Peerless Martial Spirit Episode 230 Multi Sub

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That wolf cub has the pure blood of the wolf god If it picks up the wolf god descendant We all have to die The Magic Wolf Valley is our jaw Do not tolerate outsiders Mao it Surrounded by so many wolves It is a strong man in the Wujun realm Not necessarily sure to get out.

These two people are in the Soul Condensation Realm Today is sure to die There are always people who are overwhelmed and come here to try their best Did the Devil Wolf Valley just come as soon as it was said? It's up to you This spirit beast can drink away the pack of wolves in the Demon Wolf Valley Such divine power must have the blood of the wolf god Follow up and have a look Blood wind sensed.

The power of the wolf god is getting stronger and stronger It should not be far from the location of the wolf king If the blood wind swallows the power of the wolf king Awakening the blood of the wolf god Maybe heal his wounds completely  It's a man or a ghost come out It really is a hero out of a boy.

Speak straight I'm in a hurry little friend My husband sees that you are very skilled You are allowed to enter Kuangwu Academy Be a registered disciple of Master Fuyun however You wolf beast is so powerful It's better to leave it to the old man.

Help you refine its magic It is a meeting gift from the teacher Speaking Ming Qiang so fresh and refined Really shameless boy shame your face Know who you're talking to Master takes a fancy to your beast is your blessing.

Hurry up and hand over the wolf beast Otherwise, your cultivation will be abolished want to die I won't stop you The Kid Who Speaks Outrageously Let you taste the power of Kuangwu Academy This is the power of Kuangwu Academy It seems nothing more than that My husband treats you kindly.

You are so clueless Small Soul Condensation waste that is about to die Dare to be arrogant in front of Master is Master has been a strong man for many years Crush to death you smelly fish and rotten shrimp Effortless Blazing Dragon Art.

Master hasn’t used th is trick for a long time Master used this trick last time It is difficult for the three strongmen of the third level of the Martial Lord Realm to take over Not to mention a Soul Condensation Realm This kid is about to be wiped out Let's give him another ride Dare to attack again Next time, your cultivation will be directly abolished You are much better than your two useless apprentices.

but that's all boy It was you who forced me to make a killer move Phoenix Wings Burning the Sky a bird is a bird what phoenix How could the Soul Condensation Realm have such strength? who are you Qingzhou Chen Feng.

It turns out that you are the number one person in the realm of Wujun The strongest talent in Qingzhou Chen Feng So you are Chen Feng This old man is Liu Qi, the dean of Kuangwu Academy Today you are going to be the enemy of my entire Kuangwu Academy Liu Yuanxuan can't even beat me .What if the foot is the enemy You dare to be arrogant with two or eight of these sheep's trash.

Don't underestimate me, Kuangwu Academy I still have three high-achieving students in Fuyu wait for them to come It will make it difficult for you to fly Liu Yuanzhi is not talking about two men and one woman you have already seen People from Furious Academy It really is a bird of a feather They are self-inflicted.

Already fed the wolf beast This monster has the strength of Nine Layers of Soul Condensation It seems that it should be one of the wolf kings in the Magic Wolf Valley I understand What is Bloodwind saying? Bloodwind is saying these puny dogs Together is not enough to fight .

blood wind let them see What is the real blood of the wolf god The blood wind is still absorbing the blood of the wolf god from the wolf king Interference with other true elements may affect the purity of the blood blood wind Don't lose to them Absorbed the blood of the wolf god The strength of Blood Wind has improved a lot.

Even the wolf king is not your opponent good job Just follow this posture Go all out to kill the remaining wolf kings

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