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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime MomentsGuys Please Like the video and Subscribe to my channel Thank you..Today is Explanation of Upcoming Episode of Perfect World Based on NovelSo let's Start Inside the secret realm, that azure spirituallake. Mists rose in spirals, pure white like clouds. It was as if he was in an immortalrealm. Shi Hao admired a brilliant feather inside his hand, feeling extremely satisfied.The symbols on it were extremely concentrated, and with a light wave, it was as if an immortalsword swept out with penetrating divine radiance. In addition, it was accompanied by ahaze that was incomparably brilliant. This was a shockingly valuable primordial truefeather that belonged to the Dragon Sparrow Race..

“I wonder if that True Hou or Dragon Sparrowwill appear. I don’t have time to wait for them though.”Shi Hao put away the true feather. Hesat on one of the rocks by the lake and fetched the ancient dual-pupil to observe this pure andsparkling lake. He was looking for silver dragon lotuses. “Why did they disappear?”He revealed aconfused expression. The lake wasn’t that large, so he could see all the way to the bottom of thelake. He could see all types of fish and prawn, but he didn’t find any traces of that stalk ofprecious medicine. Shi Hao jumped into the lake and quickly arrived at the bottom. This placewas extremely calm without many abnormalities. There was a faint fragrance here that seepedthrough the lake water into the base of his heart. “Worthy of being a holy medicine!”Soon after,Shi Hao realized where the problem laid..

The lake had underground riversthat connected to other rivers. He quickly moved along, not willing tomiss out on a rare precious medicine. This underground river was extremely long,and the flow of water was rapid as well. There was a sweet fragrance wafting about. Shi Haorevealed a look of surprise after discovering its traces and began to chase after its trail.The entire pursuit took several hundred li, and only then did the waters gradually calm. Itbegan to rise up and merge into an enormous lake. A shocking streak of sword energy hackeddown, almost hitting Shi Hao. This made him quite angry. Someone took action againsthim as soon as he arrived in this great lake! It was unforgivable. Another streak of scarlet redsword radiance hacked outwards, slicing apart the.

Waters and even making the lake fall apart. It wasincomparably terrifying, but the sword energy this time was much further away from the one from justnow. This made Shi Hao stunned. The accuracy was a bit too inferior! He didn’t even have to evadeat all. Could it be that it wasn’t targeting him? He carefully stretched out his divine senses,discovering that there was a chaotic battle taking place outside. There were quite a few figures thatwere fighting in a great confrontation. There were exceptional talents and young supreme beingsamong them! Apart from this, there were even creatures that ignited their divine flames! Whenhe woke up, he arrived in a chaotic battlefield. It wasn’t that someone was purposely attackinghim, but rather that he got caught up in some of their battles’ attacks. “Not good, the silverdragon lotus is a holy medicine and extremely.

Rare. I hope it didn’t land in someone else’shands” Shi Hao cried out inwardly. He acted extremely carefully, not leaving the surface ofthe lake. He searched about in the water. The ocean waves surged, rushing high up into theskies, forming a white and boundless expanse. Even he was almost engulfed into the skies. Thebattlefield in the skies was extremely intense. The waves of this lake that was several hundredli in size rushed into the skies, unable to calm down. There were many symbols that rushed into thewaters. Not only was there divine force surging, there were also dao patterns everywhere. It wasextremely dangerous with dangers at every corner. There was a great chance of dying here. ShiHao cursed inwardly. Things weren’t going smoothly at all! Pursuing the silver dragonlotus actually brought him so much trouble..

Meanwhile, once the holy medicine was discoveredby someone, a tremendous battle was unavoidable. The creatures above would all swoop down to fightover it. “So that’s how it is!” He shouted under his breath and continued searching. Fortunately,his speed was extremely fast. He weaved through the bottom of the lake, avoiding the precioustechniques and symbols that entered the waters streak after streak. I’ve found it!” Finally, ShiHao saw a few streaks of silver light. Their speed was extremely fast. Even though they were all onlythe length of an arm, they were extremely bright. They were shaped like True Dragons, silverywhite and sparkling, brilliance scattering out from their bodies. Great waves overflowedinto the skies. This place erupted with action. Shi Hao frowned, feeling extremely unsatisfied.If not for the sake of the holy medicine, he truly.

Would have gone up to fight it out. He was almoststruck by the sword energy. There was even less of a need to talk about the silver dragons. They werepanicking greatly. Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. He saw a pure white immortal body that disappearedwith a flash, pursuing after the silver dragons. Did someone find the holy medicines anddecided to capture them along the way? A hand reached out, immediately grabbing one ofthe silver dragons. After carefully observing it, this individual’s body trembled, seeminglyextremely surprised and overjoyed. Shi Hao pressed forward silkently. He saw a femalewhose body was long and slender, white like jade, elegant and moving. She was just like a fairy.In addition, this person was incredibly good at hiding her traces. Even if one was extremely closeto her, it would be hard for others to detect her..

This made Shi Hao shocked. This pure white likejade perfect long leg was actually sturdier than precious techniques. It released terrifyingfluctuations. If it was a normal person, they would have been hacked to death onthe spot.“You should just get over here!”He grabbed the other party’s ankle and fiercelypulled to capture her. The woman’s head of fine black hair scattered down. She turnedaround, revealing an exceptional appearance. Her intelligent pupils were full of shock. Sherecognized Shi Hao, because they had met not long ago. Her white clothes drifted about in the water,revealing large amounts of her snow white flesh. She had an oval face and sparklingpure-white skin. Her eyelashes were long, and her large eyes were full of of life. Fineblack hair scattered down like a waterfall,.

Her entire being so beautiful it made others feelsuffocated. Shi Hao naturally already noticed that it was her — fairy Yue Chan. He immediatelydidn’t hold anything back. He released his single heavenly passage and began to seal her. Fairy YueChan was unimaginably powerful. The space between her brows shone, releasing a terrifying waveof fluctuations. Her sparkling white forehead released brilliant luster, displaying a soulpower that would leave all of her peers shaken. He became more and more certain that therewas an inconceivable power sleeping within Yue Chan’s consciousness. He suspected thatthere was a goddess lying dormant inside! However, he finally stopped it. His only heavenlypassage opened. Hazy multicolored light flickered about, weakening the terrifying divine sense powerand preventing it from piercing through his head..

Yue Chan’s main body couldn’t help but feelshocked. Recently, whenever she activated a portion of the soul force, in this close ofa distance, it was enough to kill even the heavenly genius of another race without anysuspense. This was her greatest trump card! It was precisely because of this that normally,exceptional talents wouldn’t easily confront her. And now, the most powerful attack unexpectedlyfailed, not killing the other party. In addition, her sparkling white leg was wrapped around by theother party, trapped within that sphere of light. “Kill!” Shi Hao shouted lightly. Afterrecognizing her, he didn’t spare any feelings. His right hand shone and symbolsinterweaved, forming a palm blade. It hacked down towards that long and slenderjade leg. In the past, him and Yue Chan’s.

Second body still could be considered to have‘friendly relations’, but towards the exceptional fairy in front of him, he didn’t have anything,instead facing off in a life and death struggle. As a result, he didn’t show any hesitationand attacked without holding back! Shi Hao’s five fingers gathered. They were flowing withmulticolored light and exceptionally brilliant! Even though it was a palm, it was even moresharp than a sharp divine weapon, enough to hack through flesh and slice through preciousartifacts. Scarlet multicolored light flickered. Sparkling and bright red blood splashed outwards,dying this lake water red. However, following another ding sound, a vibrating metallic soundrang through the air, leaving Shi Hao stunned. He was grabbing fairy Yue Chan’s sparklinglong and slender jade leg and could clearly.

Feel its temperature. It was a flesh and bloodbody, so how could it produce a metallic sound? His right hand hacked at her smooth body, andblood even flowed out, but it was stopped, only being able to cut through a bit. It wasblocked by a layer of symbols. In addition, this layer of symbols was still flickering.It quickly rushed out, covering the surface of her body in a layer of divine brilliance,preventing that palm from proceeding further. Was this a flesh body or a metalperson? He was a bit confused. He believed that in this type of distance, notmany people’s flesh could compete against his. He knew that Heaven Mending Sect had golden bodyelixir, and that the dualpupiled Shi Yi used precisely this to make his flesh comparable toShi Hao’s. He believed that Yue Chan’s main body.

Definitely used large amounts of the golden bodyelixir, producing immortal flesh and jade bones. However, what he saw here wasn’t this. This wasnot the feeling flesh should have at all. It was sparkling and shining, cold like metal. As thesame time, Yue Chan’s main body counterattacked. A sphere of golden energy erupted from thespace between her brows like a ball of fire. The space between Shi Hao’s brows was inpain once again. He staggered backwards, but he didn’t loosen his grip. His only heavenlypassage shone with resplendent brilliance, suppressing everything and weakening thesoul force the other party sent surging over. This time, he smashed out fiercely with his fist,but the result was even more clear. Sparks flew out from Yue Chan’s leg, releasing dang dangsounds. It left him shocked. This was definitely.

Not flesh. “Heavenly cicada clothes!” Suddenly,after carefully inspecting it, Shi Hao understood. He could clearly feel that there was a layer ofarmor around Yue Chan’s body. It blended with her flesh, transparent and without color. However, itwas releasing holy splendor and evolving symbols, blocking his attacks. This was a legendary raresecret treasure, one that was difficult to refine and nearly impossible to find. It was because itneeded the legendary Heavenly Cicada’s transparent wings as part of the materials. This type of thingwas simply invaluable! Rumors had it that there weren’t many Heavenly Cicadas in the world. Everysingle one would be sold for sky-high prices. Even the sect masters would show up and join in onthe sales. “Good stuff!” Shi Hao understood deeply how extraordinary this cicada wing divine armorwas. It was transparent and perfect, difficult.

To penetrate. There was void immortal gold andother magical stones mixed within. Because these rare precious clothes were too rare, Yue Channormally wouldn’t expose them out of fear of being targeted by others. She merged it with herimmortal jade bones and would only bring them out during the most dangerous times. Shi Hao testedthings out again. His fist descended, sending colors flying outwards. Divine multicolored lightshot out in all directions, but it still couldn’t break through the heavenly cicada clothes. He knewthat this type of forceful method wasn’t enough. These transparent divine clothes had immortalgold and other priceless precious materials. Flesh couldn’t do anything to it at all.Even if a sect master level figure came, they would still find it difficultto break through this material..

Qiang! Yue Chan brought out a divine swordthat erupted with auspicious radiance. Five-colored divine radiance swirled about. It wasexceptionally sharp. It hacked towards Shi Hao’s head. She naturally couldn’t just watch ShiHao attack her leg without doing anything. She unleashed powerful moves. The otherworldlyfairy revealed her cold side as she brandished this heaven-shocking sword. Yue Chan’s main bodygasped. Was that a heavenly passage or a type of body protecting holy radiance? Why was it thisterrifying? It truly had the ‘protection from ten thousand methods’ type of divine might. Shehas seen something like this before in the lower realm. Back then, the youth with a supreme beingbone had opened up ten unique heavenly passages. When they connected together into aresplendent divine ring, they had the.

Power to confine everything. However, that youthhad already died, falling a year ago. In addition, that supreme being youth’s ten heavenly passageweren’t able to erase symbols, only trapping them. Who was this person in front of her? Yue Chanwas completely bewildered! The light around this person’s body was extremely similar toa heavenly passage. It could wipe out symbols and lock down all material substances! Qiang! YueChan pulled back the divine sword with difficulty. Then, she used the soul attack again. This wasperhaps the most effective, because otherwise, the divine sword might fall inside of that heavenlypassage and be forever lost. In reality, it was full of dangers! Yue Chan’s soul attack was likean immortal sword, ready to cut down the other person at any time. Shi Hao’s heavenly passagewas unrivaled. It released precious radiance,.

Locking down the other party’s leg. He wanted topull the other party completely inside and forever suppress it. “Break!”Yue Chan released a lightshout. The area between her brows shone, and then a fist-sized little fairy unexpectedly appeared.It was holy and undying. It released a terrifying and shocking power. Shi Hao shivered inwardly. Theother party’s soul attack was just too powerful. In this type of distance, it could kill a race’ssupreme being youth! Fortunately, he was powerful enough. His heavenly passage stood out from themasses and broke through ten thousand techniques. It could even stop this soul power,isolating the light sphere outside. “This isn’t good heavenly cicada clothesaren’t bad. Can I strip it off?” Shi Hao was still carrying that sparkling snow white beautifulleg, and at that moment, he lightly caressed it..

This was an unconscious movement. He was admiringthe precious clothes power. In the end, when Yue Chan saw this, she naturally thought that thiswas a type of harassment, a leecher’s behavior. She released a light shout. The space between herbrows became incomparably dazzling. In the end, a faint void figure unexpectedly threw itselfoutwards, attacking Shi Hao’s heavenly passage. Even though it was indistinct, it was powerfulto the point of making others’ hearts palpitate. This was the first time Shi Hao revealed agrave expression. What was this? Was this Yue Chan’s greatest trump card? Her soulwas powerful, so could it be something similar to other exceptional talent’s innateprecious ability, a type of inherent ability? Her soul could unexpectedly form a weapon,sometimes a sword, sometimes a spear. There.

Was nothing it couldn’t overcome. It was going tohack into the heavenly passage. At this moment, Shi Hao suffered quite a bit of pressure. he hadno choice but to treat this seriously.“Break open for me!” Shi hao grabbed Yue Chan’s jade leg,unexpectedly going to hack her down on the spot. MBlack with flower patterns?” At the crucialmoment, he suddenly spoke this sentence. Yue Chan was first stunned, and then her prettyface turned red, unable to maintain its holy and perfect appearance. This scoundrel was toolacking in moral sense, seeing her undergarments and mocking her like this. Not good!” Yue Chan’smain body’s expression changed. On her thigh, electricity hacked about chaotically, blastingher until her qi and blood surged. If not for the heavenly cicada clothes protecting her, this legwould have most likely not been able to hold on..

What kind of lightning did thatwater contain exactly? However, this was not the most terrifying part. What madeher heart beat crazily was that there was a curse power spreading outwards, wrapping around her andentering her body.“Break apart!”Shi Hao shouted. With the pill furnace in hand, he ferociouslyslammed downwards. In addition, he poured out a bit more of the heavenly stream, pouring itover Yue Chan’s entire body. “Where do you think you are going?! Yue Chan chased after him. Soonafter, Shi Hao caught up to those silver lights, and after capturing them, he merged them together.Silver multicolored light erupted, and they turned into a lotus. It was extremely unique. Its leaves,flower, and roots all carried silver scales. The fragrance wafted outwards. It was a stalk of holymedicine that was extremely unusual in appearance!.

Yue Chan slaughtered over, carrying out anotherpowerful attack. Shi Hao turned around and said, “Hey, even though the two of us had an affair, weshouldn’t be like this, right?” The words used for affair literally translates to ‘both havingone leg’ Yue Chan’s brows all stood on end. Her intelligent eyes released killing intent. Thisfellow only seized her left leg’s heavenly cicada clothes, yet he already called it an affair! Ifnews of this got out, it really would be difficult for her to explain herself. You crazy disciple,your skin is thicker than even a city wall. Where do you think you are going?!” Yue Chan’smain body chased after him. Shi hao stopped his footsteps and said coldly, “Without the heavenlycicada body clothes’ protection, I want to see how you defend yourself. Today, I will captureyou!”“Everyone, he obtained a silver dragon lotus..

I believe you all understand the uses of this holymedicine. It is a main ingredient in refining the divine flame pill!” Yue Chan suddenly shouted, herbeautiful voice resounding through the heavens. The advancement from supreme expert to theDivine Flame Realm, for most exceptional talents, was something that would happen soon.However, most people wouldn’t choose to break through and continuously suppressed it.It was because the great battle of geniuses in the higher realms’ three thousand provinces hadan opportunity only useful for supreme experts! In addition, every single person wantedto ignite the most perfect divine flame so that they could become unrivaled as a deity inthe future! It was clear that the divine flame pill was a type of rare precious medicine.When a creature ignited their divine flame,.

It could help one refine the divine flame, makingit take a step further in perfection.The silver dragon lotus was rare, and that was why the divineflame pill was difficult to successfully refine. It was hard to find in this world. “Everyone,she has heavenly cicada clothes on her body!” Shi Hao didn't hold anything back either andexposed her, dragging her down with him. The skies entered a momentary silence. Then, endless lighterupted, all of them concentrating on these two. A pair of wings appeared on Shi Hao’s back, oneformed from symbols. The golden color carried a holy aura. Electric arcs crackled about in anearsplitting manner. He moved the wings and rushed into the skies to flee into the distance.He had the strength and power, so he didn’t fear exceptional talents, but if he stayed behind,he would definitely be attacked from all sides.

And killed. It was definitely not worthwhileto do so. “Where do you think you are going? You even dare to use lightning natural laws beforeme, just a firefly in the face of lunar splendor!” Following a cold sound, the sky erupted andlightning poured down like a waterfall. Someone brandished their fists, illuminating the heavenswith brilliance. The clouds were all scattered. It was extremely terrifying! Shi Hao was greatlymoved as well. This was worthy of being known as a true exceptional talent, one that graspsthe unrivaled lightning dao precious technique. Those symbols were too profound. That strike alonecontained life, eradication, and many other true meanings. “I am the greatest in the lightningdao, you are just showing off your skills before a true expert!” The Child of Lightning said.When his eyes opened and closed, lightning.

Streaked across the sky as if they were going toblast apart mountain peaks. They struck the skies like a vast sea. His power was astonishing. He wasincomparably forceful, smashing another fist over. He stood at the peak of the lightning dao andcould defeat all those before him like pulling apart rotten weeds. A single fist could shakeheaven and earth! In the sky, human figures split apart. The two experts each occupied one area. TheChild of Lightning being uninjured was one thing, but the other person was perfectly fine as well.This was simply incredible!“What a powerful body protecting sacred light, actually able to defendagainst the greatest precious technique of the lightning dao, daring to use lightning tocontend against the Child of Lightning, this person is formidable!”Everyone’s minds shook.This was definitely a powerful figure who no one.

Dared to look down upon. What if he used his owninnate divine ability? They all refused to believe that he only understood the lightning precioustechnique. “Your body protecting symbol light is quite extraordinary, but it is still notenough. In front of absolute offensive power, all defensive symbols are similarly useless!” TheChild of Lightning said. He wasn’t exaggerating. The best defense was offense, while the lightningdao precious technique was one of the most well-known offensive divine abilities, known to beable to hack apart any heavenly defensive symbols. At this moment, there was a type of mountaindevouring power with every move he made, a type of confidence where he was themost powerful, high above everyone else. His imposing figure was going to oppress Shi Haowith pure power. From an outsider’s perspective,.

He was just like a divine king that descendedfrom the ninth heaven to punish an evildoer. His aura devoured tens of thousandsof li, his valiance unstoppable! “Enough!”Shi Hao shouted. His gaze became cold.After he supported that single heavenly passage, his left hand became as brilliant as a sun,and his right hand became pitch-black like ink. This was the Kun Peng power, but itsappearance was completely changed. It supplemented the lightning dao divine ability.This attack now became incomparably terrifying. His right hand had the great yang powerwith lightning symbols covering it, while his left hand surged with the auraof great yin, also wrapped in lightning. Shi Hao walked out with large steps. He was goingto forcefully meet the Child of Lightning head on..

It looked like it was still the lightningnatural laws from the outside, only, it was now changed into two opposite yin and yang forces.However, at this moment, everyone was shocked. His lightning force was just too overbearing, hisgreat valiance unmatched. He actually blasted the Child of Lightning until his entire body wasstreaking with electrical light. A five-colored streak of lightning erupted, covering theChild of Lightning in brilliant radiance. This was a great slaughtering power forgedby the lightning profound meaning, but it still couldn’t blast the other party flying. Hewas inwardly shocked. He silently wondered how it would be if the other party used his uniqueinnate precious technique. What kind of result would that produce? The more he thought, the moregrave his expression became. The two separated,.

Each occupying a region.“Let me have a try, seewhat kind of figure your distinguished self is.” Firegold Race’s Teng Yi came as well. He sat inthe void, his body surrounded by a great sun. A divine flame blazed about, shining incomparablybrilliantly. He was like a deity seated within a great sun. His precious image was solemn anddignified. Shi Hao had fought a great battle against him on the Copper Sparrow Altar, but backthen, Teng Yi had a time restriction and couldn’t stay for too long, so he couldn’t displayhis true power before and chose to leave. On the other side, fairy Yue Chan was alsosurrounded, and the witch was taking action against her. Her white hands were like jade. Theyerupted with divine light to fight against the Heaven Mending Technique. The two exceptionalheavenly ladies carried out an intense battle..

They were like beauties from paintings that couldoverturn the world. Their figures were wonderful, enchanting and moving. Their arms were spotlesslywhite, and their jade legs were long and slender. Right now, it was reproducing itsrace’s former unmatched legend! Sword energy flew out like a rainbow, stirringup the entire sky. Symbols filled the precious pitcher, and each symbol was a streak of powerfulsword energy. Immortal light shone brilliantly. Thousands to tens of thousands streaksof sword radiance struck over. Right now, Shi Hao was extremely calm. He was now facing TengYi again. He knew how terrifying this individual was, however, right now, when he couldn’t use hisbest precious techniques, he was extremely calm. Not long ago, he saw exceptional talents confronteach other and heavenly geniuses contending.

Against each other for supremacy. In his heart,the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram appeared, and he gained an indescribable type of realization.The more commonplace, the most ordinary, those foundational symbols interweaved in hissea of consciousness. They continuously evolved, changing continuously. A Vermilion Bird tookto the sky, a Suan Ni roared into the heavens, lightning covered the heavens, a True Phoenixrevealed a pair of dazzling immortal wings… “True Primordial Record changing the rotten intosomething magical!” Shi Hao moved. His hands merged together. They moved in the air, producingendless divine light. All types of symbols surged, producing many ordinary vicious beasts,ferocious birds, and many other powerful races. They all resonated in response, evolving the themost ordinary symbols into the most terrifying.

Divine abilities. At this moment, primordialbone texts covered everything, continuously evolving and forming the most complex diagram. Itsealed all of the endless sword energy in the sky. In the void, Teng Yi revealed a look of surprise.This type of aura made his expression heavy. The thousands to tens of thousands streaks of divineradiance released from the perfect precious pitcher above his head became dim, and then theywere wiped out. “Great dao, suppress!” He released a light shout. The firegold precious pitcherflew outwards to suppress Shi Hao. “Open the skies!” Shi Hao also shouted out. His black hairdanced about, and his clothes fluttered about. His hands joined together, and then heattacked the skies. This strike released ear-splitting rumbling sounds. Endless symbolserupted, and the world resonated in response..

The rays of of light made even exceptionaltalents temporarily close their eyes. “Let me have a try!” A young expert whohad a head of golden hair walked over. His body was shining and resplendent withheaven overflowing golden flames. Each time his foot descended, it would make the voidtremble. Shi Hao didn’t leave. These exceptional talents were all extremely arrogant and selfconfident, not deciding to attack him together. However, these people were too conceited, all ofthem wishing to give him a blow and size him up. Who did they treat him as? “Who are you alltreating me as? Whoever dares to come up again, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I will killthem all!” Shi Hao’s eyes were brilliant as he swept them over everyone, especiallythe blonde male that was walking over..

The blonde male’s eyes blazed like afurnace. He walked forward. Was this a warning? This looked like an undisguisedthreat aimed at him!“Are you speaking to me?” He said indifferently. His footsteps were forcefulas he pressed forward. His entire body was shining and surging with golden blood energy. It wasincredibly oppressive. The corners of his lips curled up, revealing a trace of a mockingsmile, but even more so a type of coldness. He looked down on Shi Hao from high up withan arrogant look.“You can treat it like that.” Shi Hao replied. The blonde male’s eyes werebathed in flames. Many golden symbols appeared on his body. The smile on his face became evengreater, but it also became colder. With a tone of ridicule, he said, “Being so arrogant, I thinkyou’ll die young, unable to live past today.”“At.

Your age, if you are killed, it won’teven be considered a premature death.” Shi Hao spoke. kill me? To put up such a displayin front of me, I’ll send you on your way!” The golden male said, immediately eruptingwith divine force. The blonde male's body was high up in the sky. He stepped downwards, hisspeed fast to the extreme, only leaving behind a golden afterimage. After raising his foot,he directly trampled down on Shi Hao’s head. This immediately released thunderous soundsin midair. As he stepped over, golden symbols surged like raging waves beating against ashore, clashing intensely against the void. How domineering was this? A single foot descendingdirectly trampled towards Shi Hao’s head! This was not only arrogance, but a typeof humiliation towards Shi Hao as well..

As soon as he stepped up, he displayed thisclear contempt, domineering and forceful. He was going to trample an exceptional talent todeath on the spot to display his own unrivaled nature. “Kill!” Shi Hao shouted. Hishead of hair danced about chaotically. He shifted from calmness to action. His aurachanged greatly, as if a demonic god was reviving. His gaze was penetrating and intimidating.The blood energy around him surged. Shi Hao leapt up. He formed a fistimprint and blasted apart the symbols. He was going to carry out a slaughter. “Breakfor me!” That individual was high up in the sky, his foot shining and erupting with incomparablegolden symbols. It formed a stellar river diagram that covered the sole of his foot. It wasas if a stellar sky was slamming downwards..

This madman had his reason for being arrogant. Hewas truly that powerful, enough to slaughter the geniuses of many great clans! Shi Hao’s eyesbecame deep. His fist imprint didn’t change, but there were many types of profound mysteriesthat appeared. Archaic Vermilion Bird four-fold barrage,a True Phoenix spreads its wings; thesewere all damaged precious techniques, but through the True Primordial Record’s evolution,it changed the rotten to the miraculous. At the same time, he activated the Kun Peng’strue power, merging it together, making this fist especially powerful. It was nearly unstoppable!Meanwhile, Shi Hao’s fist imprint changed into a claw. With a peng sound, it grabbed the ankle andforcefully pulled downwards. It was just a single grab, but everything below the ankle couldn’thold on anymore, splitting apart everywhere..

Then, sparkling bone fragments and blood appeared.It was a ghastly sight. Everyone was greatly shaken. This battle had just began, but thisyouth seemed like he was already going to win? Shi Hao fiercely pulled, and with apu sound, blood dyed the skies red. That ankle separated as well, forcefully tearingoff the other party’s leg! Many people erupted with noise! Haze covered this place. Symbolsinterweaved, making this place indistinct. Suddenly, Shi Hao felt as if something wasn’tright. He didn’t hear a miserable cry, but the scenery around him became indistinct. This wasnot the sign of victory. Finally, he noticed that the sole he tore off turned into a small pieceof a vine. The so called blood also turned into golden liquid. It wasn’t blood. “Vine?” “Who isthis person? A cicada is shedding its carapace!.

This isn’t its true body? The four goldenvines broke off. Meanwhile, the blonde male in the distance released a muffled grunt. Shi Hao’seyes flickered with radiance. He stared forward. Firegold Race’s Teng Yi clearly didn’ttake action, so who was this person? How could he use this type of vine? The mistsscattered. The blonde male stood there, a golden flame jumping about around him. His face was cold.Both his hands formed an imprint, and a powerful wave of aura erupted.“I know! He is Sun God VinePalace’s divine child, his name is Jin Lie!” Someone said, recognizing his identity. Thisshocked everyone, and then they shivered inwardly. That was definitely a terrifyingplace where Sun God Vines grew. There was naturally no need to doubt that race’spowerful heavenly genius! Shi Hao had once seen.

Sun God Vine Race’s giant in the lower realm. Ithad been hacked through by Willow Deity, and then it fled, returning to the higher realm. He neverexpected to meet someone else from this race. He admitted that this individual named Jin Liedid have reason to be arrogant. He was indeed very powerful! “Sun God Vine Race’s highestprecious technique divine vine dao flames!” Someone said softly. Even more people releasedstrange expressions, their expressions becoming grave. That fiery light was terrifying afterall, burning the void until it distorted. There was still the endless vines flickeringwith symbols, forming a killing formation. The divine vine dao flame occupied the sky,surrounding Shi Hao and trapping him at the center. “Who cares how many different methodsyou have? I will still be unmoved!” Shi Hao said.

To himself. He opened his heavenly passage toprotect himself. He looked coldly at Jin Lie. Everyone was astonished. When that terrifyingdao flame closed in on Shi Hao’s sphere of light, it actually grew dim, and the killing powerweakened. When that golden vine pieced inwards, it even more so became dispirited. The symbolsdisappeared, a sign of it being wiped out. “What a terrifying domain!”“What is that? Why doI feel like it looks like a heavenly passage?”Shi Hao walked outwards. His heavenly passage shone,protecting him within. Like a great furnace, he rushed forward, defeating all of thedivine flame dao flames and other attacks. His fist smashed outwards to kill Jin Lie. “Verygood, you are so powerful, so I won’t be killing you in vain. Let me send you on your way.” JinLie spoke like this, incomparably calm and cold..

He quickly opened a special stone case that wasincomparably simple and unadorned in appearance. There were all types of creatures engraved onit. In that instant, the case released strands of mist, and then a piece of earth the size of aninfant’s fist flew out, smashing towards Shi Hao. Everyone finally thought of the legend. In thepast, there was a sect master level figure who entered the vast uninhabited depths, but heaccidentally stepped on a piece of yellow mud. It released a weak light, and then that oldsect master turned into bloody mud. Later on, it was rumored that Sun God Vine Palace’s masterhurried over. He didn’t see that yellow mud, but he found moist soil there. He carefully collectedit and refined it. The soil Sun God Vine collected had a bit of the yellow mud’s characteristics.Through studying it, they noticed that it was.

Exceptionally terrifying. It was clear thatthe ‘yellow mud’ that the divine palace’s giant obtained was bestowed to this descendant, allowinghim to bring it with him into the secret realm. This was a power that could simply kill anyone!As soon as this mud was released, who could be his opponent? This was simply cheating! Inthat instant, Shi Hao heard their discussions, becoming extremely alarmed inwardly. No wonderJin Lie was so arrogant and so self-confident! He actually had this type of trump card! Hequickly backed up, but the yellow mud closed in quickly. Everyone became stupefied. The yellowmud was collected? Even though it wasn’t truly that terrifying earthen mud, it still carried abit of its characteristics. “Hand over your life!” Shi Hao roared and slaughtered towards Jin Lie.This battle already didn’t had any suspense left..

Jin Lie was extremely powerful, but he wasn’tShi Hao’s opponent. After losing the yellow mud, he didn’t have anything else to rely on. Hecouldn’t escape either. A great clash erupted. Golden flames overflowed into the heavens,and symbols covered heaven and earth. The golden leaves and the vine itself continuouslybroke apart and fell. In the end, Shi Hao took to the air, trampling down on Jin Lie’s skull firmlyand forcefully, doing onto him exactly what he did previously. Jin Lie released a miserable scream.Cracks appeared on his skull, almost splitting part. Then, Shi Hao descended like a streak oflightning. With a pu sound, his palm hacked down on his neck, sending his head flying outwards. Anexceptional talent was cut down, leaving everyone here shaken! Shi Hao shouted. He fiercely exertedforce. His arms shone, using all of his power to.

Cut off this pitch-black divine vine. By doingso, he could perhaps obtain some of its symbols. At the very least, he could stillobtain an innate precious artifact! Unfortunately, when he exerted force, thisblack golden vine turned into specks of light. It was wrapped around by the beast tooth symbolsand struggled free.“No wonder I couldn’t find the life symbol!” Shi Hao said to himself. He wantedto steal a life symbol this entire time, but he never found it. It turned out that it was storedwithin the innate symbol imprint. It was precisely because of this that the vine could protectits innate symbol from being seized by another. “I will kill you!” “Is that so? Do you still dareto come back in? I really am looking forward to it.” Shi Hao’s large eyes blinked. He licked hislips, revealing a look of desire. Jin Lie’s head.

Of hair danced about chaotically. Golden lightsurged. He was humiliated and angry, his face full of embarrassment. Multicolored light flashed,and then he disappeared while wrapped within a rain of light. “Truly regretful!” Shi Hao shookhis head. That beast tooth life symbol had an inseparable connection with this secret realm. Itcontained this little thousand world’s mysterious natural laws. He couldn’t stop it from bringingJin Lie away. The atmosphere was rather strange. Everyone looked at Shi Hao, feeling that thisfellow’s strength wasn’t a normal type of strong. Jin Lie was killed. Strictly speaking, this wasthe first exceptional talent that was killed. Even though everyone had traded attacksbefore, it had never been this intense. Everyone knew that from here on out, thesecret realm would be full of dangers..

With the first death of an exceptional talent,more were to follow. It was as if a demonic case was opened. No one could hold back theirpower anymore. The secret realm’s entrance, on top of that altar. A rain of light scatteredabout. A human figure appeared. There were many people from great sects here. They were all hopingfor their sect’s disciples to obtain natural luck in the secret realm. Apart from this, there wereendless cultivators who did not have the chance to enter the secret realm. They were all observingthis place, leaving this place packed with people. They wanted to learn about the circumstancesinside. “This person is Jin Lie from Sun God Vine Palace!” Someone recognized him, appearingextremely shocked. This made Jin Lie’s expression fall ashen, because everyone was discussing him,guessing at exactly who it was that killed him.

As one of the defeated, this type of feelingwas extremely unbearable. “Little friend, who did you fight against?” An old sect elderspoke up. He sat in the void, his figure blurry. When he opened his eyes, it was as if two streaksof lightning pierced through the darkness. Even though Jin Lie was domineering, when faced againstthis type of character, he still didn’t dare to act too unbridled. He said things as they were. Atthis moment, the Hou Race’s old ancestor Zi Meng, Immortal Mountain’s Qin Changsheng, and the othersrevealed looks of shock. Several sect masters were shocked. It was unexpectedly him again! The crowdwas stunned, not daring to believe what they were hearing. “It’s that young devil king again! Hekilled an exceptional talent?” “That fellow first killed Fire Devil Palace’s people, killed The HouRace’s young king, then unexpectedly began to kill.

Exceptional talents!”Shi Hao killed an exceptionaltalent, making everyone reconsider his strength. Even though there were many who were fearless,they still did not wish to fight a great battle without a good cause. In the secret realm,there were many natural opportunities. A silver dragon lotus was precious, but it wasn’timportant to the extent of fighting to the death. Not far off, the witch and fairy Yue Chan'sbattle were still going on. These two individuals’ powers opposed each other, and itwas difficult for either side to kill the other. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have tangled against eachother all the way from the lower realm until now. Shi Hao thought he would be beaten up by thecrowd, but now, it looked like these people were quite arrogant and refused to do somethinglike that. Perhaps it was because no truly.

Heavenly defying natural luck has been seen yet.Once Origin Sky Supreme Being’s inheritance was discovered or his supreme precious blood appeared,it would be different then. “The heavenly cicada clothes are a supreme treasure. Are you allthat rich, actually not caring about it?” Shi Hao muttered. Fairy Yue CHan, since you giftedme with a piece of heavenly cicada armor, then you should do the deed fully and send another pieceso that I can have symmetry.” Shi Hao said smugly. Everyone became dumbstruck. This fella obtainedYue Chan’s heavenly cicada clothes? Moreover, it was the leg piece. How did he obtain it? It wasdefinitely not gifted to him by fairy Yue Chan! “Aiyaya, older sis Yue Chan, you are too generous,even giving this type of sparkling, body-merging, most precious armor to someone else. How bold!”The witch giggled, her eyes rippling with.

Brilliance as she timely delivered a mental blow.The imprint between Yue Chan’s brows flickered. The spiritual attack became even more powerful,and a void figure rushed out to kill the witch. “Aiyou, fairy, what happened? You want tokill someone to make them shut up?” The witch smiled slightly and defended herself fromthis attack. “Even with a battle of our level, you still want to vainly use words to try gain anadvantage? Truly meaningless.” Yue Chan was calm. Her skin was pure white like jade, hertemperament outstanding. She wasn’t affected at all. “If I want to peel off another piece ofheavenly cicada armor, it really will be hard” Shi Hao said to himself. He moved around the twogirls, looking like he was going to take action. Everyone became stupefied. This fellow peeled itoff himself? They all revealed a look of shock!.

Her beautiful hair fluttered about. Her figure wasgraceful and moving, with a gorgeous appearance. Her beautiful eyes shone like gemstones, andher skin was snow white like that of a fairy. There was a great charm to her. “Older sis YueChan, what happened to your leg? Even though it is sparkling white like ivory, there seemto be some fingerprints” The witch giggled. She was clearly purposely speaking nonsense toanger Yue Chan. The group of people all revealed looks of shock, and then they looked at Shi Hao.Someone said softly, “Where is that person from Immortal Palace? Didn’t he walk close to HeavenMending Sect’s fairy? Why didn’t he take action? Yi, he’s not here!” Fairy Yue Chan who wascurrently fighting intensely against the witch quickly shifted to the side to dodge Shi Hao’sterrifying attack. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was also.

Shocked. He quickly leapt up to avoid the powerfulstrike from the divine flame expert behind him. “Chi Lingkong!” Shi Hao finally saw who it was.“Evil monster, hand over your life!” Chi Lingkong and another divine flame expert from the sameclan assaulted him. “Old thing, I don’t have time to deal with you now. I am going to grab abone symbol and kill you all when I come back.” Shi Hao said. His eyes flickered. He saw that thewitch and fairy Yue Chan had separated and were rushing forward. He also followed. The two expertschased after him. However, Shi Hao’s speed was too fast. With the Kun Peng technique merged intothe lightning, concealing its true appearance, he was incredibly fast. With just a fewflashes, he disappeared from this place. As soon as Shi Hao entered, someone sent a palmat him. Multicolored light shone in thousands.

Of streaks and divine force surged. Once heentered this region, everyone became opponents. He was shocked. It was actually Qin Hao. Thelong life battle clothes he wore were shining! He didn’t want to fight to the deathwith this little brother of his. Even though he was attacked by a palm, itwas an attack that passed through the air, and there were no other attacks.“Did grandfathercome too?” Shi Hao retreated to the side and searched around. He knew that if that person washis grandfather, he most likely came for Qin Hao. “That is” His mind was greatly shaken. Henever expected to truly see that special youth. He was on that mountain peak not toofar off, currently looking at Qin Hao. That person’s expression was complicated. Therewas a doting love, but also a feeling of distance..

There was also memories, but even more sorrow.He really wanted to walk up, but he then stopped. When Shi Hao saw this, his hearttrembled. He quickly closed in! This Video Will End Here…Thank you for Watching….

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