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Today we are going to explain the first episode of those people at the beginning of the episode a man tells us in the background that this world is nothing but an illusion but at this moment you are watching the performance of the song Yes, but I have a question , how can one be so beautiful along with singing such a good song, I do not believe this, and more importantly , in this world, lying is also considered as a hand, which is beautiful. Har ek insaan ne kutkut ke bharat hai now we get to see our main character who was watching this idol show on tv was very happy to see the performance of only cycle this idol group name is also group and all of them Age is 12 years in this group there are many beautiful girls in spite of honey but due to eye the beauty of those beautiful girls goes to Deepika any one she has a companion from behind the man and lights the room and.

Tells that Doctor How can you see id show in marriage room from se means that he is very famous doctor now he doesn't answer her I know I have seen KTV show so listen many years ago I had a cancer marriage which There was a 12 year old girl, what if the vein is hard, what if you are a doctor, and you are a doctor, and you have little to do with marriage, the doctor told the nurse to listen to me, she was crazy about cancer's marriage idol, whenever I wanted to marry her Used to talk to him only in the elder of the idol, you are Manu, you have forgotten the elder of your illness, I was not at all interested in his button, then the girl told me that he is viral and from his age. She has come to this stage after going through a lot of trouble, she thought that the idol should be very beautiful, so she also wanted to become beautiful like a bicycle, her wish was that if I get a chance to live again in the next war, she wants to look like Idar.

Aka I tell you nothing happens by speaking of second life, this is your first and last life, then that girl tells that you are a very boring man, what is the problem in sleeping in the second life, you should also think that if you get a chance to live another life What would you like to live like this life of yours like a doctor or any other life now doctor calls her a girl you too will not get any benefit from sleeping in this big you stop thinking about this but I am sure you will get well soon You will become an idol and after recovery you can become an idol yourself because you are beautiful and the girl hears this and says, are you really helping me to become an idol? For this you have to complete the glaze and your age should be 16 years but say this girl is sad because her age was 12 years now after some two and the girl whose name was Shaleen died due to cancer now listen tell.

Us Why would the girl be alive now, if she had not killed at the age of 12, then today her age would have been 16 years, she could have become a big idol, that girl did not miss a single show of Id Eye . Since then, instead of her, I have watched her show and make her a girl-oriented. Now after listening to this, Nath does not console her and says angrily that she should learn to speak juice from you. It can only be beneficial, in between he gets a call from someone that a marriage has come and you have to treat them. Now when he goes to the marriage, he has seen that the marriage is a girl whose name is Ushinu and they are 16 years old. Looking at the way she has brought pregnancy, Sinchai thinks that he will have to treat her very carefully, then Sensei asks the man near Osiano that are you the father of these heifers, on which the man would have agreed.

. and says that Voshinu is first in a child care and I am their car meanwhile suddenly Osiano takes off his cap and on the other hand Sensei thinks a lot because there is a Japanese popstar in front of him I hope I will not have any problem here I can't believe that my favorite I Don't Eye is present here in the hospital but more importantly the one I don't like the most is a ganj on us, thinking that he is very bored, on the other hand he Ai asks Gaddin are you the father of these children, are you the guardian of Ali after hearing one, I am not the father of these children, I am just a violent person, now when this is done to Ai, Ai replies laughing, I am not. Bol Shakti, now we get to see that the pregnancy test has been done on the eye, so that the sensei tells the eye that you are pregnant for about 4 months and.

You are going to be the mother of two children, you are very happy to hear this. Ali's Guardian Kheta Hai, you should think about this thing soon, otherwise your Idol career may be ruined, so you kill these children but want to keep these children, on the other hand, she does not understand what to do now in this situation. She asks for health from human being and what kind of doctor should I do now all the scene can run from there without telling anything right now from next scene side tells us what should I do as a doctor what should I call him in idol Now after sleeping a lot he went to Sadal and said whatever you decide I will do whatever I can for you as a doctor It is a laugh to look at the sky here, the sky is very beautiful and clear, but due to the pollution in the sky of Tokyo, the situation had become very big, due to which even the.

Stars in the sky could not be seen, and the air here is also so clean and good. I have written a mistake in the middle , now because he has got a call, because no one recognized you, I am speaking right, no, now someone is in front of you, you are speaking right, but how did you come to know all this, all the scenery is Saikettha, I had an old marriage and was your fan. The answer was please, what are you talking about ? Hath hai ki aap Isaim ka kam ki baad dog then Aai's answer was absolutely no, it worries him a lot but now Aai has come to take care of my daughter long in this world and continue to take care of her as well as Idol's kam I will keep it and I myself have grown up in an open house, so I do not have a family and when these children come into the world, I will also have a family.

. Very much impressed and ready to help Ai now a lot of time has passed and now we see Ai helps Ai everyday and gives a lot of instructions to keep Ai it makes Ai very happy Sensei Gurjar is also very happy while doing this, a lot of time passes, now the day of delivery of Aai's child has also passed. I used to say only one thing that I will leave after the delivery of Aai and I will hardly meet each other due to lack of time but I am happy that I could help someone like Aai while thinking the same things. He was about to leave when a man shot him from behind and asked whether you are the doctor who is treating Iron Eye.

; It has been out of social media for a year and no one here even knew where the sensor is, so it was a shop that no one in the world knows where it is, but how did it come to know, the man asks you. Who are you, how did you come to know id, are you a victim, that man, along with listening to him, that man started running towards the forest, from now on, the side also thinks that he is chasing the man, today I could not catch him. So the whole world will get the news of Aai's arrival, now he reaches near the moat running, Sunny has no other way, then he kicks C in this way, man falls down and becomes unconscious. He has to open his eyes, he does not see anything, everything in front of him was like a dark shadow, then someone calls on his phone. Was about to do it now.

That he remembers all the memories of his life , that's why he spoke to a sensei. Thinks what will happen if a person like me boils, I am already living a life without happiness. I would like to be now in these areas we see that the last two were running which means the doctor has missed the missile and on the other hand someone tells us in Sai's voice when I opened my eyes I could not believe that I am here I got a second life And I am surprised that when I was born, that too as the son of my favorite ID, now I have been named but I can get another life at any time.

I also remember all the memories of my earlier life with her Studied my doctor till that I remember what second life this is called but whatever room I am very happy with it because I will be near my favorite idar somewhere in between another one hears the sound of a child running which is Ali's second Now we are told that once the younger sister's name is Ruby, now she is her twin sister. I don't know why I am missing someone seeing this . I have seen from a man that the time for your performance has come, he was telling to know quickly because he has not performed any concept that has come in the last 2 years, due to which it has become equal now that the performance has come after so many years. Wanted to do it but didn't want to do less with him than produce it because his popularity.

Was not that much in the market now ab bolungi producer kya tha al mein a producer takes care of every single thing from tapri of singer to show and selling tickets of the show The money that is received is tied according to the profit, now the manager of Eye has infrastated a producer and considers it a last chase for Eye, for which one, so today's concert is very important for Eye, there will be less after that. Whether or not it depends on the fish concert, now I's manager says which state should I pay attention to here, my wife took care of your children only then the wife came to Mia but she was not so happy with Saibo, now Miya Let's see what's the matter Sango your wife is very beautiful how to tell later I will tell you leave all this button brother you think about your father's names in the big one the answer came I came to know that you have children so if I take the children then you will have your career You will have to forget about this,.

You will not be able to produce any less and along with you, I will also be ruined. After listening to this, Miyako leaves her children and goes to the concert and joins her old group Di. At home on the other side Mian was tired of taking care of the kids and on the one hand he was sitting watching his Tiwari title with the TV on and on the other hand when Aai's performance started, then to Dil se apni saanp se kehta hai humein concert from last two years Couldn't get that much benefit from this, maybe this time also it will be like this, waste of money in vain, she starts her performance by going to any dirty stage, today's performance will decide whether she will get reduction in concert or not, episode would have been with this it's over now what will happen with next i want to know then like the video also bye for now i will meet you in another video

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