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While the kills of the mutants be recorded in thesystem manual or do I need to absorb them through in order for them to be recorded when launchingan attack in the Unseen Shadow you will have an easier time capturing the opponent weak points andthe first attack will cause massive damage forget it let's first take a look at the newly acquiredskill Shadow assault activate it doesn't work at all is this system playing tricks on me forget itI'll try again when I have the chance Killing In the Shadows you are a natural assassin hiding inthe shadow how did this cheat manage to create all the game lines shouldn't it be hunting in thelight instead of hunting in the darkness Your Shadow has undergone a transformation and you havediscovered that you can manipulate Shadow merge with yourself to P0 enter a special form um Shadowform at this a new skill again in the shadow form.

You have the following characteristics one whentraining in the state you will gain unexpected rewards to your aura becomes more concealedallowing you to seamlessly blend with the shadow three you can use this from without consumingenergy in the shadow realm for you have no fetal body parts even if you are beheaded wow is thisthe power of the cheat code especially the fourth point is simply unbelievable the boy decreasedby 99 how can you still save me it's better to just die quickly forget it let's stop complainingthat this ability is still pretty good let's try it out first Shadow come out could it be becauseI just activated the shadow form the boys say this recovery ability is too strong yao yao do you seeZhong you's moments yesterday is it true or fake yesterday Jong you privately message me sayinghe encountered human traffickers he was holding.

A watermelon knife and fought from one end of thestreet to the other without even blinking he said did he really get injured should we go visithim she said don't listen to his nonsense he just got chased by a dogs this idiot's jongyu isjust bragging again jangyu's house if you don't believe it go in and see for yourself she saidwhere is your bandage why did you remove it he said I thought the wound was healed so I tookit off it seemed like what he posted yesterday it was true yeah I think so too he when do youdevelop such muscles no wonder you dare to fight with human traffickers she said all right stopstaring and go sit in the living room the boy got it don't push say it hurt stop winning I knowthis medicine doesn't hurt at all I think you've been kicked in the head by a donkey why do youopen the wound she think you're so young and yet.

So perverted I'll have zyoping apply medicine foryou no he's clumsy and not suitable I think Uncle Lou hasn't taken care of you for too long evenif he takes care of me 800 times it's useless she say what did you do yesterday don't tellme about the robbery do you think I believed it John I'm really chivalrous and righteous alwaysstanding up for justice haha you're full of lies can't you say one true thing dot when else can Isay I killed a mutant in the shadow layers and had a chat with the Knight Patrol would you believethat by the way what time did Uncle Lou go back yesterday he didn't go back why are you asking Ijust suddenly felt that being a night Patrol is quite tough working during the day and overtime atnight and it's all so dangerous they conversation what's their situation what do you think JiangYuan going yo the supermarket these two clothes.

Are torn should I take them out and throw themaway the boys say throw them away at that moment 80 big men rushed out to the wood I raised myknife and struck he shouted wait a moment I have something else in this clothes your stomach hurtyesterday didn't it when I went to the supermarket I decided to carry a big for you as a surprisegift haha only couples who have close feeling for each others do this kind of thing while thesepictures should be shared with the entire class the boy the dark shadow let's start a fun exercisenow if this were in the real world why wouldn't many people come forward to become my disciplesI've decided I will become the world champion in horizontal bar exercise first night Patrolheadquarters report the range of fluctuations in the layer of darkness is wide this time andthe oscillation or abnormal pollution level have.

Risen significantly and spread across a large areaand others excessively discovered similar cracks in the northern Southern and Eastern region thesefluctuations are relatively unusual from the front line distribution map the area of fluctuationsis concentrated in residential area instead of randomly distributed as it was before latelyunusual activities have become more frequent in the past couple of days four of normal incidentoccurred where people were dragged into the shadow layers it might seem rare but no one knows whetherincrease in the next time potentially causing more dangerous effects compared to the disturbancesin the shadow layer the Abyssal fissures are more dangerous if we compare the creatures insidethe shadow layer to the Ferocious wild beast.i in this case what comes out of the Abyssal fissuresis Godzilla alright let's all Rejoice these are.

Just suspicions no need to act if the sky isfalling all they chose a time close to the new year due to these Troublesome things cookies thatmischievous girl swapped my cigarettes again don't always keep such a Stern face do you want one toono I'm afraid of getting lung cancer presented again seems like they're quite agitated has thisbeen confirmed you should have received it on your computer as well have you already decided whichdirection you want to guide your daughter towards will she specialize in extraordinary Supernaturalscience or Humanities I haven't decided yet let wait and see after the abilities test don'tjust talk about me what about that young man in your family I think he's not an honest personwill he specialize in studying strange creatures or physical superhuman abilities none of themdo you really want to not make him specialize.

In studying extraordinary human science no Iwant him to study regular human science he say are you joking his abilities haven't been testedyet what if he qualifies I won't test Mio speak clearly all right deal with office matters slowlyI'll go out for a stroll hmph sorry I apologize for the disturbance dot what the matters tell methis is the notification that was sent from the shadow layer look there's a spider in front usthe spider has numerous protein in its body it is several times Heaven than the same amount ofrice after talking a bike you'll find its taste is neither like beef and Lum but resemble spidermeal I don't know there are many people who are fond of Snapshot from the shadow layer scenerythey won't be long until he becomes famous on the internet Huss seems like a lot of people arealready create content strange although it wasn't.

Allowed before to publish such content do you onlyshow up to frighten me with these things but what does it mean that another form of existence willremain after the body disappears and what about when you wake up in this place you'll be existencehappy I won't be able to live because of it if I can't successfully kill a strange creature I'llhave to ask Mr Lai for help seems like I have to kill it first to buy myself some time this isa rare opportunity I'll capture the following videos and make myself famous anyways this accountis a secret account obtained by Mr why from the night Patrol Bureau so I have no fear of othersdiscovering it the shadow click I have several of these strange monkey coins let me confirm ifthey're genuine or not hello everyone one I'm Zio you there's this type of strange creature a largespider and me alone wow brother you are Majestic.

And Powerful dot oh my God is this real half anhour ago it has been a while since I arrived in this world and I really love the environment herethere's no pressure like in the abyss and there aren't many powerful and terrifying creatures herebeing cautious is enough for me as a weak being to survive a little while ago I fought with a veryugly fellow of the same species although I got injured it provided with me a good meal I willregain my strength after sleeping a few times Spider Sense there's a child targeting me strangewhere is he I noticed his presence near me well this place seem unsafe I'll change my sleepingspot to another DOTA the shadow said wonderful I just felt the shadow Point sleeping out of my bodyso should I be struck in certain points to extract my full power all right after excessively sheddinghis blood only 40 percent will remain should we go.

For another two more the shadow ha this dosedhurt very good directing the iron Rod toward his weak points made him continuously lose bloodShadow attack is this the shadow attack it seems it can sneak into darkness like a thief under theground there's no need to engage in direct combat with the strange creatures just wait patientlyfor the opportunity like a hunter in a forest then deliver a fatal blow to the prey differenttypes of Supernatural Knight Patrol you're safety guarded by the night Patrol hello everyone I'ma night patrol officer on duty today let me give you a preliminary explanation about low-levelstrange creatures hello everyone today let me take you on a tour of a hidden small restaurantin the alleyway she say I am the evildoer lmg adalmang hello everyone I will perform a fantastictrick for my family look at this lighter comrades.

Watch me as I embrace it and the story ends sheonce this hasn't the live streaming Community produced any interesting content lately it'sso boring leaving up by killing Gods my name is you from the northern Capital come on once againyou don't hit me dot here here he he with eight legs you didn't hit me are you two week very fastand quite attractive too this guy's is truly fast and incredibly handsome did you think you'd staysafe by immersing the ground in Citrus no place is devoted of Shadow but I can freely roam withinit I can move freely teleport and leap I am the hunter emerging from the midst of Shadow endlesskilling clouded my memory and I only remember by name my name is Shadow swallowing The Hunt isover oh my goodness is this a superhero movie is this real not just sphicle affected in moviestruly amazing isn't it brother you I love you I.

Haven't seen something this I terroristing for along time following I must followed him she said where can I find someone entertaining like himjust a small prank a ordinary monster I thought I defeated a powerful enemy in terms of strengththere's still a big gap between me and those creatures but I gain the shadow attack the shadownumber of viewers 1.5 million that's all for today leaving some suspense to wet the audience appetitehuh is the blck Line Shadow silk I am Spider-Man ouch that hurts I need to practice using thisShadow silk more dot only added three days to my life it's less than I accepted although there arestill seven day left these our creatures aren't available every day what if I can't find themthe hidden hunter in Shadow due to the spread of your reputation some Hunter's Powers will beunlocked you can mark the prey making it easier.

To discover its weakness and exploit them itonly one target can be tagged at the same time and the Mark only lasts for one second thisability strengthens the negative reputation the ability may also reveal your location andTrigger the praise caution so use it cautiously does unlocking Hunter Powers have something to dowith the spread of my negative reputation when did my negative reputation spread is this because ofthe previous live stream hunt different types edit videos gather skills and unlock new abilitiesafter this series of operations my abilities and strength Rose to unexpected levels fantasticlet's go some extra work today I found let's hunt ouch it hurts why weren't you honest and stayedat home who did you go fight with she tell me gentle I went out to be a hero don't talk ifyou don't understand is that so which hero do.

You know that it covered in injures every daylet me show you and called you a memory loss Assassin from the Shadows what wrong with youwhy are you so excited you think nothing have you been watching this video recently she said ofcourse it made it to be the trending list in just two days now this you has become the most popularSupernatural blogger the boy says that so quite impressive but isn't it illegal to disclose thisSupernatural knowledge I got famous too fast I won't be targeted by the night Watchman write.whatshouldn't be disclosed is the core knowledge so you think what everyone can see now is just thebasics it doesn't have much impact look this is his real Combat with the mutants aren't youinterested in the Supernatural you can follow him look there's another video about him butit's a fan creation by another blogger she say.

Hey jiangyou do you think I can record some videosand upload them what if I become popular too he say what dress up in a jkt outfit and dance in theshadow layers they get lost can't I record some videos explaining the supernatural hmph do youthink you can compete with those experienced night Patrol seniors just by reading some informationalso next time don't dress like this one going out you might be easily tracked by stalkers thelast time I lost one so you finally got rid of her while so many private messages in just a shortthough looks like I'm really popular you have you really been exposed by a real deal uselessyour video is fake who do you think you are um what is this fake video the old men have youall seen this video that you that strange creature Phi is he the one Shadow layer different speciesan assassin who has lost his memory hey take a.

Look for yourself does this cider look real let'sstart with an eye-opening video for you and then let's use the computer to watch frame by frameeveryone take it look these two still frames first notice anything the lack of continuity betweenthe two frames is obvious indicating that it has been edited take a look at this background it'sobviously been edited to cover up the unrealistic Parts isn't this blogger usually a food bloggerwho goes to various restaurants to check in why is he trying to ride on my popularity besides Ijust cut out a few embarrassing scenes and I'm getting criticized for it why am I targeting thisperson look at this I am real night Patrol member back when I was young I killed countless monstersso I can easily recognize clowns like him alright I've said enough I advise certain people to takecare of themselves the truth is only when the.

Tide recedes can we see who's swimming naked theyou since you said my video is fake then I will go hunt down another mutant and earn some morelifespan but before that I have to make it clear with that guys from the underground he owes us anapology fake Transcendent bloggers shocking you have this side too evidence is questionables video and not simple who is you after all he is definitely not an ordinary person justan ordinary person speaking the truth world of Shadows a Naturals Hunters a nightmare thatterrifies enemies feels like there are fewer than yesterday the shadow layer resets after a certainperiod of time there were a lot at the beginning looked like there's an old six here waiting toAmbush other mutants he he let me show you what a real old six is hunting beings stays steady don'tbe Reckless it's effective the one who is marked.

Will feel an explicated fear in an instant by theway this guy looks a lot like the Scythe monsters I encountered before is it in evolve forms.hmphso what I have also evolved sees the opportunity initiated the hunt killing the target withinthis time will yield additional rewarded my head feels dizzy this guy can also launch mentalattacks just like that it took away 34 percent of my health this guy is a high damages agile andfragile assassin I need to use some strategy fool you fell for it even if you're highly skilledyou can't escape or fight your way out of here this is my territory now today you won't be ableto escape with your wings clipped still using this trick no chance stop huhu why it could be you'rethat night Watchman how is this possible wasn't he taken away by the night Watchman why has itturned out like this and why is he appearing here.

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