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Hello Hello guys, we meet again How are you guys, I hope you are well Mimin will tell you a story from The Constellation are my students part 4 and 5 before continuing Memet Remind that Mimin is only telling according to Mimin's point of view if you want more details Please read the comic on the website or if the comics are available at the nearest store, please buy them as a form of appreciation to the creators. Hopefully this channel will grow and become a place for friends to hang out. And for those of you who have just visited, don't forget to click the subscribe button so you don't miss the latest updates from this channel [Music ] The story continues when Kim Joo Hyuk is asked to exterminate the ARTs and Goblins that are.

Outside the shield. Kim Jong-hyun steps up and gets out of the shield and attacks the ARTs and Goblins without any fear and quickly kills some of the offenders. in front as well as the art behind him and it looks like Kim joo-hyuk is really enjoying it he says it's been 300 years since I held a weapon yeah it wasn't that bad back then because the world's monsters can't do their part and we use all kinds of weapons we can grab but still the sword is a weapon that is quite familiar Then suddenly a large ork appeared that was about to hit Kim Joo Hyuk from behind but it was easily avoided and said as I thought the attack pattern was simple Was it just an NPC monster it was just fake monsters well made the students were surprised.

To see Kim Joon Hyuk defeating orbs and Goblins Likewise with the ligand team and he said no way what I lent to Kim Joo Hyuk was just a sword it didn't have magic power or swordsmanship but how he could cut anything easily like his sword sucking up monsters Yok was silent and annoyed to see Kim Jonghyun's abilities were different from Choi Airin who showed interest in him . that is, if you want to go to the constellation room, you will keep your promise, right? Kim Legend is just silent and inevitably has to obey Kim Joo Hyuk's wishes.

. finished this game said Ok so that's all for today it must be tiring because this is your first class so go to the dormitory and rest the students stood up and were about to leave the different class with Kim joo-hyuk who was still sitting and put on a cheap face and said wait for class like what is this its taking so long i got what i need and get out of here ASAP anyway i never thought of having students but i also never went to school before then Kim Joo Hyuk walked out of his class and walked out with the other students And He said although the class was boring I got some information from there especially stories related to constellations yes there was no such thing as constellations in my previous life speaking of constellations.

Constellation is a term used to refer to the transformation for people who have the destiny of becoming gods mostly from constellations relate to Hunter as their Holy relic and they give special power to Hunter volhala in Korea is the third largest Academy in the world with many relics from constellation according to Kim Joo Hyuk like that everything about Sword and how to kill monsters is useless and Kim Joo Hyuk feels that he had to go to the dormitory and seriously study martial arts because his body was very weak. When he walked, it turned out that Kim Joo Hyuk was being followed by someone, that was Choi Ahrin. To be honest this is more embarrassing than the kimnegan's distress said the kimnegan didn't.

Think about it that doesn't make sense Is he really a high school boy I created 120 monsters in the virtual battle simulation room in anticipation this time but he killed all the high schoolers who never even met a monster said Lee Sang Seoul that's what I said the game ligand answer is strange there's something I saw Kim Joo Hyuk doesn't have anything special say what is there nothing in his background ask Kim legan yes the child is an orphan he comes from an orphanage A small upbringing from a very dangerous area continues in sang Seoul an orphan Kim ligand said like can't believe it maybe it's fake I did my own investigation and it's real after all Do you think fraudsters will try to get into Merit and make a scene during the entrance ceremony what's more.

There who said that Kim joo-hyuk asked How to get into the constellation room said after first semester Actually he can go in there but if I ask the principal he will let him into the first basement floor I really thank you said Kim Liger n because of me who brought you here i have to take responsibility anyway i don't know about the fully restricted area it's on the fifth floor but everyone can enter the first floor no problem if you go faster said game ligand said yes i'm worried about what will happen in year front Why What because Kim joo-hyuk said Lee Sang Seoul that too even if I don't care about Kim joo-hyuk you know that my class has three students from 5 families it's not.

Easy to control even one of them So saotly I'm not trying to cheer you up but there was an exchange student from Patrick's family in another class kim Legend Is it possible pantry is true direct family pantrek Rock Deal kimligan thought Rock The Patrick I'm sure heard that he has been kicked out for causing trouble at the British Academy and said after hearing that I feel like my situation is better Instead of grade 11 the story moved back to Kim Joo Hyuk who was followed by Choi Expert and Kim Yok Yok asking what was wrong with Coy Ariel and Coy Arin saying that he wanted to be taught sword was shocked by the words of Choi Ahrin and Choi Ahen again saying the sword cuff you.

Show before Teach me to do that of course coy's wish was flatly rejected by Kim Joo Hyuk and Choi Ahn confused Why did Kim Joo Hyuk refuse Kim Joo Hyuk said Why did you ask me I just don't want it there's nothing else you want to talk about right I'm leaving now just repeating what he said teach me sword Kim joo-hyuk got even more irritated and said I told you I don't want anything wrong with your ears stop following me I have no intention of teaching you so get out there and Kim Joo Hyuk walked away leaving Choi ahrin the next day in the living room class Kim Joo Hyuk was sitting in his seat waiting for Lesson to start and thought I had predicted before but this body is worse than I expected martial arts training or whatever I can't do it because I don't have.

Any magic power plus it's very hard to control where the problem regarding magic power can be resolved if I find that object Then after that I will prepare the mana in my body not long after someone came up to him and called his name Kim Joo Hyuk, two people were seen standing in front of Kim Joo Hyuk, it was known that the man was named rockbill Patrick 17 years old from the main pentrek family and the girl yuria defelix 17 years old a helper Rock delete with ignorance asked who you are of course this made rockbill a little annoyed and muttered this was like this uneducated person he didn't even know the short family then he introduced himself to Kim Joo Hyuk I'm Rock Del from the short family I'll ask you directly Do you want to be stronger.

Explained the main pantrek family Rock Deal Patrick in most lineage families the branch families have less power and wealth than the main family but the pantrek families have big Mask as a Guardian constration and that makes the short family different from the others in general there is a Guardian constration S Class or higher he protects the family and they directly choose the person who would have been blessed and given protection and strength but in the panther family they decided to sign a contract with a noncommon family member it was a way of selecting someone to sign a contract with the constitution without a fight and because of that unique choice the patricks family has a lot of power in europe if you are.

Members of the fentrack family are allowed to choose contractors outside your line anyway so the branch house has the same power as the main house backed up by the power of his family being arrogant and not long ago because of the riot that was at the British Academy He ended up getting kicked out and according to that profile it's okay I won't be sad because I always get what I want even if I get kicked out once I'm still a member of the fentrack family So they always make way for me to ride that guy must like him first of all I'll make Kim Joo Hyuk be my friend because he was the one who was in the most spotlight during the acceptance ceremony and Rock Del again continued his words if you want to be my subordinate I will take you to the.

Family constellation but these words were cut off by Kim Joo Hyuk who said Then what was he silent for a moment hearing Kim Joo Hyuk's words and went back to saying what what was you said just now You think I'm stupid Kim Joo Hyuk's words you weren't interested in me from the start You're just boasting yourself Now you're saying that shit aren't you really stupid What's wrong and this made Rock Dell angry and said You're a delinquent educated before long someone tells rokdil to go back to his seat dil skirt Patrick rockbil is shocked and says did you just call me by my full name after turning around it turns out that person is Lee Sang Seoul he says here is not British Academy this place is no matter how strong the Panther family you still have to obey the instructor's orders here.

Profile think he is Li Sang Seoul instructor at palhala and not saying anything more rocktil turned towards the exit of this class and before leaving he said we will meet again Kim Joo Hyuk later It didn't feel like the day showed that the afternoon class was over. Kim Joo Hyuk walked out of the academy and said I didn't get anything. Today I didn't get anything related to the constellation room but instead got into trouble with stupid people. Now there are lots of recruiters from me. came out who came to school and they used students and instructors to try to recruit me what I said at that time was still not enough and this time the same incident happened again like yesterday where Coy Arin again followed Kim Joo Hyuk and still said teach me sword.

Just silent and then say are you not tired so keep moving to the valhal dormitory in a room for high class where it looks like the furniture provided in the room looks luxurious and it turns out that in this room there is a Rock Deal with the maid and looks angry to the point of hitting a decorative lamp and thinking how dare an orphan piature and like you insulted me then said juria Call on Sera I have someone she has to take care of and chapter ends

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