We change and improve our content inorder to be closer to you, our subscribers. And in order to comply with YouTube's rules.Because at the time of publishing this video, our channel is not monetized. We have appliedtwice for monetization of the channel, and wererejected twice. But we don't want to stop creatingcontent for you. So if you want to see more of our videos, you can support our channel financially.There is a link to our Patreon in the description below this video. We will be very grateful toeveryone who subscribes to it. Each donor will be able to help us in choosing topics for thenext videos, and in solving many issues related.

To our channel. Thank you for your support!Now let's start the Oshi no Ko Emoji quiz! The first level I think it was easy The second leve Time is up! Did you guess it? Level 3 This ismy favorite character, write in the commentswhich of the characters do you like the most? Level 4 Level 5.

The sixth level Level 7 The eighth character Level 9 Level 10 Half of the quiz is done, but don't rush to turnoff the video, we have 10 more characters for you If you like our videos, subscribe to the channel,press like and the bell. The eleventh character Level 12.

Level 13 The fourteenth level Level 15 Level 16 Level 17 The eighteenth character Level 19 The twentieth and final level How many characters did you guess?.

Write in the comments, I'm so interested to know! You can also watch other videos on my channel!Thanks for watching ❤

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