(Part 2)He Underestimated by Everyone look Idiot But Turns Out Get Divine Artifact …..[Manga recap

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House is in the same Lane luyau's house shejust stay here I'll go to dad's room to get the material the boy think Destiny space this isa manga about brother and sister love how dare you read this stud she say my friend left it hereso I don't watch it just sit here and wait don't mess with my stuff he said okay just go she'sstill the same she doesn't have the slightest guards against people right she loved musicsince she was a kid and she wasn't willing to just throw at that time she always pestered me tolisten to her even though I wasn't interested in music at all that why you when did you like musicshe obviously you couldn't even recognize musical instruments you I found it she say it's all heresee for yourself let's go here is the abyss this virtual reality is very real that's the unknownworld is full of taboos and dangers and it is the.

Source of disaster born in this mysterious spacethe alien species are cruel constantly killings and destroying our world are these exotic speciescould it be with what you saw in the hospital that day between our world and the abyss there iswhat is called the shadow every two months the shadow layer is reset to reproduce what we arecurrently seeing said at this time the number of lean species will also increase in greatlyhowever considering that the shadow class would greatly weaken combat at the visible range ofthe Shadow there is a lot of pollution in the shadow layer and human might why you say this isamazing is this extraordinary he's so handsome.ify past the martial arts exam I also get a chanceto become like this however extraordinary people are primarily aliens with human bodies whilecontrolling energy it is also eroded by force.

The extraordinary people always fighting againstpollution and alienation after his death.there is a high possibility of heterogeneity so asextraordinary person when you realize you can't survive please exhaust your strength before dyingalthough yao yao and I have loved each other's since childhood but our personalities are verydifferent others see me notorious boy while luya Yao is educated and no legible young lady but forsome reason Lu yao yao had always enjoyed playing with me since we were young maybe because I helpher her once you stupid kids stay away if you have a guts attack together he or she may glorifymy bravery and handsomeness even when I was pretending to be a homeless kid and doing sillypranks she was willing to play with me move on the road help the child you lie when you are youngnot be good and don't play with him again okay.

On the other hand Uncle Lou wouldn't allow hisdaughter to be with me so he was always wary of me Uncle think what the hell were you doing whenI got backed up why you tell report I'm looking for information on Aliens and Supernatural peopleUncle eh how spoiled you are Gian do you know why the government doesn't allow students to learnabout these things in advance he say oh I'm not sure human souls are heterogeneous and subject todeviation despair can drag a person into the abyss there are some things there are not appropriate toreveal to everyone not everyone enough willpower even if there was a small crack in the soul alienraces might exploit it to their advantage that therefore test to assess qualification must betaken before the official examination only people with physical health and willpower can contact thesupernatural World dot the path of superpowers is.

Long and full of dangers it requires perseveranceand patience even with assistive devices people still lose control of their superpower every yearsand it make us feel sorry so I don't advise you to learn about these things do you understand or mehe say I know thank you Uncle Lou dot but this year is the military comprehensive examinationI can't escape it furthermore it is better to rely on yourself than on others if the world iscollapsing around you having someone reliable can come in handy Uncle Sage young you really hetelephone conversation Commander Lou Shadow tear urgent Mission fine I'll go right way I'mgoing on a mission Jiang Yu be a gentleman if you do anything wrong I'll kill you don't worryUncle Lou I will never do anything wrong with lu yaoyao again the the kid fight what do you meanby again we've never done anything wrong before.

He think there was only a month left until thestart of the study and now the effect of Shadow exercise is getting better it seems that doingShadow training alone will not be enough some more practical exercises should be increased theboy on the other hands the fight against alien races has been increasingly advertised latelyin addition this year's martial arts exam also increased the number of student enrolled it seemedthat something bad is going to happens in this world soon but it's better to avoid thinking aboutit and not other myself so let me alien races and evolve by fighting with them you you live in thesame building as me why are you here are you the reason not really tired recently the amount ofwork in the night department has increased I was thinking that administrative work in the nightDepartment would be easy and well rewarded but.

I am working more and more let's every day theboy if I had know this in advance I would not have the register for the comprehensive militaryexamination my brother helped me not please help us he what is this alien races are they tryingto lure people to the dark side know how do alien races slip away from the Dark Side intothe present world to wreak havoc there was no situation where people were drawn directly intoit the kids said where are we now oh that the bad was I pulled too I'm just a civilian afterall and didn't bring any protective equipment or weapon isn't this the same as asking for deathhe said kids don't cry take the device it can reduce temporary pollution in this place I willthink of ways to save us all and bring us home it is best to give the device to children asthey the ones who need in the most that they.

Ask for whether they can survive I will leave itup to fate.kids said really big brother bring us home he say him well now you have to hide to theside and wait for the rescue team to come I have a small problem that I need to solve first whenI turned 18 I passed the military strength exam to enter the University's superpower Departmentfrom my first year at University I worked hard on solidifying my Foundation hoping to One Day becomea fighter when I was in my second year under the guidance of the teacher I managed to defeat anunclassified alien being but this is not enough in the world of superpowers Hardwick has no valueover natural Talent despite my disbelief in fate and despite my best efforts I couldn't get pastmy limitations in the end in the end there was nothing left for me to do but switch from theDepartment of military forces to the Department.

Of morals become an ordinary employee of theNight's Watch For Eyes for limbs a semi-animal form Advanced middle class first level that DamI wanted to avoid it but my mind moved but my body didn't follow that ho ho my body becomeheavy as I had been pierced by countless tiny needle I can't delay any longer I have tofinish it quickly to Shadow power blindness

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