PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie | Gigantic Powers Featurette (2023 Movie)

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I think this meteor gave us… …superpowers! Whoa! Yah! (grunting) Skye gets super strength and the power of flight. – Whoa!- Chase gains the power of super speed. Power paws! Their superpowers are big.

Look at your paws! Ahh! and powerful! Awesome. Dudes, I’m one with the water! Check me out! I’m a walking magnet! No way! Sorry about that. Rock and roll!.

I'm a wrecking ball! That's so cool. With Liberty, she doesn't have a superpower. So throughout the film, you can see herconstantly trying to find it. But yet, she doesn't give up on herself. Oh. Alright, puppies! You don't stand a chance against me. It's the Paw Patrol on a totally different level. It's going to be crazy.

Get ready for a super adventure. Rrraaah! Power paws! Yah! It's going to blow you away. Rrragh! Yah! Catch the all new Paw Patrol, The Mighty Movie. Oh yeah!.

In theaters September 29th.

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