Pikachu and Ash Leave the Pokemon Anime After 26 Years of Bolt

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The Pokemon company releases a trailer revealing the Ash and Pikachu's journey in the Pokemon Journeys anime is coming to an end and their final episode together marks the end of their era as protagonists prior to the release of Pokemon scarlet and violet rumors were already swirling that the Pokemon anime might end for good due to the leaking.

Titles of the final episodes of Pokemon Journeys the series it was Pokemon Journeys that proclaimed Ash the greatest trainer of all time after he managed to defeat the supposedly Invincible Champion Leon to win The Masters 8 tournament many Pokemon fans didn't expect Ash to win and his victory also raises the question of what he.

Might do after becoming the best trainer in the world as far as history goes while there are still plenty of stories to tell about Ash and Pikachu in anime it also makes sense to end their Journey on the highest note of their careers sad as it is especially after 25 years with them this Duo to have as of today the Pokemon company has released an.

Official trailer for the anime indicating that Ash and Pikachu have had many battles and created many memories together but fans will have to say goodbye to them in the near future in fact there will be 11 new episodes dedicated to Ash and Pikachu's Journeys featuring supporting characters like the Legendary Trio Tam rocket and Brock and.

Misty possibly also featuring many of Ash's creatures of previous generations it's likely to be an emotional roller coaster for fans who've been with us for most of this journey and the final episode featuring the duo will air on January 13th however this is not a farewell to the anime as a whole and a brand new protagonist will take the Helm.

Of the anime dedicated to gen 9 starting in April of next year it's probably far from a coincidence since the first Pokemon anime episode was released in April 1997 titled Pokemon I Choose You has been diffused the protagonist of the Pokemon anime scarlet and violet will apparently be a little girl who chooses sprigatido as her first mate but both.

Fukoko and quaxley will still be there according to the trailer and the new Banner it's unclear if Ash and Pikachu will ever return in the future in cameos or as secondary characters and the existence of other characters is also at stake as they've always been somehow connected to the main protagonists of the anime as such the new Pokemon.

Scarlet and violet anime may just be a clean slate to restart the series in its entirety and while it may be exciting for many fellow trainers there's also a certain kind of sadness in leaving it behind childhood characters however Pokemon Journeys in both Ash and Pikachu are currently trending on social media with many thank you messages from fans.

Of the series showing how big of an impact both have made over the past 25 years thank you for watching please like And subscribe and support my channel

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