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Hello guys Welcome back to this channel Mimin will continue the story from Rise of the Beast guard for those of you who have just joined or visited this is a continuation series please check the playlist to watch from the beginning with the same or almost similar title Don't forget to leave a mark on every video so that the video rating goes up and makes this channel grow and for those of you who want to treat Mimin a copy of the link in the description, yes the story continues on the third day of continuing Lin Yuan's promise to Yuan Lian to challenge him on the 12th day and raise the ranking Line Yuan in Kian long and now Line is in arena number 53 University module to challenge other students and thinking line Based on information from jinjai money The enemy this time is ciying rank 242 his bissoul is Mun Shadow.

Leopard he is known for his speed and looks like linjuan is already in the middle -in the middle of the arena waiting for ciying to come into the arena jinji money paying attention to the surroundings thinking Line Yuan i trust you give me a more impressive match than yesterday the story shifts to the time before the match kidney money and linguan are planning something you still want me to continue acting ask and Yuan of course Answer the Jinji after the bet is opened, the odds will change in real time if you keep winning quickly. How can we make money? Okay, guys, so Mimin, first explain what the odds mean, guys, for those of you who don't know, odds are the number of the switching coefficient for each bet that is on it. in the game later the odds value will be multiplied by the nominal bet placed in order to get the total win let's go to.

Android story You mean I have to play the fake game sahud Line no no no no How can we do fake matches this is a business strategy of course we have to win this just a little twist there twist here and make everyone question you so we can get more money say money Okay I will do it As You Asked saylin Yuan the money we get depends on you continue the money go to the present time Line Yuan looking at the money xinzai thinking yesterday My base king ability has been shown and Uang Zinzai published it after the bet was opened now at least half of the people already know that I want to challenge Iwan no wonder There are so many people here soon Ciying came and said Kaolin Yuan is really unlucky to be challenged by a basking even though your chances of winning.

Are big, I won't give up easily, let me test your strength and Ciying changes to her monster mode, namely Moon Shadow Leopard Line . general bis 9 star maybe i can match him chaying also went forward to attack the attack very quickly using a claw attack and managed to give a wound to linkwan ciying who felt capable of giving a wound to lin yuan thinking i could hurt him it seems my speed is indeed benefiting trying to attack ciying while thinking based jinji said money i have to play with you and Yuan tried to hold back and act as if it was difficult to fight ciying so that the audience who saw it also asked what.

Linkyuan's abilities besides the audience this also made chaying continue to attack and was able to give wounds and thought maybe maybe basking power It's just this and it seems that Linkyuan's acting was successful so that it made the audience who saw the match doubt Line and they said hey What's wrong he can't even fight a general bus So how come he fought Yuan Lien yesterday someone opened a bet Can Lin Yuan win all the fights for 12 days It's not that he will be difficult to win all the matches for these 12 days money jinjia who listened to the comments of the audience thought it seems like our strategy worked the more people doubted linuan the more money we will earn Line Yuan's acting really good back to the arena Line looks like pressed.

Against ciying and he had received a lot of injuries from ciying's attacks so ciying thought if it continued like this maybe I could beat a basking but when ciying tried to attack again linkwan felt that he had bought enough time and gave an attack using his tail so that ciying was thrown so hard that he hit the arena wall As a result of the attack, Ciying returned to her human form and the audience was silent for a moment seeing this incident. Kiying, who had difficulty getting up, thought that what was just a coincidence, but I couldn't stand Aura killing him and Ciying fainted, so Line Yuan was declared victorious and was in pain. position 262 went up to 242 spectators were excited and said what this looks like the power between base King and general bus really can't be covered.

Linuan's strength is terrible If he wants he can easily kill jiyeng but linjuan is also having trouble in the early minutes he's still not enough Even the strong tiptoes only smiled at the various comments from the audience and went down into the arena and said Brother, thank you for your hard work, my acting is good, right, my friend, they questioned your strength, only a few people realized it, but the odds kept going up, so let's continue, say the story of moving in the hostel to the night looks sluggish and Wang jinji Mid break Line Yuan thinks after the fight with ciying I got 2 silver Trio Souls in addition to the usual gifts I can also be soldered I don't need soldering I can sell it and continue to defeat strong enemies with gifts from Treasure my chest can be rich plus.

Bonuses I will continue to be rich unknowingly 5 days have passed and the Ranking of Longing continues to rise until now it is at position 142 but linkyuan is a bit disappointed and thinks in the past few days I challenged several people and they gave up before the match so I didn't can reassume who saw linkyuan coming said you are very sluggish odes we are currently 1 to 1.5 tomorrow we can raise the odds again against other people So do you have any information about my next opponent say another Yuan I have prepared for you fragrant answer based on the data given money zingze is known to be Line Yuan's next opponent is rank 92 Kian long reng namely Lay King Ming best this sol is an Attack type in the form of a giant Cian bus surrounded by lightning he can manipulate lightning at will his speed and explosive power are extraordinary the results of several.

Previous matches won against Liu Chang Feng star basking 1 wins against warm 1 loses against Yuan 2 star basking estimated base strength King 1 or 2 stars after seeing the data according to the link Yuan his opponent this time is quite strong of course jinji money requirements he joined the Hunter list after being defeated by Yuan Lien people -people predict that you will lose when you beat leking Ning everyone will know your true strength so I will close the game before the fight starts and finish the bet fight this fight will fix your name nice Lion plane Finally I can fight freely then the story moves to life Suwe, who was doing training in the top-level practice room, soon All Weber's cellphone turned out to be a call from.

His roommate, Qiu, and he told Sumo Suwe that Lin Yuan will be competing against lightning tonight and asked why don't you go see how the enemy is Sumo replied Suwek rank 92 Longreng at least he must be basking one star said King Kyu the best King one star yes said Sumo suwe It seems you are not worried about Lin Yuan at all continued King Kyu He is very strong he definitely won't lose answer Sumo suwe you really trust your boyfriend yes Ask King Kyu in a teasing tone he is not my boyfriend you said according to embarrassment Don't Bro bullshit I'm just talking about him because one school is good why don't you join the challenge in Kian longrek I can't you get into the top 50 said kimchiu Because the teacher said to challenging for the bounty so i have to go up so i.

Have to level up first before i can challenge sa the little prize your teacher is really mean and this high-level practice room costs hundreds of thousands every month they also use top-level Crystal resolution to prepare top-level energy gathering arrays then I want to watch it first then I'll tell you the results said kingqiu and hung up the phone the story moved in arena number 26 University module in at 7 pm it was seen that the arena was already filled with spectators and Yuan who was preparing at the door of the arena said Why is it so crowded this time at least half of them are placing bets and the other half are people who just want to watch after this fight the bet will be closed you can fight I'm happy to say legend money leave it to me I see the opponent is lighting Ming is.

Getting ready in the arena and shouting where is Lin Yuan I'm here hotline Yuan is walking towards Lay King Ming you challenged to win all matches for 12 days then challenged Yuan said lighting mint, yes, there is a problem with the linear response, it's not just that you're too confident, so I'll help you realize your liking, and the two of them changed to their monster form by saying bissolvius simultaneously and it looks like the two participants in the middle are ready to start the battle with the blacklist and lighting, Ming Thunder. base audience who witnessed the two big souls said Aura legging was very strong among the students who had advanced to King Aura base she was among the strongest even though Lin Yuan was also a basking but he was too weak after a few matches everyone called him the weakest basking.

By the way By the way I placed a bet that Linkyuan won't be able to win in a row I don't know who the idiot who bet that Linjuan will keep on winning switched to arena liking said something to Linjuan before the match By the way there's one thing I forgot to tell you I bet 5 million you won't be able to win in a row You bet 5 million I will lose Saut Lion if you want I bet you will win Saut Lightning forget it I said smile while smiling I just want to thank you thank you Why are you thanking me ask your liking You will know for yourself later know clean Yuan and step forward to start light attack a bit surprised by another move very fast I wasn't told this information could he be of any power type summons Lightning Aura around.

His body as well as activates lightning attack effect and Blocks attacks from linuan very well fast and managed to attack Linuan until he was injured. Line was pushed back. Lighting Ming thought that even though I was only a one-star basking, my speed was equivalent to a 2-star base King. Line Yuan would definitely be paralyzed. Even though he wouldn't die, it was beyond Lin's expectations. not paralyzed by the lightning attack even able to move forward again quickly to attack lightning but liking was able to quickly jump back and thought bastard you forced me to do this liking Min also spouted lightning attacks from his mouth linjuan who saw the attack said your luck is running out so I don't need to waste my energy to fight you and shoot a nuclear energy beam at.

Lighting Ming. Lightning Man's burst attack is swallowed by Leniwan's attack and hits Lecing's body completely and makes Lighting Ming so badly injured that he is unconscious and the Referee stops the match and said linkyuan wins chapter over

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