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Goro, a doctor, was watching a DVD ofhis favorite idol Ai of B-Komachi in a patient's room at the hospital. However,a nurse interrupts him to share some bad news – Ai has gone on hiatus due topoor health. This devastates Goro, and he thinks back to a patient namedSarina who changed his life forever. In a flashback, we see that Sarina was a younggirl battling cancer, and her love for B-Komachi, especially Ai, was her source of strength.She even shared her dream of being reborn as a celebrity's child after her death, but Gorocoldly dismisses the idea and tells her she could become an idol herself after she's discharged.Sarina then embraces him lovingly and even asks him to marry her, but he turns her down andpromises to consider it when she turns 16.

Back in the present, Sarina had died at the youngage of 12, from a brain tumor, the same age as Ai when she first started out. It's a poignantmoment that makes Goro feel even sadder, but the nurse continues to misunderstand him and thinkshe's a pedophile, which frustrates him even more. Avoiding a question from the nurse, Goro goesto see his next patient and is stunned to find that it's none other than his favorite idol,Ai! But there's a twist – she's pregnant with twins and wants to keep it a secret from herfans. Her agent, Ichigo, worries that Ai's career will suffer if the news gets out, and Gororealizes that the final decision lies with Ai. As Goro reflects on the self-centered nature ofsome idol fans, he overhears two men discussing a celebrity couple who are expecting achild. One of the men says he wishes he.

Could be reborn as the celebrity's child, butGoro realizes that life is not that simple. Later, Goro and Ai have a heart-to-hearton the hospital rooftop, where Ai tells him why she's hiding out in the countrysideinstead of Tokyo. They also talk about Sarina, Goro's former patient who was a big fanof Ai. Ai admits that she's decided to keep her babies and continue her career as anidol, even though it means lying to her fans. She tells Goro that sometimes, lyingis the most exquisite form of love. Determined to help Ai, Goro resolves toensure a safe delivery for her twins. The next day, Goro tells Ichigo aboutthe process of Ai delivering her babies. It could be through a C-section orSophrology, which made Ichigo worried..

However, Ai was confident that she woulddeliver her babies without any trouble. On the day of Ai's expected delivery, Goro stepsout and meets a mysterious man who questions him about Ai's hospitalization. Goro tries to findout more, but the man runs away. Goro chases him, and they end up on a cliffside by the mountains,where the man pushes Goro to his death. As Goro takes his last breath, he remembers Sarina's wordsabout being reborn as the child of a celebrity. And it was true – Goro was reborn as one of Ai'stwins, Aqua. He was perplexed about why he had his previous life's memories, but as a formerdoctor, he hopes to figure it out someday. Meanwhile, Aqua plans on enjoyinghis new life with Ai to the fullest. His twin sister, Ruby, is also introduced,and as Ai cradles her two children, Ichigo.

And Miyako come to visit. Ichigo suggeststhat Ai should return to the Idol scene, but he doesn't want her to bring herchildren to the studio or any public place. That night, Miyako is left with thetask of babysitting Aqua and Ruby, and she's not happy about it. While she'sminding the kids, Aqua turns on the TV and sees his mother almost mess up an interviewwhere she almost reveals she has a baby. Then, B-Komachi performs one of theirsongs, and Aqua is captivated. He realizes that there's a positive side tohis death from a crazed fan of his mother. Suddenly, Ruby sees that their mother is onTV and gets excited about her performance. It's revealed that Ruby was alsoreborn, and she has been having.

A virtual argument with some fansusing their mother's smartphone. Unbeknownst to the twins, Ai's stalker, whokilled Goro, is upset that she lied to them. Later, Ai leaves to perform her idol dutieswith Ichigo, leaving Miyako in charge of babysitting the twins again. While Miyakois taking pictures of Ai's health records, trying to start a scandal, Aqua confronts her.He claims to be a Divine Messenger, and insists that Miyako stops her evil plans. At first, Miyakothinks it's a prank, but Ruby joins in, claiming that they are the ones who bear a significantdestiny, chosen by the gods of entertainment. Ruby tells Miyako that if she ruinstheir destiny, she will perish. Miyako is remorseful and tearful afterhearing about the twins' destiny. Ruby.

Asks her to protect them and keep theirability to speak a secret. Miyako believes it after hearing that a second marriage toa handsome actor might be in her future. Aqua wonders if his sister Ruby wasan actress in her previous life. Ruby denies it, claiming she was raised in an,unusual environment. Aqua then suggests that she may have the talent to be in the entertainmentindustry, making Ruby think about her future. One night, Aqua covers Ruby with ablanket while she's sleeping on the couch and accidentally calls herSarina, which makes her wake up. Ruby walks away, considering the possibilitythat Aqua might be Goro, her past life. Despite the passionate return of B-Komachi,the group's profits were not very profitable,.

And Ai complains about it. Miyako then sharesher opinion on the downsides of being associated with a small talent agency. Hoping to provideher children with a good life and education, Ai vows to do her best to earn more money for herkids. She then leaves, and Aqua explains to Ruby about the average pay of idols and how the profitsthey make are split between various factors. The two then vent their frustration to Miyako,who explains the life of idols who go solo and, if they fail, become waitresses athigh-end bars in Roppongi or Minato girls. The twins eventually went to see theirmother's band perform at a mini-concert. They were having a great time cheering andsinging along with the crowd, and didn't realize they were standing out. Their video wentviral with a whopping 2 million views! Even Ai,.

The twins' mom, was amazed by their suddeninternet fame and took note of a comment about her smile from one of the fans. She decided to usethis to her advantage in her future performances. As time went by, the twins grew up and startedwalking and talking like any other kids their age. Meanwhile, Ai was working hard and landing newgigs, including a minor role in a TV drama series. During the set, Director Taishi made a strongimpression on the twins due to his imposing appearance. Later, Aqua ran into Taishi who warnedhim that if he caused any disturbance, he would be immediately removed from the set. FearingTaishi's threat, Aqua apologized profusely, leaving Taishi surprised by Aqua's impressivevocabulary. Intrigued by Aqua, Taishi offered him his business card, but Aqua insisted that Aibe considered for any job offers instead of him..

Taishi explained the challenges of theentertainment industry, where actors are categorized into three types: lead actors,natural talents, and newcomers. They then watched Ai's performance, and Taishi commented that itwas average, but at least it grabbed attention. That evening, Ai and her children watched the showwhere Ai performed and were surprised to see that she only appeared briefly. Aqua reached out toTaishi, who explained that Ai's scenes were cut back because the lead actress's agency, didn'twant Ai to steal the limelight with her beauty. She was just too charming. Despite this setback,Taishi offered Ai a role in his upcoming film, but with the condition thatAqua also appeared in it. On the day of the film's first recording, Taishiexplains the difference between high-budget.

And low-budget productions to Aqua and revealsthat the film they're working on is low-budget. Despite Aqua believing that hissister is more suitable for the role, Taishi insists that Aqua must be part ofthe deal for his mother to be in the film. Later, Ruby throws a tantrum because shecannot enjoy Ai's loving embrace due to her filming schedule not aligning withAqua's. A little girl named Kana Arima scolds Ruby for her inappropriate behavior andintroduces herself as a talented young actor. Kana complains that the twin's mother was addedto the film at the last minute due to nepotism. Aqua and Kana then act out their rolesas, creepy children, who greet the main character at the village entrance where thefilm is set. Aqua thinks Kana is a good actor,.

And no matter what he does he couldn't bethat good. Aqua then figures the only way to impress Taishi is to act as naturallyas possible. When Taishi calls it a scene, Kana walks away feeling envious and amazed. Theleading actress even comments that Aqua's acting gave her chills. Kana asks Taishi to reshoot thescene, but he refuses, saying it was perfect. Kana then bursts out, claiming thather acting wasn't as good as Aqua's. That afternoon, Taishi and Aqua havea heart-to-heart about Kana's tantrum, emphasizing the importance ofcommunication skills in acting and warning Aqua about the dangersof having a big ego at a young age. Although Taishi had high hopes for Aqua becomingan actor, Aqua had no interest in pursuing it.

Late at night, Kana is driven home and vows toherself that Aqua won't outshine her next time. Fast forward to when Aqua is three yearsold, Taishi's film is a huge success, and he's nominated for an award. Ai's role in the filmpropels her to become a rising media personality. However, Aqua still struggleswith his past life's memories. Enrolled in preschool, Aqua asks Ruby abouther previous life, but Ruby lies to avoid being judged for dying at a young age. When theirteacher announces it's time for dance class, Ruby runs away in fear. Aqua finds her and learnsthat Ruby considers herself a terrible dancer. Ruby then recalls the time shehad mobility issues as Sarin. Ruby joined her mother during dance practiceand noticed an error in Ai's choreography. Her.

Mother praised her for remembering such a detail,but as Ruby tried to recreate the correct pose, she stumbled and fell. Ai commented that Rubyalways looked like she was ready to fall, which brought back memories for Ruby of beingbedridden in her past life. Ruby found solace in watching Ai's performances and hoped to one daymove like her. While practicing her dance routine, Aqua secretly observed Ruby and notedher talent as an actress and dancer. On a whim, Ai contacted the twins'father to arrange a meeting. She had overheard a conversation between thetwins sbout who their father could possibly be, and wanted to reconnect with him. Meanwhile,news of Ai's popularity as a TV drama star and idol continued to grow, which delightedIchigo when he heard about it while drunk..

B-Komachi was also set to perform at adome, fulfilling one of Ichigo's dreams. In an internal monologue, Ai confesses thatshe sometimes struggles to distinguish whether the emotions she portrays are genuine or not. Abrief flashback shows how Ichigo scouted Ai and convinced her that lying is an essential talent inthe idol field, despite her checkered backstory. One day, someone visits the Hoshinoresidence holding a bouquet of flowers, congratulating Ai and inquiringabout the well-being of the twins. However, the conversation takes a dark turn asthe visitor suddenly stabs Ai in the stomach, telling her that she had lied to himand her fans. Despite being wounded, Ai goes on a monologue about the honesty anddishonesty that comes with being an idol. She.

Admits that lies are sometimes necessary, even aform of love, to protect the ones you care about. The confession startles the attacker,who Ai recognizes as Ryosuke, a frequent attendee of her Handshake events. In a panic, Ryosuke flees the scene as Aquacontacts an ambulance for their mother. As Ai bleeds out, she embraces Aqua, lamenting that herscheduled events will have to be canceled. Ruby, blocked by the doorway leading into the hallway,demands to know what is happening. Ai compliments Ruby's recent performance at her preschool eventand envisions her becoming a popular dancer, while she predicts Aqua will become a famous actor. Shewonders what her children will become as adults. In her final moments, Ai expresses her love to herchildren and is grateful for her accomplishments.

After Ai's murder, news of her death spread, and her killer attempted suicide but waslater pronounced dead at the hospital. The public mourned Ai's passing, but Rubywas outraged by the negative comments about her mother's death, denouncing the crueland insensitive nature of public opinion. As time marches on, news ofAi's death slowly fades away, and Ichigo and Miyako take in the twins. Duringtheir mother's funeral, Ruby and Aqua sit in the backseat of a car. Ruby reveals that Aibelieved in her potential to become an idol, but Aqua, aware of the industry's darkside, warns his sister about its pitfalls. In the midst of their conversation, Aquarealizes that Ryosuke, their mother's killer,.

Couldn't have acted alone and musthave had an informant to locate Ai. After deducing that their own father is theinformant, Aqua vows to take revenge against him. At the funeral, Aqua approaches Taishi, asking himto raise him instead, which leaves Taishi shocked. Years pass, and the twins grow intoteenagers, and Aqua's plan for revenge begins. And with that, we conclude this episode.

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