PART 8 | Tensura Slime Light Fresh | Diablo nearly killed Leon, Rimuru used to be threatened by Leon

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Hello everyone welcome to Zayn Channel 2.0 as a reminder I recommend watching the previous discussion video first to understand the flow without further Ado let's get started in the discussion this time it's still taken from the light novel Vol 18.

Continued part 7 yesterday after remoro visited several areas of the Demon Lord octogram in the previous video now he's back to Tempest for a short break setting up the teleportation magic circle is not as easy as going to work by bribing someone after recovering his stamina remoro headed straight for the golden city of El Dorado the territory.

Ruled by Demon Lord Leon Cromwell but this time Remora wasn't alone he was accompanied by shui and rangas upon arriving at Leon's territory Remora was greeted by auros the silver Knight follow me Demon Lord ramuru I will guide you to where Lord Leon is during the trip Remora was deeply impressed by the interior of Leon's.

Territory the majority of the population is of the maiden race let me explain a little about the maiden race essentially they are half devil half-human simply put do you still remember the beautiful girl character named Duran.

Well she belongs to the maiden race let's continue with the story in the Leon territory it's not only the interior that amazes romuro but what stands out the most to ramuru is the powerful barrier magic that covers the entire territory the barrier has two effects search enemy and counter Magic.

So if someone tries to enter the Leon territory secretly they will be immediately detected or if there is a magical attack directed at the Leon territory it will be instantly defended the barrier can be said to be exactly like absolute defense seeing all this where Moore appraises.

Leon's genius in managing a country and considers it worthy of emulation here alrose mentions that the absolute defense barrier didn't exist before however since there was a crazy demon who kept shooting nuclear magic into the Leon territory Leon quickly acted and installed the barrier to protect his country from turning into dust.

At that point remoro asks allros not to continue explaining the origin of the installed barrier because romoro already knows for sure that it points to Carrera the yellow primordial The Mastermind behind the chaos in the Leon territory therefore Remora doesn't want to listen to All Rosa's story any further damn it are those primordial demons all crazy.

Hopefully only Diablo and Carrera are crazy Remora muttered in his heart okay long story short romoro has arrived at Leon's castle and it is very surprising that the Lord of El Dorado Leon Cromwell welcomes romoro in person but there was something strange because Leon was only wearing clothes and looked.

Exhausted why didn't you bring Chloe he asked wait a minute why do you look tired romoro asked Leon replied it was remoro who sent the culprit from Leon's brief statement it was clear he meant Diablo but there was no reason for romuro to be angry at Diablo here.

Since Leon didn't mention Diablo at all so Leon seems afraid to speak ill of Diablo in front of romuro after Leon said that remoro was the one who sent the perpetrator like that he fell Silent not uttering a word it seems like this demon Lord's mentality has been affected well it's understandable because we all.

Know what Diablo is like so let's continue with the story at that time Remora was taken on a tour of the castle finally they arrived in a grand and spacious room and from a distance someone ran towards romuro and yes it was Diablo Lord remoro are you going on a tour.

Let me guide you Diablo said Diablo is truly insane guys Diablo treats other countries as if they were his own and what's more surprising Leon doesn't mind Diablo's Behavior at all hey Diablo this is the Leon territory you know remorse said not long after Diablo's appearance G.

Crimson and his two subordinates Reign and Missouri also appeared G got angry at remoro for making the Leon territory the last to have a teleportation magic circle even though Leon is currently the most threatened however Remora reasoned that prioritizing other territories is reasonable since the Leon territory is.

Guarded by Diablo and G even if the enemy attacks with full force the chances are that G and Diablo can still handle it so it can be said that currently the Leon territory is the safest hearing this G calm down at that time remoro explained that before a war occurs it's best to evacuate humans.

Because if humans participate in the war they will become a burden G said making humans follow remorse orders might be difficult humans have very high egos Remora said that g doesn't need to worry about that issue well in advance romoro established an organization called rega led by The Big.

Three which are ramuru El magia and mayor miles so far the rega organization has won the hearts of many people and expanded its influence it can be said that the rega organization is like a refuge for both the lower class and Nobles upon hearing this G and Leon were.

Shocked they didn't expect that Remora would not only think about himself it turns out that remoro is also trying to protect Humanity that's why Chloe likes you so much Leon asked because he's Fed Up Leon always says Chloe's name unknowingly Remora said hey a not the.

Same lowly ciscon like you huh what did you say I'll kill you Leon said yes in an instant the atmosphere of the discussion became very tense G remained silent as this was a matter between fellow demon Lords hey what did you just say kill romuru.

Do you want me to slaughter you Diablo asked Diablo glared at Leon like a predator contemplating how to make his prey suffer for a lifetime with Diablo's involvement G also took part in the hot conversation however before Diablo could act any further romoro quickly stopped Diablo's.

Actions hey Diablo I gave you an order to protect Leon not bury your fangs at him grumbled remuro with a hint of anger after being scolded by ramuru Diablo immediately fell silent G smiled evilly wanting to take advantage of this situation to embarrass Diablo.

Hey remoro you know what this fellow is really crazy yesterday he challenged me to a fight and as a result Leon's training ground fell victim to it said Gee however even though G's statement just implicated Diablo as The Mastermind behind all the chaos in the Leon territory remoro didn't immediately believe it.

For more details romoro asked Leon to explain the actual chronology without much talking Leon began to tell everything Leon said it all started when Reign G subordinate fought Diablo and that's where rain was mercilessly beaten by Diablo and fled well maybe because he got bored of.

Defeating Reign who was nothing Diablo then challenged G Crimson for a little warm-up before the war but before Leon finished his story rain interrupted and said impossible I'm not a coward who would run away from Battle Diablo also defended himself there Lord romuro I did fight rain but you know I'm not someone who likes to bully.

The weak and put on an innocent face after hearing all this we're more and more or less understood what had happened Diablo I need you to answer honestly who is responsible for the mess romoro asked while glaring at Diablo not wanting to lie to remuru Diablo admitted that he was in the wrong looks.

Like I'll have to discipline you more harshly later remorse said okay the issue was settled in short Remora was done with his task in the territory of Demon Lord Leon Cromwell not wanting to prolong his dealings with G and Diablo Remora left immediately continuing his journey around the world.

Okay guys maybe I'll just end the video here first in the next video there is no need to doubt the awesomeness of the story if you've been following my previous videos you probably already know and can guess how brutal it is in the next video take care of your health bye bye.


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