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The anime begins with a dream of Noctis LucisCaelum about his past dealing with a monster named Marilith that makes him sprawl. Noctis is the crown prince of the Lucis Kingdom. Thanks to the help of the royal troops, hislife was saved. Although it can be saved, it seems that Noctishas been so badly injured that he can only lie weakly on an altar and end up unconscious. In his dream, he can see his father who isa King of the Kingdom of Lucis calling his unconscious name. The dream ended when he was woken up by hisfriend.

Noctis apparently just woke up from his dreamwhen he was driving a car to stop by a town called Caem to meet his future wife, Lunafreya,who is an Oracle and childhood friend of Noctis who lives in Altissia City. On the trip, he was accompanied by three friendsnamed Prompto Argentum, Gladiolus Amicitia, and Ignis Scientia. Prompto and Ignis were sitting in the frontseat, while Gladiolus and Noctis were in the back seat. Noctis asked his friends if they had arrivedin Caem City. One of them stated that they had not reachedCaem yet.

They then decided to rest while refuellingin a Rest Area. They arrived at a rest area to order foodfrom a waiter. Noctis' identity at that time was almost revealed,but Gladiolus handled it well. Noctis did leave the Lucis Kingdom for noreason. They finished their food while chatting. Their conversation was dominated by a smallfeud between Ignis and Gladiolus who commented on Noctis' spoiled nature. Meanwhile, they suddenly heard the news fromthe radio channel that the Lucis Kingdom was under the rule of the Nilfheim empire andthat the capital was in ruins in the aftermath.

Of the occupation. This prompted Noctis to leave his kingdom,which was almost completely controlled by the Nilfheim Empire. Hearing this, they rushed to continue theirjourney. During the journey, Noctis contemplates thestate of his kingdom. He did not expect their capital to be attackedat this time. The war between the Lucis Kingdom and theNilfheim Kingdom had indeed been going on for quite some time. This also makes Noctis travel all the wayto Caem City to reach the Neutral zone.

Night came, Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus andIgnis decided to rest and set up a tent in a resting place. They sat in front of the bonfire while eatingthe dinner that Ignis had prepared. During their break, they discussed the increasinglydesperate situation in their Kingdom. Prompto was seen several times taking picturesfrom his camera in the middle of their dinner. He stated that the picture would be a memorablememory of their trip. Noctis then expressed his gratitude to hisfriends who had made this trip. It was getting late, and they decided to restbecause there was still a long way to go to Caem City.

The next day, when they were continuing theirjourney, they suddenly saw the Nilfheim Imperial Airship Fleet flying not far from their vehicle. The fear they had feared came to pass. They were surprised by the Magitek Troopsthat had descended from the Airship Fleet, already blocking their way to Caem City. They immediately hid behind a cliff to planan attack strategy against the Magitek Troops. This put them in a state where they had nochoice but to fight the Magitek Army immediately. Ignis then instructed them to start the fight. They began to arm themselves.

Departing from Ignis' orders, Noctis beginshis attack on the Magitek Army, followed by Prompto and Gladiolus. Magitek troops can be defeated easily by Noctisand friends. But apparently, the defeat of the MagitekArmy was only the beginning of the real fight. The Magitek troops had already prepared atrap for them. This is marked by the presence of a cargothat apparently contains other Magitek Troops, and it turns out that in the cargo a figurefamiliar to Noctis appears. She is Marilith. Seeing Marilith's figure, Noctis was furious.

Noctis' wrath is based on his past grudge,where he almost died from Marilith's attack. He immediately attacked Marilith with allthe strength he had. Ignis who is aware of their opponent alsohelps Noctis in his battle. Then the scene returns to their journey beforethe attack from the Magitek Army. Prompto, who was driving at that time, wassuddenly startled by a wild deer crossing in the middle of the road. The incident caused their vehicle to veeroff the highway. Ignis who was sitting next to Prompto orderedhim to be careful. However, Ignis' suggestion was ignored byPrompto who suddenly ran out of the car.

Prompto then approached a small dog whoseleg was injured and lying on the roadside. Seeing this, he immediately treated the woundon the dog. The dog apparently reminded Prompto of hispast when he was in school. Prompto was the fat and quiet kid in his classwhen he was still in school. In contrast to Noctis who is more popularand is approached by many girls. But Noctis is not a person who likes popularity. He always went alone for various reasons. After school, Prompto does his hobby, namelyphotography. One time when he came home from school, hesaw a puppy whose leg was injured.

Seeing this, he felt compassion and treatedthe wound on the dog's leg. The dog's paw was wrapped in a cloth, andPrompto took him home for further treatment. Arriving home, Prompto gave food to the puppy,and he intended to make a notification to find out the puppy's owner. Prompto also didn't forget to take some photosof the puppy. He seemed closer to the puppy he later namedChibi the following days. Prompto fed him and also bathed him. At one point, he woke up in the middle ofhis sleep and found Chibi, not in his place. Prompto, who panicked then tried to find Chibiin all corners of the city.

Somewhere else, a girl found her dog suddenlyrunning into the yard. In the yard, her dog named Pryna, appears. Pryna is a puppy who disappeared and was savedby Prompto. The girl saw a cloth wrapped around the dogwith Prompto's name. The next day Prompto got a letter. It turned out to be Lunafreya who thankedhim for taking care of her lost dog. In addition, Lunafreya, who is also Noctis'sfianc , asks Prompto to befriend Noctis. The letter from Lunafreya made Prompto beginto approach Noctis. Noctis was standing in the corner of the schoolwhen Prompto approached him.

The clumsy Prompto accidentally fell, andNoctis reflexively helped him. While helping, Noctis commented that Prompto'sbody was too big. Soon the school bell rang, and Noctis rushedback to his class. At Noctis' words, Prompto contemplated anddetermined to take care of his body. He started his training regardless of timeand weather. Thanks to his persistence, finally at somepoint, he had reached his ideal weight when he was approaching his teens. With this ideal weight, he ventured to startapproaching Noctis. Noctis, who has a good personality, has consideredPrompto as a friend for a long time.

But in their teens, this is the point whereNoctis and Prompto become friends. Then, back to the time when Prompto was treatingdogs by the roadside. He gave the ointment and then hurried on hisway. Then back when the battle between Noctis,Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto fought against the Magitek Troops in the middle of theirjourney. In this battle, the focus is on Gladioluswho is Noctis' instructor. Gladiolus suddenly remembered his past whenhe was still in the Kingdom of Lucis. Noctis was young then, and he didn't reallylike Noctis because he was considered arrogant. He revealed this to his sister named Iris.

Gladiolus then comments that Noctis is unfitto succeed his father as king. The next day, Iris unexpectedly approachedGladiolus at the palace and said she wanted to play with Noctis. Gladiolus who heard this then told his sisterto wait. While Iris was waiting, she was distractedby a cat running around the palace grounds and chased after it. It turned out that when Iris chased the cat,Noctis saw this, and he followed her secretly because he was worried about Iris. And sure enough, apparently, Iris, who wasbusy chasing the cat, didn't realize that.

She had fallen and was injured in the courtyardof the Lucis Kingdom palace. Noctis who managed to follow Iris, immediatelyhelped her and brought Iris back to the palace. The incident even made Noctis, who was consideredto have violated the code of ethics of the nobility, be punished. Iris, who had been helped by Noctis seemedto disagree with the punishment that Noctis had to receive. She then tells her brother that Noctis isinnocent and that he is a good boy. At first Gladiolus didn't believe it but Irisinsisted on convincing him. Gladiolus approached Noctis in his room andinvited him to practice swordsmanship.

This exercise then made Gladiolus and Noctisclose. Returning to the battle at hand, this time,the focus shifts from Gladiolus to Ignis. Once, Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Promptotook a break from their journey. Ignis is a confidant of the Lucis Kingdom. It was then responsible for preparing foodfor all of them. Ignis is someone who cooks for Noctis, Gladiolusand Prompto. Apparently, before they started their journeytogether, Ignis had long been trusted as an assistant in the Lucis Kingdom. He is responsible for preparing Noctis' foodand providing political reports to Noctis'.

Father. At one point, Noctis asked Ignis to make hima childhood cake. According to Noctis, Ignis' cakes are prettygood, besides taking care of Noctis' life. In addition, Ignis is also responsible forcleaning up Noctis' place. Noctis is not a neat person, he always leaveshis room messy, and Ignis orders him to separate the garbage in his room. Ignis then attended a political meeting, andNoctis' father, alias the King, gave him a special mandate to accompany Noctus. The King's mandate was due to the King's declininghealth condition.

The king wanted Noctis to be ready to becomeKing before the war began. In the mentoring process carried out by Ignis,they sometimes had arguments because he did not focus on preparing himself as a candidatefor King. This is due to Noctis' fear of his father'sdeath. This feud between Ignis and Noctis is knownto Gladiolus. Gladiolus tries to mediate between Ignis andNoctis. Noctis told Gladiolus that he did not likethe news that his father would die soon. Gladiolus, who knows this, tells Ignis tounderstand Noctis' feelings. Over time, Noctis and Ignis could master themselvesand understand each other.

They have become close to this day. Then back again to Noctis's angry attack onMarilith who is a snake woman from the Daemon race. Noctis' attack on Marilith didn't play out,but Marilith can always break his attacks. His friends who saw this asked Noctis to backoff. Noctis who heard the request of his friendsthen ignored it. He is still controlled by his past grudges. This past grudge started from when Noctisand his guards returned to the palace from a trip.

But unexpectedly, their journey suddenly sawan explosion in front of the car he was driving. Apparently, the explosion was the start ofa sudden attack by the Daemon race, which in this case is Marilith. His bodyguards immediately formed a formationto protect Noctis who was the prince of the Lucis Kingdom. Marilith suddenly attacks Noctis' group andcauses Noctis to fall almost dead. Marilith's attack also resulted in the deathof many of the royal troops. Seeing this, Noctis' father did not remainsilent and launched the Arsenal Of Soul attack which was able to defeat Marilith and fallinto the Abyss.

Noctis then wakes up and returns to the present,where he is directly fighting Marilith. Marilith is not an easy person to defeat because,in the end, she made Noctis fall into the ocean from the cliff where they fought. Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto did not remainsilent and immediately attacked Marilith from various sides. Meanwhile, Noctis who was drowning, suddenlyhad a sight of his father. He then gets the power that was exhausteddue to fighting Marilith relentlessly. This greater power gave him a strong pushuntil he could rise from the sinking and immediately lunged at Marilith, who was currently facingNoctis' friends.

Noctis then launches an Arsenal Of Soul attackthat cuts off Marilith's head. The battle ended because of Marilith's death. Noctis, who managed to defeat Marilith, thenstood on the cliff edge and reminisced about his father. Their journey continued to the city of Altissia. The four of them realized there was stilla long way to go. The moral that can be learned from this movieis that friendship can help us go further to carry out a rescue mission.

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