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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime Moments Guys Please Like the video andSubscribe to my channel Thank you.. Today is Explanation of UpcomingEpisode of Perfect World Based on Novel So let's StartAt this moment, everyone’s expressions changed. Shi Hao was cutting off the divine vine’s innateprecious patterns! This was the same as a human race exceptional talent’s supreme being boneor dual pupil! This was an item bestowed by heaven, a complete unique secret method thathad never appeared before. This was how the term exceptional talent came to be. The eyes of someexistences who ignited their divine flames burned, quietly closing in to make a move. They wantedto take action, because this vine was priceless..

It contained an innate precious technique!“Breakfor me!”Shi Hao shouted. He fiercely exerted force. His arms shone, using all of his powerto cut off this pitch-black divine vine. By doing so, he could perhaps obtain some of itssymbols. At the very least, he could still obtain an innate precious artifact! Unfortunately, whenhe exerted force, this black golden vine turned into specks of light. It was wrapped aroundby the beast tooth symbols and struggled free. “No wonder I couldn’t find the life symbol!” ShiHao said to himself. He wanted to steal a life symbol this entire time, but he never found it.It turned out that it was stored within the innate symbol imprint. It was precisely because of thisthat the vine could protect its innate symbol from being seized by another. Golden patterns flickeredabout. A sun god vine appeared in the distance..

Its true body reconstructed, forming someone thatresembled Jin Lie. He carried bitter resentment and stared at Shi Hao.“I will kill you!”“Isthat so? Do you still dare to come back in? I really am looking forward toit.” Shi Hao’s large eyes blinked. He licked his lips, revealing a look of desire.Jin Lie’s head of hair danced about chaotically. Golden light surged. He was humiliated and angry,his face full of embarrassment. Multicolored light flashed, and then he disappeared while wrappedwithin a rain of light.“Truly regretful!” Shi Hao shook his head. That beast tooth lifesymbol had an inseparable connection with this secret realm. It contained this littlethousand world’s mysterious natural laws. He couldn’t stop it from bringing Jin Lieaway.The atmosphere was rather strange..

Everyone looked at Shi Hao, feeling that thisfellow’s strength wasn’t a normal type of strong. Jin Lie was killed. Strictly speaking, this wasthe first exceptional talent that was killed. Even though everyone had traded attacksbefore, it had never been this intense. Everyone knew that from here on out, thesecret realm would be full of dangers. With the first death of an exceptional talent,more were to follow. It was as if a demonic case was opened. No one could hold back theirpower anymore.The secret realm’s entrance, on top of that altar. A rain of light scatteredabout. A human figure appeared. There were many people from great sects here. They were all hopingfor their sect’s disciples to obtain natural luck in the secret realm. Apart from this, there wereendless cultivators who did not have the chance.

To enter the secret realm. They were all observingthis place, leaving this place packed with people. They wanted to learn about the circumstancesinside. “This person is Jin Lie from Sun God Vine Palace!” Someone recognized him, appearingextremely shocked. This made Jin Lie’s expression fall ashen, because everyone was discussing him,guessing at exactly who it was that killed him. As one of the defeated, this type of feelingwas extremely unbearable. “Little friend, who did you fight against?” An old sect elderspoke up. He sat in the void, his figure blurry. When he opened his eyes, it was as if two streaksof lightning pierced through the darkness. Even though Jin Lie was domineering, when faced againstthis type of character, he still didn’t dare to act too unbridled. He said things as they were. Atthis moment, the Hou Race’s old ancestor Zi Meng,.

Immortal Mountain’s Qin Changsheng, and the othersrevealed looks of shock. Several sect masters were shocked. It was unexpectedly him again! The crowdwas stunned, not daring to believe what they were hearing. “It’s that young devil king again!He killed an exceptional talent?” “That fellow first killed Fire Devil Palace’s people, killedThe Hou Race’s young king, then unexpectedly began to kill exceptional talents!”Fire DevilPalace’s peoples were streaming with tears. Why did they have to be mentioned everytime? This truly left them greatly pained. Everyone erupted into discussions. Such amysterious expert unexpectedly appeared! He shouldn’t have a life symbol, so there wasn’t any‘list of names’ to recognize his identity from. It was clear that this was a supreme being youththat secretly muddled his way in. He definitely.

Had confidence, not needing a life symbol at all.It made everyone feel more and more interested. “It truly is something to look forward to! I wantto see what other worldshaking things he can do. Could it be that he is going to kill aheavenly genius?” “Wu, he killed Immortal Palace’s great one’s servants, so there willdefinitely be a world shocking great battle. I really am looking forward to seeing what happenswhen they meet again.” Outside the secret realm, everyone’s moods had been stirred up. They wereexcited, longing for the great confrontation in the secret realm. Within the secret realm’sdepths, there were lakes everywhere. Mists rose in spirals. Shi Hao killed an exceptionaltalent, making everyone reconsider his strength. Even though there were many who were fearless,they still did not wish to fight a great battle.

Without a good cause. In the secret realm,there were many natural opportunities. A silver dragon lotus was precious, but it wasn’timportant to the extent of fighting to the death. Not far off, the witch and fairy Yue Chan'sbattle were still going on. These two individuals’ powers opposed each other, and itwas difficult for either side to kill the other. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have tangled against eachother all the way from the lower realm until now. Shi Hao thought he would be beaten up by thecrowd, but now, it looked like these people were quite arrogant and refused to do somethinglike that. Perhaps it was because no truly heavenly defying natural luck has been seen yet.Once Origin Sky Supreme Being’s inheritance was discovered or his supreme precious blood appeared,it would be different then. “The heavenly cicada.

Clothes are a supreme treasure. Are you allthat rich, actually not caring about it?” Shi Hao muttered. Fairy Yue CHan, since yougifted me with a piece of heavenly cicada armor, then you should do the deed fully and send anotherpiece so that I can have symmetry.” Shi Hao said smugly. Everyone became dumbstruck. This fellaobtained Yue Chan’s heavenly cicada clothes? Moreover, it was the leg piece. How did he obtainit? It was definitely not gifted to him by fairy Yue Chan!“Aiyaya, older sis Yue Chan, you aretoo generous, even giving this type of sparkling, body-merging, most precious armor to someoneelse. How bold!” The witch giggled, her eyes rippling with brilliance as she timely delivereda mental blow. The imprint between Yue Chan’s brows flickered. The spiritual attack became evenmore powerful, and a void figure rushed out to.

Kill the witch.“Aiyou, fairy, what happened? Youwant to kill someone to make them shut up?” The witch smiled slightly and defended herself fromthis attack. “Even with a battle of our level, you still want to vainly use words to try gain anadvantage? Truly meaningless.” Yue Chan was calm. Her skin was pure white like jade, her temperamentoutstanding. She wasn’t affected at all.“If I want to peel off another piece of heavenly cicadaarmor, it really will be hard” Shi Hao said to himself. He moved around the two girls,looking like he was going to take action. Everyone became stupefied. This fellow peeled itoff himself?They all revealed a look of shock! Her beautiful hair fluttered about. Her figure wasgraceful and moving, with a gorgeous appearance. Her beautiful eyes shone like gemstones, andher skin was snow white like that of a fairy..

There was a great charm to her. “Older sis YueChan, what happened to your leg? Even though it is sparkling white like ivory, there seemto be some fingerprints…” The witch giggled. She was clearly purposely speaking nonsense toanger Yue Chan. The group of people all revealed looks of shock, and then they looked at Shi Hao.Someone said softly, “Where is that person from Immortal Palace? Didn’t he walk close to HeavenMending Sect’s fairy? Why didn’t he take action? Yi, he’s not here!”Right at this moment,a blinding light emerged in the horizon. A great battle erupted. There was a figurethere brandishing a void halberd in his hands, stirring up heavenly winds as he did so. In thechaotic skies, endless symbols swirled about. It was as if the dome of heaven was going to behacked apart. His divine appearance was absolutely.

Intimidating! On the other side, a golden lightshone. A similarly tall and big youth stood there. The two individuals opposed each other withequal harshness, about to carry out a great confrontation. That region was extremelyhazy with immortal mists curling about. There was a talisman that rushed up. Thetwo individual took action at the same time, currently fighting over it.“That’s the ‘bonesymbol’ required for entering the inheritance land!”Everyone was shocked, and they all rushedover. Fairy Yue Chan who was currently fighting intensely against the witch quickly shifted tothe side to dodge Shi Hao’s terrifying attack. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was also shocked. He quicklyleapt up to avoid the powerful strike from the divine flame expert behind him. “Chi Lingkong!”Shi Hao finally saw who it was. “Evil monster,.

Hand over your life!” Chi Lingkong and anotherdivine flame expert from the same clan assaulted him. “Old thing, I don’t have time to deal withyou now. I am going to grab a bone symbol and kill you all when I come back.” Shi Hao said. His eyesflickered. He saw that the witch and fairy Yue Chan had separated and were rushing forward. Healso followed. The two experts chased after him. However, Shi Hao’s speed was too fast. With theKun Peng technique merged into the lightning, concealing its true appearance, he was incrediblyfast. With just a few flashes, he disappeared from this place. “Go, we are going as well. It is vitalthat we obtain that bone symbol. If we can open up the forbidden inheritance, that will be moreimportant than everything else.” Chi Lingkong clenched his teeth and said. He was shocked. Itwas actually Qin Hao. The long life battle clothes.

He wore were shining! He didn’t want to fightto the death with this little brother of his. Even though he was attacked by a palm, itwas an attack that passed through the air, and there were no other attacks.“Did grandfathercome too?” Shi Hao retreated to the side and searched around. He knew that if that person washis grandfather, he most likely came for Qin Hao. “That is…” His mind was greatly shaken. Henever expected to truly see that special youth. He was on that mountain peak not toofar off, currently looking at Qin Hao. That person’s expression was complicated. Therewas a doting love, but also a feeling of distance. There was also memories, but even more sorrow.He really wanted to walk up, but he then stopped. When Shi Hao saw this, his heart trembled.He quickly closed in! Shi Hao’s body trembled.

Slightly. Was that his grandfather? He wasextremely moved, but also extremely nervous. The mountain wasn’t that tall, and vegetationflourished. The young man stood on a piece of large rock, gazing at the far away Qin Hao. Hismouth was slightly opened, as if he wanted to say something, but then it closed again.Suddenly, an urgent and ear-piercing roar sounded. An enormous golden bear appeared on thatmountain peak, one that was ten zhang in height. It slapped towards the youth. It revealed amouthful of snow white teeth that were sharp like swords. This was a creature at the SupremeExpert Realm. It was incredibly vicious. Golden symbols blazed like flames around him and surgeddownwards. Shi Hao was shocked. He couldn’t help but released a loud shout, because that youth wascurrently experiencing a disquiet state of mind..

In this type of situation, it was quite likelythat he might fall prey to this sneak attack. An indistinct pair of wings appeared behind him,and then he quickly rushed over. He didn’t want anything unexpected to happen. If it was hisgrandfather, then if he accidentally encountered trouble, then that would be an unimaginable thing.Divine light flashed. The youth disappeared, his speed exceptionally fast. He avoided thatenormous golden bear. Shi Hao calmed down. This ‘youth’ was full of vigilance, and his methodswere unordinary. He left behind an afterimage in the original spot. He was definitely an expert.With a wave of his hand, wings blew about. This powerful enormous golden bear was blownaway. He looked at that youth, opening his eyes and wanting to say something, but he noticedthat the other party was quickly backing up,.

Pulling apart the distance between them. ShiHao raised his head, seeing that it was the Child of Lightning that took action. That ‘bonesymbol’ unexpectedly ended up in this direction. The Child of Lightning’s speed was extremely fastas he quickly chased over. It was clear that the Child of Lightning viewed him as a competitor,so he made the first move to gain an upper hand. Shi Hao was furious. He just met theone he suspected to be his grandfather, but he was interrupted like this. He wasnaturally extremely discontent. Meanwhile, he brandished his fist and blasted towardsthe heavens. Lightning similarly crashed down, accompanied with the Kun Peng power as well asthe True Primordial Record’s profound mysteries. It rushed towards the skies. This fist made thevoid tremble and distort like a shaken painting..

The Child of Lightning was shocked. He was a bitconfused at the situation. Shi Hao didn’t fight against him for the bone symbol, but insteadbecame angry because of that fist he sent out. Then, several exceptional talents rushed over,some of them attacking downwards. This once again made Shi Hao extremely discontent. He continuouslytook action, even opening his heavenly passage to restrict one person that came down, and give hima vicious beating. The bone symbol became further away from them, so several exceptional talentsrushed past without disturbing them anymore. Shi Hao followed along and transmitted sound,asking, “Can I ask if you came from the lower realm?” That youth stopped and revealed a lookof shock. Shi Hao knew that this type of pursuit and this type of questioning was extremelysudden and that it would make the other party.

Become even more on guard. “I do not have any badintentions!” He stopped moving and spoke franky. His eyes were clear, trying to calm himselfdown as much as possible so that his voice wasn’t trembling any longer. Who are you?” Theyouth calmed down immediately and appeared calm. “I also came from the lower realm.” ShiHao said softly. By speaking like this, he was taking an extremely great risk. If thisperson wasn’t Grandpa Fifteen, then it would be extremely troublesome. What he just did wasthe same as exposing some holes in his identity! The youth’s eyes became dim, unknown what hewas thinking. Shi Hao felt anxious inwardly. He didn’t know if the other party was makingpreparations or if it was something else. If it wasn’t his grandfather, then thesituation would be extremely serious..

“I don’t know who you are, but I canfeel that you don’t have any malice.” The youth spoke. He had a sharp type of‘divine awareness’ that was instinctive. This was something that was quite similar to ShiHao. Their intuition were powerful. Shi Hao looked hopefully at him, and now, he actually felt abit tormented, as well as incomparably nervous. It was because he cared a lot about this. Hefeared that he might miss out on this chance or maybe recognized the wrong person. “I came fromthe lower realm.” The other youth said softly. He looked into Shi Hao’s eyes to observehis expression. At this moment, Shi Hao’s heart trembled violently. He almost cried outloudly, but he endured his urges and said, “Are you the one called Great Demonic God from theStone Clan?Did you enter the secret realm to see.

Qin Hao?” “Your son’s name is Shi Ziling.” Shi Haocontinuously spoke, looking at this person not far off. He was extremely stirred up. “It seems likeyou know about my identity and know who I am.” The youth said. He looked at Shi Hao, feelinga bit confused. He also looked hesitant and became on guard. It was because he truly couldn’tunderstand who this youngster was, why he knew so much. Even if it was the Qin Clan’s people thatcame, they shouldn’t be able to recognize him. If not for his divine awareness being sharp andsensing that the youth in front of him didn’t have any malice, he would have taken actiona long time ago and fled into the distance. He wouldn’t have paid this any attention. “Youstill have another grandson in the lower realm, right?” Shi Hao said, his clearlarge eyes becoming a bit red..

He was both happy and moved. When the youthheard this, he immediately became silent. There was a type of sorry that was hard toconceal. “Correct, my grandson is in the lower realm, but he cannot come up.” When he spoke upto this point, the youth gazed into the horizon. His emotions surged violently. There was a grandsadness coming out from him. He was trying his best to calm down his emotions. “If the was stillalive, he definitely wouldn’t be any weaker than these higher realms’ exceptional talents!” When hethought of this, Grandpa Fifteen felt great grief. “My grandson isn’t any weaker than anyoneelse, he was an innate supreme being… however, there is no way for him to enter the higherrealms.” “There was a way, he came up!” Shi Hao couldn’t hold it back any longer. His eyes becamered and he rushed forward. “What are you saying?”.

Grandpa Fifteen’s eyes also began to shinebrightly. He stared at Shi Hao. “He didn’t die.” Shi Hao was smiling, his eyes carrying tears.“If my Hao’er didn’t die, he will definitely create a storm in this world. He will be ableto face off against all exceptional talents!” The youth said with a trembling voice.Then, he stared deathly at Shi Hao. “That day will come.” Tears streamed down ShiHao’s face. “Who are you? Who exactly are you?” The Great Demonic God asked. He didn’t darebelieve this, because he already received concrete news that had long been proven.His own grandson had already died. “Grandpa, I am your Hao’er, I am still alive!” Hao’er rushedover, moreover no longer concealing his own aura. He released his true bloodline strength. Atthis moment, the Great Demonic God was shocked,.

But he could feel that this person wasextremely intimate. Their blood seemed to be able to harmonize. This was an extremely closeperson. “My Hao’er!” His voice was trembling. He reached out a hand to caress the other party’sface. Even if this was just a dream forged by Heavenly Country’s assassins, he still wantedto throw himself into it. “My Hao’er… didn’t he die in the lower realm?” Grandpa Fifteen waschoking with emotions. When he thought of this, his heart felt a wave of pain. “No, Grandpa, itreally is me! I didn’t die, and I’m still alive!” In that instant, he quickly revealed his trueappearance to let his grandfather see him. “What, this is…” Grandpa Fifteen’s bodyshook violently. He looked at Shi Hao’s appearance after he grew up, and then his bodyimmediately staggered, finding this unbelievable..

“This is it a dream?”Who am I? I am the GreatDemonic God’s grandson! After losing my supreme being bone once, I could stick it through.It is just a trifling Immortal Palace curse, a rotten copper rush, yet it wants my life? That’simpossible!” Shi Hao smiled through his tears. Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter as well.Tears rolled out from his eyes. There was grief, carefreeness, but also endless joy. Was this areality or a dream? He couldn’t really separate it right now, because his emotions were surgingviolently, his mood hard to calm. This joyfulness came too suddenly. “Where did these lunaticscome from, crying and laughing over there.” In the distance, someone said coldly and shota look in this direction. Shi Hao had his back towards that direction. He didn’t turn around andinstead quickly put away his true appearance. He.

Used the Zhuyan Race’s seventy-two transformationsdivine ability to change his appearance. Then, he turned around and said, “Leave!” Itwas clear that this was an exceptional talent. He didn’t meet him before, but he could sensethat there was an especially exuberant life spiritual essence within him. “You want me toleave?!” That person coldly swept his eyes over. He wore black armor on his body, and therewas a cold aura to his appearance that was incredibly intimidating. His entire body shonewith dark light. The black armor began to shine. He directly took action, hacking outwards with theblack divine sword in his hand. He also berated, “Get lost!” This streak of sword energy wasespecially fierce. It distorted the heavens and completely surrounded Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen.This already couldn’t be described as only sword.

Energy. It was more like a sword ocean! It washorrifying! “Grandpa, wait a bit for me!” Shi Hao said. Then, he welcomed this sword ocean.He stirred on his body’s vital energy without holding anything back. His heavenly passage shone,continuously enlarging to block this sword ocean. In addition, when he brandished his fists,the Vermilion Bird, True Phoenix, Suan Ni, Thundersky Sparrow and others all appeared. TheTen Thousand Spirit Diagram and True Primordial Record’s symbols merged. He had comprehendedits profound meanings. Right now, his full powered strike shook heaven and earth. The worldtrembled. This place began to sway back and forth. “Yi, that guy from Underworld Earth encounteredan opponent?”“That’s the Underworld Child, an extremely powerful individual. He was actuallystopped by someone.”“It’s that fella called devil.

King. Not long ago, he killed Jin Lie, andnow, he is facing the Underworld Child!”This battle drew the attention of everyonehere. They all revealed looks of surprise. Shi Hao admitted that this Underworld Child wasextremely powerful, quite a bit more powerful than Jin Lie. It was a terrifying opponent. Underworldlight surged around him with the divine force of corrosion.“The powerful Underworld Child wasblasted backwards?”Blood splashed outwards. After a great battle comprising of over three hundredexchanges, Shi Hao blasted apart Underworld Child in midair. When the life symbols reconstructedUnderworld Child, Shi Hao coldly looked at him and said, “Get lost!” “You” Underword Child wasfurious. The other party returned these words, but the difference was that these words werespoken after he was killed. “If you aren’t.

Willing to accept this, then just come back. Then,I’ll kill your real body.” Shi Hao said calmly. He then turned around and quickly arrived by hisgrandfather. “You are my grandson” Grandpa Fifteen was shocked and moved. This youth was actually soformidable, directly blasting apart an exceptional talent! All eyes were cast in this direction.Underworld Child was unexpectedly killed! Another exceptional talent was killed. This wasdefinitely a major event, especially because Underworld Child was not an ordinary exceptionaltalent. He came from Underworld Earth, and his power was extremely powerful. Even the exceptionaltalents in the distance who were chasing after the ‘bone symbol’ were shocked. They looked in thisdirection, their eyes passing over the lakes and beautiful mountain peaks, piercing through thehazy mist to look in this direction.“Grandpa….

It truly is me!” Shi Hao transmitted mentally. Hegrabbed Grandpa Fifteen’s arm, and his eyes turned red. After experiencing so many difficulties,he was finally reunited with his grandfather. At this moment, he was full of joy andexcitement, as well as a soreness deep down. “My… Hao’er!” The Great Demonic God was usuallyan unyielding and valiant man, but right now, he was trembling slightly. He stared at this youththat could kill exceptional talents. When he first obtained news of his grandson’s death, it waslike thunder dropping down from the sky, hacking down on his mind. He felt incomparably grieved andbitter. To have his own grandchild die before him was a truly painful thing. After so much time hadpassed, there was still a haze covering his heart. Grandpa Fifteen felt as if a part of himselfhad died, and he aged rather quickly during.

This period of time. It was because his heart waslike dead ashes. The grandson he longed to meet the most had died. This was a great mental shockto him. Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter. Old tears rolled down his face. The reunion todayhad happened too suddenly, and he almost couldn’t believe it. This was a miracle, one that consoledhis dejected heart. Two black divine lions, five or six pure-blooded fierce birds that werespiraling about, and several stalks of ancient trees quickly disappeared from the region Shi Haowas standing in. They were all powerful creatures in the secret realm. Many cultivators quicklywithdrew, only stopping when they were far enough away, not daring to come closer. Even severalexperts that ignited their divine flames revealed looks of shock, gazing in this direction. Theyfelt like this youth was a troublesome existence..

At the secret realm entrance, above thealtar. Black mists pervaded the air. A powerful figure appeared, one with goldenarmor that radiated cold black light. There was a deathly aura around him. A pair of eyesopened in the darkness, ice cold and ruthless. He looked like a death god from the underworld.It made others shiver inwardly. “Another extraordinary cultivator was killed. Who is thisperson? How could his aura be so terrifying? I feel like he is even a bit more formidablethan Sun God Vine Race’s divine child.”There were cultivators discussing in a soft voice. Theyfelt a wave of ice-cold and life-less fluctuation. They immediately felt an ominous feeling,as well as fear. Even the senior elders that were protecting the secret realm frowned.This individual was cruel and cold. Ever.

Since he returned, he didn’t say a word. Blackunderworld mists surrounded him, making them all feel unwell.“It’s him, Underworld Child!”Someonecried out in shock. His identity was finally exposed.With the truth now known, a huge uproarwas raised. Who was Underworld Child? He came from a desolate and ice-cold place of death.Some people called that place the ‘Underworld’. The title of Underworld Child meant that he wasextraordinary and his strength was also great. He was definitely not someone ordinary youngtalents could compare to! There was a rumor in the outside world that he had killed ‘exceptionaltalents’ before. He had extraordinary battle successes, defeating all those in his past. Inthis present world, there were still none who could stop him!“Little friend, who did you fightagainst?” An old sect master asked, not mentioning.

How he was killed and instead asked this. This wasalso an act of trying to help the youth save face. How extraordinary, this young devil king!”“He is quite amazing, truly formidable. He first killed several dozen experts from theScarlet Feathered Crane Race, and then he killed the Dragon Sparrow and Purple True Hou,Sun God Vine Jin Lie, and now Underworld Child!” Everyone discussed this among themselves. Tearspoured out from Fire Devil Palace people’s eyes. Why did they have to bring them up every time? Ithurts too much! This was the second ‘exceptional talent’ killed in the secret realm, but bothincidences were caused by the same person. Forget about the cultivators that werealways watching the situation here, even the people who weren’t as familiar withthings knew that this was not ordinary! The young.

Devil king immediately became the focal point ofeveryone’s discussions. Everyone began to guess at his identity. “This youth is truly formidable.”Shi Ziling and his wife were also discussing this, feeling worry for Qin Hao. The name ‘Huang’began to be discussed among everyone again. The mysterious expert that appeared in FiveElements Province recently was the only one that seemed to match this description. He left hisname on the Demonic Sovereign’s divine monument, suppressing Qin Changsheng in power andoverlooking all ten provinces. “Start up the altar for me. I want to go back.” UnderworldChild said in a heavy tone. There were black mists curling about him, as well as the aura ofUnderworld Earth. He was going to enter the secret realm again. In the depths of the secret realm,the lake region. Shi Hao and the Great Demonic.

God left the chaotic battlefield, because that wasnot the place to reminisce about the past at all. They had too many things to say, and it was hardfor them to calm down inside. Now, Grandpa Fifteen was already clear-headed and roaring withlaughter. He was stirred up and excited to the extreme, because he thought that his grandsonhad died, which made him feel inwardly grieved. How could he have predicted that a livinggrandson would appear in front of him today? Inside a remote place, the grandfather andgrandson arranged a formation together, separating themselves from the outside world, and then theyrevealed their true appearances.“Grandfather, your hair is all white already.” Shi Hao’snose felt sour, and his eyes became red. The Great Demonic God was fifty or sixty inage and should be in his golden age, surging.

With blood energy and vitality, but right now,his hair was white, and the corners of his eyes carried many fine wrinkles. Great changes couldbe seen within them. “Even though grandfather’s outer appearance has become a bit older, but myvitality is still here! Now that I know you are still alive, my blood energy will immediatelysoar into the skies and recover, hahaha!” The Great Demonic God said open-mindedly. Helooked at Shi Hao’s appearance closely, patting his shoulders and appearing more and more happy.The grandson he cared about the most was not only alive, he even slaughtered his way into thehigher realms, killing exceptional talents here. He was especially satisfied with his temperamentand manner of conduct. Even though Shi Hao had met with the Great Demonic God’s spiritual body,now that they reunited again, there was still an.

Extremely moved feeling. He felt incomparablesorrow and joy. Unfortunately, the one that appeared before was just a spiritual body, and itquickly died, so it couldn’t bring the news to his grandfather. “Grandfather, you are” Suddenly, ShiHao was shocked. He saw Grandpa Fifteen’s sleeve was still empty. That arm was still missing. Whenhe saw the Great Demonic God’s hair turn white, his face full of wrinkles and great changes,as well as the broken arm, Shi Hao felt great pain inwardly. It made him feel extremely bad. Hisgrandfather had gone through so many difficulties during these past few years. The Great DemonicGod consoled him, saying, “Don’t worry, your grandfather is already a supreme expert andis about to ignite his divine flame any day now. When one reaches this level, they can regrowbroken limbs, so it will all regrow soon.”The.

Great Demonic God turned his hand, and thena jade figure appeared. He told Shi Hao that it was because he merged with this figure thathe could form the appearance of a youth again, as well as fill in the arm he was missing. Thiswas a precious artifact he found in an ancient cave while being pursued on Fiend Island. It wassomething left behind by someone that previously died there. Shi Hao nodded. His grandfather’sarm could be regrown. One could regrow their flesh upon entering the supreme expert realm, butrecently, he had been in an extremely sorry state, constantly pursued by Heavenly Country, so hedidn’t take the time to reconstruct his real body. However, he was still worried. He personallyexamined his grandfather, and then in the end, he revealed a look of shock. GrandpaFifteen’s blood energy was too rich. It.

Was truly astonishing!“After taking in the DemonicSovereign’s true blood, I was unable to refine it, so I sealed all of it inside my flesh and bones,”said Grandpa Fifteen. This was the greatest natural opportunity he obtained from FiendIsland. Shi Hao was overjoyed. He could see that a sphere of true blood was scattered within theflesh, slowly cleansing his grandfather’s flesh. Sooner or later, a great transformation wouldtake place.“Grandfather, do not rush to light your divine flame and wait until your missingarm is properly regrown. When I’ve obtained even more holy medicines, I’ll refine a furnace ofdivine flame pills, and then you should advance. What is this?”“So you noticed…” Grandpa Fifteensighed. This was a side effect that was brought about by ingesting the Demonic Sovereign’strue blood.The Demonic Sovereign’s true blood,.

Forget about a fist sized amount, just a drop wasalready too much for an ordinary person to endure. Directly devouring it will definitely cause thebody to explode. Fortunately, this sphere of true blood left behind by the Demonic Sovereignhad already exhausted its innate killing energy. All of the harmful substances pretty muchno longer existed. Otherwise, even if it was a true deity that ate it, their flesh wouldstill explode, wiping out their body and spirit. Even though this true blood didn’t have anykilling intent and had been completely dissolved, it was still left behind by a forbidden existence.He already died, and the entire Fiend Island was dusky and overcast. This sphere of bloodnaturally had a bit of deathly energy mixed in. Even though it was just a trace, for theinheritor, it was still extremely troublesome..

At first, Grandpa Fifteen could stillcontrol it, but after being pursued by Heavenly Country’s angel of light, he sufferedserious injuries, causing problems to appear. This caused the yin energy to quickly extendtowards the bones all over his entire body. In particular, Heavenly Country’s assassins allmoved through darkness. They all crawled out from a mountains of corpses and a sea of blood, sotheir bodies were contaminated by rich amounts of deathly energy and yin mists. Their killing bladeswere the most vile weapons. They fed on flesh and devoured the soul. When Grandpa Fifteen was hackedlike this, that trace of yin energy immediately began to erupt with action. After Shi Hao learnedabout this, he tightened his fists and said, “I will pay Heavenly Country a visit sooner of laterand overturn the entire inheritance!”Regardless.

Of whether it was his own grandfather, HeavenMending Pavilion’s Ghost Grandpa, or himself, they all had an undissolvable blood feud withthis place. He already made the vow a long time ago to settle things one day. The alcohol iseffective?” Shi Hao was astonished.“It is.” The Great Demonic God nodded.“In the future, Iwill find divine wine for grandfather. I believe the little devil wine made from holy medicineswill definitely be able to completely eliminate the yin energy!” Shi Hao said. He had drank normallittle devil wine and already thought that it was divine wine. Its taste was extremely great, sohe truly wanted to see what the little devil wine made from holy medicines would taste like.“DemonicSovereign’s true blood has a few symbols inside. I comprehended its true meanings. It isa flesh refinement wondrous technique..

It can improve the body, gradually transforming itand making it stronger.”Grandpa Fifteen produced a set of symbols for Shi Hao. It wasn’t especiallyprofound, but it was too wonderful for words. It merged together with ordinary symbols,turning the rotten into the miraculous. It could be considered a supreme inheritance!Shi Hao silently experienced it, and then he felt greatly shocked. Right now, Shi Hao’s supremebeing blood was dried up and completely withered. He already couldn’t be considered an exceptionaltalent. Grandpa Fifteen was thinking to himself. If his grandson completely recovered, how powerfulwould he become then? “I will cultivate it.” Shi Hao nodded. Then, he thought of something andsaid, “Grandpa, you have yin energy inside. Perhaps if you cultivate a bit ofextreme yang methods, you can expel it.”.

He thought of the Kun Peng technique’s greatyang power, and then he thought of the pure yang lightning precious technique! “Grandfather, youshould cultivate the lightning technique first. I obtained several exceptional precious medicinesfrom the immortal tomb. If you take a stalk, you can quickly comprehend a type of lightning daodivine ability! In the end, Shi Hao tossed this golden sheet into the first sized pill furnace.There was water from the heavenly river inside, as well as immortal tomb’s earth. They bothcontained endless lightning as well immortal aura. Electricity crackled about. Lightning radianceshone unendingly. A shocking transformation happened to this golden paper. It absorbed theimmortal dao aura and shone resplendently within the electricity, becoming sparkling and brilliant.“This is…” The grandfather and grandson were both.

Shocked. The golden paper was covered denselyin large amounts of bone texts. Even though they were all produced from electricity,it was profound and complex to the extreme. There was even a wave of supreme pressure!“Thisis definitely the inheritance left behind by the Dragon Mastiff!” The Great Demonic God said. Hiseyes were shining with excitement. “This… why do I feel like it is similar to when I faced the KunPeng technique? This is a supreme forbidden divine ability!” Shi Hao was greatly shaken.“Formidable!”Grandpa Fifteen also nodded. “Us grandfather and grandson pair will completely comprehend it,and then we will join hands to sweep through those people in the secret realm!” Shi Hao roaredwith laughter. His ‘savage’ nature appeared again. This Video Will End Here…Thank you for Watching….

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