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You've seen Ladybug and Cat Noir rock thoseamazing powers, right? It's all thanks to these super cool miraculous! Now, hold onto your kwamis because we're aboutto spill the beans about the possibilities of other Miraculouses. the Chinese Miraculous box. This beauty is a total legend. Inside, there are these magical jewelry piecescalled Miraculous. Each Miraculous holds a different power, that’sa canon thing every Miraculous fan knows! However after the premiere of two specials,we learn that Miraculous Universe isn’t.

Limited with Chinese Box nor with villainsappearing only in Paris! And in this video we’re going to be talkingabout other confirmed miraculous and also some miraculous that are very possible tobe existing. In order to get in more details to the othermiraculous, we first need to examine the very-well known, the chinese one! Because theories and other confirmed informationare linked to this Box. In the box, each box is linked to a specifiedowner and changes in accordance with its new guardian's desires and expectations. Yeah, we already know that.

But what’s interesting? Except 7 of them, all other remaining Miraculousare associated with Chinese zodiac signs. These can be listed as ‘’Ox, rat, pig,dog, tiger and etcetera’.. In the series, characters could get a MiracleBox in three different ways. First, through guardian training when theybecome the new guardian. Second, it might be taken by stealing, likeHawk Moth did when he swiped the box from Master Fu in “Miracle Queen”. The last way for a guardian to get a miraclebox without the initiation spell is during an emergency.But we don't know what happensif a guardian in charge of the Miracle Box.

Passes away without a successor. Also, we're not sure if it's possible fortwo or more guardians to protect one Miracle Box. And if the Miracle Box isn't there for somereason, or if it gets destroyed under specific co nditions, it's unclear if the guardianwho was in charge will still be a guardian or not. Our traditional Chinese Box has 19 miraculousat total. At the beginning of the series, it had a celestialdesign with some asian-historic texture and it had a mechanism that reveals the all remainingMiraculous.

In the middle, Ladybug and Cat. Around them, peacock, butterfly, fox, beeand turtle and others are on down. Each holder, when they were needed for themission get their Miraculous via these small miraculous boxes. After Marinette’s becoming the new guardianall of these designs were changed. Furthermore, it was turned into a Ladybugthemed Miraculous Box, reflecting Ladybug’s responsibility. Everything was actually ordinary until therebecause we knew pretty much everything we needed to know.

However, it turned out, there are more MiraculousBox and of course Miraculous around world. Not only Miraculous Box but also importantjewels that lead their owners obtain different powers were shown to us via new Specials calledShangia and New York. But we’re going to focus on the New YorkSpecial, since the stone Fei had used in ‘’Shangai Special’’ is just a jewel called ‘’Prodigious’’. Native American Miracle Box Of course, The Native American Miracle Boxis a jewelry box, just like the Chinese one. This Miracle Box is currently owned by Monk. Oh, who is Monk?.

He is a member of the Order of the Guardiansand the possessor of the Box. The box is hexagonal, made of light brownwood, and has dark buttons on each side with animal symbols. The lid features a dark brown design withthe Order of the Guardians symbol and Native American patterns. It holds twelve drawers storing more Miraculouses. The box has a top level with a square dividedinto four sections and a circle in the middle. Each section holds a Miraculous – wolf,bear, bison, eagle, and Thunderbird. The colors and symbols on the sections vary:red with eagle, black with bear, yellow with.

Wolf, white with buffalo, and turquoise withThunderbird. Sadly, we don’t have too much informationabout the other miraculous. However, we have a huge hint. Based on the Native American AstrologicalZodiac, we can have a guess about other Miraculous, for example: Falcon, Otter, Deer, Beaver, Salmon, Woodpecker,Raven, Owl and Goose. The only exception is that Snake Miraculousis in the Zodiac as well but it’s actually in the Chinese Box. So it’s not included.

It’s also really bizarre how Eagle Miraculousgot separated from the Box. A French aristocrat and military man who foughtalongside George Washington at the American Revolutionary War used it but how did he evenobtain it? It’s so weird! It's also unknown if he knew about the powersof the jewel when he became its keeper before it was put in a museum in New York. The talon pendant is currently owned by JessicaKeynes, who uses it to transform into Eagle. And actually, along with the Eagle Miraculous,these animals are seen in the opening of Miraculous New York Special.

Interesting, isn’t it? The interesting part is, we didn’t evenknow there were two more Miraculous Boxes while they’ve already been introduced tous in season 3. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong. In the episode “Feast,” we spot two MiracleBoxes consumed by the villain. These boxes are rectangular, with one positionedhorizontally and the other vertically. The first box features red accents, whilethe second one has yellow detailing. It appears in the flashback of Master Fu. The story is already known.

The senti-monster he created and couldn’tmanage to lead, had eaten everything. In the same episode, to defeat the villain,Ladybug comes up with an interesting plan. They decide to get eaten by the senti-monster. And when we focus our concentration on theinside of the monster, we see these two Miraculous Boxes around Cat Noir. Isn’t it crazy that none of Ladybug andCat Noir had realized these Boxes? Maybe it was because they look very differentfrom the others. So, at the end, with two in the temple, oneowned by Marinette and the one owned by the other guardian there are currently a totalof four known Miracle Boxes all together.

Now we’re done with these two MiraculousBoxes and now we can switch to the next possible ones. As you know we have LadyButterfly, who wasexpected to appear in one of the upcoming specials of Ladybug. Lady Butterfly is a dark-skinned girl withbraided rainbow hair, wearing a white costume with hexagonal patterns and black accessories. She has electric and nature powers, confirmedfor Miraculous: Rio. But the problem is, Lila is the owner of thebutterfly miraculous, so is it possible that there’s another miraculous which is verysimilar to Butterfly one?!.

I’ve searched for any clue but I couldn’tfind any reference that gives the sign for the possibility of the new Box. The interesting detail is, LadyButterfly wasconfirmed to be a character from Pixie Girl, which was a series to come out but it lookslike it won’t. So maybe that could mean that LadyButterflyhas a different type of power-source that leads her to transform into a butterfly-themedsuper hero. So it could mean that it’s not necessarilyassociated with the Miracle Box. Furthermore, we already have Native AmericanMiraculous Box thanks to Aztec Horoscope. But this story is different for the otherplaces.

I will start with India. Since Miracule Boxes are heavily designedaccording to horoscopes, it’s possible that we will have the Indian Miracle Box. Indian Horoscope is the horoscope we use nowadays. It includes Aries, Cancer, Pisces and etc. And actually it would be really cool to seethese as Miraculous! What do you actually think, could this beone of those two Miracle Boxes? Egypt Horoscope Ancient Egyptians looked at the stars to getguidance, learn things, and figure out their.

Future. They thought their character, life, and whatwould happen to them were connected to the stars. They divided the sky into 12 groups of stars. In the series we had two episodes that reflectthe background of the heroes in Egypt. The Pharaoh aims to resurrect his deceasedPrincess using ancient Egyptian powers. The Pharaoh believes he needs one hundredmummies and a pure-hearted sacrifice to bring his Princess back. This episode changes the Egyptian storiesa bit.

In real myths, Thoth was the god of knowledge,not time. Sekhmet was a war goddess, but here she'sa destroyer. Horus, a sky ruler, gets wings, though thatwasn't common. Only his mom, Isis, had wings. In the show, mummies form an “ankh,” an Egyptiansymbol meaning “life,” when the Pharaoh tries a spell to offer Alya to Ra, the sun god. So we already had a little bit of introductionto the Egyptioan history. Plus, in the same episode, Egyptian papyruswas shown to us. The old papyrus is worn and covered in picturesand symbols.

It shows Pharaoh Tutankhamen I wanting tosacrifice a woman to the sun god Ra with 100 mummies to bring back his wife, Princess Nefertiti,using his scepter's power. But the Ladybug at that time stopped him. Not only that but we also have a clue fromthe comics. The Ancient Egyptian Miraculous holder! It isn't certain if they had the Cat Miraculousor a different Miraculous but it looks really like the cat one. The picture in the comic shows a differentperson instead of Herakles, the one on the Greek pottery from before.

From the clothes this new person is wearing,it seems like he's probably a man because men in those times usually wore short skirts. This suggests he might be from ancient Egypt,either from the Old or Middle Kingdom. So it’s very likely that during this timeLadybug and Cat have encountered with different miraculouses from the different Miracle Boxes! And now about the Egyptioan horoscope. According to this horoscope we have: Hapi,Amun-Ra, Mut, Geb, Osiris, Isis, Thoth, Horus, Anubis, Anubis, Bastet and Sekhmet. These are all gods based on spesifics.

For example, Amun-Ra is the king of gods. Mut is the mother goddess. Okay guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed seeing different possibilitiesof the miraculous! I tried to create theories according to allthe horoscopes around the world. I hope in the next seasons we will see othermiraculous. What do you think about that? Please let me know in the comments! See you at the next video bye!.

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