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Hello guys, we meet again How are you guys, I hope you are healthy, Mimin will continue a story from in Sastro Snack Romance parts 12 and 13 before continuing Mimin . the comic is at the nearest store, please buy it as a form of appreciation for the creator Mimin also thanks friends who have helped this channel develop by giving likes and comments, it means a lot to Mimin and this channel, I hope this channel will grow and become a place to hang out for friends and for friends who want to treat Mimin to coffee, the link is asking to put it in the description, yes, without going into further detail,.

Grab your snacks, close your bedroom door, it's time for us to enter the storyline, let's go, the story continues when Lin Moyu enters the fifth stage of the academy exam and is inside the expedition dimension and dealing with the lizardmen and at this time Lin moyu was facing an attack from the witch lizardman which was a rain of fire and moyu was advancing slowly while deploying his skeleton troops to block the fire test attack that was aimed at him when he was near the parasite Skeletons also advanced attacked the wizard lizardman and at that moment moyu activated the corps explosion skill and there was a huge explosion and killed the monsters instantly the impact of that moyu's points rose dramatically to 14,605 ​​points and of course this made the testers shocked and they said suddenly up 6000.

Points how can he kill 20 monsters instantly he even has an AoE attack after having such a strong summoned creature solflam's attack is already amazing maybe his class even exceeds the legendary class it might really be on par with them it's too early to say he's just dealing with the low rank monsters now Let's see how he will deal with all the high rank monsters then turned to linmuyu who had already defeated the lizardman army and said the smell of death was getting stronger Has the second wave started moyu looking at the shadows of the monsters standing in up high hills then thought there were at least 40 basement groups scattered around me including World base archer level 16 and World base Warrior level 16 not only did the level.

Go up but the number also increased drastically seeing this might be difficult for those with other classes to passed the second wave and even if they were able to do so it would take a lot of time but for me there is nothing to worry about turning to the side of the examiners who were still commenting about Lin moyu in the entire history of the Santia kingdom in these hundreds of years there was only one class that was able to pass through the third wave I think Lin moyu might have a chance his abilities can't be measured I have a suspicion that he has awakened innate talent it would be a blessing to mankind if there really was someone who had awakened innate talent huh If he was able to awaken innate talent right after changing his class who know he might even awaken a.

New one on his second awakening it's been so rare someone has part one has even one innate talent and only one in a billion can awaken two of them there's really no way we'll be one of the people witnessing that awakening the story moves to siasing the capital of the saintya empire seen in the middle of the city there is a tower floating in the air and it is the true shape of the trial tower one of the three towers Great God of the saintya empire then seen below the tower there is something evil flying and approaching towards the trial tower and the person protecting the trial tower says courage you won't be able to stop this the devil says you really asked for it says the one protecting the tower by raising his big hand.

And trying to catch the demon the devil says just kill it then its just my clone but the boys were in their tower before the demon finished his hands The huge body crushed the demon's body then saw three people were in front of the experimental tower in a state of floating in the air and said I didn't expect that the remnants of the Abyss would actually come to attack us a glimmer of evil light came at such a speed it seemed they were it's ready their target is obviously the children who are currently in the expedition dimension now the remnants of the abyss have entered I'm afraid the dimension will soon be chaotic because the abyss' power will break the existing rules within the tower it is advantageous for them as the tower draws its power from the abyss death then looks one person.

Standing in the air he is baby Yuan the top expert in the saint empire He said When will everything be put back in order about 1 hour someone answered the story back to Lin moyu in the dimension of the expedition where something was happening that made the dimension not work as it should moyu should have said what happened Why did all the monsters suddenly disappear and suddenly moyu met another participant in the expedition dimension and thought what happened to the expedition dimension why could I meet other examinees and the participant was siasue siasue too said the monster I killed earlier suddenly disappeared do you know what happened above I'm also not too sure said moyu and this was also followed by jomin and other participants who became one dimension of the expedition including participants who had.

Surrendered soon someone appeared on top of the participants and said hello children My name is baby is good God Is it really God by said the mastering participants were also shocked to look at the monitor screen and said Why did god by appear Did something possibly happen to the expedition dimension then baby Yuan explained the situation that happened the expedition dimension demon from hell has intruded into the expedition dimension and the target is Ryan we are doing our best to recover the dimension which may take about 1 hour Yes suitably shocked Hearing this and thinking the hell demon infiltrated the expedition dimension continued his explanation so in one this hour i want you all to do your best in protecting yourselves we don't know what the demons from hell will try.

Against you but i'm sure if we work together even the devils from hell wont be able to do anything against us as subjection we wont be afraid died in battle Hearing this the jihaw room got excited and shouted we will not be afraid to die in battle and these words This was said jihawk money 4 times to raise the spirit of the other participants thought the weakest monster from hell At least at level 70 because Dewa Bay said that we might being able to fight it meant that the shrinking power wasn't that strong turned to the exam proctors who witnessed and heard the Gods by informing the participants they said for such a thing to happen Why would a devil enter the entrance exam their target students must be the geniuses who underwent rounds exams fifth.

They are trying to destroy the talent of the saint empire if we can't do it in time I'm afraid it will happen again in the future just say Master ya tell everyone out there not to panic and believe in God by the same thing applies to you guys ok believe in gods by answer another lock switch to the dimensions of the expedition you see a red ball appear in the sky and the participants who see it say it's a blood moon from hell the power from hell is moving everyone get ready you want to kill our comrades step over the corpse first we said the demon participants laughed and said not bad as expected from the future saint empire it's a shame but you all will die an hour is more than enough to kill you all it's a shame I can't taste your corpses kik.

Then a monster appears standing before them it's walt this Warrior who upgraded to abis level 19 siasue said I see now there is a level cap for monsters in the expedition dimension at level 19 Yes how could I forget sahup and else then there is nothing for us to fear because our numbers are more and soon their numbers are increasing little by little so that it looks very much and the participants say Why are there so many of them they are all elite monsters who are upgraded then I according to the anxiety closer to Lin moyu and said what we do it will be troublesome but its not impossible we deal with it and think the upgraded elite monsters are not the same as those in the nightmare level world the monsters have.

Mutated because they have been corrupted by the hell demons Can they drop the demons SP even say are you afraid i smell fear from you god bae said that you can win if you work together because you are around 100 that is more than enough for me to face one by one money cihau who was initially optimistic that he could win now instead do it yourself and say we can't win I can't bring out any power because the Aura that they put out the other participants can only stay silent looking linmayu slowly starting to walk forward Yes According to those who saw Lin moyu advancing said what you will do come back at least there are more than 100 elite monsters that have been upgraded to level 19 you have to move away quickly said Bin moyu and thought I would leave him because he.

Couldn't help me the participants who saw moyu advancing alone said what the man was doing He actually came forward then someone did a detection skill on Lin moyu and said the man's name is linmayu a necromancer level 16 necromancer of some kind of class What is it what is the Skeleton is the creature in the well what is a new class and it belongs to the Summoner category What are we going to do what we have to join him the participants who looked forward slowly they started to follow Lin moyu to come forward and said as a sensia subject we are not afraid to die in the battle of demons who saw the examinees come forward said hahaha Finally someone wants to send his own gift to me because you have courage Are you willing to be my servant in hell how will.

The gates of hell open for you Lin moyu Yang while advancing slowly stopped walking and thought we were about 50 meters away This should be enough to cast the corps explosion skill the participants following Lin moyu said He stopped Why did he stop rinmoyo also started using skills all and summoned all the Skeleton soldiers in the Summon Space a lot of 100 Skeleton participants who saw Lin moyul summoning the Skeleton troop said he took out a lot of Skeletons How many creatures everyone can he summon what kind of class is this and the Skeletons started advancing to attack the monsters in front of a participant who saw the movement of the Skeleton soldiers think fast this is even faster than me a scout who is skilled in speed and agility.

When the Skeleton soldiers come forward they also activate the skill beer Strike and start attacking the monsters But seeing the fight between the Skeleton Soldiers and the moyu monsters think with one Strike using their Based Strike not dead yet it seems the monsters from abis have around 3000 attribute points in strength to be able to survive these attacks their physique should be over 3500 as well but against my Corps explosion the bigger their physical the better and when a Skeleton kills one of the monsters moyu gets a notification saying you have killed works level 19 and got an additional 8000 XP and Moyo thinks you will get XP. Although it's not too much it's still better than nothing and there are quite a lot of them and Moyul immediately uses the Corps Explosion skill and an explosion ensues. The participants.

Who saw the explosion appeared confused and said what had just happened and the explosions continued until all the monsters were defeated, the participants looked even more shocked and said he killed all of them with just that skill . Why am I not Awakened with that class it's not fair the other participants also say we're safe we're safe so that's grandma Romanmar a very strong class even the devil doesn't seem to believe what's going on and says impossible this is impossible you've made me very angry I'll kill you and eat meat and your blood Keke Let's see what you will do now you all will die I say die moyu who keeps walking slowly while paying attention to.

The surroundings Finally able to find the core of the hell demon and prepare to do something against the core of the hell demon the Skeletons also continue to attack the monsters that still alive while protecting moyu who was getting ready until in the end Moyo jumped up with a Skeleton rock and was followed by a Hell demon Skeleton who saw this said you crazy bastard what did you do when moyu reached the height he had set Moyo also used corps skills explosion so Skeleton who jumped with him first and reached the core point of the hell demon exploded so that the circle-shaped core layer broke and took out the hell demon that was when moyu used another skill, namely Flame Sol which directly hit the hell demon and moyu said I will kill you I will definitely.

Kill you but when hit by flamsol one time he didn't die so Moyo again used Soul clamps for the second time the devil of hell attacked in pain and said skill What is it how can it burn my soul what class are you actually this is impossible there is no way a class like this can be seen lands back on the surface and says since you infiltrated the expedition dimension then you have to pay the price switches to the situation baby Yuan and his friends are trying to return the expedition dimension to how it was when they did something to the tower someone feels something strange and says the power and influence has weakened drastically did the participants in the tower die everyone said no i can still feel quite a lot of human aura there but the devil from the end his aura.

Became very weak looks like he was injured someone whispered to an old man you should have said earlier i'm afraid people have could you die earlier or not you don't carelessly let go of your spirit next time the old man said then baby Yuan said but that devil after that used such a powerful force to teach the rules of the expedition dimension we couldn't even enter there So how come he was injured to someone's shavings he was injured by an attack from the participant level 15 and 16 continued baby Yuan switched to expedition dimension demon said I will take your soul dead you all kill him monsters went crazy because of the demon's orders moyu thought my explosion corps has leveled up now my innate talent has increased Corps exclusion radius not only 20 meter and damage is now equal to 150%.

Of the unit's hellpoint the type of skill will rank up the more you use it or all skills learned through scrolls need to be increased in this way now is the time and the monsters start coming towards linmayu and the chapter ends

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