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The owl house is an extremely inclusive show that has a wide range of characters and covers a lot of important issues that many children's shows don't so to hear that people believe the show is fat phobic is very shocking to me and I believe this is a very damaging and unfair assumption to make my new Al house pre-hype finale song has.

Officially been released on my second Channel milky Melodies so make sure to go show it some love link is on the screen now in the description and in the comments below I will also be releasing a Goodbye song After the Show finishes so don't worry guys that is still coming and thank you for all your support on that channel so far some people believe.

That the owl house is fat phobic because of the changes that have been made to Willow's character design in each season and these people are arguing that they've been slimming down Willow more and more over time there are so many reasons as to why Willow's character design has changed in this way and it has nothing to do with the show being.

Fat phobic in season one Willow was a younger teenager Willow has clearly had a growth spurt transitioning through puberty and she has grown into her body more naturally she will therefore lose some of the baby fat she had when she was younger and had while growing up willow also fell in love with a sport called fire Derby in season 2 which.

Shows she has been exercising this type of physical activity would have resulted in weight loss and muscle gain in my opinion her character design reflects how a teenager with her body type would grow when becoming more active and I don't think it has changed too much at all because Willow still has the round face and bigger build that we've known.

Her to have throughout the show it's not as if they've changed her design completely to look more like loose or Amity they have stayed true to her design but have developed it as her character has developed I think these claims are incredibly unfair and disrespectful to everyone who works on the owl house as they have worked.

Incredibly hard and have had to fight to make this show as diverse and inclusive as it is today let me know in the comments below what you guys think about these claims on Willow's character design and make sure to like some subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos thanks for watching guys until next time.

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